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Scrapbook Baby

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FC: Aila Lane | February 5th, 2010 11:55 AM 7 lbs 10 oz, 20.25 inches

1: Mom's Belly Week 7, June 22 - 124 lbs 31 inches Week 10, July 6 - 123 lbs 31 inches Week 12, July 20 - 124 lbs 31.5 inches Week 15, August 17 - 126 lbs 32.25 inches Week 17, August 31 - 127 lbs 32.75 inches Week 19, Sept 15 - 130 lbs 33.75 inches Week 20, Sept 21 - 130.2 lbs 34 inches Week 22, Oct 5 - 133.4 lbs 34.5 inches Week 24, Oct 14 - 133.8 lbs 34.5 inches Week 25, Oct 27 - 135.4 lbs 35 inches Week 27, Nov 3 - 137 lbs 35.25 inches Week 28, Nov 10 - 137.4 lbs 35.5 inches Week 30, Nov 25 - 140 lbs 36 inches Week 32, Dec 15 - 141 lbs 38 inches Week 34, Dec 29 - 145.6 lbs 38.5 inches Week 37, Jan 19 146.5 lbs 39 inches Week 38, Jan 28 - 149.7 lbs 40 inches | Week 37 | Week 16 | Week 38 | Feb 4th in labor | Week 18 | Week 26

2: Mom's Family Mackenzie Nicole Smithey 12-31-1984 Mother - Rhonda Gae Milner Father - Stephen Joseph Smithey Jr. Brothers Zachary Kirk Smithey Andrew Stephen Smithey Jeremy Richard Boundy Grandparents Mary Elizabeth Jones & Alva Rae Milner Alta Lou Johnson & Stephen Joseph Smithey Sr. | Dad's Family Clint Michael Wolk 2-25-1982 Mother - Sharon Marie Gegg Father - Michael Gerard Wolk Brothers Jerrod Thomas Wolk Derrick Adam Wolk Tanner Jordan Wolk Grandparents Leona Naeger Welton Gegg Norvella Giesler Edward Wolk | I found out I was pregnant on June 9th, 2009. We were on a Wolk family vacation in Virginia. Clint and his brothers left to play golf for the day so I took the pregnancy test in the hotel which he was gone. It was our first anniversary, so when he got back I gave him an anniversary card with the news written inside. We both cried with joy! Uncle Deeder was going to propose to Aunt Jacqueline the next day, so we waited to tell the family until the day after that. We were viewing photos from the vacation so far on a TV in the hotel, and we flashed a photo of our pregnancy test. They all went crazy! We did the same to my parents when we got home from Virginia. | How we found out

3: Labor Started feeling contractions Wed, Feb 3 at 7:00 PM Hard contractions started Feb 4 at 5:00 PM I was sooo ready! We got to the hospital at 7:00 PM on Feb 4, and they said I was only 2 cm. I had to walk the halls until 10:00 PM to try and progress or we had to go home. Luckily we made it to 3 cm and got to stay. After the epidural at midnight I felt so much better and was able to sleep. Dad was a great coach. He held my leg and did all the counting. We both cried when you came! Mama Rhonda & Papa Moochie were at the hospital all night waiting. By the morning Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Mike came with Aunt Jo. | Week 7 (6/ 19) - First heard the heartbeat Week 15 - Felt first flutter inside Week 19 (9/14) - Felt first kick Week 21 (9/28) - Found out we were having a girl! Cravings 1st trimester I wanted salt like dill pickles 2nd & 3rd trimesters I loved sweets! Especially ice cream!

4: The nurse said you had the longest eyelashes | Aila Lane Wolk We finally decided on a name 7 hours after you were born. Delivered by Dr Mario Salinas

5: We brought you home on Superbowl Sunday. It was pretty cold and it snowed while we were in the hospital. | We brought you home on a cold Superbowl Sunday . It snowed while we were in the hospital.

6: When I was born... | Barack Obama is president. Avatar is a popular movie. Our favorite TV shows are The Office & Modern Family. I read all 4 Twilight books while pregnant. Popular singers are Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, & Justin Bieber | Technology: Your dad and I both have Apple iPhones which cost us $199 each. iPads just came out costing $499 and it's become a huge craze. | Price of: Gallon of gas = $2.65 Our house = $109,000 Our 2010 GMC Acadia = $32,000 Gallon of milk = $2.25 I can buy 234 diapers at Sam's for $38 Postage stamp = $.44 | My first doctor was Dr. Shilpa Desai in Ste. Genevieve You had check ups at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.

7: 1st Month February 5 - March 5 | Sleep: You weren't going to sleep until 11:30 PM, but it's slowly getting better. You usually wake up every 3 hours. Eating: Still only breast milk and formula Discoveries: You found your face, but your little nails leave scratches. Places you went: I threw a surprise party for Clint and Mama Rhonda, so at 3 weeks you went to your first birthday party.

8: 2nd Month March 5 - April 4 | Sleeping: at 6 weeks you slept 7 hours for the first time, but it didn't happen every night. Eating: 3 oz. every 2-3 hours Discoveries: You've started smiling and not just while you sleep. Clint and I got your name tattooed on our arms when you were 7 weeks old. | Date: 4/5/10 Height: 22 inches Weight: 11 lbs.

