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Pregnant And Glowing

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S: Pregnancy Journal

1: We Are Pregnant! | We never knew how much love we could feel until we found out we have our precious baby on the way. We were both shocked when we found out, but now we are both so excited that we have a little human being that will be in our lives until the day we die. I've never been so proud! Mommy & Daddy | 10/28/12 | Life is not measured by how many breathes we take, But by the number of months that takes our breath away

2: How We Found Out | Mommy started to feel every different! I caught the flue and was sick all day long, and two days later I felt light headed, nausea, headaches, and my car sickness was 20 times worse than usual. So I decided to tell Daddy and Papa that I was going to take a pregnancy test! I took one that night and didn't do it right so it came out negative, It was hard to tell because the line was so faint. The next morning I looked at it again and it was positive!!! | 02/18/12

3: 7 Pregnancy Tests To Be Sure! | After I found the first pregnancy test was positive, i took five more tests to make sure, Three digital tests. And I took one more test at the doctors office! I was 5 weeks and 5days pregnant when we went to the doctors office to definitely make sure that you were really inside of mommy! Me and daddy were so happy when the nurse said that you were really in there!

4: Baby's Development Week 10 Day 1 | I am so excited to see you grow inside of me! Daddy and Spook love to cuddle you to sleep

6: My Baby Boys Name | If our precious baby is a boy, Our little baby boys name will be Jesse Kendall Kellenaers | Jesse after mommy's Grandpa Kendall after mommy's Dad

7: My Baby Girls Name | If our sweet baby is a girl, Our little baby girls name will be Aaliyah Jean Kellenaers Or Jaidyn Jean Kellenaers | Aaliyah / Jaidyn, mommy and daddy both like those names Jean after Daddy's Grandmoo

8: The First Ultrasound 04/05/12 | The First Time I Set Eyes On You, And It Was The Most Beautiful Moment Of My Life | 10 weeks 4 days

9: I was so excited when we found out that got to get an ultrasound at out first doctors appointment! When I first saw you I about cried! It worried me a little at first because you weren't moving but when the doctor put the heartbeat on and I saw you heartbeat and heard it everything was alright. I think you knew mommy was a little worried because you moved around right after that! Already mommy's baby! | Mommy's Thoughts | I was stunned the first time I saw you in your mommas belly. So happy when the doctor told me that you and your mom were both doing perfect and that you were already getting so big in such a little amount of time. I never thought I would feel the joy that I felt when I saw you move for the first time. Now in just two weeks we will know so much more about you and I can hardly even wait. | Daddy's Thoughts

10: Week 10 Day 4 So far this pregnancy has been very easy! I don't have any symptom's really except that I've been peeing more frequently and I've been needing to eat a little more through out the day. Baby is taking it easy on me! I'm very glad that I haven't been getting morning sickness or anything like that, I'm very grateful. Today was a very good day, today was our first ultrasound. It was a pretty weird experience for me because I've never had to do any of that before. I seriously almost cried when I saw my baby for the first time! Definitely more so when I saw the baby move around. It was the coolest thing I've ever experienced so far. I can't wait till I will be able to feel my baby move around. But anyway to explain my | day, I got to the doctors office, signed in, filled out paper work and then thats when the doctor called me in the room to do the ultrasound! My dad was super excited except the doctor told us that it was going to be a vaginal ultrasound so dad changed his mind about being in the room during that, but he will get to go to the 20 week ultrasound. Then we went into a different room and thats when we did all the examinations and then after that i went to the nurse and got my blood drawn. I kinda freaked out about that part ha but it wasn't that bad. My cravings are pickles and sour olives, and sweets! I can't eat beef or pepperoni ha ha. Well, thats my day. | Journal Entry 04/05/12

11: 04/05/12 Our first ultrasound! Exciting! | 04/18/12 Our second ultrasound! Can't Wait | April | 04/01/12 Week 10 | 04/08/12 Week 11 | 04/15/12 Week 12 | 04/22/12 Week 13 | 04/29/12 Week 14

12: Remembering Your Great Grandmoo | Your Grandpa Tim, Your Grandma Cindy, And Your Great Grandmoo | Your Daddy And Great Grandmoo | 12/27/1923

13: This is your great grandmoo. My favorite and best grandma in the whole world. She loved baseball and spending time with me as much as she could. Our favorite movie together was angels in the outfield and also 101 Dalmatians. We would always spend time watching as many good movies and sports as we could while your aunt and uncle were at their soccer tournaments. She loved to tell me stories about my grandpa and how he was so much like me. I cant wait for you to be old enough to hear all of the stories that I cant tell you. Daddy | About Great Grandmoo:

14: Yay! Happy first easter sweet little baby of mine! You're growing bigger and bigger every day! So is mommy! | Baby;s Development Week 11

15: Its so cool to read this every week! My little baby is growing so fast each week! I love you! | Week 11 Day 2 so, this week I've been having vivid dreams that my baby is a Girl! And other dreams that are just weird! Been very hungry!! I eat like 5 minutes after I ate!

