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Ryan Tang Quach

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S: My First Two Years


2: IMAGINE MUSEUM Is a wonderful place to play. It brings out the creativity in a child (me) and brings out the child in the adults.

3: We went to the Seattle Science Center today and there is so much to see, learn and do. I got to see a big snake; drive a car; see circus acts. I touched sea creatures in the salt water pool, rode a bug, took a silly picture and saw dinosaurs....RRRHHH | First Ultrasound

5: On my second trip to the zoo I could walk on my own sometimes. I saw penguins, hippos, lions, leopards, bears, giraffes, gorillas and zebras. I saw the penguin dive and catch a fish. I heard the lion roar. I like to make lions sounds too!. We met Grandpa Robin there, walked around the zoo and had lunch together. I ate pizza for lunch...yum

7: Progress

9: The Story of your...

10: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?" | I am the baby bump and I can hear you and feel your love! | This is my special room Shhh! | First Ultrasound

11: "A precious baby has come from above to live in your hearts and fill them with love." | HOW BLESSED YOU ARE ALREADY BECAUSE YOU ARE SO LOVED

12: ETHAN JAMES October 24th, 2008 8 lbs 13 oz Happy BIRTH Day

13: I had lots of visitors today. My Nana, Papa grandma Margie & grandpa Clarke, grandpa Robin, great grandma Dorothy, uncle Kim & aunt Diane, uncle Phil, Rachel...

14: I am one months old now and I'm growing so fast. I love to eat and sleep, The best is snuggling and cuddling. | Sweet Dreams Little One

15: "Bac Ba" feed me my 1st milk so I drink really fast and had bad temper when the milk was not giving me by the minute that I demanded.

17: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute" I am almost two months old. I know how to stick out my tounget and practice for when I can feed myself. I love to hold the ribbon on a balloon or watch it move when the fan is on. It is entertaining. I can coo and smile a lot. I can sit (propped up with pillows).

18: Six months old I am ready to take everything in. Life is fun, especially the outdoors. I can sit now and play with toys in my activity center. Frank likes me and gives me kisses. | Happy Boy

19: A Baby Is A Bit of Stardust Blown From Heaven | P R E C I O U S | SWEET

20: At nine months I can hold, grasp, chew all kinds of things, walk with help, eat big people food, have fun at the gym, swim with a life vest, help Michael, sit in a highchair, sit on a horse, crawl really fast...

21: I am getting stronger because I can hang off the bar | So many fun things to do, so little time. I love jumping in the balls | FUN

22: At nine months there is a world to explore and food to taste. I have a big family made up of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I have so many people that love me and that I love. Wow who would have thought that ice cream was so good or how about my first cupcake. Each day is a chance for me to find out new and interesting things. I can't wait until I can open doors, then I can let myself outside. My vocabulary is growing so it is easier to let people know what I want. I Love Life xoxoxo | EXPLORE & ENJOY

23: Yippee | It's hard to be nine months old. I am "SO BIG " with lots of playing to do.



26: CRAVEN FARMS I AM ONE TODAY Happy Birthday To Me

28: Our first family portrait 5-25-09

29: Here I am at 14 months old. I am getting so big because I have more teeth to eat with. I have a keyboard and entertain myself. I like to talk on the phone. I have a new hat and mitts.

32: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift" I am 15 months old in these pictures. I have visited Nintendo a few times because there is so much to keep me busy.. Sandra works there and gives me great toys, Brushing your teeth is important and office work is too.. Night night!

33: What a fun time to be 16 months old. I can climb, go through tunnels and down the slide. We go to different parks trying out new and different equipment.

34: These two pages are my 17th and 18th month pictures. We go to Spokane often to visit Daddy's family. This a really big family. We go to Riverside Park where there there is lots to do, see and explore.

35: I rode on the helicopter at the Science Center. Picked and ate too many apples at grandma Margie's. Ate ice cream yummy. Rode my rocket. Played with the toys. Watched Thomas play games on the XBox. I gave Evynne her binkie. I'm a good helper.!

37: spring | sunshine

38: My big day is here. Today I am 2 years old. We had a pony party at Pony Paradise Rides. There were so many family and friends to help me celebrate.

40: CHRISTMAS Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. It is a time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. It is because of Jesus we can celebrate. It is a time to be thankful and joyful. This is MY FIRST.

41: We had a lot of snow this Christmas so I got my first snowsuit, It was a little big, but it kept me warm. I was really spoiled as you can see from the tree picture. We had lots of friends visit us. I also went to my first Christmas party.

42: sunny days are here again!

46: I love to go to Veronica's house. She is a special lady. Mathias is fun to play with and Christian gave me markers...see. I love the Christmas tree. SO PRETTY! | I need help with this big box. My new motorcycle is hot. Forget Santa this is my cupcake. What a Christmas!

47: We had a delicious turkey dinner, especially the Pink Dessert. I got a dress-up trunk with costumes, Woody & Buzz Lightyear. I had fun with my new remote control Diggers from auntie Holly!

48: Is a time to reflect on what Christ did for us. We have new beginnings with spring in the air and flowers starting to bloom. It is a time for family to gather and celebrate our blessings. When I get older I will be able to eat Ukrainian Easter breakfast and go on Easter egg hunts. | EASTER | Mama made me dress up like this it was not my fault. It made Nana & Papa laugh

49: We had our Easter pictures taken outside and this is my cousin Evynne. I love her, hug her and protect her. She makes me smile and makes my heart happy......

