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Quinn Year 2

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Quinn Year 2 - Page Text Content

S: Quinn Joseph Baron 2011-2012

BC: Thats what little boys are made of | Oh, how you have grown in just a year. | Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails.... | Made with all my Love~ Your Mommy

FC: Year 2

1: Silly Boy

2: Check up this month. You weighed in at 22# and 31". Getting to be a big boy. Got your top two teeth in. Started sleeping thru the night (knock on wood). Cruising along the furniture, but yet to take off on your own. Stand by yourself, till you realize you are doing so. You love juice, and drink it outta your sippy cup all on your own now, even turning it over when you have to. Still into the french toast sticks for breakfast most everyday. You like to play peek a boo after your baths as I get you lotioned and dressed. You think its funny to put your hammer in daddy's drinks, or your drum sticks in his margarita. Oh, and you are no longer a boobie boy. | Helping Daddy | Bubbly Kisses | Mom and Dad got a new low bed. I love to climb on it and jump around.

3: Look at all that Hair!! Had to get you a little trim this month. | Rainy Cruise Night | Give me candy!! Labor Day Parade. You liked the firetrucks and sirens. | Silly | Trying to climb the stairs | Watching Daddy Mow out the door | Month 12-13

4: Cypress Gardens Boat Ride thru the swamp | Lovin' the bike riding | Savannah, GA | JACUZZI | Fam-i-lee Charleston, SC Battery | Hair blowing in the wind | I'm gettin' the hang of this | Enjoyed the fishes at the aquarium | Alligators!

5: Trip to Hilton Head Island, SC | Lil Sand Monkey | We took our first family trip down south in September. The drive was a LONG one for you, but you did better than either mom or dad would've expected. We did a lot during that week. Visited Charleston, Cypress Gardens, spent our week at the Disney Resort in Hilton Head, and took a quick drive down to Savannah, GA. Most of the time we hung out at the beach, which you loved, went to the pool, and rode bikes around the island (including on the beach). You had a little beach cruiser trailer that you rode around in. On the beach, you took your first steps!! I don't think that you realized what you were doing, just coming at mama with a little shovel in each hand. Took three full steps. Played hide and seek all week with daddy, got in the jacuzzi tub, spent LOTS of time with mom and dad, and got to experience a lot of new things. Was a good vacation for you and you enjoyed it. | Crab Walking | Playing in the surf. | A little hesitant at first, but once you got into it, you loved playing in the sand | Mama's surfer boy | Passed out on the beach | LOVE

6: Watch | Out! | Your Mobile | Once you got the confidence, you have been practicing walking non-stop. If you fall over, you get right back up. Just a few bad spills and crashes, overall you have caught on extremely fast. Daddy says you look like a zombie with the way you hobble forward. Funny overall seeing you walking. | Ahhh!! | 1-2-3-UP | Run Kitties | and

7: You started giving kisses, on the lips, when we ask for them. You love stacking things, and putting things inside one another. Daddy bought you real drum sticks that you like to beat on things with. Your walking all over, and climbing on everything. You know how to get onto the couch, bed, ottomans, and then know how to let yourself down. You babble on and on, and make your ducks in the tub talk to one another. So grown up anymore. | Your sense of humor, grossing out Mom & Dad | New favorite seat | Helping unload dishwasher | Got into the Halloween make-up | Bubble Beard | Push me Daddy Vroom Vroom | Beater Licker | Lil' Drummer | 13-14 Months | Bike Riding | Swinging with G-Ma

9: Humiston Woods

10: Mama's Lil' Rocker! | Fun with temp tattoos and bandannas | Mom

11: Mom | Don't let Daddy ever tell ya... You can't play in the mud! | Spartan Race 2011 Daddy & Uncle Al completed it. 4 Miles, 20 obstacles | Let's go home | Nice horsey | Way to go Da-Da | NO

12: 2011

13: This year you went as the cutest Ewok ever, which your mama made for you. Downtown trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving. It was a good Halloween, even if you don't have enough teeth to eat all the candy. But, Mom and dad will take care of it for you this year. ;-)

14: Everyday you amaze us with something new that you have learned or do. Cutest thing that you do now, is you will grab mom and dad's heads and push us together to kiss. You are all over the place. Love climbing things. You act like you talk on the phone with your own version of Hi. Got your first haircut. Hair is so long and curly now. Teeth starting to come in in the back. Sleeping like a champ all night. We love you to pieces and always will! | Everything is ridable No matter what it is or the size | Got those wild locks trimmed | Peek-A-Boo with daddy a nightly game | New thing this month, Snuggling up with us and watching tv | Favorite hideout, under the fishtank. Makes mom and dad SO nervous | Helping out in the yard | Hi there smiley | 14 to 15 Months

15: Counted our blessings again this year. So very blessed to have you. Dinner at Grandma Karen's house, then to Pappy Mel's house to celebrate his 75th birthday.

