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Pregnancy Journal

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FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason

1: This book is to document the time of pregnancy to the day of birth and welcoming our first child, Gage Liam Eldridge into the world on August 8 , 2012.

2: Our Family | Bandit | Dezzell | Sabrina & Joseph

3: Mom and Dad to be | September 6, 2009

4: Crystle Lynn Eldridge RN | Crystle, mom-to-be, was born on December 9, 1982 in Hyannis Massachusetts. She has one older brother David, and two younger sisters, Caitlyn and Nicole. Crystle moved to Maine in 1998 where she met Jonas, dad-to-be. Crystle attended University College of Bangor for Dental Hygiene 2001-2005, then University of Maine Augusta for nursing 2008-2010. Crystle loves to travel and enjoys time with friends, family and pugs(Dezzell and Bandit)! She also enjoys the beach, reading, and adventure!

5: Jonas, dad-to be, was born May, 18, 1981 in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. He has two older brothers, Josh and Jeremy, two younger brothers, Jared and Joseph, and a younger sister, Sabrina. Jonas has worked for RA Paradis most of his life and attended one semester at University College of Bangor in liberal studies. Jonas likes to travel, work around the house and yard, snowboard and spending time with friends and family. He also loves his pugs, Dezzell and Bandit, very much! | Jonas Adam Eldridge Concrete foreman

6: How We Found Out | I took my first pregnancy test Tuesday December 27, 2011. The box said it could detect pregnancy up to 6 days sooner and I wanted to know before we made the trip down to Cape Cod to see the family. The test was negative, and I had to remind myself that it can take months to get pregnant, we only just started this month! A week went by and I wasn’t feeling right so I decided it was time for another test (I bought this one at the dollar store!) I took the second test at work on Tuesday January 3, 2012 and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw two pink lines!!! WOW...I’m PREGNANT...I’m going to be a MOM!! I was so happy and excited I wanted to call your Daddy. I ran upstairs to the phone, picked it up, started to dial, then hung up. I wanted to tell him in person. I left work early that day and when I got home I took another test and left it on the bathroom counter for Daddy. When he walked into the bathroom and I pointed to the counter he said “really” then pointed to the test, then to my belly, then gave me a big smootch! He was just as happy to learn we had you in my belly! | "Mom, how are we gonna get a baby at our house?" -Owen

7: How We Told Our Family & Friends | Sabrina was the first person we told on January 7, 2012. We asked her if she would like to move her room upstairs since we would need her room for the baby. Next we told Grandma Hoban and aunty Caitlyn on the phone. They were both ecstatic. Next we told Grandpa and Nonie Richards over the phone and they both asked if we were getting another pug, I said no its a real baby! The next day 1/15/12 we told Grandma and Grampy Paradis on a birthday cake, and aunty Mandi in a card, uncle Justin and cousin Owen also found out that day. I don’t think the 9 months could go by fast enough, everyone was ready to meet you!

8: The Story of your... | Family Tree | Crystle Eldridge (mom) | Gage | Great grandma Marjorie Helen Laurence | Great-great grandfather John Delbene | Grandma - Karen Lee Smith | Great grandpa Arthur Thomas Smith | Grandpa - David William Richards Jr. | Great grandma Rosina Mary Delbene | Great grandpa David William Richards Sr. | Great-great grandma Mary Delbene | Great-great grandma Catherine Richards | Great-great grandma Florence Josephine Laurence | Great-great grandpa William Archibald Laurence | Great-great grandpa Alexius Smith | Great-great grandma Mary Calveretta Dean | Great-great grandpa David William Richards

9: Eldridge | Jonas Eldridge (dad) | Great grandma Thelma Stensrud-Killam | Grandpa - Charles Eldridge | Grandma - Linda Jean Killam | Great grandpa Paul Dickson Killam | Great grandma Phillis Hawkins | Great grandpa Paul Eldridge | Great-great grandpa Frank Eldridge | Great-great grandma Sophie Eldridge | Great-great grandma Elizabeth Stensrud | Great-great grandpa Clarence Stensrud | Great-great grandpa Donald Killam | Great-great grandma Annie Killam

10: 1/17/2012 6 1/2 weeks | 1/17/12 Today was our first OB appointment in Waterville. We met with Shannon, a nurse midwife. Daddy learned today why you don’t need to breath yet. Once she was done taking my health history I asked if we could PLEASE have an ultra sound (they wanted us to set up a separate appointment but I couldn’t wait!). She left the room to check, and then someone came in to tell us that we could do one right now! Today we saw you for the first time and herd your little heart beat! It was amazing; I had tears of joy in my eyes! Daddy also thought it was really neat! We can’t believe how little you are, about 1/2 cm, the size of a tiny pea! It’s still so hard to believe that a little living pea is in my belly! Our next appointment will be in four weeks, can’t wait to see you again!

