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Scrapbook Baby

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S: Tyson's First Year January 2010 - January 2011

FC: Tyson

1: Tyson's Story On December 24, 2009, I was busy at work talking with one of the physicians at the Fredonia, Arizona clinic. I left the clinic to see that I had missed several phone calls and a text message from your Grandma and Grandpa Gloshen. As I left the clinic, I called your grandparents back and Grandma Gloshen told me she had found our baby. I asked her to slow down and tell me the story. Grandma said that she didn't know if I remembered Kassy, my 'cousin' that lived with Aunt Cookie and Uncle Gene? Well, she is 8 months pregnant and wants you and Andrew to have the baby." Grandma proceeded to give me a phone number where Kassy could be reached. I tried desperately to reach your Daddy by telephone, but was unable to, so I decided to call Kassy. Kassy had lost her job the first of November due to the change in the economy and was living in a women's shelter in Blueridge, Georgia. The phone number I was given was the main number to the shelter, and I was instructed to leave a message and Kassy would be able to call me back. I called the phone number, thinking I would get a message machine and much to my surprise, someone answered the phone.

2: I asked if I could talk to Kassy and the lady said sure, just one moment. When Kassy came to the phone she and I talked about you, her situation and what her plan was. Kassy stated she felt peace when she prayed about Daddy and I. She said she believed that Daddy and I should be your parents. I asked Kassy if she would be willing to fly to Utah and live with Daddy and I until you were born. Kassy said that would be great. I told her we would start to make arrangements and we would touch bases the first of the next week. When I was finally able to get in touch with Daddy, I don't think he believed me for a moment. We had been trying to start a family for quite some time and had not been able to. Also, many other adoptions we had looked into had not worked out. We were very nervous about the idea of Kassy living with us and how this would all come together. I had not seen Kassy since I was 14 years old and a lot had changed for the both of us since that time.

3: Arrangements were made and Kassy arrived at the St. George, Utah airport with her dog, Peanut, at 4:20pm on January 7, 2010. It took us a couple of days to settle in to one another. I continued to work full time at my job as Branch Manager of Southern Utah Home Care and Hospice while Kassy was with us. Kassy spent most of her days reading, reading and reading some more. I think she ended up reading 30 books, during the three weeks she spent with us. Kassy stated that she loved to read anything, and she read really fast. She also tried to walk every day, as she said it made her feel better. Our first doctors appointment was with Dr. Chad Lunt in St. George on January 21st. Lisa, Dr. Lunt's nurse practitioner saw Kassy and said Kassy was on track to deliver you on February 17th. Lisa thought Kassy's tummy looked a little small and so she ordered an ultrasound for our next appointment. Wednesday, January 27th we went to see Lisa again, but first we had an ultrasound done.

4: Kassy had let me feel you move around in her tummy and I was certain that your bottom was up by her right rib. When we were in watching your ultrasound, sure enough, that bump was your bottom alright. The ultrasound tech said you had a 40 week head, 38 week body and 36 week legs. She also said they don't ever move up delivery dates, but that you were measuring like you were due to deliver a week early on February 10th. | tiny foot

5: Lisa looked over the ultrasound and stated Kassy was dilated to a one circumference and fifty percent effaced. Lisa felt Kassy would make it to next weeks appointment before going into labor. While we were in St. George, Kassy and I decided to pick up some things for you. We purchased a car seat, baby bottles, diapers and the ingredients to make you a home made formula. That Sunday, January 31st, Kassy woke up late and told me she would not be joining me at church as she felt like she was coming down with the flu. | Hair

6: I decided to go on to church and Kassy stayed home to rest. I took my phone with me in case anything changed with Kassy while I was gone. Church was from 9-12p and I didn't receive any calls while I was gone. Upon returning home, I found Kassy packing her bags in between contractions. I asked Kassy what was going on and she said that she thought her water broke about 9:30 that morning. She had been having steady contractions for the last several hours and felt like she needed to pack her bags to go to the hospital. I called the Labor and Delivery department in St. George at Dixie Regional Hospital. The nurse we spoke to said she felt with this being Kassy's first delivery she needed to wait a couple more hours and see if her contractions continued before coming over to the hospital. I had an uneasy feeling about waiting as we had an hour and a half drive from Kanab to St. George. I decided to call Aunt Emily and have her talk with Kassy. After talking with Kassy, Emily stated Kassy was having all of the symptoms she did when she was 2-3 hours from delivering.

