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Pregnancy Journal

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S: The Story of Baby Ratner

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Very first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy! December 23, 2010

1: About Our Family | Above: Photo of us taken Late September 2010 a couple months before we found out baby Ratner was on his way! | The family dogs | Chase | Little Bear

2: How We Found Out | I (mommy) had been very sick to my stomach. I thought I was having a really bad attack of acid reflux which lasted about a week. I told your dad and we got suspicious. Shortly after, one morning before work I took a pregnancy test. It was positive so I called your dad and told him. We wanted to make sure it was right so after work I went and bought two more tests and when your dad got home we took both of those also. Two of the tests had plus signs and one actually spelled out positive! We were pregnant and on our way to meeting the best thing that ever happened to us! | Dads All Day Sickness It seemed as though your dad also got some sympathy morning sickness. About the time I started to get sick your dad came down with a cold that lasted on and off for about three weeks. | Above: Two of the pregnancy tests we took. The digital one died and was thrown away.

3: How We Told Our Family & Friends | After we got home from work your dad and I discussed if we should share our good news to anyone or wait. We were only about six and half weeks along with you by our calculations. Although we thought we should wait we were too excited and called both sets of your grandparents. Then we called all of your aunts and uncles and told a few close friends. At 10 weeks of pregnancy, before we left to go to work we took the intelligender test. It predicts if a baby will be a boy or a girl. It turned green which is very clearly a boy. Yellow would have meant we were having a girl. | Moms Morning (All Day) Sickness Starting in the eighth week of pregnancy up until almost the sixteenth week of pregnancy I spent a lot of the day vomiting. I could not stand a lot of smells. I hated going to the grocery store because it smelled horrible. I could not eat chicken or touch it. I ate a lot of potato soup because it was about all I could keep down. . During the early months of pregnancy I craved a lot of oranges. | Snowmass Colorado Jan. 31- Feb. 5 2011

4: February 11, 2011

5: Hi Mom and Dad! | 1st Trimester | We asked what you would be today. One doctor and two ultrasound techs said that they thought we were having a boy. Just not to go out and buy anything yet! The ultrasound doctor gave us a due date of August 8, 2011 today but Dr. Allen told mom and daddy we would stick with the August 13, 2011 due date. | Face

6: 8/13/2011 | Profile!

7: 1st Trimester Ultrasound January 28, 2011 11 weeks 6 days | Today was the first day mommy got to see you move. I was amazed you were already moving around. I called your dad right after the appointment to tell him everything.

8: February 25,2011 | Doctors appointment | I think sometimes I can feel you moving but I'm not quiet sure yet.

9: It's a boy! | Hand and Arm | Hanging out upside down. | Our little love

10: Progress | March 25, 2011 20 Weeks Pregnant Today mom and dad went with grandma Jensen and grandma Ratner to see for sure what you are going to be! They confirmed you are a boy! We are all so excited to meet you! | Anatomy Scan- Gender Determination | Confirmed..... It's a boy! Weight 12 ounces

11: Profile! | Grandpa Jensen and Grandpa Ratner kept calling during the scan to find out what was going on! | After the Scan mommy and daddy finally posted on facebook that we were pregnant and you were a boy! | I started to feel you kick a lot around the time of this appointment. You dad could feel you kick a week later! | Footprint

12: 22 Weeks and 3 days pregnant. | Waving Hi! | Potty Time! | Open Mouth | Boy! | Stretching | Looks like daddy's nose!

13: You moved so much today. Mommy and daddy were so amazed to see all you can already do. You played with your umbilical cord, stuck out your tongue, kicked and punched a lot, opened and closed your mouth, and even went to the restroom. Today your heartbeat was 151 beats per minute. I feel you kick all of the time now. You kick so hard sometimes you wake me up! | April 8, 2011

