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Rayna's First Year

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Rayna's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Rayna's first year

FC: Rayna Christine Dozeman

1: Sunday night mom and dad and Mekiah brought a meal to some friends. We felt uncomfortable but thought nothing of it. When we returned home dad and Ki got cleaned up while you started moving. Finally mom decided it was time...even though contractions were irregular. Papa Sluiter came to get Ki so dad and mom could head to the hospital. We got an epidural and waited an hour. When the nurse came in to check you were on your way out....your head was out before the doctor got in the room! She basically caught didn't push at all. You entered the world in a flash and you haven't stopped moving since!

2: Lots of people couldn't wait to meet you. Even your big sister seemed to like you. She was mostly curious and liked to give you lots of kisses. What a precious bundle!

4: Born on Monday, September 20th, 2011 at 1:42am 7 pounds 6 ounces 19.5 inches long | Cuddling with mom and dad. The sweet skin to skin snuggles....heavenly....

5: We took you home on Wednesday about 1:00pm. You were 7 pounds 1 ounce. The house was messy but you didn't seem to mind. Mekiah kept asking to hold you and give you kisses. Don't worry, I kept a close eye on her to protect you from her sometimes aggressive love.

6: We invaded papa and nana's house while dad was away. | Your first bath: you didn't like it. But we got in some good cuddle time afterward. Such a cute little naked babe!

8: We visited doctor Davis on Saturday am. (9/24/11) You are now 7 lbs 4 oz, 19.5 in long and a head circumference of 34.5 cm. You are growing well and nursing well....healthy baby! We went to church on Sunday: you didn't make a peep but you were still quite the distraction :)

9: RCD

11: Perfectly formed from head to toe

12: Daddy's little girl

13: Mommy's precious baby

14: Rayna, Rayna Christine you are my beautiful queen Rayna, Rayna Christine I love you, my precious, my sweet.

15: Mekiah loves you. She likes to give you your pacifier and smother you with kisses. She lets me know when you're fussing so I can take care of you. You are very much loved...almost too much :)

17: Conference Grounds Harvest Festival | We enjoyed lots of snuggle time at the Conference Grounds. You were a far, easy baby. | You are holding your head up for at least 30 seconds.... ....strong little neck you have! | 10.4.11 -- 50th% on all counts: Height: 20in Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz Head Circumference: 35.5 cm

18: At a month old: I swear you are giving us social smiles! You are smiling at your bouncy seat woodland creatures You're in size 1 diapers and the g-diapers fit You fit in 3 month clothing already! Oh, and you have tears! Big ones!

19: Getting ready for Baptism. Great Grandma Sluiter made your dress two years before when Ki was baptized.

20: You were baptized by Pastor Frank Wevers and Daddy baptized Tabatha TenHaken the same day. It was a crowded stage with all the kids and we kept dropping toys and pacifiers :) | Sunday, October 23, 2012 Calvary CRC @ 10:30 Service

21: Pastor Frank's words to you: Rayna Christine Dozeman, I baptize you in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Amen. Steve warned me that she's slippery, but she's not that slippery. What a special moment for you and your family even though you don't fully understand it. Someday you will hopefully stand before God's people and say what happened long ago has won my heart at the cross at my baptism and I desire to live for Jesus. You have a beautiful name: Rayna Christine Dozeman. Rayna, the roots for the word come from Hebrew which mean pure and you're beautiful but we know that you need a cleansing that comes from Christ symbolized in your baptism. But so beautifully tucked into the middle of your name is the name of Christ--Christine. And it reminds us that cleansing and life and new life is rooted in Him. At the very middle of your name, at the very middle of your life Rayna Christine Dozeman may you come to know the joy and purity and sweetness of rooting your life in Jesus. May God Bless you Rayna Christine Dozeman all the days of your life. And all God's people say: Amen. Father we thank you for the wonder of your love which is larger and more expansive than we can ever imagine. We thank you for the love that you have for Tabatha and Rayna. For siblings, for parents, for grandparents, for the faith community, and for all sinners who walk this earth looking for you. We pray that you will give Mark & Kelly and Steve & Emily great wisdom and patience as they shape their children to know you. May it drive them again and again to their knees. Father we pray that when they make mistakes you would cover them with your grace and that somehow their children would come to see the authentic relationship they have with Jesus as they follow after and run after him day after day. And so we pray your blessing upon the Dozeman and upon the TenHaken homes, may they be Christ centered and may you be present there every day, Amen.

