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Pregnancy Journal 2011

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Pregnancy Journal 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Nolan Spencer Lynch 07.20.11

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason

1: Josh and I met on May 25, 2008 at Lot One. We went on our first date the following week and soon began spending a lot of time together. It wasn't long before we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. Josh bought a house on Andrew Ct in October 2008 and I moved in with him and Brandon. Josh then proposed on November 15, 2009 after we returned from a weekend in Minneapolis. It was a very sweet, low key proposal at home - just as you would expect from Josh! We entered a contest to help pay for the wedding through Dishnetwork and WE Tv. Our video submission must have won over the judges because we WON!! We received $12,000 to help pay for the wedding and made a short commercial for WE Tv. We were then married in Galena, IL at the Ramada on August 28, 2010. We honeymooned in Riviera Maya, Mexico for 10 days and enjoyed every moment of being newlyweds! We knew we wanted to add to our family and decided that we would begin trying to do so in November 2010. We were very fortunate that we got pregnant so quickly and we are expecting in August 2011! In anticipation of Baby Lynch's arrival, we tried to wrap up all of the remodeling projects we had going on. We completely renovated the main level and are hoping to do the basement next! Josh is a very talented and handy man around the house and has done all of the renovations himself! At this time, Josh works for Nordstrom's Distribution Center as a HVAC technician. I work at A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. as a Human Resources Representative. Big brother Brandon will be in second grade at Eisenhower Elementary School. Other members of the family are two cats, Allie & Oscar and one dog, Diesel. We are all very excited to welcome a baby to our family and feel very blessed!! | About Our Family | The strength of a family | is in its loyalty to each other

2: How We Found Out | I had taken a few pregnancy tests which were negative. After talking with a friend, she thought it may be too soon to tell. So, I held out as long as I could (2 days) and took another test......it was positive!! I had bought Josh a book called "The Expectant Father" in anticipation for this day. I quickly wrapped up the book and the positive pregnancy test and gave him the gift to share the news! A huge smile came over his face and he hugged me :-) These are photos from the day we found out. (Dec 4, 2010)

3: How We Told Our Family & Friends | Word is out! 01/17/2011 BABY LYNCH IS DUE 08/10/11 We shared the news with family on my birthday, January 8th and everyone was so happy for us and excited to share in this experience. Since then, we have been slowly sharing the news with extended family and friends. it feels great to FINALLY be able to talk about it with everyone!!

4: 08.10.11 | 12 weeks | 01/26/2011 We got to hear the baby's heartbeat today! The nurse said he/she was "easy", found the heartbeat the second the Doppler hit my belly! The heart rate was 170 and Dr. Neal said that was perfectly normal. It was nice to finally meet our doctor, I was hoping this appt made this pregnancy thing more "real" and I definitely think it did! I have to have an Echocardiogram done on Friday, 01/28/11 due to some of the chemo drugs I got back in 2002. One of them can be particularly hard on your heart and while my hearts seems "normal" right now, my doctor would like to have this test done so if there were to be complications in the future, she would have something to compare it to. Another one of the drugs can be quite hard on your lungs. No testing is required for this though, the only thing we need to do is be sure that I do NOT get 100% oxygen when I am in the hospital to deliver.

5: I've had a fairly easy 12 weeks - NO morning sickness :-) I have been EXTREMELY tired and nauseous here and there but nothing I can't handle! As I entered my 12th week, those symptoms are subsiding and I pretty much feel back to myself now! Josh has been absolutely wonderful - very helpful around the house and spoiling me :-) Not much else to report right now....I'll check in again after my next appt Daddy's belly is growing too!!! | Miracle in the making

6: 16 weeks | 02/23/2011 I had my 16 week appt today. Nothing much to report though! Everything looks good :-) The baby's heartbeat is 152 and the nurse said there was A LOT of movement. I haven't felt the baby move yet but they say in the next few weeks I will probably start to feel the movement :-) I've had a rougher couple of weeks than I expected going into my 2nd trimester. I was told this was when I could expect to feel like myself again - not so much!! I've been dealing with headaches and sinus issues. Not sure if it was or wasn't pregnancy related. I'm starting to feel a little better each day though and hope that it is a thing of the past VERY SOON!! | Before you were born. . . . . . . I loved you

7: The only other news I have to report is: We have officially decided to NOT find out the sex of the baby! I'm thinking the excitement of not knowing will help me get through the last weeks of pregnancy if I am struggling and uncomfortable! The baby and Brandon will be taking their first plane ride in March to Disney World! Brandon will love the rides and roller coasters, not so sure about Mom and baby though! ;-) Here is a family photo from the trip I'll check in again after my next appt....