16: Baby's Development Week 12 | Week 12 Day 3 This week I've been feeling okay. Nothing really going on. Except that I've grown a little bit of light hair on my belly!! I asked my doctor if it was normal and she said it was, and that it will go away after the baby is born. Thank God!!

17: Baby's Second Ultrasound 04/18/12 Week 12 Day 3 | I was so happy when the ultrasound tech said you were perfect and healthy! This ultrasound was so much different than the first you were moving around the entire time and it looked like you were trying to drink it was amazing! Love, Momma | week 12 day 3

18: Baby's Development Week 13 | Week 13 Day 3 I've been hungry a lot this week! Like I haven't eaten in days. I've been wanting nothing but the green little sour olives that I usually can't eat! I tried eating cheese and I had to spit it out. I love cheese!!? Other than that I feel normal.

19: Baby's Development Week 14 | Week 14 Day 2 tried eating hamburger for dinner, It about made me vomit! I can't stand the way it looks or the texture! The only thing I want it healthy foods. My stomach is feeling different, baby is growing. I've had headaches every other day, but not as bad as when I first found out I was pregnant.

20: Journal Entry 05/06/12 | Well,, It's May! I can't wait till I find out if you are a boy or a girl! I'm feeling fine so far.. still no morning sickness, food cravings, or anything like that. I feel like I'm not even pregnant! The only difference is that my stomach is getting bigger and so are my boobs! ha ha. So.. I'll been having dreams that I'm having a girl!! I wonder if they are true or not. I think they might be true because before I found out that I was pregnant or even had any thoughts that I might be pregnant | I had a dream that I had a baby, and the dream so so vivid! It felt so real. I woke up and was like uhh weird! Well anyway, I can't wait till Greg's parents come up to visit.. It should be fun! we get to find out the gender of the baby and are going shopping for him or her right after that! The only thing I've wanted a lot this month is ice cream, pasta, and starbucks! Well thats it. | Week 15

21: May | 05/06/12 Week 15 | 05/13/12 Week 16 Mothers Day | 05/20/12 Week 17 | 05/27/12 Week 18 | 05/16/12 Doctor Check-up Today! | 05/24/12 Ultrasound Finding Out Sex Of Baby! | 05/23/12 Grandma Cindy Comes To Visit

22: Baby's Development Week 15 | Week 15 Day 3 This week I've been really grumpy! I cry over everything and get so mad over everything, even if it's not a big deal. Talk about mood swings! My boobs are growing and growing, I think I might look like Pam Anderson after this pregnancy! I've been constipated also UGH!!

23: Baby's Development Week 16 | Week 16 Day 2 I've had a bunch of energy, I've been cleaning and wanting to go do stuff, walk around, anything but sit. I've been getting bloated after every time I eat. Even if it isn't a lot. My belly is growing and I felt Baby move for the first time! :)

24: 05/24/12 Week 17 Day 4 Ultrasound

25: Mommy's Thoughts | Daddy's Thoughts | Mommy was so happy when we found out that you were a girl!! I about cried with excitement when the ultrasound tech said you were officially a girl for sure. Me and your grandma Cindy were so happy, we went out and bought a bunch of pink, girly baby clothes right away! My precious baby girl Jaidyn I can't wait to meet you and have you with me, teach you things and love you no matter what happens.. I Love You! Love Mommy | I was super excited to hear that you were going to be a girl . I am excited to know that i am going to have a little daddy's girl that i can spoil and teach all kinds of new things. Like how to walk and to talk and even to support you in anything that you may choose to do. I will always be there for you no matter what my little girl. I love you more than anything in the entire world.. Love Daddy

26: Baby's Development Week17 | Week 17 Day 4 this week I've been feeling normal. Feeling my baby move is amazing :) The coolest feeling there is. My belly is growing and feels hard sometimes. Haven't been as hungry as I was. And.. We found out the gender of the baby!! Jaidyn Jean Kellenaers :)

27: Baby's Development Week 18 | Week 18 Day 4 I feel the same as last week. Been more thirsty. Might be the warm weather. Been feeling a little lazy this week, I think its because we have had company over at our house all month pretty much. Still feeling Jaidyn Move, slowed down, but everyday.

