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RYAN'S FIRST DECADE - Page Text Content

S: Ryan's 1st Decade

4: A party for Me, Me, Me, Me and Me!

6: RYAN MICHAEL LONG | Dec. 2, 2002 | 7 Pounds, 5 Ounces | 19 Inches | 8:44 am | Henry Medical - Stockbridge, GA

7: Our precious son with his first struggle to survive

8: L

10: All we want for Christmas is to have you home so we can all hold and love you!"

11: To the world you may be just a baby, but to Mommy and Daddy you are a miracle and a dream come true.

12: The day had finally come and you were born. We were ready for you but you weren't quite ready for the world. Our precious little boy had a fight from the start. The Doctors telling us every hour that something else was wrong was heart breaking. You were taken to the NICU within the first hour. The worst was finding out that you had spinal meningitis and they did not know had bad. We were told to expect the worst. The hardest thing for me was leaving that hospital and leaving you there for a week and a half. As I left that day, you lifted up your head & looked up at me. I knew you had the strength to fight. Mema took me to the hospital every morning and then Daddy and I went every evening. You were three days old before we held you and a week old before we could feed you a bottle. Mema and Nana could go in the NICU but could not hold you. We were so anxious to take you home where you belonged so everyone could hold you and love you. I can't express the emotional roller coaster that we went through during those days. Your strength and determination was unbelievable and helped get us through. For the Doctors to say you may never walk and have many physical disabilities; look what you have achieved already. You were born a fighter and don't ever stop fighting. God has always been with you and gives you strength to keep going. I thank him everyday for healing you and enabling you to become the fine young man that you are destined to be!

14: The | begins; Ryan is finally home! | Destination: HOME

16: R | M | L

17: 12 | 02 | 02

18: Daddy & Me

19: Mommy & me

22: As our family grows, so does the love.

24: 1 month

25: 2 Months | 2 months

26: 3 Months

27: 4 months

28: 5 m o n t h s

29: 6 months

30: 7 Months

31: "My Sissy loves to help me get messy" | 8 Months

32: 9 Months

33: 10 Months

34: 11 Months

35: I am 1 now!

36: Our little Man is 1

38: Make a Wish! | Happy 1st Birthday to me!!

39: I'm a DECADE!

40: This was a party to remember! Friends, cake, games and lets not forget the best part, lots and lots of presents!

43: Ryan's 9th Friday, Dec. 2nd His house 6 - 9 pm

44: 3K 1st Baptist Jonesboro | Pre-K - Mrs. Carlisle | Kindergarten - Mrs. Cortez | 1st Grade - Mrs. Hutchins | 2nd Grade - Mrs. Powell | 4th Grade Mr. Smith | Willis Road Elementary School | 3rd Grade - Mrs. Hammond

46: Bath

47: All Clean! | Time!

49: washin', splashin' and gettin' handsome

50: I can do this by myself!

51: 11 13 2004 | I broke my leg crawling over Daddy's leg

52: My Dedication

53: My 1st haircut

54: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always an Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one the best of them all.

56: Trick or Treat!

57: Trick or Treat! | What a variety of costumes. You wanted to be a Ninja four years in a row.

59: Dear Santa, I can explain...

60: Georgia by birth;

61: Georgia Bulldog by the grace of God.

62: Believe In The Magic Of Christmas | "Snow" much fun!

64: Nana says I'm a real cowboy!

66: 16

67: Cardinals Outfielder #16

69: SAINTS #12

70: GO Bears!!! | Get him Rhino!!

71: DOwn, Set, Hut....

80: GOAL! | Way to handle the ball, rhino! | He scores!!!!

81: GOAL! | Block it!! | excuse me, this ball is mine!

82: #37 | Hit me with your best shot!

83: #37

86: RHINO | RYAN | LONG | (#) | RYAN LONG #12

87: Ryan Long

89: An All-Star Family

90: My Disney Vacations

91: My 7th Birthday @ DisneyWorld

92: D I S N E Y

93: W O R L D

94: D I S N E Y

95: W O R L D

100: On the river at Nana's

101: 2011

102: My heart melts when you smile

103: M o m m y & R h i n o

104: Good times | Making memories. | Me, | Rachel

105: Making memories. | and | Reese

109: Me & my Family

112: The Longs

113: L

114: Daddy's Buddy

115: Moma's Boy

116: & me

117: & me

118: "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."

119: Me & Mommy

121: Me & my Nana

123: Me and Pop-Pop

124: Me & Papa

126: He hand picked me in Heaven and sent me to Daddy to carry the name on..... but he forgot to make me a Tennessee fan.