8: 20 week ultrasound | A moment in my tummy. . . . . .a lifetime in my heart

9: First Ultrasound - 20 weeks | 27 week ultrasound

10: Progress | 20 weeks | 03/24/2011 I had my 20 week appt today which means we had the ultrasound! Pretty amazing that we can see our baby inside me - even if I have an incredibly difficult time identifying anything she was pointing out!! hahaha The anatomy, organs, etc all look great so that was good to hear. She said the baby was being very photogenic and thought she got some great pics. We still need to go watch them again on the disk and see if we are able to identify anymore the 2nd time around! I've been having dreams that the Ultrasound tech slips and calls the baby a "she" so I felt a sense of relief when it was over and she hadn't spilled the beans on the sex of the baby! I'm measuring right on schedule and the baby's heart rate was 136 today. I've been feeling pretty good lately, I think it was the beautiful Florida weather! Our family vacation was absolutely wonderful. :-)

11: Not sure the baby enjoyed the landing part in the 2nd last row of the plane but we made it through without getting sick - whew! One milestone to report is...I felt the baby move for the first time Monday night (03/21/11)! It wasn't strong enough for Josh to feel it yet but definitely a very cool experience for me! I will check in again after my next appt....hopefully these updates aren't getting too annoying when I really don't have much to say!! ;-)

12: A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside . . . . when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone

14: 24 weeks | 04/19/2011 I had my 24 weeks appt today. Nothing much to report this time - kind of a "boring" appt! THe heart rate was 154 andI am measuring PERFECTLY according to the doctor but let's be honest, would you expect any less from me?!?!? haha My next appt will be a LONG one - they will check for Gestational diabetes. Wish me luck!! I'll check in again at 28 weeks!

15: Mother's Day

16: Progress | 28 weeks | 05/18/2011 I had my 28 weeks appt yesterday. This was the somewhat dreaded appt because they would check my glucose for the possibility of Gestational diabetes. The baby's heart rate was 160 and was measuring right on schedule. I then had to drink the "sugar water" stuff, wait an hour and then have blood drawn. The nurse told me if I didn't hear anything by noon the next day that I am in the clear. No news is good news! Whew... I had an amazing first Mother's Day - Brandon and the baby spoiled me rotten, even got breakfast in bed :-) I got to have another ultrasound thanks to our awesome cousin! It's amazing how much more developed and (dare I say) "human like" the baby looks 7 weeks later!

17: I've been feeling GREAT! I even got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather last week and went kayaking with Josh. It was a VERY leisurely ride since I get tired a lot quicker than before but it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Baby Lynch has been very active recently and it's exciting to finally consistently feel "it" moving around in there! We are finally beginning the nursery. We got the room painted and the crib put together, now we just need the rest of the furniture so we can see where it will all fit! That's going to be a challenge! I have a vision in my mind and I hope we can turn it into a reality but I'm not getting my hopes too high - I hate disappointment, I'd rather be pleasantly surprised!! I will check in again after my next appt.....

18: Baby Shower 05/22/2011

21: Pregnant friends at my shower!! Ami Guler, Danielle Walsh, Me, Melissa Hinderman, Wendy McKernan, Amy Becker

22: 31 weeks | 06/09/2011 I had my 31 week appt yesterday. Everything is still coming along right on schedule and the baby's heart rate was 136. I've still been feeling really good and have no complaints! Well wait, I guess I have one - cankles! haha. I really didn't expect to lose the defining point between my ankles and calves this early but it definitely happened last Thursday! If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn I sprained my left ankle! I've been a little obsessive about making sure to keep my feet raised at night in hopes of this getting better! We are slowly but surely getting the baby's room ready - just waiting for the dresser to come in and then we will have all the furniture and can focus on the arrangement of the room. We went on a shopping spree Monday and bought most of the remaining items we will need (or what we THINK we will need)!!!