7: Kassy and I loaded up in the car and headed for St. George. I think if you were to look closely, you could still see the grip marks on the steering wheel from the drive over. I was so anxious and worried that you would come before we made it to the hospital. I drove 85-90 mph the whole way, praying you wouldn't come until we made it to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 2:15 in the afternoon and a nurse checked Kassy and admitted her to the hospital. Kassy was dilated to a five and a half circumference and ninty-five percent effaced. The nurse said she thought you would be born by the end of the day. I called your Daddy who was working an extra shift in Cedar City, to tell him the news and for him to make his was to St. George. Daddy was already on his way home and so he changed directions and came on over.

8: Kassy had decided to deliver you natural and have no medicine. She asked Mommy to be with her while you were born and help her through her contractions and labor. We worked through many contractions until you were born. Mommy was able to be there for the whole thing. Mommy cut your umbilical cord and Daddy was waiting outside, anxious to be able to see you.

9: You

11: Tyson Daniel Thackeray January 31, 2010 6:33 pm 7 lbs. 11 oz. 19 in. long

12: Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own.

13: Never forget for a single minute: You did not grow under my heart But in it.

14: Tiny Little feet

15: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

17: Wow, the emotions were ... almost overwhelming. Daddy and I were so excited that you were here, yet at the same time we still felt a little guarded as you were not ours legally yet. You were PERFECT.....with tons of dark brown hair, blue eyes and a great little screamer. We took many pictures and sent them to family and friends to tell them all our good news, that you were here. Mommy was able to give you your first bath and pick out your new green hat. You were so tired, that you didn't even want to eat. We stayed at the hospital with you and Kassy until 11pm and then decided it was time for Daddy and I to go home and get some sleep.

18: Home

19: Daddy and I came to visit you and Kassy at the hospital the next day. We spent several hours snuggling with you and talking with Kassy. On February 2nd, Daddy and I loaded up the car seat, a new outfit to bring you home in and of course diapers and wipes. We were so excited to be able to bring you home. Both you and Kassy were discharged from the hospital at 1:30pm and we all drove back to Kanab. Kassy was able to stay with some of our friends while she recovered and you came home with Daddy and I.

20: Mommy really struggled to see you cry with all the poking and cutting. Your weight was 7 lbs. 4 oz. By the time we got home from the clinic you were so sad and crying. Dr. Ott's office called and said you needed to be under bili lights for the next three days as your bilirubin levels had continued to go up. Daddy had to work that day and when he got home, he found both Mommy and baby crying. You were so upset from the day and you had to have all of your cloths off to be under the bili lights with no blankets. Daddy rolled up blankets and made your bed soft, then he laid by you on the floor all night with his hand by your face so you would sleep. | Took you to your first doctors appointment at four in the afternoon. We saw Dr. Darin Ott, he stated you were very jaundice and so we had to go have blood drawn to check your bilirubin levels. Then the doctor circumcised you, while Mommy waited in the waiting room. | February 3rd

21: February 4th was an emotional day for Daddy, Kassy and I. We all met with our attorney at the Kane County Court House at 1pm. Kassy gave Mommy and Daddy guardianship of you as she was not in a place in her life where she could raise you. Kassy loved you very much and because of that love for you she gave you to Mommy and Daddy to have you as their baby boy. February 5th, Kassy flew to Weippe, Idaho to live with Mommy's aunt, Rhonda. Kassy is going to make a new life for herself there and have a fresh start.