24: Dozeman Family

25: Your sister obviously loves you VERY much. She keeps giving you kisses. I have to make sure she doesn't smother you with too many kisses. | You took a bottle from daddy for the first time on October 27 (5 weeks old) | You are cooing and smiling more and more. I'm quite certain these are social smiles and not just gas. | You are still nursing every 2.5-3 hours which makes for a tired mommy. You seem to sleep better when you're right next to me so I often take you to my bed. It's a nice excuse to cuddle :)

26: We wanted to play outside with Ki so we bundled you up in your car seat. | You are a grunty baby, but your voice comes through a bit when you cry or are about to sneeze. We are noticing that you still look to the right a suck on your right hand and kick your right leg. We're going to have to do something about that neck muscle. | You enjoy the change table because you can see yourself in the mirror | You do this super cute pouty face before you start crying...never knew a bottom lip could stick out that far.

27: When you're half sleeping and I pick you up, you stretch with your butt out, head back, and arms up by your face...which has an adorable look on it...I just love the cute stretch. | You are cooing and smiling a lot! What a happy baby! Grandpa Great enjoyed holding you, but he got a little nervous when you moved, he didn't want to drop you. | At 2 months old: Height: 22.5 inches (50th%) Weight: 11 lbs 6 oz (50th%) Head Circumference: 39 cm (50th%) Proportional and average...but you are not an average are too happy to be average :)

28: Ki and Ray | Ki held you while watching Pooh Bear. She sneezed on your face, but you returned the favor...five times. You don't always care for her well intentioned kisses, but you put up with her.

29: Nice photo ops with dad.... though your pipe makes it look like you just spit up | Ki had to have a baby just like you.

30: The bottle has been quite the struggle, sometimes you take it, but most of the time our attempts are epic fails. You figured out how to push your poppy back into your mouth when it falls out....but it's got to be in the right place. Oh, and, you found your thumb!

31: Three Months Old | 3 months old! I can't believe it. You are such a precious joy! You give these great belly laughs and you smile all the time! And I love that you are a mama's girl. You like to smash your head into my armpit in order to to settle down, so I've been covering your face with a breathable blanket so you can settle without me...seems to be working.

32: I love our middle of the night change-table chats. You are so happy, smiling and cooing! | You are talking up a storm-day and night- just singing away!

33: What a beautiful always put a smile on my face

35: Mama's Girl

36: We celebrated Christmas with our family on the 21st. You slept through most of it and didn't care much about your gifts. Mekiah sure enjoyed your Sophie the giraffe!

37: You slept at the Sluiter Christmas celebration, Corduroy, caterpillar and daddy. | Merry Christmas

38: Papa and Nana Dozeman took the family to McGuire's to celebrate Christmas. Mommy got sick, so you lazed around with me most of the time, but you also enjoyed the pool and playing with papa.

40: You enjoy cuddling with people... especially mommy

42: Fun Facts | They sure love to see you....what joy you bring into their lives...I'm not surprised :) | You are wearing 6 month clothes already! | I like it when you talk to me with your pipe in your make cute guttural sounds | You are a happy screamer! | You love to laugh and giggle at Mekiah | You've been humming at me lately. I think it means "I love you mom!" | You make this kissing noise with your cute! | You are grabbing at toys all the time and you love to suck on cloth | Ever since Christmas you have been outright, major fits, refusing the bottle. | Papa and Nana Great!

43: 4 month checkup: 14 lbs 9 oz (75th%) 24 inches long (50th%) 41 cm head circumference (50th%) | Ah, Rayna, what are you doing? | Seriously, what's going on? | You're attacking me with kisses! | No, you are sucking on my chin! | "What? Is that weird?"

44: Well, it looks like you will be wearing a helmet to help reshape your precious head. We visited the physical therapist for your tight neck muscles and she gave us some ideas to strengthen those muscles so that you can look both directions more easily. She also made a referral for a helmet. This is good for you in the long run but I'm concerned about our cuddle time. You don't care to cuddle too much anyway, you're too busy checking out the world. So, I'm going to get in some extra cuddles and head kisses before a cute little pink helmet gets in my way. | Will, Nicole, and Sophia came for a visit. You had fun watching the other girls were so curious to see everything they were doing. | You rolled over on accident, tummy to back, at papa-nana great's house!

45: Lately, you'll touch my face so gently and look at me with loving eyes...makes me all warm inside | The bottle war rages on, you are winning. | You cut your first tooth! bottom, in the front: Feb 14ish | You love to sing and giggle You're getting pretty good in your jumper You sit up with some bumbo help You bring so many smiles and so much joy!