11: First Ultrasound | While in the womb, the baby's lungs are filled with fluid, which is not breathable. Babies in gestation do not "breathe,"; instead, they ingest air through fluid and blood. This provides the baby with the air it needs. It is a misconception that babies "breathe" while in the womb. A baby can practice "breathing" while in the womb and even experience hiccups, but she is not actually breathing air.

12: Baby news hits FaceBook 2/14/12

13: Baby gets some gifts

14: Pre-Baby bump October 2011 | Watching you grow for 9 months! We thought it would be fun to take a photo each month to document the growth of the baby. It was so fun to see how much my belly grew month to month. It's such a miracle to see the changes that our bodies go through while a little life is growing inside.

15: 24 weeks 131.8lbs 5-18-12 | 8 weeks 115.2lbs 1-29-12 | 12 weeks 117.2lbs 2-27-12 | 16 weeks 121lbs 3-23-12 | 20 weeks 124.6lbs 4-21-12 | 28 weeks 135.8lbs 6-16-12 | 32 weeks 143 7-15-12 | 36 weeks 2 days 148lbs 8.8-12

16: 2-24-12 Into the second trimester. So at last the first trimester is over. It wasn't as bad as some people say. It started off with me feeling tired,!I have never felt so tired in my life. For the first 4-5 weeks I felt like I was ready for bed at 3:30 in the afternoon! I was glad once that ended. I didn't have overwhelming sickness. I did get sick a few times and felt car sick if I didn't eat every two hours, you really like your food. I found little tricks that would keep me feeling good like, three saltine crackers before I showered on work days, or high protein snacks every few hours, or eating a yogurt before going out to dinner with friends. I haven't had any weird cravings yet, no pickles with ice-cream. The only thing I have found myself craving is chewy candy like starburst, now-and-later, fruit snacks and sweetish fish. (I'm eating sweetish fish right now) There are some foods that don't sound very appealing to me, like most meat products (other then bacon). Pork chops don't sound good to me at all, but once I sit down to eat them they still taste okay. I would love to eat a HUGE subway sandwich, but I think that's only because I know I shouldn't eat lunch meat due to the bacteria. Dad says it's time to start looking at names, and that if you are a boy, it's not going to be Miah, because it reminds him of a girls name. I have a list going of boys and girls name, but have put it aside for now. In about 7weeks we will know your sex and then I will revisit the name list. Since Dad wants to know your sex because he thinks it will make it easier to get ready, I would like to keep your name a secrete. Plus you may come out and the name we have picked may not fit you at all.! I have a little baby bump now, but it hides well under most of my clothes. You are only about 2 1-2 inches right now, but take up a huge part of my heart and life. I haven't even met you yet, but think about you all the time and love you so much. I'm just hoping that your baby years will go as well as this first trimester went! See you in about 193 days! XOXOXOXOXOX

18: Progress

19: First Family picture | 4-16-2012

20: Progress | BABY BOY | 04/16/12 Today we got to meet you for the first time, okay so we saw you once before but you were just a blob on the screen. Now you look like a little baby! Desiree and Sabrina came with us to the appointment as well. Guess what....It's a BOY!!! You have all you parts and pieces in the right places and look healthy! You are about 12 inches long now...WOW you are growing fast! DAD- I felt kinda nervous on the way to the appointment about everything. I was excited to know that everything was okay during the ultra sound. Just to let you know your dad is not much for words.

21: second ultrasound reactions | MOM- The few days leading to the appointment I felt nervous about the ultra sound. I am not able to feel you move in my belly yet and I was worried something would be wrong. I was excited and relieved to see you had two arms and legs and all you fingers and toes. We got a great 3-D image of your handsome face and it looks like you are giving us the thumbs up, like “don't worry mom, every thing is great in here!” We tried for a second picture, but you would not get your hands out of your face, I think maybe you had enough at the point. You are very active, rolling all around, kicking and punching! Dad kept asking me “you can't feel that?” I had a feeling you would be a boy, although part of me wanted a girl to dress up and get her nail done with, but my feelings were right...I saw it with my own eyes...you have boy parts! I guess I'll just have to learn to play in the mud and get dirty! I'm sure you will be everything I imagine and more! Love you more everyday! SMOOCHES!

