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Scrapbook Baby

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S: Hayden Byrum York

FC: Hayden

1: January 15, 2008 You are so tiny and perfect! Born at 5:07 pm weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces. You had to go to the NICU for a fast heart rate and breathing but you were quickly doing well on your own. It was so scary to not be with you at all times but you were in excellent care. You stayed for eight day. Bringing you home on January 23rd was the best day; our family was finally home and complete!

2: First Weeks You are beautiful! The first weeks were hard as we didn't get much sleep but we are so thankful for you and treasure holding you, watching you sleep, and having our dream of a family a reality! | We have gone on our first walks. You eat every 2.5 hours around the clock. On Valentines Day we had our first non doctor outing, to a neighborhood Italian restaurant, Luigi's, for dinner.

3: First Months All about feeding, sleeping, and loving you! At 9 weeks we changed to using only bottles of pumped milk which was a big help in eating and sleeping. You will do one stretch of four hour sleeping from 9pm to 1 am. At 10 weeks you started smiling at us! Your smile is beautiful, makes our whole day and brightens the world!

4: Three months At 14 weeks mom had to go back to work for two months. It was so hard to leave you but you did great! You sleep in our room with sister in a pack n play. You are starting to get up only 1 time at night! | Four months You are sleeping in your own room in your own crib now! We stopped using pacifiers too as you would wake for them, you didn't miss it! You are a very laid back baby!

5: FIve Months You can "gorilla sit" as daddy calls it now! You can roll tummy to back but don't do this often. You are pushing up far on your tummy and pivoting half a circle. You love your exersaucer and bumbo chair. Placing you and Ella in your bumbo seats facing each other under your play mat arches is a favorite play time activity! You are starting to sleep through the night! Often nursing once but only briefly. Yea for some true sleep! You have loved first foods! We started baby cereal when you turned five months and this month you have had bananas, applesauce, avacados, sweet potatoes. You are not sure about peas yet. | You love to smile and laugh! Nothing more beautiful in the world! You like the itsy bitsy spider and look closely at books as we read. You love your monkey lovee blanket and putting it on top of your head to sleep! | Happy Fourth of July 2008!

6: 6 months You are getting so big! You can sit and play independently! You love to bang toys. You push up tall on your tummy and can pivot in circles. We have started some formula bottles. You have added spinach, carrots, and squash to your purees that mommy makes. You are a great eater! You love to laugh and squeal! You are a charmer with those sweet eyes and smile !

7: 7 months You and sissy love to play together! You splash at each other in big bath chairs. You love to sit in the big umbrella double stroller on errands. You love outdoors and mall halls but not in stores. | You have started chewing puffs. You still take prevacid for reflux. You bounce so hard in the bouncer it moves along the floor. You go to bed great at night and your two naps. You still wake often about 5am for a little love.

8: 8 months! You have 3 teeth! 1st one was right bottom tooth, then left bottom tooth and now a top tooth is starting! We went on our first airplane ride! We went to see the Fish family in Wisconsin. You did great! | You will fake cough after real coughs to keep sissy laughing! You love to bounce and scoot. You are not a roller. You clap and have started to wave. You say dada and mama! You are an early riser, 6am! You are full of energy and love!

9: 9 months! First Halloween! Y'all were the cutest bumblebees! You did not like your costume for very long, and cried at every pumpkin. You have started to truly hug us back and try to climb up our bodies. You give kisses, babble, and flirt! You have 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. You do not like strangers too close. You love to stand at the ottoman to play. You are a ham. You can be shy and will hide in my arms. You love to hold tight and stare into my eyes. It is pure joy' watching you light up as you discover the world.

10: 10 months! First Thanksgiving! We give thanks for you! You play patty cake. Sign "all done". You are a great eater and sleeper. You love forehead taps with dad and the cat. You are a fun loving easy going boy! | You are movin'! | The day you turned ten mo. you started to roll back to tummy on floor not just crib. The next day started crawling. Then pulling to stand by yourself!

11: 11 months! Your silliness and kisses are the highlights of the day! You are all over crawling and cruising. You love to chase the cat and play with Ella. You put rings on a stacker and balls into the holes on toys. You clap, wave and point. You say mama, dada, nini for night night. You are starting to have a little temper with "no". You have a great laugh and share it often. You can make Ella laugh more than anyone. You dance by shaking your head and closing your eyes slightly with music or mommy singing "dance baby dance". You love to be flipped and thrown in the air. You are so fun!

12: First Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of Christ we celebrate our greatest gift.. you! You loved the lights, giftwrap and your first Santa gifts: trucks, little people toys, and a wagon.