51: OH DEAR My garden is growing eggs for EASTER

52: Valentine's | Happy | Day | L O V E

53: My first Valentine's | My first Valentine's Day I got to taste chocolate. It made me smile | My first Valentine's Day I tasted chocolate. It made me smile. This year Nana and I made pink vanilla and chocolate hearts for Valentine's. I got to stir and knock the chocolates out of the mold. Licking was the best part! | I got a Digger book for a Valentine's present. I love Diggers | I got a new robe just like Papa. Now we wear our robes together while we read or watch TV

54: It is the little things in life that matter most for I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made | FIRST BATH Mama gave me a bath and it felt so good, I fell asleep. Love you Mama

55: Today I am at my FIRST MOTHER'S DAY. Mama, Nana, "Can" great gram & great grandma Gloria were there. We ate and they opened presents. Both my great grandmas read to me so softly...SMILE

56: Babies are such a nice way to start people. Don Herold

58: This is a fun place to get my hair cut. i can ride in the airplane, wear a zebra cape, and play with the toys. | Today I am getting my very first haircut. Now I will look like my Daddy | FIRST | HAIRCUT

60: This is my first snow day. Here I am in my big snowsuit with my little snowman. | SNOW DAYS

61: Snow days are fun because you can build a snowman or mow the snow. I like to eat the snow but have to be careful for "doggie" stuff. I ate the celery nose of the snowman. Like my hat?

62: I am having my first run in with the Kirkland police. Let me call this a "stay still"ride along. I even have my own special seat. By the way the phone is for you....Two Cool Dudes

63: FAMILY FAIR DAYS | Ponies, Goats, Train Ride, Food | Piglets, Boat Rides, Bunnies

64: MILESTONES | DATE__________ | DATE__________ | _____________________________________________________________

65: DATE__________ | DATE__________ | _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

66: YOUR BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING YOUR NAME | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | POUNDS _________ | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE _______________ | BIRTH TIME _______________ | OUNCES _________ | INCHES _________ | DATE__________


68: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | 0-1 | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 1-2 | 2-3 | 3-4 | 4-5 | 5-6

69: AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 6-7 | 7-8 | 8-9 | 9-10 | 10-11 | 11-12

70: I LOVE LICKERS One of the best things about cooking is getting to lick the spatula, pot, or bowl.

71: I LOVE TO SHAVE From the time I was little, I watched Papa shave. One day he put shaving cream on me and pretended to shave me. From then on it became a ritual we did together. I can now use a mirror and shave with my shaver. Then comes the cologne so I smell good and cream for our legs.

72: I enjoy my stroller and the fresh air. It helps put me to sleep. I love to pick up sticks especially in the forest where I can use them to sweep the ground. | Uncle Adam has a big forest behind his house. We walk there and watch the people playing Frisbee golf. There are lots of branches for me to pick up. A good outdoors man helps keep the forest clean. | THE GREAT OUTDOORS

73: I have so much fun outside. I help mow the grass. On a nice day I go to the park and slide or go with Savannah...she has me on a lease. This year I had a garden of flowers and I watered, dug and ate dirt. It's good! | GET DOWN & GET DIRTY | FUN IN THE SUN


75: All Clean! | Bath Time!

76: These pictures are my first time at lake Pend Orielle. I am the fourth generation to come here. There is no electricity, you have to haul water, no showers so I had a "tubbie" bath. Cell phones don't work here. This is truly camping. Deer visit our camp. There are millions of stars at night. This place is serene and peaceful!

77: I drive the boat | I'm holding my own drink | Lets go faster | Floating is great | I'm gone | I like this driving | Mama I'm sleepy | Grandpa lets go | It's too hot

78: I LOVE BOXES They have many uses. You can sit in them; get your Papa caught in one; put them on your head; get pulled in them. Boxes are the best!

79: . | . | . | .

80: Me, Cousin Evynne, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jennifer & Family. Happy 1st Birthday Evynne

81: Me, Emma & Grandma Glenda

82: sunny days are here again! | springtime

83: "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12

86: Bath Time!

87: Nap Time!

88: Me and Savannah are friends We were born three days apart. We go on fun outings!


90: some of my fun shots

92: Sweet | Funny | Cute

93: So many roles to play, I never know who I will be next

95: Gus & Tomana Maxie | Jim Maxie

96: Robin Lynn Sells | Linda Marie Maxie | Jennifer Lynn Sells June 6th, 1979 | Robin & Linda Sells | Married July 28th, 1972

97: Joseph Bernard | Dating | Jennifer Lynn | Married December 10th. 2010 | Our precious Ethan is now here | family | Jennifer Lynn

98: ABOUT ME October 26th, 2008 - Had my first bath November 30th, 2008 - First sleep over at Nana's house December 1st, 2008 - Cooed for the first time and smiled December 15th, 2008 - Turned my head a stared at the Christmas tree lights April 12th, 2009 - Held my "sippy" cup I got on Easter Sunday April 14th, 2009 - Went to my first Mariners game May 12th, 2009 - Learned to drink from a straw - Held mommy's hand May 23rd, 2009 - Started to pull myself with my hands not crawling yet June 6th, 2009 - Got my first tooth (central incisor) June 24th, 2009 - Crawled on my tummy September 18th, 2009 - Took first step in playpen October 14th, 2009 - Started to walk around the house October 18th, 2009 - First haircut October 23rd, 2009 - I said "bye-bye" December 7th, 2010 - Had my first plane ride & sat in the cockpit; played with controls April 23rd, 2011 - I asked Jesus into my heart today

99: SOME OF MY NICKNAMES Little Chickadoo Bink Ether Baby Boy Little Man Mittens | Don't mind me but I am watching the bug I see in this flower. I hear it buzzing...

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