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Scrapbook Baby

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S: Lincoln Hawke Bradford - April 4, 2010

FC: Lincoln Hawke Bradford | April 4, 2010

1: Grampa | Gramma | Papa | Nana | Uncle Dave & Aunt Cathy | Great Grandma M | Papa | Uncle Jermaine & Auntie Beka | Uncle Mark & Auntie Candy | Daddy | Uncle Marc & Auntie Dawn | Uncle Bubba & Aunt MiMi | Mommy | Uncle Jeff | Uncle Jeff & Auntie Julia | Uncle Timmy | Uncle Graham & Auntie Sara | Family Tree | Gabi & Linc | Gabi & Linc | Melody & Baby Girl Smalls | J.R., Jake, Eli, Chase & Cait | Grace, Ben, Henry & Jack | Brandon, Cadessa, Don, Alyssa, Zach | Logan & Lacey | Jaelyn, Josiah, Jozi & Sophie | Jack, Oliver & Baby Girl H.

2: Before I came along, it was just Daddy, Mommy, Gabi, Apollo & Dax

3: Mommy found out she was pregnant on September 23, 2009 Mommy wasn't fitting into her clothes anymore and she wasn't feeling well so she decided to take a pregnancy was positive! So were the other 2 that she took! The doctor told her she wanted to see her right away so Mommy & Daddy went in for an ultra-sound and found out she was already 14weeks pregnant with me! The doctor told her my due date was April 6, 2010 | Since most of Mommy & Daddy's family lives so far away they decided to take a picture of Gabi wearing an "I'm a big sister" shirt and e-mail it to them all to tell them the exciting news. But because Gabi was so young when Mommy got pregnant with me she couldn't find one of those small enough. She had to settle for a "I'm the LITTLE | sister" shirt! Mommy sent it to everyone in an e-mail with a message that read..."Gabi has something to tell you, too bad she doesn't know the difference between "big" and "little"!

4: HEARTBEAT: Mommy and Daddy first heard my heartbeat at the doctor's office on October 12, 2009 KICKS: Mommy says I never kicked her very hard, and one time in February she went to the doctor 'cause she hadn't felt me move in awhile. After a couple of hours of "monitoring" I kicked a lot and she was very happy! Gabi first felt me move in February. She was sitting on Mommy's lap and I kicked and she looked at Mommy like, "Why did you just push me?!" CRAVINGS: Mommy was really healthy when she got pregnant with me and she didn't really crave anything. She didn't like eating Zone Bars or Chipotle. | While she was pregnant, Mommy gained 50pounds. | Mommy & Daddy found out I was a boy onNovember 18, 2009. Gramma & Nana were there too! | Mommy says she loved being pregnant with me. She said I was so gentle and layed back, she could tell I was going to be a special, special boy. | PREPARATION: Mommy & Daddy prepared for my arrival by re-reading "The Bradley Method" and "Baby Wise". Mommy was very excited to buy boy's clothes...she would cry every time she bought something new | 14 weeks - Yep you're REALLY pregnant | 20 weeks - It's a boy

5: Mommy ran in a lot of races while she was pregnant with me! I was her "lucky charm" | 4mos | 5mos | 6mos | 9mos

6: On April 3, 2010, two of Mommy & Daddy's clients were in a bodybuilding competition in Ottawa, IL. Mommy & Daddy went down for the whole day to support their clients that had worked so hard, while Gabi was at home with Gramma & Grampa. Mommy said she hadn't really felt good all day, but didn't really think much of it... After the competition was over, Mommy & Daddy decided to go to dinner for one last date before her due date, so they went to a pizza place in downtown Ottawa. Before the pizza even came Mommy's water broke so they had to leave before dinner! Since they didn't have a hospital bag with them, they decided to drive home first. While Mommy packed her bag Daddy played a computer game and at about 12am they left for the hospital! They were so excited to meat me!!

