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Pregnancy with Clara Grace

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S: Pregnancy #2

1: Our journey through the pregnancy of little baby Clara. Our beautiful, sweet perfect little girl. We will always cherish our first 9 months together...Well it didn't end up being 9 months, but you were perfect anyhow. Lovingly, Mommy & Daddy

2: I thought a good day to take the take the test would be Caleb and my anniversary (4/4/12) and even though I didn't have any idea or symptoms yet of being pregnant I thought it would be the perfect day to find out. Caleb came home and I gave him an anniversary present, which was a Lego box and before he even opened it he said he knew what was in it. And of course he was was the positive test. We told our parents Mother's Day weekend and gave our mom's a card that said "Love, Caleb, Dani, Cooper, and Baby". I guess people were expecting it sometime soon because no one was that surprised.

3: Family History Appt. - 5/19/12 | At about 6 weeks I went in to the doctor's office to have the family history and educational appointment. They also did routine blood work. Weight- 163 lbs | 12 Week Appt. - 5/29/12 | 12 weeks 1 day- Caleb and I both went to the appointment and got to hear the heartbeat. It always makes you feel a little better knowing that you have been feeling like crap for a good reason. Weight- 158.5 lbs Baby's bpm- 164

4: I couldn't resist this. I thought it was something you could wear whether boy or girl & include Cooper.

5: Cooper with his big brother shirt on.

6: Watching you grow for 9 months... We thought it would be fun to take a photo each month to document the growth of the baby. Or I thought it would be fun since I didn't do it with Cooper. It was so fun to see how much my belly grew month to month...although I didn't always enjoy getting the pictures taken. It's such a miracle to see the changes that our bodies go through while a little life is growing inside. We had to include a photo of you too since you didn't make it in my belly for 36 weeks.

7: So I had taken a 12 week picture, but being the genius I am I deleted it while attempting to delete another picture off of the camera. Just imagine the 16 week one, but my belly is a little smaller. | 1 6 W e e k s | 2 0 W e ek s | 2 4 W e e k s | 2 8 W e e k s | 3 0 W e e k s | 3 2 W e e k s | 3 4 W e e k s | 3 6 W e e k s

8: The first time I felt you kick was such a surprise. It had been so long since I felt anything like that. We were at a Waterloo Bucks baseball game for a date night with some friends on June 16, 2012. We were just sitting there watching and you decided to make yourself apparent. I was actually kind of surprised and wasn't expecting it at the time.

10: June 26th is a day I will never forget. We had our first appointment to see an ultrasound. We got lucky enough to have an early ultrasound. Caleb and I still thought we wanted to know the sex this time. We were so excited to find out that we were having a baby girl! Something definitely different for us! I think he got a little nervous at first since he started to get the hang of the boy stuff and now he gets to start all over with a girl. You were definitely a mover and didn't want to show off your face very much! When we got in the car one of Caleb's first comments was "You mean I have to pay for a wedding." :)

12: We were so excited to tell everyone we were having a girl!

13: We were going to Holiday Lake that day with some friends and family so before we got there I made some phone calls to other people to tell them since we wouldn't see them that day. When we got there we took out the mini cupcakes with pink frosting on them to tell everyone.

16: A P P O I N T M E N T S | 16 Week Appt.- 6/26/12 | 20 Week Appt.- 7/16/12 | Today at the 16 week appointment we were very fortunate to have an early ultrasound! First we went in and heard the heartbeat with the doppler and she said it was 145 bpm. When we finally got into the ultrasound she wanted to make sure we wanted to know and then asked if we had any guesses. We found out it's a girl! That wasn't exactly our guess, but then again we didn't know anything but boy at the time. Weight- 163 lbs Baby's bpm- doppler 145 ultrasound- 154 | Today was the standard ultrasound that we were originally going to have. Again everything looked good. Tami (the tech) verified that it was a girl again. We decided to take Cooper with us this time and of course it was the longest we had to wait so he got pretty antsy. They were running behind since early afternoon. Even though we had already seen an ultrasound it's still amazing to look at. Weight- 164 lbs Baby's bpm- 150

17: 24 Week Appt.- 8/13/12 | Everything looked great today. I was worried about my weight since we had gone on vacation and went to fair one day, but she said I had nothing to worry about. She was pretty sure she was breech, but has plenty of time to move around. Weight- 173 lbs Baby's bpm- 140 | 28 Week Appt.- 9/10/12 | 30 Week Appt.- 9/24/12 | Today went good. We took Cooper again which is always interesting. He is not a huge fan of being confined to the room so Caleb took him out. She was pretty positive that she was head down today. Weight- 177 lbs Baby's bpm- 134 | Today was routine. I went by myself since Caleb would be working. She said baby was still head down. Weight- 181.5 lbs Baby's bpm- 152