16: Left you for two secs, and found you back in the tub playing in your pj's. Silly boy! | Your lovey, and pillowcase/blankey. Both are gotta haves. You carry them around, and have to have them to sleep | Weirdo things that you do. Never cease to surprise us with things you come up with. | Mom and Dad bought you a shelving unit to put the craziness that is your toys in. Tons of toys!

17: Horse-back rides on Daddy. One day he even wore a horsey mask for it. You jump right on and go for a ride. | You love the computer, and we find you trying to use it on your own often. | You like brushing your teeth, or shall I say the cherry flavored toothpaste. | You had a Dr. check-up this month with the dreaded shots. You weighed in at 23# 5oz and are 31 3/6" tall. Getting so dang big. :( You try to use your fork at dinner. Have a good majority of your teeth. Like playing with mom and dad, especially putting hats and other objects on our heads and try to shove them in our mouths. You think its the funniest thing ever when you purposely bang your head into ours. Your into monkey see monkey do, and copy us all the time. | 15-16 Months

18: Getting Ready for Ho Ho

19: Daddy's Exelon Christmas Party was quite the thing. They had a bouncy castle, Santa, Games, etc. and all you wanted to do was ride the roller coaster. At first we were unsure that you would like it and figured they would stop the ride so you could get off. The opposite occurred. You screamed everytime that it ended, to get back on. Must have rode it six+ times. We finally had to leave the party because you just wouldn't stop. Dare Devil! | Christmas at Great Great Aunt Shirley's House for your Grandpa Joe's Side.

20: Everything I Wanted For Christmas.... I Got | Animated Basketball Hoop that talks (afraid of), Tricycle, Motorized CARS Quad (not too sure of yet), Electric Drums, Little People School Bus, Building Blocks, Four Wheeler, Ambulance from Uncle Mike, Coloring Book and Markers, Clothes, Elmo Pajamas, Puzzles, and Money. As much as all that sounds, I'm sure that was not all of it.

21: Christmas at Great Grandpa Mel's House

22: Your new love, riding your cars around the house | Cheese!! | Mall Playgrounds are the BEST! | 16-17 Months

23: Jan 2012

24: Litter Box Incident You want to copy everything that mom and dad do anymore, including cleaning the cat box. This happened one weekend day. All of us were relaxing in the living room,when you came across your beach shovel. You went high tailing it to the bathroom with it, mom and dad realizing what you were doing on your way there. Dad jumped up and chased after you, thank God catching you right as your were going for your first scoop. Yikes. We let you know we appreciate the help, but its not necessary | You Color Our World Your new obsession is with crayons and coloring. And not just one crayon at a time, but however many your little hands can hold. If we take them away from you or one breaks, there is a meltdown. You usually stay on the paper, but we have found outside scribblings, such as on the fishtank and cabinets. | Cookie Monster | 17-18 Months

25: Tickle Tickle When we tickle you, and go tickle tickle, you will scrunch your fists also while saying your close version of Tickle Tickle | You think us chasing you up the stairs is the greatest. So Bad! | Yay!!

26: Daddy & Me | While Daddy was on afternoons at work, we got to hang out all of the morning and thru lunchtime. We got much closer during this time together, hanging out, going for lunch, doing errands, playing at home, and just enjoying being together. He took me to Tumbling Class at the YMCA, so I got to play with other kids, and spoiled me with Happy Meals. We were both pretty sad when the month was over with. February 2012

27: Thanks to unseasonably warm March weather, you have got to play outside lately. This particular day, on Uncle Al's skateboard, which you rode around like a lil' car.

28: Mini Oreos | equal | Mess | Putting cars in my shirt is fun. :) | Lounging on My Couch | Mom's Lil' Helper | 18-19 Months | So Sweet

29: Lets Go | Fly a Kite | April 1st

30: We took you up to Chicago to Lincoln Park Zoo. You especially liked the monkeys and were waving at them. The Carousel, not so much. When I went to take you on, | you looked at me and said "No". We survived though. Was a chilly, but nice visit | April 4, 2012

31: Field Museum | After the zoo, we ran into the Field Museum to see the Dinosaurs. Started with a quick snooze, but once you got up, you were amazed at how big they were. Ended the perfect day with pizza at Giordanos.