46: We finally got your little pink helmet (March 7) Insurance didn't cover it so we had to wait a couple weeks before getting it. We brought you in for some adjustments the first day because it was leaving red marks on your head and even scraped your little forehead...poor thing! You seem to be doing well with it, though you still have to get used to it at night. | You cut another tooth! Right next to the first one. You are sitting up very well. You only topple over when you get super excited

47: You like to chew on cloth (socks) You fell face first in the tub. I caught you before your nose smashed the bottom but you were completely immersed in water. I feel SO bad! You were shocked and scared but you didn't cough or choke, so that's good. Love you little one! | Your pink hat keeps shifting at night and you seem to have a heat rash from it, so we got this cool new cloth made of silver to help take the heat away from your head, and hopefully stop the shifting. Looks silly, but we'll try it! (it didn't work...gave you a rash, had to get a news helmet made of different material)

48: 6 Months Old! Weight: 16# 6.5 oz (50th%) Height: 25" long (50th%) Head Cir: 43 cm (50th%)

52: Papa

53: 80 degree weather in March! So we played outside a lot...your poor head is super sweaty and you're starting to get a rash....poor thing! | You bit me while nursing and in my haste to un-latch, my nail caught your gum...boy did you cry! I feel so bad especially since now you refuse to nurse. Poor baby! But the bright side is that you took a bottle from daddy while I was still in the room. After a couple days you continued to take the bottle and you started nursing again. Yea!

54: You have a mean and nasty rash that is spreading all over. No one is sleeping well because of it. You also can't wear your helmet anymore because the rash is on your fact, we're getting you a new one. We give you oatmeal baths to relieve the itch then smother you in olive oil to help moisturize your skin. My poor baby! | We moved into Papa and Nana Sluiter's house for spring break because daddy went to Zambia and Togo for 2 we missed him! But we enjoyed our time with Papa, Nana, and Alex...and we especially enjoyed cuddling with no helmet while your new one was being made.

55: You tried cereal for the first time at 6 months old. You liked it! You figured it out quite easily. | You learned to endure your sister during bath time--might as well get used to it. | We put you on your tummy to sleep so you won't rub the back of your head you just smash your face into the mattress, but you sleep better.

56: Your uncle Matt Skyped us. You chased him all over the floor...bouncing on your butt and scooting toward the iPad. You wanted to reach him SO badly! Super fun to watch you move! | The bottom of your skull keeps popping out (painful /uncomfortable they tell me) so the Chiropractor keeps fixing it. Hopefully it will stop popping out when your skull is nice and round.

57: Ki giving you a bath | Trying to teach you how to crawl | Daddy's Home!

58: eating black beans...hmm | You're eating more baby foods and solid foods: blueberries, squash, avocado... | You Love to play Peek-a-boo! You even play when no one else is around... and you LAUGH and LAUGH! | Uncle Matt: proud of his girls | Ki likes to play necklaces with're figuring out how to put them on yourself. | Ki also likes to lay on your lap

59: You have to sit up in the stroller and look at everything! | Gnawing on a mango pit | Flying high with daddy! | When mommy's not ready to get out of bed yet, we all play in mommy's bed | Went to the doc to see if your ears cleared....found puss in the other ear but you are 17# 13 oz and 26" long...growing like a weed!

62: You kiss yourself in the mirror, then you laugh and touch your hand to the mirror.... so cute. | There was so much sunshine I had to find you some shade to protect the small exposed hole on your head. | You are pulling yourself up in the stroller... trying to stand and see more of what's going on.

63: Concerned about your ears again, but no infection doc says. Found out you're 18 lbs 3 oz and 26 inches tall. Wow! | You are refusing to nurse but you take the bottle just fine. I'm afraid our nursing days are over.....tear. | You are becoming a mama's girl. You always want me if I'm around and when I'm gone, you cry-unless you're with Papa and Nana Sluiter. I don't mind the attachment, you'll get over it soon enough so I'll just enjoy it for now.

66: Eight Months Old

67: We are basically done with the helmet. You are 1-2mm away from a perfectly round head (started out 10 mm off), so we decided to call it quits...I missed kissing your head and I'm so glad to cuddle without that stupid pink hat getting in my way. You are rolling all over the place and you cry like it's the end of the'll get used to a head with no protection. | Look at you: climbing up on the bookshelf... pulling toys onto your lap!

68: We found out that you get super shriveled in the bath. Look at those feet!

69: You are crawling. Left knee down, push with your right foot. I can't believe it. | at 9 months old: | 19 lbs 9.5 oz (75%) 27 inches long (25%) 45 cm head circumference (25%) So, short and fat :) | You are wearing 12 month clothes and 18 month skinny pjs.... they're a little long, but your feet fit. We put your crib down because you can pull yourself up already! You make silly noises and frequently make the "smurfy" face.