22: 4-24-12 I’m 20 weeks at this point and can’t to feel you move...8:55pm there you are. I was laying in bed when I felt a good kick in my lower abdomen! I said “I think I just felt the baby move, or I’m have really weird gas bubbles!” Then you moved again and again! It was both amazing and weird at the same time. I realized that I actually have a real human being growing inside of me. You had grown so much that your little legs and feet were strong enough to kick! WOW! I will never forget that first kick for the rest of my life. Sometimes it feels like a kick/punch or a muscle twitch. It’s that feeling when you get nervous (sometimes called butterflies) and you stomach feels funny. Dad thinks it’s weird! The next morning you were pressing on the outside of my belly and I had dad feel you and he really thought that was weird. He’s always telling me to stop pressing on the babies house! I just love to feel you move! AMASSING! 4-26-12 Dad finally felt you move when we were out to dinner. He still thinks it’s weird! | First Kick

23: Daddy learns how to wash a baby | Baby Care Class 6-26/-2 | Camp with the ladies

25: Dig hole, insert baby bump | 16 26 36 weeks | Who's bigger? Mom or Dad? | Sisters and cousins

26: After MANY nights of flipping through pages of baby girl names and talking about the many options, we found out it was time to pick a name for our little baby BOY!...My mind was done searching and stressing so I was going to let dadda do the boy name searching. As I got out the baby name book for him, a name popped into my head out of thin air. I had never heard it used as a name so I decided to keep it to myself. About 10 minutes later Dad said the same name I just thought of! That must be your name! We believe that you picked your own name! Gage! Grammy Paradis gave us the idea for your middle name about a week later and I tried to keep it secret but I just had to tell everyone! Gage Liam Eldridge! Gage: meaning "measure" Liam: Determined Guardian, protection | Baby Names

27: June 18th 2012

28: I had been dreaming of the perfect nursery for my little man for months and I am so happy with the way it turned out. Thanks to dadda everything turned out better than I had imagined. We decided to go with a baby animal inspired theme, something that little Gage will hopefully love as much as we do. I can't wait to show Gage his new room. | The Nursery

30: 2 n d T r i m e s t e r | May 22, 2012- Weeks 13-25: Phew, made it through the second trimester and it was a breeze! Finally I have more energy and don’t feel so tired all the time! Any sickness that I was feeling is gone, I don’t have to eat every two hours on the hour and no more saltine crackers! Still no weird food cravings, I just seem to eat more apples and carrots, but at least these are healthy snacks! These last few months you have really popped out and are showing! I’m into my maternity clothes and don’t think I’ll be squeezing into any pre-pregnancy clothes any time soon! We now know you are a little boy (Gage Liam Eldridge) and I can feel you move all the time! It’s such an amazing feeling! One negative to this trimester was the start of leg cramps. I am now getting calf cramps a few time a week when I’m sleeping. They wake me up and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. I guess I need to start eating more bananas and drinking lots of water! The pugs love to cuddle with my belly! It’s almost like a race when we go to bed to see who can lay wrapped around my belly first. If one pug moves, the other one gets up to take the belly spot. They love to cuddle with you already! I hear that the second trimesters is the easiest so I’m a little nervous for the third! My baby bump is larger now and doesn’t hide as well under clothes. You are about 14 1/2 inches long and weight about 2lbs. It’s getting close to when we get to hold you and give you a million zillion kisses! Only about 105 days to go! XOXOXOXOXO

31: Welcome Nora July 3, 2012 | 4th of July | July 7, 2012 | July 20, 2012

32: Nonie Richards put together a great baby shower for little Gage on the Cape July 21, 2012. The theme was blue animal print. The food was amazing and cute, and the chocolate favors were yummy! We are very blessed to have such amazing, caring people in our lives. Gage you are going to be one lucky little man!

35: CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU We have been on this journey together for 8 months now and I can't believe I get to meet you in one month! It has been such an easy pregnancy and well worth it. I have so many plans for us. Trips to the zoo, play dates with your friends, making mud pies, birthday parties, jumping in puddles, baking your favorite cookies, exploring life's wonders and watching you grow into a handsome young man. Love, Mommy | L O V E

36: Aunty Mandi and Shanna were so sweet to throw a baby shower for little Gage August 4, 2012. The food, favors and decor were lovely. I had so much fun visiting with all of my favorite people who have been there for me throughout the whole pregnancy. I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. We have everything we need now thanks to all of the generous gifts we received. Cute clothes, diapers, a beautiful stroller, bedding and much more! We're ready to welcome Gage home.