32: We had a very nice Easter this year. You colored eggs for the first time, which was a MESS, but you enjoyed. We went to the Egg Hunt at the Y, which you were not wanting to participate it, but mom and dad grabbed you a few eggs, so maybe next year. Church, then Grilling out steaks and hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's house. We had ourselves a candy addict this Easter. You just couldn't get enough of the sweet stuff. I filled your eggs with Jelly beans, so you went around shaking them to see if you could find any full ones. Easter Bunny left you baskets at your house, and Grandmas. You seen him at the Y, but didn't want to visit, just waved at him from afar. | Uncle Al taught you how to blow bubbles

33: Grandma showing you how it's done.

34: You had a Dr. Checkup this month. Weighing in at 23lb, 5 oz. and 33in long. You are starting to say more and more words, and know about a dozen animal sounds. Smart lil' cookie. You can tell us yes and no, and point to what you want. Mommy taught you the Monkeys Jumping on the Bed song, and you wave your finger at the Dr. Part. Your a very active lil' boy and love to be outside. | Breaks Mom's heart when your sad that I leave you at the sitters. | Checkin out the Chicks at Farm N Fleet | 19-20 Months

35: Hanging out with Daddy's Kitty Teddy Bear. You most likely wont remember the Bear, but once in a great while he will hang out with you. He sleeps under your crib at night and we joke that he is like the monster under your bed when he howls. | Blowing on the Dandelions. | You are all about the two Kermit the Frogs that Mommy gave you. You feed them, they dance together, kiss, and go to Carol's house with you everyday. Frogs in general I think are your favorite animals right now. | Helping Mom in the garden | I hear you singing along and answering your shows in the morning. You are getting so bright. You can count with us, well sorta. You know; 1, 2, your version of 3, then you know when we get to 6. Addicted to sweets, especially "beans" | Not much new this month. You continue to amaze us with how fast you are picking up on words, and learning things daily. Your elephant noise is the best. You love helping cut the grass on the riding mower. | 20-21 Months

36: Bike Riding I&M Canal May 20

37: Memorial Day Weekend | Bags | Swimming with Uncle Al | Checking out Uncle Scott's Train | Hanging with Grand Pappy Mel | Testing out the bike with Uncle Al

38: Chuck-E-Cheese | Chuck E Cheese | We tried you out at Chuck E Cheese's, and you just weren't that into it yet. Afraid of the mouse, and about cried when he got near. Didn't want the rides, but scarfed down the pizza. For a $30+ trip, you came out with two plastic dinosaurs, which you love.

39: Mommy got a new iPhone that allows the camera to flip around. You thought that it was the best being able to see yourself on the screen. Was making all kinds of faces. Silly thing. | June 2, 2012

40: Daredevil | Eats Ice Cream Cones, Cone first!! | Helping in the garden | All Smiles | How you get SO dirty, SO fast, I do not know | Picked up your first swear word, sh*t, so mom and dad gotta watch what we say now. :( New thing is dinosaurs. You have three plastic ones that you carry around with you, even into the bath. You try to say about everything, and usually get like the first two letters right. Have some words that you have created names for, like "spongebob" is a fruit snack, just because once we got you Spongebob brand. Same with "Elmo" when you want a juice box. You love to sing now, and we find you singing lil' tunes all the time. | 21-22 Months

41: Cuddling with Pregnant Huge Mommy | Can almost reach it!! | I see you! | Finally got your own Cozy Coupe. You were in it and ready to ride before Mommy could get it all together. Threw a fit when I removed you to be able to put on the wheels. I think you enjoy pushing it more than riding. | No more baby highchair booster for you! | Hanging at Grandma Karen's Pool | Caught playing with Girly Toys | Helping Daddy out | Trying to dress yourself

42: Up | Up | & | Away | Daddy picked you up a toy airplane and the two of you flew it in the yard. You loved seeing it go. Unfortunately, it had a bad landing, and broke. Daddy promised to get you another, better, one though.

43: Last year in the pack :( | Hiking @ Deer Park June 24, 2012

44: Bristol Ren Faire | 7th | July | You got to attend your first ever Renaissance Faire with mom and dad this year. And what a mighty pirate you were. Mom made you your outfit, that you impressed everyone with. One guy proclaimed you "Cutest Kid at the Faire that day". You had a great time. Eating Pickle-on-a-stick, drinking Sassafras Root Beer, Petting Zoo, Turtles in the pond, playing on the pirate ship, and just hanging out with us and walking around looking at everything and everyone. You got a little wooden sword to complete your look. I'm sure that going to the Faire will only become more and more of one of your favorite things in the future.