7: By the time Mommy & Daddy got to the hospital it was really late, and Mommy was almost ready to have me... After only 3 hours, I was born! I came out so fast that my face was all bruised up and Daddy said it looked like I just had my first pro-boxing fight! | April 4, 2010 (Easter Sunday) | 3:23 am @ Provena Mercy | 9 pounds - 21 inches | Dark eyes & Black Hair

8: Mommy & Daddy were so happy to meet me and they couldn't wait for Gabi to meet me too so Gramma & Grampa brought her to the hospital early Easter morning

9: So many visitors came to see me, I felt so loved. | Nana & Papa, Gramma & Grampa, Uncle Timmy, Uncle Brad & Auntie Tracy, Uncle Adam & Aunt Niki, Jeremy, Uncle Jermaine, Auntie Beka & Melody, Uncle Mark, Auntie Candy, John Ross, | Jacob, Eli & Chase, Great Grandma Meisinger, Grammy Sheryl, & Auntie Gayle, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Julia, Jaelyn, Josiah, Jozi, & Sophie

10: Mommy & Daddy wanted to wait to meet me to choose a name, but once I was born they still didn't know... They had it narrowed down to "Lincoln Hawke" or "Ashton James"... Daddy tried to help by asking Mommy which name would be best suited for a professional boxer, an arm wrestler or a rockstar. After thinking for a long time, Mommy told Daddy it was up to him and he chose Lincoln Hawke...I'm glad he did cause now I have the same name as Sylvester Stalone in the movie "Over the Top"!

11: Lincoln Hawke Bradford | "Born on Easter...may God's blessing be on him and may he always remind the world of the new life in Christ!" -James Patacsil

12: "Adding a new baby to a family...what could be better? | - Going Home -! ~ | After spending a total of 3 nights in the hospital, Mommy, Daddy & I were all very ready to go home! Mommy & Daddy took turns letting me sleep with them on the bed while the other one slept on the couch | I wore one of my new outfits when I finally got to go home! It was so comfy and Mommy said it matched one that Gabi always used to wear. I even had a blanket to match! | On Wednesday, April 7th I finally got to go home! It seemed like the doctor took forever to discharge us, but when she finally came she said I was healthy and good go home. They told Mommy she could go home the night before, but she didn't want to leave before me

13: My first few days at home were really fun. Nana stayed with us for 2 whole weeks and we had lots of other visitors too! Gabi was so excited to have a little brother around the house and Mommy & Daddy had lots of fun with both their little babies. Right when I came home Gabi was learning to walk so she kept Mommy very busy! | - Getting to Know Me -

14: When Mommy first saw me... I couldn't believe how much hair you had! You had such dark skin and so much hair it was such a surprise! I fell in love with you from the first minute the doctor handed you to me. You came so fast, it was one of the happiest experiences of my life. You are my little angel boy and I will love you forever! | When Daddy first saw me... I was so happy to see you, but I thought they might have mixed you up with someone else's baby! You had such a dark complexion and looked like you might be from the South Pacific...but I couldn't stop staring at you cause I thought you were so cute. After I got to know you a little bit, I realized how good of a baby you were and you slept like 20hours a day and I thought "I could have 10 more of this kid!"

15: Auntie Mary came up and took pictures of me when I was first born. It was so nice of her and then she even made this birth announcement so Mommy & Daddy could tell everyone about me!

16: I share my birthday with... Amanda Bynes Eddie Murphy Marlon Brando Dorris Day | 2010 Prices Gallon of Milk: $4 Diapers: $17 - Luvs Movie Ticket: $10 Postage Stamp: $.47 Gallon of Gas: $4 Computer:$2000-iMac Car: $25,000 Monthly Rent: $1500 Personal Training: $60 Gym Membership: $95 | Born: Sunday April 4th, 2010 Weight: 9 lbs Length: 21 in | Trends Fashion: Skinny Jeans, "Jeggings", vests, costume jewelry Cars: Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger & Charger Shoes: Uggs Boots, Vibrams, Nike LeBrons Websites: facebook, twitter | What's Popular Movies: The Hangover, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, Inception Sports Stars: Lebron James, Urlacher Events: Iraq War, Obama's Healthcare Electronics: iPad, iPhone, Android Music: Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga T.V.: 30 Rock, The Office | On the day I was born... It was rainy and cold, and 3 days later when we drove home it was overcast. My first outing was shopping with Mommy & Nana when I was 1 week old.