13: Happy 1st Birthday! You have brought so much joy and love into our life. Absorbing your every smile, laugh, and twinkle of your eye is a true gift! We will spend forever loving you, supporting you, and being thankful for you just being YOU! | You are 1! We had a prince and princess party. Mommy made your cake. You liked the cake, icing, and your presents: a ball pit and a toy box Dad made for you.

14: 13 - 15 months At 13 months we were playing in the living room and you took 3 steps! For a few more weeks you preferred to crawl FAST but by 14 weeks you had the cutest toddler walk everywhere. By 15 months you could almost run and loved to climb! | You continue to be a great eater! You are using a fork and spoon some now. You need help to get food onto the utensil but can easily get it to your mouth. You did great transitioning to whole milk and sippy cups! You still take a bedtime bottle. You can say: mama, dada, stinky, cat, vroom for cars, and moo for cow. You can use sign language for more, all done, eat, millk, and bird. You will give high fives, blow kisses, touchdown arms, patty cake arms, make a spider with itsy bitsy spider song, play peek a boo, point to you mouth, belly button, and toes, other nose and eyes!

15: You take two naps at 10:15 and 2:45 for an hour or hour and a half. You love your monkey lovee. You will rub your head on my face looking at me with those sweet eyes when you are tired! | You and Ella have the most precious interactions! You will laugh, feed each other, and wrestle. You love to run in your cribs and fall down laughing, hand things back and forth or get nose to nose at the end of your cribs. | You have begun to bite and steal toys too. You love to bang on things, know down toys, pop bubbles, play chase and tickle. You love to be outside!

16: 13 - 15 months | You are an AMAZING son! We love you more than words can say!

17: First Haircut...14 months. You were not happy! Afterwards you were so handsome and look so BIG!

18: 16- 17 months | You have become daddy's little helper! You love to help collect trash and mow the lawn. You now will hold Ella's hand when you walk to different rooms sometimes, so sweet! You give real kisses, and love to nuzzle. You are talking more and more: Ella, sissy, uhoh, woa, stinky, animal and car noises. We are switching to one nap as you like your morning nap but not to nap again. This is a tough transition for us.You are our early riser!

19: You love the park, sprinklers, splash pad fun! The first few times at the pool you only like to walk around it but by mid summer you loved to swim with us and be thrown in the air. You do good on errands but need lots of play time. You are funny, energetic, sweet, and adventurous. We are thankful for how full you live each moment. You are the most amazing son and we are so thankful to be your mom and dad!

20: 18- 21 mo You got your own room! You did great with the transition. You ask for sissy first thing in the morning but are sleeping a little later. You are talking alot and love to help with everything! | 19 mo. We started Mothers Day Out You go 2 days 9-2 at a local church. Drop offs were hard but you always had fun and the teachers had great reports! You love learning, exploring, and playing with friends!

21: You and Ella love to jump in cribs, play chase, are best friends! | Energetic Loving Funny Adventurous Full of live and love! | Halloween - Cutest Elmos ever! Elmo is the first character yall got into and your costume was a hit! It was also your first tastes of candy!

22: 22-24 months Your second Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated! We are thankful for your adventurous spirit, zest for life and fun, energy and excitement, and LOVE! You love to PLAY, wrestle, chase, play ball, play tools. You love to help clean and move toys around. | You talk saying cute things, "I need xyz" You will say this at the store, too funny. You do not like water in your face during baths and will say "eyes" very drawn out.You say "trade" which is helpful with sharing toys between you and sister. It is absolute joy to watch you learn and grow. You have become a tester and pushing limits often now. You are having to do time outs and room time to calm down. You continue to be super sweet too. Hugging with your whole body and nuzzling your head into our necks, nothing better! You go to school wed/fri from 9-2 and we have a sitter on Mondays while Mommy works. You do great!

23: Christmas You loved playing with your cousins! Zach,15, Sean, 11, and Sami, 5. You were shy to others and would say "I Shy" You got so many toys and loved the fun and excitement! | Big Kid Playtime You love to play with the neighbors down the street and say "outside" all the time, we do more stickers, playdough, and coloring now.You and Ella play games together: jumpinjg in cribs, rolling balls, pushing grocery carts. | 23 months You are going through a stage of wanting mommy only to do things. Daddys special time is after bath. You will run to him and have wrestling in your pjs time. We read books, say prayers, and tuck you in your crib.

25: Fun Together Best Friends!

26: You are TWO!! We had your party at the WIggles Playland. It has climbing and slides, jumpy inflatables, all your favorites! It is so hard to believe you are a Toddler! We are so proud of you!

27: Birthday Hugs and Birthday Wishes!!

28: Family! yama/papa great granny B great grandad great gram Hayden kara/cliff gigi/pops

29: Cousins! you always have so much fun with Sami, Sean, and Zach! | Spoiling by the grandparents! We are blessed! Kissing you first pet kitty LilBit

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