46: Sidewalk Chalk is the new favorite outdoor toy to play with. Anything is game too for drawing space: chairs, walls, self, Mama Kitty, etc. Wherever you look, there is now a mark from you. At least it washes right off.

47: 4th of July Parade | You did such a good job at the parade. Got the hang of candy grabbing right away. You would run out and grab a handful, then put it in the bag. Was so cute!! Loved the parade. | Pappy Mel's 4th cookout was SO unbelievably hot, that I think it was 103* in the shade. They roasted a big pig, which you couldn't get enough of. You kept going up to the station where they were cutting it and helping yourself. Once we were finished eating, we left to go float around in our pool to cool off.

48: Stealing pears from our tree | Helping fill the pool | Hair combed like a lil' gentleman | Pooped out on the swing | 22-23 Months | Cool Dude | Spiderman... Batman... New Obsessions

49: Helping Daddy build your playhouse. We had to laugh, you watch everything that Daddy does. He was leveling a post of the playhouse, then set the level down and walked away. You ran over, got the level, and started leveling it yourself. Monkey See, Monkey Do. | We got our new pool all put together this month, and not a minute too soon. The temperatures during the last month were unbearable. Most days temps were in the high 90s, if not over 100*. At first you were a little unsure of the water, now you can't get enough of it. You don't want to get out. You like to jump off the later after we count, "1, 2, 3.. Jump". You also like to go around the pool while hanging off the edge. You call it "Monkey" and make monkey noises while doing it. Trying to teach you to swim now, since you are getting to be not afraid of the water. | Starting to work on going in the Potty. Nothing yet. | You got this weird thing with bugs. I find you all the time picking them up outside. Not afraid of them at all. Guess it alright, as long as you don't eat them, as you have tried before. | Cooling off in the sprinkler

50: We went up to the Taste of Chicago on July 13th. Took the Metra Train out of New Lenox, which you liked, and surprised us with how well you did with never having been on a train before. We got stormed on for a good 45 mins while there, but that didn't spoil our fun. Tasted a bunch of tasty food, and had a nice day together as a family. | Daddy and I got bored on train home | First Family City Picture | Wanted to get in!

51: Eating like a lil' wolf at McDonalds | The Garden and Grapes are done! You like to help pick both, even though you don't get the idea of red tomatoes | Hoops with Uncle Al | Like to "Help" Daddy Fix things around the house | Daddy Back Rides | Got your sandbox all done, which you love | Backpack to Carol's house everyday | You thinking you can shave | Riverfest Parade | Little Daredevil | 23-24 Months

52: Your as bad as your Daddy. You searched thru the house till you found your Cookie Monster Birthday Present days before your birthday. Found it under our bed somehow. | Birthday Boy | The big day itself, you got to open presents from mom and dad, which you know how to open on your own now, although slowly. You got a dinosaur land for your dinos, a car wash for your cars, and a toy plane. We then went to the Petting Zoo they had in town, then headed up to Naperville Riverwalk for the day. Lunch at Five Guys, and a cupcake from Sugar Monkey Cupcakes, with a stop to pick up some birthday balloons, made your day. We couldn't get you to put the balloons down. Even taking them to bed with you.

53: Spiderman, Spongebob, Mickey, Elmo All your favorites, on the balloons | PETTING ZOO You just love petting zoos. You love touching the animals and visiting with them. Not sure what the goal was doing to you though. :) | Riverwalk area. You saw some kids with their feet in the fountain, and would not give up till you could also put your feet in. Eventually we gave up and let you. | Birthday Cupcake

54: You had a nice second Birthday Party with your closest Family members. Got some great toys; an Imaginex T-Rex that moves, a Batman Cape and mask, a Spiderman toy, and a few other lil' toys and clothes. Grandma Karen made you an awesome Elmo Cake and Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes. You couldn't wait to try them. Grandma (who you call Grandpa) barely had them in the door and you swiped some of the frosting off of Elmo. You were crawling across the table after the cupcakes. Blew out the candles this year without incident and liked everyone singing to you. Second Birthday.... Great Success!

55: It's been a very growing year, and you have changed from a baby, to a lil' man. Your two year check up you weighed in at 27# and height of 36 inches. Talking more and more everyday, and are SO smart. Mom and dad are so proud of the man you are becoming, and looking forward to your continued growth.

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