37: Nanna Paradis | Aunty Shanna | Grammy Paradis

39: 8-4-12 | David William Richards IV | 7:58pm | 6lbs 10oz | 19 inches

40: Third trimester- This is it...the count down is on! We have so much to get ready before you come, but it feels like there isn’t that much time left! You room is coming together nicely, just waiting until after the shower to get the rest of what we will need. I am really starting to feel large and uncomfortable. Work has been getting harder for me and have have to sit down a lot and am having a hard time fitting into my scrubs (maybe I should have bought maternity ones!). I can feel the changes in my entire body this trimester! My feet and back are starting to hurt and I feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic area when I walk. Sometimes I have to hold my belly up when I walk. Although sleeping has been hard for a few months now, it is getting much harder...I wake up 2 to 3 times a night to pee. Also this belly (your house) is very heavy and makes it hard to get in and out of bed! This trimester I have been wanting more ice cream (I normally don’t really like it), you defiantly are your dads little man! I had some swelling in my hands and feet but it only lasted two days, thank goodness! I dream about you often and look forward to holding you in my arms! | Third Trimester

41: Important dates: 1-3-12 - confirmed pregnancy on home test 1-9-12 - confirmed pregnancy at doctor with urine and blood test 1-17-12 - first OB appointment. - first ultra sound; first time to hear heart beat! 2-12-12 - babies first time eating at Yoshi (all cooked sushi of course) 2-13-12 - second OB visit - got to hear your heart beat again 2-14-12 - Valentines Day - told everyone at work about you, and announced to to the FaceBook world! 3-24-12 - Had to take out the belly ring, skin was looking a little to tight! 04-14-12 No longer able to button my jeans. I had to start wearing a belly bands this weekend! I feel like this had been the week where my belly has really started to “pop” and people can tell I’m prego! (not just gaining weight!) 4-16-12 It’s a BOY! 4-24-12 (20 weeks) @8:55pm- I felt you move for the first time 4-26-12 Dad felt you move 4-29-12 Made the finial decision on your name and shared it with family and friends. Gage Liam Eldridge 7-21-12 Cape Cod baby shower 8-4-12 Maine baby shower 8-5-12 noticed swelling in my feet, no longer wearing wedding rings 8-8-12 GAGE LIAM ELDRIDGE 7lbs 7oz, 20 inches @ 4:21

42: Progress | August 8, 2012 | 8-8-12 I wasn’t feeling well on August 7th at work but had the next day off so I stuck it out for the day. When I left work I said “see you Thursday” and no one believed me, they said I was going to have you. Of course only being 36 weeks, I said they were all silly and I would be at work. After work on Tuesday the 7th Dadda and I went and did our preregistration at the hospital, then went home to bed. I woke up around 1am Wednesday the 8th not feeling well again. I was able to doze in and out of sleep for about an hour, but I woke up again at 2am and couldn’t get comfortable. I finally got out of bed and sat on the couch and in your room in the rocker trying to get comfortable. I was having cramps and thought they might be contractions. Dad woke up at 4am to get ready for work and found me sitting on the couch and said what are you doing...”I think I’m having a baby.” Dad wanted to know why I didn’t wake him up and I told him because he couldn’t do anything at this point and I wasn’t 100% sure I was in labor...it’s not like I have done this before! I told dad to get ready for work and I would time my contractions and call the doctor in 1 hour. The contractions were about every 5-8 minutes apart so dad called Dr. George’s answering service. He returned my call and told me to take a hot shower, drink water and get some rest. If they got better then it was just false labor...if they continued or got worse then we were having a baby!

