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Sarah's Classic Baby Girl

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S: Baby Sarah

FC: Sarah Elaine Mandel

1: A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities.

2: Sarah Elaine Mandel | 6.10.95 | 7 pounds, 7 ounces | 20 inches | salt lake city, utah | I started as a cell that divided into many cells and grows rapidly after the first 30 hours of fertilization. My gender was determined instantly. I turned into a blastocyst and attach to the endometrium, I planted myself into the lining of the uterus. The Placenta begins to develop. After the second week, I am considered an embryo. My epiblast and hypoblast will develop into organs. My amnion and the yolk sac develop.


5: After three weeks, my shape finally starts developing. My spinal cord and brain starts to develop. Also, a lump for my heart develops My placenta fully develops. By 4 weeks, my brain and nervous system are developing at a rapid pace by now. Optic vesicles, which will form my eyes and passageways for my inner ear develop. My heart begins to beat. My digestive and respiratory system start developing. I am about 0.08 to 0.2 inches (2 to 5 millimeters) from crown to rump.

6: SEM | Finally, after five weeks, my umbilical cord forms and my face takes shape. At this point, my arms and feet start to develop and look like tiny paddles. | Six weeks pass and my toes and fingers begin to form. My arms can now flex at the wrist and elbow. My beautiful blue eyes start to develop now.

7: My tail which helped me develop finally disappears after 7 weeks. My head is larger now. I measures about 0.6 to 0.7 inches (16 to 18 millimeters) from crown to rump and weighs around 0.1 ounces (3 grams). Now, the tip of my nose develops

8: 8 weeks have passed. All of my vital organs have formed and the separation of my fingers and toes. Now my teeth start to develop. | Three now I am three months old in my mother. My vital organs continue to get stronger. My teeth also keep growing and get stronger.

9: After 4 months, all of the hair on my body starts forming and my teeth keep forming. My digestive system forms and my first poop develops. It is shown in my fully-developed small intestine. Now I am 5-6 inches long and 5-8 ounces. My parents just found out I’m a girl!

10: ________________ | I am now 5 months old! My eyelashes and eyebrows grow. My finger and foot prints are now formed to my own personal identity. My ears are developed and I can hear my mommy speak to me. In my mom's ultrasound, she sees i am sucking my thumb. an such thumb. I am now 7-8 inches and about 1 pound. | 5 months

11: After 6 months, my immune system stars to develop. By now, my lungs also begin to develop. now I am 9-10 inches long and I weigh about1 - 2 pounds

13: When I'm finally 7 months, my eyes open. I can cry and hiccup! I'm 11 inches and 3 pounds. 8 months, I sleep most of the time but I sill manage to be very active and move around a lot. I'm 13 inches and 5-6 pounds. After 9 months, I prepare for birth by facing down. I'm still pretty active and still rest a lot. I'm finally fully weighted at 7 pounds 7 ounces, and 20 inches long.

15: OUR LITTLE ANGEL | As a newborn, I was very wobbly for a while. I may learn how to lift my head up and lay on my tummy but I can't roll over yet. Loud noises upset me but I respond to your voice. I cry a lot, but after about 6 weeks, I start to stop crying so much | After my first 6 months I feed less I take in about 32 ounces a day. I can sleep better at night and during the day. I have doubled my birth weight. I like to play around and make sounds now

16: WIthin my 6-9 months of life, I learned how to stand, though i may need a little help getting around. I have my own personality now, and my mommy knows I'm very shy. I eat a lot of mashed foods and some finger food. I love to play but I'm still very uncoordinated. After 12 months, I climb chairs and furniture a lot. I'm still mumbling a lot now too, but I've said my first word, "Pepper": the name of my cat. I'm also a lot more coordinated now. I've grown a lot, and my mommy takes me to the doctor a lot.