9: 3rd Month April 5 - May 4 | Sleeping: Apr 21 you slept 11 hours! Through most of April you started sleeping 6-7 hours a night. Usually 9:30-5:00 AM then you eat and go back to sleep for a couple hours. We moved you to your crib Apr 12. Discoveries: You found your ear on Apr 10th. Apr 7th was your first round of shots and I cried right along with you. 2 in one leg & 1 in the other. First vacation: Apr 26-30 you and I went on a roadtrip with my parents. We visited New Orleans, Destin, & Panama City. The 28th was your first visit to the beach, but you slept the whole time. It was only 70 degrees so I didn't take you in the water. The hotel in Panama City had a heated pool, so we bought you a swimsuit and took you swimming. Clint had to work, but I sent him LOTS of pictures with my iPhone. We also welcomed your cousin Eli into the world on April 10th. Then we went to Uncle Deeder & Aunt Jacqueline's wedding on April 24th, which was also Madden's 2nd birthday.

10: 4th Month May 5 - June 4 | Sleeping: 9:30-5:00 AM, but we had a couple days in a row when you would wake up every 2-4 hours. Eating: May 16 we first tried rice cereal once a day. This month: May 16 - rolled from back to tummy, May 17 - rolled from tummy to back. May 14 we went to Uncle Zack & Aunt Brie's wedding. You started cooing a lot more & talking back & forth with me.

11: 5th Month June 5 - July 4 | Sleeping: On June 5 you slept 11 hours without waking! Eating: Still bottle feeding, but we started rice cereal more regularly. Discoveries: You're always putting things in your mouth, especially rattles & your feet. | This month: We started putting you in a walker and after about a week you were pushing yourself around pretty well. Aunt Sarah, Madden, & Eli went with us for your first visit to the zoo. You didn't seem to notice much, but you loved the penguins! You also learned to stick your tongue out and blow spit everywhere!

12: 6th Month July 5 - August 4 | Sleeping: about 10 hours a night Eating: We started spoon feeding more which is taking LOTS of patience. Discoveries: You really found your voice. You've figured out how to move your mouth more and change the tone of your voice. You've also mastered the walker. We went to your first Cardinal's game with ticket from our friends. I took you to the Science Center and Magic House with your cousins Macey, Destiny, and Kyle. Then, the last weekend in July, we all went to Branson with your cousins, Mama, Papa, and Uncle Zack. Your left foot is constantly moving! It doesn't matter if you're laying down or sitting in your carseat, your left foot is almost always kicking. Around July 22 your started saying "da-da-da"

13: 7th Month August 5 - Sept 4 | Sleeping: Bath at 7:30, bed by 8:00. You usually wake up around 6:00-7:00 AM Eating: We started feeding you baby food once a day & you love it. We've tried carrots, squash & all kinds of fruit, and I made it all. This Month: You started clicking your tongue. Then you learned to pull yourself up from sitting to standing. | You say "da-da" a lot, but still no "ma-ma"

14: 8th Month September 5 - October 4 | Sleeping: Bath at 7:00, bed by 8:00, wake at 6:00 am Eating: Still breastfeeding at night and in the morning, the rest of the day is formula and one meal of homemade baby food. This month: On Sept 11, Mama Rhonda & I got your ears pierced. You only cried for a couple minute and everything was great! | On Sept 17 you took 2 crawls, but mostly you just army crawl using your toes to push you. | By the end of Sept you were crawling 2-4 feet at a time. | And now you've gotten really good at pulling up on tables & in your bed. You still just babble, but it's usually very loud. I have to tell you to quiet down when we're grocery shopping.

15: 9th Month October 5 - November 4 | You got your first tooth on Oct 20th! | Eating: I stopped breastfeeding on Oct 18th, and you didn't seem to have a problem with it. We give you baby food for dinner and formula the rest of the day. I started giving you easy melt puffs and you make a funny face when you learned to swallow chunks. | On Oct 28th you stood alone for 10 seconds at Mama Rhonda's house. We tried all night to get you to walk! | You won the Judge's choice for Most Precious at the Photogenic Baby Contest in St. Louis! | Mama, Papa, & I took you trick-or-treating on Main Street in St. Charles. | Everyone kept stopping us to get a picture of your Porky Pig costume I made. By the end of this month you were able to imitate words like "ma", "da", and "hi". I'm also teaching you some sign language.

16: 10th Month November 5 - December 4 | in | Florida

17: You got 3 more teeth, took your first steps, and got your first cold this month. | Sleeping: Bath then bed by 7:30, wake up 6:45 - 7:00. The time change messed with your schedule while we were on vacation. | Eating: We started giving you soft chunks of food. | You are standing on your own a lot more. You took 2 steps on December 1st trying to get the TV remote. | Your sign language is getting much better, especially "bath". I think that's your favorite word to sign. On Nov 18 you figured out how to nod "yes" & "no". | The 3 of us took a trip to Santa Rosa, Florida. It took you 3 days to finally like the beach. You weren't a fan of the sand. | Now you not only sign "bath" you also say "ba". And I'm pretty sure you say "Jo" for Aunt Jo.

18: 11th Month December 5 - January 4 | Sleeping: 2 naps, wake at 7:30, sleep at 8:00. Eating: You eat when we eat and take a bottle before naps and bedtime. You're like eating Cheerios, string cheese, & cooked apples. | You're starting to understand commands like "no", "eat", & "drink". You took your first steps on Dec 1st, but you didn't actually start walking until the week of Christmas. Christmas Eve you started walking between all the gifts & climbing on them. | You learned to say "up" to be held, "no-no", & "yes". You got a toy phone for Christmas & when you opened it you put it up to your ear & started talking. We didn't think you would know what to do with it | You are very observant!

20: First Birthday!!! February 5th, 2011 | We had your party at our house with just family. It snowed that morning which made it difficult to park, but everyone brought clothes to play outside. You hated the little smash cake I made, but you loved the ice cream cake!

22: One full year of memories and so many more to go. We love you very much Aila Bear!

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