18: 10 mos | 3 mos | 1 mos | 2 mos | 5 mos | 7 mos | Growth... Newborn: 9 lbs, 21 in 1mos: 13 lbs 3mos: 15.5 lbs

19: Watch me Grow! | 5mos: 18.5 lbs 7mos: 20 lbs 9mos: 22 lbs | 10mos: 25 lbs 12mos: ____ lbs, ____in 24mos: ____lbs, ____in

20: As soon as my umbilical cord fell off, Mommy & Daddy gave me my first bath! Since Nana helped with Gabi's 1st bath, Mommy wanted her to help with mine too. Mommy said I did a great job during my bath and didn't even cry once! April 22, 2010

21: Sleepy Boy | I was such a good sleeper! Mommy said I would sleep ANYWHERE and through ANYTHING! Everyone joked that that's all I ever did for the first 5mos! | Mommy thought for sure I'd be a tummy sleeper, but I wasn't! I liked sleeping on my back with my blankie and a fan on. | Sleeping Patterns Newborn: Ate every 3.5hrs and slept most the time (22hrs) 2mos: Sleeping 7-8hrs through the night and naps (22hrs) 6mos: Started solid foods, and awake a little more. Sleeping 10hrs through the night (18-20hrs) 12mos: 2 naps (11am & 3pm), sleeping 12hrs through the night (14hrs) 2yrs:

22: Brusha brusha brusha!! | Left Right 1._____ _____ 2._____ _____ 3._____ _____ 4._____ _____ 5._____ _____ 6._____ _____ | Left Right 1._____ _____ 2._____ _____ 3._____ _____ 4._____ _____ 5._____ _____ 6._____ _____ | I started teething in September, and didn't get my first tooth until January. I was really fussy and just wanted to be held all the time when I was teething. | I first brushed my teeth on: ________ My first visit to the dentist was on: ________

23: All About Me... Favorite Toy: anything that lights up or makes noise & any kind of ball! I didn't have a stuffed animal so Nana bought me a Tiger that I love Favorite Game: wrestling with Mommy & Daddy and playing catch. Favorite food: FOOD I LOVE being with people even though I'm a little bit shy

24: My first summer was so much fun... Auntie Sara, Aunt MiMi, Uncle Dave & Aunt Cathy all came to see me! Plus Uncle Steve, Auntie Amy & Cali visited too! We went on lots of walks in our double stroller and we even went rollerblading a couple of times. Mommy & Daddy started doing KettleBell BootKamps this summer too which were really fun to go to...even though I slept most of the time. When I wasn't sleeping this summer I was having fun and laughing a lot! | Go, Cubs Go!

26: My First Vacation | Wisconsin Dells, WI May 5 - 10, 2010 | Uncle Jeff & Auntie Julia gave us a week at their timeshare in Wisconsin Dells so at only 5 weeks old I had my first vacation! Mommy & Daddy's clients had a bodybuilding competition in Peoria on the 4th so we left right after it was over. We went to a Big Cat Rescue and saw lions and tigers and panthers. We also went to a local farm and got to pet horses, pigs & sheep!

27: Harbor Country Michigan | 2009 | 2010 | The Bradfords and the Bywaters go to Michigan together every year, and this year I got to go! | Next year we're adding Landon & Teagan to the group!

28: September 29, 2010 | My hair was so long and scraggly Mommy & Daddy couldn't take it anymore, so they called Great Auntie Pammie and made an appointment for 7am on Sept. 29! She did a great job and she gave me back my mohawk | BEFORE | AFTER

29: Mommy & Daddy decided it must be time for me to eat solid foods because I stopped sleeping through the night and I kept watching them when they were eating. | October 3, 2010 | 1 | ST | Solid Food | 1st Food: Acorn Squash | Once I started eating solid foods I never stopped! I like to eat so much that Mommy couldn't use regular sized baby jars anymore because I would eat too many of them, instead she has to use a tupperware container for each meal! | I'll eat ANYTHING! I'm NOT picky! | When I was 9mos old Daddy started making me porridge with beans, oats and lentils.

30: First Smile (May 17, 2010) | My firsts... Sleeping through the night: May 2010 Laugh: June 2010 Found Daddy's Tattoo:Oct 3,10 Clapped my hands: Jan 2011 1st Movie: June 2010 First steps: Mar 15, 2011 Lincoln Park Zoo:June 29,10 First Snow: Jan 14, 2010 | Anytime Gabi walked near me I would smile! | Stood Up (Dec 2010) | Chuck.E.Cheese (July 31) | G O B E A R S Jan 16 | F I N G E R | F O O D

31: SO MANY FIRSTS | You are such a special boy, and I loved watching you grow. You never seemed to be in too big of a rush because you were always content and happy where you were. My special boy, you are so, so sweet!! -Love, Mommy | Roll Over (July 2010) | Crawled (Nov 2010) | B O T T L E Apr 26 | Exersaucer (Sept 2010)

32: 1st Halloween | H O L I D A Y S | 1st Easter | 1st Fourth of July

33: Christmas

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