23: The Nursery

24: Progress | 34 weeks | 06/30/2011 I had my 34 week appt today. The baby's heart rate was 142 and everything (well, almost everything) was looking good! Dr. Neal said that I was measuring a little 'big" for 34 weeks! I must admit, I was a little surprised!! I mean I don't think I live in a house with fun mirrors where I think I am skinnier than I am but I also don't feel overly "big!" The exciting news is that because of this, she wants to do another ultrasound! So, next week, on Josh's birthday, we get to have a 3rd ultrasound! Brandon is going to come this time too so he can "meet" the baby :-) Dr. Neal said that the ultrasound will get a more detailed measurement of the baby and the fluid around the baby to see if there are any concerns about the size. We are crossing our fingers that everything is on track and there will be no worries. I'll check in after that appt and let you know how everything went!

25: 36 weeks | 07/14/2011 I had my 36 week check up today. The baby was very active while trying to get its heart rate - started at 160 and seconds later once it "calmed down", it was already down to 140! I didn't realize it would rise and fall so quickly I guess! I had the 35 week ultrasound and Dr. Neal said that I had more fluid than the average person and the baby was measuring in the 74 percentile, that was what was causing me to measure big the week before. Low and behold though, that day I was back to measuring right on and this week was even measuring a little small! Clearly things can change drastically week to week! I also had the Group B Strep test at 35 weeks and found out today that it came back positive. Dr. said there is nothing I could have done to prevent it, it's just something some people get and while it isn't harmful to me, it could be harmful to the baby. In order to avoid any issues for baby, they will just treat me with an antibiotic when I get to the hospital to deliver. While many people would prefer to go through early labor at home, I won't be able to do that. Once my water breaks, it's important that I get to the hospital as they like to be able to administer the antibiotic for a minimum (approximately) of 4 hours. I start going to the doctor every week now so the countdown is on - stay tuned for more updates and eventually the news that BABY LYNCH HAS ARRIVED!!!

26: Mom and Dad | out and about . . . . | We are a work in | progress with a | lifetime contract

27: Admitted to the hospital on 07/19/2011

28: July 20, 2011 | 4:06 am | 21 inches | 7 pounds 8 ounces

29: The Story of your...

30: Hello world! | Nolan Spencer Lynch

31: Cute as a

32: Bringing Home Baby | Nolan was welcomed home on Friday, July 22, 2011 by proud parents Josh & Sam and big brother Brandon

34: Progress | Baby Lynch has arrived!!!! | 08/22/2011 I know I am a little late on this entry but better late than never, right?! Nolan Spencer Lynch was welcomed on 07/20/11 at 4:06am. He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches. He caught me a little off guard and came 3 weeks early!! Thankfully I was prepared for the most part! I've had some requests for the labor/delivery story so here it is. On Tuesday, 07/19 I was at work and felt something wasn't quite right. I called my doctor and she wanted me to come over. She confirmed that my water broke (slowly leaking) and I needed to go to the hospital. I was very overwhelmed and ended up leaving in tears (thank you hormones!). I was trying to get a hold of Josh as I was driving myself to the hospital - not exactly how I had imagined it all happening!! Josh met me at the hospital and I had to start with 2 bags of antibiotics due to testing positive for Group B Strep. After that, thy started potocin because I was still only dilated 1 cm. | First bath

35: The nurse was pretty sure it would be a long process and would go into Wednesday. I was actually hoping for that because I would be 37 weeks on Wednesday and the baby wouldn't be considered premature. If he would have been born before midnight, he would have had to spend 24 hours in the NICU. Once I had some potocin, contractions started getting more intense but still manageable. However, I was still not progressing so shortly before 10pm I decided to get an epidural so I could get some rest. I was able to relax for a while but unfortunately every time she checked me, I was still only dilated to 1 cm. Then at 2:30am, she checked me again and had a strange look on her face, she checked again and said "Yep, you are ready!" I went from a 1 to a 10 in two hours!! All while I got to rest too - gotta love an epidural! So, I pushed with the nurse and Josh for a little while, then she got Dr. Mehta. When it was all said and done, I pushed for less than an hour before little Nolan was here! So, other than being caught off guard with the early labor, it could not have went better after that! We brought Nolan home on Friday, 07/22 and have been enjoying every moment with him :-) He's been out and about quite a bit already - such a social butterfly with all of his "play dates!!!" Thanks to everyone for the cards, well wishes and gifts! Your generosity is very much appreciated! We can't wait for you all to meet Nolan! | First walk

36: A baby is born with the need to

37: be loved and never outgrows it

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