28: Okay so I had my 20th birthday! Greg made it a good one. He took me to dinner, and bought me my own cake. It was a pretty good night. My mom texted me the 6th and asked me for $300.00 but we are saving up for my baby girl. So I didn't text her back, and then she called me and asked if my little sister could stay with me over the summer. I told her that was fine with Greg and I if she stayed with us. | So we will see when my mom brings her up here. If she even does. I have my 20 week ultrasound and check-up on Wednesday. I'm excited to see my baby girl again. We decided on the name Jaidyn. Jaidyn Jean Kellenaers. Thats a mouth full ha ha.Can't wait, I hope she is healthy and growing perfectly! | Journal Entry 06/11/12 | Week 20 Day 1

29: June | 06/03/12 Week 19 | 06/10/12 Week 20 | 06/17/12 Week 21 | 06/24/12 Week 22 | 06/13/12 20 week check-up & ultrasound. | 06/01/12 Mommas Birthday! age 20!

30: Baby's Development Week 19 | Week 19 Day 2 Well, this week I've been feeling it. My back hurts, my belly hurts. The book says it's from stretching and the baby growing. My craving this week is chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes and white gravy from Texas Roadhouse!

31: Baby's Development Week 20 | Week 20 Day 3 So, this week we had out 20 week ultrasound, You're perfect and healthy! Your organs and bones are perfect. and you weigh 12.4oz. I've been craving refried beans and hot cheetos? Daddy is so excited to have you, he hugs, and kisses you and talks to you all the time. :)

32: Week 20 Day 3

33: A Little Humor Goes A Long Way!

34: Baby's Development Week 21 | 21 weeks 6 days This week was easy! I craved French fries .My tummy grew more . It has been crampy this week though , I also still can't eat cheese! I got to spend 2 days with my hubby it was relaxing :)

35: Baby's Development Week 22 | 22 Weeks 3 Days Wells this week went by fast. Baby girl is kinds freaking me out because she isn't moving around as much as she used to. I've been craving beans and pasta and coffee!!

36: Journal Entry 07/04/12 | Week 23 | Well, today is the 4th of July! Happy first 4th of July baby girl! It was a pretty fun day, me and daddy went to hobby lobby and bought some more things for baby girls room.. We are decorating it already, we made little flower coat hangers a teddy bear piggy bank, blankets and a whole bunch more! For the 4th of July we had a bbq with some friends and then watched | some movies with daddy. It was very relaxing. Well this morning I started to feel you kick me a lot again! and now when you move big I feel my entire stomach move, do the wave. You make me so happy :) I've been craving beans for course.. and fruit. Well that's it.

37: July | 07/01/12 Week 23 | 07/08/12 Week 24 | 07/15/12 Week 25 | 07/22/12 Week 26 | 07/29/12 Week 27 | 07/11/12 Doctor Check-up | 07/20/12 Aunt Stormie's wedding | 07/04/12 4th of July! | 07/25/12 diabetes blood testing

38: Baby's Development Week 23 | 23 Weeks 3 Days Happy first 4th of July baby girl! Well, You've started moving a lot again today :) makes me so happy, I was worried. I've been craving fruit. My belly has been cramping, from you stretching out my insides I think! Can't wait to see you!

39: Baby's Development Week 24 | 24 Weeks 3 Days We had a doctors appointment today! The doctor said you are perfect and healthy :) Momma is so proud! I've been wanting juice a lot and grapes. I've been feeling good this week .

40: Baby's Development 25 Weeks | 25 Weeks 6 Days This week flew by! This week I craved chicken fried chicken! The baby moved non-stop this week, she is getting so so big!

41: Baby's Development 26 Weeks | 26 weeks 3 days Baby girl can open her eyes and see! I'm feeling good this week belly is growing!

42: 27 weeks 3 days Feeling good this week. Finally ate chicken fried chicken, so no cravings. Didn't feel baby move that much this week. | Baby's Development Week 27

43: Journal Entry | Week 28 | 08/05/12

44: August | 08/01/12 | 08/05/12 Week 28 | 08/12/12 Week 29 | 08/19/12 Week 30 | 08/26/12 Week 31 | 08/28/12 Visiting Farmington | 08/29/12 Baby Shower! | 08/30/12 Coming home | 08/08/12 Doctor check-up | 08/22/12 Doctor Check-up | 08/27/12 Leaving Denver

45: 28 weeks 3 days Feeling good this week. Feeling Jaidyn move around non-stop! No cravings. | Baby's Development Week 28

46: Baby's Development Week 29

47: Baby's Development Week 30

48: Baby's Development Week 31

49: A Little Humor Goes A Long Way!

52: Maternity Photo's

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