70: Rayna Christine | For you created my inmost being you knit me together in my mother's womb

71: July 2012

73: R | C | D | I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made your works are wonderful I know that full well

74: my frame was not hidden from you | when I was made in the secret place

75: when I was woven together in the depths of the earth | your eyes saw my unformed body

76: all the days ordained for me were written in your book | before one of them came to be

77: Fremont

79: Just a few days after Fremont, mommy and daddy left for Israel with the Dozeman family. You and Ki stayed home with Papa and Nana Sluiter. They loved having you stay at their house for 2 weeks. It was way too long for mommy though...I missed you guys SO much. It seems that you had a good time, though you started grinding your teeth while you were there, and you stopped several weeks after we returned home....not sure if that was a phase or separation anxiety. Don't worry Rayna, I will always come back to you. Oh, you're starting to stand up by yourself, and you're still a screamer, and a growler.

80: We would Skype whenever possible and you loved to see us, but you'd get bored after a while.. You cut your top front teeth while we were gone.... sorry I missed it! Oh, and you've been pulling yourself up on furniture for a while're a pro already. | Notes from Nana: --You are so loving, not just today but everyday. Your smile, your head on my shoulder and your kisses warm this grandma's heart. --Held great grandpa's finger today, he loved it because you took his finger.

81: We returned home late Saturday night so we came to see you early on Sunday morning. You were awake and you didn't quite know what to do when you saw me. You were happy but not sure if you wanted to leave grandma's arms. You finally came to me and gave big hugs and kisses. Grandma had to put you down for a nap because I couldn't leave you crying. But you soon became a mama's girl again. I love it! At the Beach: You loved to walk in the water but you did not like to sit in the wet sand, and you hated it when your hand got dirty.

83: One July Sunday we were at Papa and Nana Sluiter's house and you decided you wanted to we took turns walking around the wall with you, after seven times I passed you off to uncle Matt (and no, the wall didn't fall down :)

84: I gave you a black bean and said "It's a bean Rayna, try it!" to which you responded by taking my hand and putting the bean in it, then you searched your tray and put the rest of the beans in my hand (but you kept the bananas) so I guess you're sorting things now. | Loving the Mango!! | We read books with you and Ki every night before bed. You don't really read basically wrestle with're all over the place! | Cute shy face | You are standing by yourself for longer and longer periods of fact, you took several steps (4) at Rogalske's house the other day! Yikes! | You continue to grind your's driving me crazy! I can hear you grinding from the other side of the house. Ki is even saying "dop Nayna!" (Stop Rayna!) You like to walk with your walker....but you get stuck sometimes You continue to talk a lot: one of your favorite noises is a short high hum then a longer lower hum (a fifth or so)

85: Drummond Island 2012 Papa and Nana Great's Cabin

86: We drove up after Sunday lunch and arrived at the fairy around midnight. You woke up and wanted to walk, but you had clean footed PJs on, so dad put his socks on your feet so you could walk around on the fairy. | You are practicing your new walking skills between the couches and you occasionally venture into the kitchen. You didn't like Tim and Alexis' dogs at first, but by the end of the week you were okay with them as long as they left you alone.

89: Big Shoal Bay Beach | We had lots of fun at the beach, walking in the water, playing on the beach chair, sitting in kayaks...and taking naps. The water was a bit chilly, but the hot sun made up for it.

90: we traveled home with uncle Tim and Alexis...made several stops along the way. Alexis learned how to hold babies at a random rest stop in Michigan :) | You enjoyed the fairy again...this time in the daylight. Uncle Tim also enjoyed spending some quality time with you before he left again for Colorado.

91: After Drummond, we moved you into the room with Mekiah We hung a sheet for the first few nights so you wouldn't keep each other awake. You are both doing very well with the transition; each sleeping through the other's middle of the night screaming crises.

93: A weekend in Ontario to visit your friend Sophia and mommy's friend Nicole. Daddy couldn't come so we took aunt Amy along for help. We all had a blast playing with new toys! | Boy did you love this princess were in and out constantly. If some other little butt warmed the seat and got off for one second, you were there to reclaim your territory.....I might see a chair like this at your house in the near future :) | CANADA

95: We visited parks, parks, and more loved to watch the other kids and climb up the stairs and slide down the slides, but I think your favorite was pressing your face against the windows. | On our way home, you were supposed to be sleeping, but you kept peeking at aunt Amy instead. You also put an orange cup on your head for fun.... anything for entertainment in that silly car seat for 6-7 hours.

96: You are growing to be "So Big!" I can't believe you're almost 1 year old. What a beautiful wonderful person you are becoming. A fun character and a loving personality. What a blessing to have you in our lives! | You helped mommy and Daddy make wine....You may have sneaked a couple grapes :) | You and Ki are becoming great friends as well...though you can still fight like sisters. | Oh,'ve been saying "mama," "dada," "papa," and "nana" consistently and correctly for several weeks now. And I think you say "all done" sometimes when you want to get out of your high chair.

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