22: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All"

23: I was able to give you your first bath today. You didn't like it much, but you sure are cute when you wiggle and squirm. You have a lot of dark brown hair and I have been able to give you great hair dues. | February 6th

24: You and Daddy watched the Super Bowl today. I am sure this will be your first of many football games to come. You are sleeping good, about 2 hours at a time and you seem to enjoy your formula. Your umbilical cord fell off tonight and I was a little shocked to see it when I went to change your diaper to put you to bed. | February 7th

25: We sure enjoy just looking at you and love to kiss you... You have found your hands and love to put them on your pacifier or bottle. It is the cutest thing ever. | February 8th

26: Today you let us know you no longer wanted to be swaddled.... You slept in your bassinet all by yourself, no car seat! When Daddy and I went to go to bed, you had your arms up over your head and you were all stretched out like you were soo big! | February 9th

27: Took your first shower with Daddy and loved it. You really enjoy being snuggled and you liked the warm water on your back. You didn't cry until Daddy gave you to me to dry you off and put lotion on . . . then you would have thought I was beating you! | February 11th

28: You took a really good nap by the fire today. You like to sleep on your side or your tummy best. | February 13th- 16th

29: February 13th | February 13th-16th

30: Grandpa and Grandma Gloshen came to visit you. They could not believe how big you were and how much hair you had. Both Grandpa and Grandma could not stop kissing you and wanted to hold you as much as they could. Grandma made you a very snuggly car seat bag. You were able to stay very warm because of Grandma's sweet gift.

31: February 21st

32: I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so. For us to have each other is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you the gift of life, Live gave me the gift of you.

33: February 25th & 26th

34: "It's The Little Things In Life That Matter Most" | March 12th Fell asleep after feeding you in the middle of the night. Daddy found us snuggled up on the couch and put us back to bed.

36: March 9th | A Baby Shower for Tyson

37: Enjoyed a visit from Uncle Tom, Aunt Annie, McKenzie, Tyler and Tanner. Tyson loved all of the hugs, kisses and being held by everyone. We also had Uncle Dan, Aunt Natali, JT, Carsyn and Aici over for dinner with everyone. | March 26th -27th

38: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?"

39: March 31st

40: Grandpa and Grandma Thackeray came to spend the weekend. They were so excited to see you for the first time and be able to hold and kiss you. You took lots of naps with Grandma and Daddy.

41: April 1st-5th

43: April 5th-10th | Found your thumb . . . now you no longer want your binki.!

44: Just . . .

45: Hanging out with Daddy

46: You and Mommy surprised Grandma Gloshen and Aunt Heidi at their birthday lunch. Everyone was so excited to see you. | April 30th-May 2nd

47: Daddy and I bought you a Bumbo... You like to be able to see what is going on and to be by Mommy when she is in the kitchen. Still trying to figure out how to hold yourself up. Rolled over for the first time today. Got it all on video so we could show Daddy. | May 6th

48: Skull Valley Branding

49: May 3rd - 7th

50: May 8th

51: Three months old already... I can't believe how fast time has gone by. You are growing so quickly that you are only wearing some of your clothes one or two times before you no longer fit in an outfit. You are a really good eater and love to sleep on your tummy. Since you have learned how to roll over you are sleeping on your side and back sometimes and you are never in the same spot for long. You are starting to babel and make all sorts of noises. Daddy and Mommy are finally feeling like they are in a routine, which everyone says you will change as soon as we get comfortable. We are so blessed to be your parents and so happy you are ours.

52: First attempt at eating cereal. You were not quite ready to eat from a spoon... we will give it a try again another time. | May 25th

53: May 30th - June 2nd | Daddy helping you get rid of gas...

54: First of many times to go swimming at the Kanab City pool. You weren't quite sure about the hat! | May 31st

55: Our | Baby | June 2nd

56: You love your saucer. You have started to make lots of noises and love to talk to the elephant on your saucer. You are so cute.

57: June 5th-10th

58: June 11th

59: You started to take showers with Daddy from the very first shower... and you still love being in the shower with Daddy. | June 13th

60: June 19th | First | Hair Cut | Tyson's

61: You had rubbed an old man ring around your head... so Daddy and Mommy gave you your first hair cut... You looked so grown up with your hair cut.