14: Progress | So Many Doctors Appointments! | December 20, 2010- Dr. Allen pregnancy confirmed by blood test * December 23, 2010- Your dad's birthday, first ultrasound and first time we heard your heartbeat at Priority Radiology * January 15, 2011- Your dad and I toured Clark Memorial Hospital where you will be born. * January 18, 2011- Follow up appointment Dr. Allen, heard your heartbeat * February 16, 2011- Dr. Allen OB/GYN follow up appointment, heard your heartbeat * February 25, 2011- Ultrasound Clark Memorial Hospital * March 16, 2011- MD follow up with Dr. Allen, heard your heartbeat * March 25, 2011- Ultrasound /Anatomy Scan at Maternal Fetal Medicine in Louisville * April 8, 2011- Ultrasound at Clark Memorial Hospital * April 15, 2011- Follow up appointment with Dr. Allen. * May 4, 2011- Ultrasound at Clark Memorial. They did a 3d Ultrasound today. * May 10, 2011- Your dad and I started childbirth classes. They will end on June 14, 2011. * May 13, 2011- Follow up with Dr. Allen. I heard your heartbeat. You kicked the heartbeat monitor hard enough to move it. * May 24, 2011- Follow up appointment with Dr. Norfleet. I heard your heartbeat again today. * June 8, 2011- Follow-up appointment with Dr. Allen. Your heartbeat was 141 today. * June 22, 2011- Went to see doctor Allen and your heartbeat was 140. * July 1, 2011- Early visit today with Dr. Allen. Mommy was swelling but everything was OK. Your heartbeat was in the 140s. July 8, 2011- Nolan was born!!! *

15: So much to prepare for... | We have had so much to prepare for over the last nine months. Since we have found out we were pregnant with you, your dad and I decided to move to a bigger house in a better school district. At one point we were going to build a house but that did not work out. Also your aunt Brittany is getting married this year and your Aunt Jill found out she is pregnant with a little girl who will be born three months after you. Your dad's cousin Ilene is also expecting her first child this year, a little girl. All of your grandparents are so excited to meet you I've heard rumors that your grandpa Ratner has been showing off your ultrasound picture at his work.!A lot of your dad's family including your Aunt Lisa, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Mark have already scheduled time off to come and visit you. We have started your nursery which will be a woodland theme. I'm sure we will change this at some point once we know what your likes and dislikes are. We still have to get the car seat installed and are hoping that you hold off on coming to see us until your daddy gets back from Uncle Matt's bachelor party. We will see what happens. We are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know all about you.!!!!!!!


17: 3D Sneak Peak You look like you've taken after your daddy! | May 4, 2011

18: June, 25, 2011 | Oaks May 6, 2011

19: June 25, 2011

20: Work Baby Shower | Work Baby Shower June 29, 2011 Guests: Jill Smith, Jennifer Jones, Vannah Beatty-Armstrong,, Terri Steele, Hye Muncy, Brent Williams, and Dan Eklund Gifts: From All at work: Diapers, wipes, changing table pad, changing table pad cover, thermometer, grooming set, and bottles Hye Muncy- Frog towel set, frog rattle, duck book and duck toy for bathtub Terri Steele- Crib Sheets and butt powder Brent Williams- Gift card to Old Navy and Wal-mart Jill Smith- Frog Faucet Cover and handmade holder for plastic bags to wrap diapers

21: For Baby Ratner | Lunch at the New Albanian

22: Baby Shower July 9, 2011 Rescheduled for July 31, 2011

23: Guests | Shower given by Jill and Beth!