43: August 8, 2012 | 4:21 pm | 7lbs 7oz | 20 inches

44: Okay....so rest...not an option for me at this point! If you were coming then I had nothing ready! We packed an overnight bag, washed and dried clothes for you, called family to let them know what was going on, Dadda opened and installed your car seat and I tried to set up our brand new camera! After all that I drank some water and took a hot shower and put my feet up. I had a scheduled appointment at 9:45 and thought I could just wait until then to see the doctor, but grammy Hoban convinced me otherwise. We left the house a little after 8am and headed for the the doctors. At 9am we saw Shannon our nurse midwife and I was 3cm dilated and fully thinned. Our next stop was the hospital. I called Grammy Hoban and told her to pack her bag and start driving because we were having a baby!! I got to the hospital at 9:30, less then 13 hours since we were there for pre-registration! They hooked me up to monitors and you were doing great with the contractions! Next I got hooked up to an IV of Penicillin and then we waited. Contractions were getting close together (2-5minutes) at this point and a little stronger. Aunty Mandi arrived to wait it out with us and I ate some lunch (lobster roll and fruit) and then they rechecked my cervix around 1pm, I was 4cm. To help ease the contractions I got into the hot tub around 2:00pm and it helped a lot! I told Dadda just before getting into the hot tub that I thought my water broke, but I wasn’t sure. After about 45mins in the tub the nurse wanted to check my vitals and monitor you for a few minutes. When I got out of the tub, it was very clear that my water did break! It was running out in a good stream! That’s when the hard contractions hit me! I remember feeling like I couldn’t walk back to the bed so I just knelt over the tub and tried to breath through it. Dad did a great job breathing with me and really helped me focus! Aunty Mandi told the nurse they better check me again because the contractions were a LOT stronger. Grammy Leona arrived around now.

45: Once I made it back to the bed, the doctor came in to check and I was 9cm! OH MY GOODNESS...HERE COMES GAGE! I wasn’t ready to push yet and had to breath through these contractions...hee hee who, hee hee whoooo! It wasn’t easy, and maybe a few hees and whoos sound more like ahhhhhh! I was waiting on Dr. Glidden to arrive so I could push...I wanted to PUSH!! It was now around 3ish (although I’m not 100% sure of the time, I was a little busy) and Grammy Hoban still wasn’t here! She wanted to see you born and I wanted her there, but you were ready! Sometime around 3:30 Dr. Glidden arrived and I started to push. The pushing made the contractions much more bearable. I now had some where to focus all my energy and pain...getting you out! Grammy Leona held my left leg and foot and Aunty Mandi had the right side. Dadda was to my left helping me breath and encouraging my pushing. At first it was really hard to push because I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly or making any progress. Dr. Glidden put a mirror at the end of the bed so I could watch was was going on. Grammy Hoban made it at 4:00pm! Just in time! Then pain made me feel a mix of emotions, sometimes I felt angry, determined, just in pain and even happy! This wasn’t easy with out any pain management, but 100% worth it! I knew there would be a happy ending to what I was feeling!

46: Once I could see your head, I knew I could do this. Between contractions, once you crowned, I could reach down and feel your little head that was covered in hair! This was so amazing, I can’t even describe how it made me feel! There you were, this little man I have been waiting to see for 8 months! Now that I could see your head, I was ready to push with all that I had...and push I did! Once your head was out, I yelled at Dr. Glidden, “Get this baby out of me, just pull him out!” She stayed calm and just told me I had to do this on my own and wait for a contraction. When that contraction came there was no messing around...I pushed and I push long and hard and there you were! They brought you up to my chest and I gave you kisses and was just taken but how much I already loved you. I missed Dadda cutting the cord because I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I had no idea what was going on around me, I just looked into your eyes and knew you had my heart! From what I recall and Dadda tells me, I only yelled at him a couple of times. Once for breathing his hee hee whoo into my face and for shutting off the fan...it was hot in there! Once you were checked over they told us you were 100% heathly and perfect! We were both so happy to have you in our arms!

48: Hey Gage This is your moms friend Amy. Don't forget that your mom and dad love you very much. They will do the best they can. They will make some mistakes, but without a doubt you will turn out just fine because your parents will give you the knowledge to do what is right. If they mess up really bad, my advice to you is to make them pay for your first 10 years of therapy. I hope you appreciate the humor Amy

49: Dear my little Nephew, Gage Liam Eldridge you were brought into this world by two amazing people. You are going to be one lucky boy. Your mommy and daddy are going to be great parents to you, I promise that. They know how to love, support and be great parent figures. I must say they have been amazing parent figures and role models for myself while growing up. As your auntie, I will take care of you anytime. I’d love to have you, you can come to me with anytime. I’ll love to be there. This could be from me changing your stinky diaper, to playing in the dirt, or driving you to practices, maybe even talking to you about mean girls, what ever it maybe, your favorite auntie will be there. But of course, I can’t wait to watch you grow into a handsome man and watch all the things you accomplish. Many people will love you and already do love you!! I’m excited to spoil you lots.!!<3 Love, Aunt Sabrezzy Sauntie Sabrina or Brina | To my amazing daughter, I just want to let you and everyone reading this to know how proud I am of you! You went through one of life's hardest journeys yesterday and yet handled with grace and style. You and Jonas are about to embark on a journey that will be filled with love and happiness, but I rest easy in knowing your both up for the trip. I love you!!! -Mom (grammy Hoban)

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