18: I look forward to the day I really want to eat food. It has been so hard trying to find food that I really want. I told Caleb when I really start to feel like eating we are going out to eat. The day has come... In the beginning I couldn't tell if I felt like eating the salty or sweet stuff & I now think I am gravitating towards the sweets. | Britt & I at Lake of the Ozarks | Sweets table at Hali & Brian's wedding

20: We hadn't actually started talking about baby names until we were on our way home from Holiday Lake after we knew it was a girl. Of course Caleb doesn't speak up to much when I talk to him about it. When we did talk about it not much was accomplished. One reason I never want to tell anyone is that I feel like I could change my mind so many times before the day comes. One day we think we have a favorite then the next I'm leaning towards another. It's almost November & now I'm feeling like I'm not the one that is being so difficult. Hope we can come up with a name soon!

21: I had been hoping that we would move before she arrived so I could get the room ready and I didn't want to order the bedding to soon, but as it turns out I am going to get a room ready here to be more prepared. I don't think guys normally care about this type of thing, but of course I had to ask Caleb. I always have too many favorites and can't make up my mind with the bedding choice so a second opinion helped me to narrow it down.

22: 32 Week Appt.- 10/8/12 | Today was a busy day for them. I had to wait quite awhile. I had a different nurse come in before Kim because she was helping out Melinda (the nurse) since she was swamped. Baby is still head down and I am measuring 32. I asked her about going to Rochester, MN Nov. 9 & 10. She thought that would be fine, but they will make sure and check if I am dilated at all on my appointment on Nov. 8. | Weight- 182 lbs Baby's bpm- 131 | 34 Week Appt.- 10/22/12 | Today was a good appointment. Nothing unusual. Another fairly long wait. She is still head down...hoping she stays that way. Weight- 185 lbs Baby's bpm- 146

23: 36 Week Appt.- 11/8/12 | So I didn't even make it to my 36 week appointment. I guess you wanted to make your debut sooner than we thought!

24: Little Clara was ready to meet us on November 5th 2012. I started having contractions about 4:30 Sunday morning. At the time I didn't know if they were braxton hicks or not. I wanted to see if they would go away (or more so hoping they would), so we went to church and then I went to my sister's baby shower because I really didn't want to miss out on that. I decided when the baby shower was over if I was still having contractions I would go to the hospital and get check out. We arrived at the hospital about 5:30 pm and went into triage. They did everything they could to try and stop labor since I was only 35 weeks, but contractions wouldn't go away and I was still slowly dilating at the time. That night after a few hours of being monitored Caleb went home shortly after 7:00 to get our bags (which were not completely packed and his not at all) since we didn't know for sure how long we would be there. While he was gone they finally said they were going to admit me about 7:30 and moved me to a room about 8:15. Labor was not stopping so finally at some point after midnight they said we were going to have a baby today. Although they knew we were going to have a baby they weren't going to do anything to help labor along since I was early. No walking around or breaking my water for me. Pretty much all I could do was use the bathroom and get in the tub a couple times otherwise I was being monitored the whole time. I got told I was complete at 10:37 am. My water broke right after that at 10:41 am then I started pushing (maybe twice). I was in "labor" or having contractions for about 30 hours and then finally baby Clara was born at 10:48 am on November 5th. It was amazing and we were thrilled that you seemed to be as healthy as they come.

25: This is your Aunt Britt & I the day before you were born. We headed to the hospital right after the shower since I was still having contractions. | Day before... | Jansen baby shower

26: Clara was born on 11.5.12 at 10:48 am She weighs 5lbs 15oz and is 20.25 inches long. On the scale it said 5 14.9, but they said 5 15 because you did pee before you were weighed so they figured it was close enough. We are so blessed to have been given this tiny little baby and are so grateful for this precious gift. We will cherish every moment we have with her.

29: Time to go home! | Clara & Daddy having some snuggle time

30: Updates | Nursery- Little did I know you would arrive early so there wasn't much of a nursery. With you in our room for awhile and Cooper still in the crib I guess we will get things figured out eventually. | Baby Names- As far as finding a name we seemed to be pretty stuck. It wasn't until the morning I was having contractions and we were either on our way to church or coming home from church that we decided we both liked Clara and nothing else was really said about it and we just stuck with it after you were born. | As for you being early we couldn't have ask for a healthier baby! We are so blessed!

31: Now the Hamer family of four! | Clara and big brother Cooper

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