127: My Guardian Angels

128: Me & Mema

130: To My Big Man, Wow, how the time has flown! I will never forget the day your mom and I were told that you were going to be a boy. Words can’t begin to express how happy I was. I knew in my heart that Granddaddy sent you to Mommy and me, because the only person in this world that wanted me to have a son more than I did was Granddaddy. Watching you grow has been such a joy! How can I ever forget your love for “baweens” (balloons)? No matter where we went, if they had balloons, you had to have one. You started drawing at an early age too; you would sit draw balloons all day if we let you. I used to also love to watch you eat, especially corn on the cob. For the longest time, you would eat corn on the cob for every meal if we fixed it. Of course, raising you hasn’t always been easy. Your first two weeks of life were the longest two weeks of my life. Having to leave you in the hospital was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but you pulled through like a trooper. You were the same way when you broke your leg. It was amazing to me how you could be in such a hard situation yet; you still adapted and thrived, all while having a wonderfully positive attitude. I know that it’s hard having an older sister and a younger brother; sometimes things even seem unfair. You’re caught in the middle; being told you’re not old enough to do what your sister is doing, but that you have to help your brother because you’re older than he is. If you think about it though, you’re in the perfect spot. You get to learn from your sister’s experiences as well as your own and you also get to be the perfect role model for your little brother. Do you have any idea how proud I am of you? You might not realize it but you have overcome so much in your short life. You have faced so many battles, from breathing problems to broken bones to problems with reading and writing, and every time you fight your way to the top, and do it with a smile. No matter what comes your way, you keep working and trying until you accomplish your goal. Being able to do that means that you will be able to become anything you want. I’m also proud of you because of how big your heart is. You have so much love in your heart and are willing to share it with anyone. Everyone that gets to know you can’t help but like you! As you get older and get into your teens we’re not always going to agree. When this happens, always remember, no matter what we disagree about or how much we may argue. I will always love you with all my heart and all the decisions I make are because I want to keep you happy and safe. One more thing. I want you to know, as you grow into a young man, you should never wonder if you will be able to make your Daddy proud because you already have. No Daddy could ever be more proud of his son! With More Love Than Any Father Ever Had For His Son, Daddy

131: My Rhino, You know you have my heart, when I cry just by starting to type this. I always wondered what the saying "He is a Moma's boy" meant and how could it be as strong as being a "Daddy's girl". From the second I saw you, I understood. I can't put into words how much I love you, Ryan,and what you mean to me. For me to be the one that is supposed to teach you about life, it has been the other way around. In these past 10 yrs. you have taught me about life and I am a better person because of you. You are 100% boy and keep my blood pressure up most of the time and I anticipate that never changing. It is your creative, loving, caring, artistic, athletic, and determined personality that makes you so unique and special. You have been a fighter from day one so always keep that desire to never give up. The best road in life for you is not going to be the easiest but your success will be great. Each one of my children have a trait of mine and I see the most of me in you. My persistence, self-motivation and the desire to never give up are my gifts of me to you. Most of the time, these traits are positive so use them to your advantage. As we travel down this road together, it is our similarities that help us win each battle and then to eventually win the war. From day one and to forever, I will always be here for you no matter what. Don't ever forget my saying, "I will be behind you to push you, in front of you to pull you, and beside you to support you." Whether good or bad, Mommy will always be there when you need me and even when you don't just to enjoy the time with you. I cherish how close we are and how I never want that to change. You are my first born son and will lead the family one day, so I want you to become the type of man that your Daddy is. Be proud of yourself, your accomplishments and always make the decision you can stand by. I hope that one day, you will understand the battles we won together and why. I love you my son and I am already so proud of the young man you are becoming. I hope that when you are telling stories to your little ones you will tell them of the special love that that your parents have for you. Have Mommy's determination and Daddy's generous heart and you will be an amazing man that can go as far in life as you want! Don't settle my Rhino, go the distance. I love you more!! Mommy

132: My dearest and most amazing Ryan. I never in my wildest imagination would have ever thought Granddaddy and I would be blessed with a young man like you! Your sister & brother will always be your closest friends so don't forget that. I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I can't wait to see all that you are going to achieve. The sky is the limit for you. Always keep that wonderful, loving heart that makes you so dear to everyone you meet. I will love you always. Mema | Ryan, Nana and PopPop are so proud of you. You are a true country boy. We enjoy the time that you spend with us on the river where your care free spirit opens up. Always keep fighting because the best things in life come from the things you work the hardest for. You are our first grandson so we expect you to be a leader and protect your sister and brother. You are such a loving, caring, yet stubborn young man but we wouldn't change a thing. You always amaze us with your sports ability and your hands on skills. ALways work hard & choose to do the right thing.Be true to yourself & reach for the stars. Love, Nana & PopPop

133: Dear Ryan, What can I say buddy, but your are my first born grandson. My heart is filled with love every time I see you. You are the most tender hearted and giving little boy. You continue to amaze me at how smart & analytical you can be. Nobody can fix or put things together as quickly as you seem to do it. I am amazed at how good you are at all sports. You make me proud to be your Papa. Always look after Rachel & Reese. God made you special and I can't thank him enough for you.You give me so much pleasure watching you grow up. Never forget how much I treasure & love you. Always try to do the right thing & you won't go wrong. Love you forever, Papa


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