24: Baby Shower Gifts - July 31, 2011 | Regina Brown-outfits, Huggies gentle care changing pads, diapers, and wipes (before shower) Humidifier (after shower) Scherrie and Blake Stone- Gift card to Target Jenna Burris- Nunu and outfits (before shower) Humidifier (at shower) Ann Marie Coffman- Onesie (at the hospital) Handmade owl pillow (at shower) Stacy Coulter- Onesie (at the hospital) and bath organizer (at shower) Chandra Davis- Sheet saver, burp pads, nunu, onesies, crib sheet pack, crib sheet green, and swaddling wraps (after birth) Diaper and Wipes (at the shower) Rachel Dreyer- Car organizer and Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 organizer Beth LaRock- Diaper cake, swing, and clothes Holly Freville- Diapers, bouncy seat, bath, tub, clothes, and wine Kari Guy- Diaper bag and rattles Mindy Ruckle- Bottles, onesies, formula dispenser, pacifiers, and Huggies Janet Burkhart- Handmade Quilt (personalized) and handmade burp cloths Judy Cozine- Photo Album, crib sheet, blanket, and bath towel Erni Holthouser- $100 gift card to Babies R Us and onsies Sandra Johnson- $25.00 gift card to Babies R US Loretta Johnson and Stacy O'Connell- Stuffed animal and flowers at the hospital and 2 Dr. Seuss movies at the shower Dollie O'Connell, Mary O'Connell and Tabitha Harvey- Diapers, wipes, clothes, socks, hand and face wipes, hangers, changing pad, and travel Johnsons and Johnson gift set Martha O'Connell and Amber Webb- Wipes, diaper garbage bags, Aquaphor set, and diapers Robin Radcliffe- Bath robe, clothes, hand sanitizer, rubber duck, wipes diapers, nasal aspirator, Johnson and Johnson gift set Sharon and Keith Jensen (Grandma and Grandpa)- Chicco Cortina car seat and stroller combo (before the shower) Cleaning pads, clothes, blankets, socks, books, blanket and diapers (at the shower) Millie and Paul Ratner (Papa and Nani)- Wipes warmer, crib mattress, baby monitor, and breathing monitor Lisa Ratner- Car organizer, nunu, socks, Amy Meltzer- Eddie Bauer baby blanket, Eddie Bauer crib sheet, pilot outfit, travel bassinet, and baby carrier Sharon Goodman- Picture Frame, stuffed rabbit, puppy dog towel, woobie, shapes book, bibs, shoes, nursing blanket, car seat gallery, and basket Sharon Schmidt- Ceramic cake and ice cream bowl and bath safety treads Sally and Bill Haswell- Mommy Melodies Bear Donna Singletary- Koala baby blanket Phyllis Gross- Picture Frame, stuffed rabbit, puppy dog towel, woobie, shapes book, bibs, shoes, nursing blanket, car seat gallery, and basket Beth and Brian LeClaire- Baby Gap outfit Susan Jones- Baby outfit Vicki Featheringill- Baby book and onsies

25: Luanne Jensen- $35.00 Gift card to Target Pat Jensen- Blue piggy bank Kristen Jessup- Hooded bath towel (duck) , Sophie the giraffe (teething and sensory development, Woombie (little blankie), and book If you Give a Moose a Muffin. Brittany Jensen- 3 sets of pajamas and outfits (before the shower) Humidifier, clothes, sunshade, book, and diapers (at the shower) Edible Flowers (at the hospital) Jill Slusser- diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, and edible flowers, (at the hospital) Medicine kit, books, diapers, wipes, Playtex drop ins, and sterilizer for bottles (at the shower) Libby Elswick-Gift card to target Ilene Kalter and Jared Lieberman- Eddie Bauer enchanted hollow mobile Barbara and Kenny Kalter-Evenflo Triumph convertible car seat Vadin and Fiana Kaplan- Formula caddy and pair of pants Nora Kalter- Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 Cover All and Baby CD Jack and Lori Gordon- Cherry toy box and Eddie Bauer Enchanted Blanket Shirley and Manny- $50.00 Check Scotts Work- $100 gift card to Target Gregg and Melissa Snyder (mom and dads friends)- Baby blanket and outfit Dr. Lester and Phyllis Ringham- Handmade Quilt Susan and Peter Leach- outfits, blanket, bank, and memory handprint kit David and Wilma Ratner- outfit Janice Davis- outfits, onesies, diapers, and wipes Dawn Frohlich- Card Toni and Bob Hatala- Card Aleesa Forsee- Picture Frame and bath mitt and cloth Sid Scotts Grandma's Friend- $100 check Great Grandma Gordon- $1,000 check, cow stuffed animal and blanket and jumper Jeff and Cheryl Capetta- outfits (after birth) and two footed pajamas and a jean outfit (before the shower) Phyllis Anderson- Green toy organizer, diapers, bowls, hangers, Lynda and Owen- Pat the Bunny book, Burts Bee gift pack and diapers Alan and Pam Beckerman- Outfit and blanket Bill, Brittany, and Kaidyn Wardlaw- Diapers and Wipes Pam, Tom, Shayna and Jake- Tummy time mat (activity gym) Sonya- $75.00 gift card to Target Pat Gusoff- Space saver high chair Rhonda Schol- Blanket and Johnson and Johnson travel gift set Great Grandma Jensen- Made a handmade quilt and pillow

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