62: You wanted to help mommy scrapbook some things for the young women girls . . . You are starting to notice things are going on around you and wanting to be involved . | tyson | &

63: Happy Father's Day | June 20th

64: June 23rd

65: June 29th | Mommy seems to be enjoying your food just as much as you are! You are really starting to enjoy eating solid foods.

66: t | a | h | t | i | m | e | July 1st

67: July 4th-8th | We love to come in and look at you while you are sleeping. You have started to wrap yourself up in your blanket, enough so that sometimes Mommy gets nervous and tries to uncover you.

69: July 9th | Mommy had been in the kitchen making dinner when she realized you had gotten very quite...yep you had fallen asleep while jumping in your jumper!

70: Our Sweet Baby

71: You were no longer left alone after this . . . you have figured out how to turn over all by yourself and have stated to crawl out when you think you are done. | July 12th

72: We had been playing on the floor in you room and Mommy left the room for just a minute... came back to find you had rolled over to my book. | Our Little Reader | July 13th

73: July 14th

75: You, Daddy and Mommy went to the Kane County Court House today to finalize our legal adoption of you to Daddy and Mommy. Daddy had to leave early for a accident with his work... so just you and Mommy took pictures with the Judge. | July 22nd

78: July 24th-29th

79: You love to be in the kitchen with Mommy and you are so helpful with tasting all of the kitchen utensils.

80: July 31st

81: We were sealed together today as an eternal family in the Ogden Utah Temple. The day was so perfect, Grandma Thackeray was able to be in the nursery at the temple with you and we had all of the family there to celebrate this special occasion with us. The feeling in the temple was so amazing. You are ours Forever...

82: Tyson & Grandpa T

83: You, Mommy, Grandma Gloshen, Aunt Heidi, Aunt Kim, Taevyn, Tiana, Hanah and Lauren all went to the Hoogle Zoo while we were up visiting family. You weren't quite interested in the animals yet, but we were able to see a baby elephant and a baby rhinoceros, along with many different kinds of monkeys. | August 3rd

85: August 8th | Today your Daddy gave you a beautiful name and a blessing at church during sacrament meeting. We were so blessed to have Grandpa and Grandma Thackeray , Uncle Ray and Aunt Heidi, and Uncle Dan and Aunt Natali with their family there. Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Ray and Uncle Dan were there in the circle to give you your blessing. You were very patient during the blessing and didn't even cry. Daddy and Mommy are so thankful that you are in our family. You are such a fine boy.

86: You got into Mommy's protein sludge and loved it. | August 25th

87: You are our little fish, you love to be in the water. | September 23rd

89: First time you pulled yourself up, was behind Daddy's chair. You were so proud of yourself. | September 25th - October 3rd

91: October 22nd-31st

92: Found the Toilet Paper

93: November 13th

94: November 27th

95: We were able to spend the day with Uncle Dan, Aunt Natali (Baby Tesli), JT, Carsyn and Aici picking out our Christmas Tree. You had such a wonderful time eating rocks and you were just happy to be outside for the day. We all packed lunch and ate together after we had cut down our trees.

97: Christmas Eve | Christmas Day

98: January 31st 2011 | You are already 1 year old. Wow... time has gone by so fast. Daddy and Mommy have so enjoyed your sweet spirit and happy smile. You are trying to walk and pulling yourself up on everything. You love the green bike you got from Grandpa and Grandma Gloshen for Christmas because you can push it all over the house to get around quickly. We were blessed to have Uncle Joe, Aunt Mindee, Garrett and Kate, Uncle Dan, Aunt Natali (Baby Tesli), JT, Carsyn and Aici, Tyson, Wenda and Tayla, all help us celebrate your birthday. Aunt Natali made your cake and we enjoyed pizza for dinner. You were so excited to have so many people at the house and loved eating your cake and opening your presents.

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