17: I can walk now!I still need some help getting around but I like to have the attention. I can feed myself now, if mommy gives me food. I'm learning how to talk a lot more now! I understand what my mommy is saying to me now. | BABY SARAH

19: LITTLE BLESSINGS | I am a toddler now. I see the world as my kingdom. I like to explore and play around. My mom has a hard time keeping up with me and chasing after me. Me and my brother run around and play with blocks a lot. I can try to talk with my mom and brother now. I often take naps for a few hours at a time in the afternoons. I'm pretty shy, but I react to other children and adults now. I can tell the difference from one person to another.


21: I am 4 years old now and I can do every activity from running to skipping. I love to climb and play tag with my brother. Here, I'm playing at my favorite park on the tire swing. I'm in day care a lot because I still have not started school. I eat regular meals now, like mac n cheese and chicken nuggets, my favorite. I just got my first big girl bed! And I sleep by myself now in my own room, though sometimes me and my brother sneak in our mom's room and sleep with her. I can go potty by myself now too!

22: SCHOOL TIME! | I just started school! I see the doctor and dentist regularly now, and I am started to get my adult teeth now! I'm learning a lot from the alphabet to numbers! I know my address and phone number and my name. I can write sentences. The most important person to me is my mom and I don't like being away from her, but since she works a lot, I'm still in day care until 7pm. I sleep in my own room all night long now. My doctor says I'm in perfect health. I stay very active. | At 10 years old, I'm now in higher Elementary school. I love hanging out with my friends and going to school. I've been awarded to the advanced math class. Math is my favorite subject. My favorite thing to do is play with my new cat, Pooh Bear! I love playing with him and taking care of him. My mom still works a lot but I'm out of day care and got a part-time nanny. I've started going through puberty, and my mom bought me some of my first bras. Some kids at school think I'm weird and don't like me. They make me feel pressured and uncomfortable. I try to look my best every day because now I realize judgments.

24: In my 10-13 years, I've been in middle school. I've made tons of new friends and I go out to their houses a lot. My style is a little weird but I don't mind as much as others. I really don't care about my family at this point. I've gotten my first period in the beginning of 7th grade. I've gotten a lot taller and I outgrow my clothes quickly. 13-16 years old I made it into high school. I love it here, I have so many friends. I also met my first boyfriend! We were pretty serious but we didn't last past summer after freshman year. School is my main priority. I'm looking forward to my future a lot and I can't wait to be an independent person in college. On my 16th birthday, I got my license.

25: SEM

26: 16-19 years old in high school. I got my first surgery on my foot. I've been in my second serious relationship all throughout junior year. I got my first and second car. I was in a car crash with my first car and totaled it. I'm now graduating from high school and starting freshman year in college. I go out and party a lot. I'm working towards getting my premed degree so I can become a doctor one day. My future is my life. I date some guys on occasion though.

27: SEM | All throughout my 20's I was working toward being a doctor and finally graduation medical school. I work in a small business office in the suburbs. I've met my man of my dreams. We've been dating for 2 years and we are now engaged. We are looking forward to spending our lives together. I frequently get check-ups to check for breast cancer since my mother's side of the family has a long chain of cancer. | All throughout my 30's, I've been raising my children and working very hard. I started taking more classes to become a medical specialist. My family has moved to New Jersey where we can relax and go on easy vacations to Long Beach Island where I have some more family. Since I've had kids, my weight is unstable but I try to stay active.

28: PROUD SISTER MOMENT | In my 40's, I raised my children and sent them off to college. Now I'm working really hard to achieve my retirement plan. I still continue to work very hard and plan on working for the next 10 years of my life. My doctors found a small lump of breast cancer and removed it. Otherwise, I'm pretty healthy.

29: GRANDMA | In my 50's I retired and moved out to the beaches of New Jersey. I live with my cats and my husband. I have to take a lot of medicine due to joint pain from shrinking, and heart problems. I have to watch what I eat very carefully, otherwise, it'd be another health risk. Its also harder for me to get around now.

30: I am so old now, I don't leave the house very often. My husband needed a replacement hip surgery and I'm scheduled for one soon too. We both use walkers and wear our jumpsuits too. We're comfortable and happy growing old together.

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