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Scrapbook Baby

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S: Sawyer Michael Harris, Birth to 2 Years Old. Sept. 2010 -Sept. 2012

FC: Sawyer Michael Harris Sept. 1st 2010 - Sept.1st 2012

1: From God's arms to ours. September 1st 1010

2: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?"

3: You were so perfect and I loved you from the second I saw you. You were so sweet and peaceful. You arrived really fast. I only pushed for 7 minutes :) It was more painful than with Lincoln though because my epidural didn't have as much time to set in. You weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and were 21 inches long.!

4: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All"

7: Grammy came out to help and to meet you and it was so wonderful to have her. She loves you very, very much.

9: For a long time I carried you and Lincoln on my hips or in the baby pack. You and your brother love to be held. You were good little weights to help keep me strong!

11: Happy Halloween! October 2010 two months old

12: In November we went to visit Wendy and you had a really high fever. Our pediatrician said to take you to the ER. It was so sad to watch you so sick and unhappy. Eventually your fever came down and you were okay.

13: A Baby Is A Bit Of Stardust Blown From Heaven | We blessed you in our Pittsburgh ward on September 26th. It was a very happy day.

14: I wasn't going to do much with your nursery, but my mom helped and inspired me and now I love it.

16: Family Pictures. Pittsburgh. PA November 20, 2011. 2.5 months

17: 4 months old

18: You spent your first Christmas in Detroit with your Cousins the Chinos. It was very fun. | First Christmas!

20: We went to Utah in February and had a great time with cousins and grand-parents. Six Months old

25: Six Adorable months old.

26: Bath | Time

28: In June you were able to meet your new triplet cousins! Even though you're only six months older you were over twice there size! Great Grandma and Grandpa Weiler came to visit us in Pittsburgh that month too!

29: July 2011 - 10 months.

31: Happy 4th of July! Pittsburgh Pirates Game Ten months Already walking!! You are very coordinated.

32: Oh how you love to help with the dishes. Every time we open the door you're climbing up and into the dishes.

33: At ten months old you are climbing on and into everything! Every time I open the refrigerator you race right up and start to explore. You love to eat and are such a good eater so maybe that's part of it. You just want to check out what we've got! | You are so much more interested in Lincoln's firetruck than he has ever been. You love to push it all around and practice walking. Sometimes you even push Lincoln around.

34: You don't love to swim as much as Lincoln, but you still like it. You like splashing your arms around in the water. You don't cry too often and when you do you are still very cute.

35: You love to swing on the swings. You are such a happy little baby.

36: Have I mentioned you like to climb on things? We had to rearrange our whole computer set up to keep you from getting into it. You are so adventurous! | July 2011 Ten Months old.

37: 11 Months You love to practice feeding yourself, and you make an enormous mess every time. Some of your favorite foods are cheese, beans, crackers, peaches, pears, and yogurt.

39: Eleven Months You are so much fun. You are so close to walking! You can stand and balance with out holding anything. You're very easy going and mellow. You are a fantastic eater and will try just about anything. You can drink from a sippy cup and hold it yourself. We love you so much!

41: Lincoln's friend JB had a dinosaur birthday party and both of you and were invited. They had you all dress up like dinosaurs. It was pretty cute. I love you're little face in these pictures You melt my heart. I think you look so cute in your little church clothes too. | Dino Baby!

42: Happy 1st Birthday! | September 1st, 2011. Sawyer you are such a fun, independent, happy one year old. You love jumping, exploring, climbing, & watching baby Einstein. You also love drawing on the little magnadoodle we bought Lincoln, so we thought we'd get you a newer, bigger, more legit version for your birthday. You're a great eater and sleeper and you are very tough. Your favorite food is watermelon.

44: Lady's Baby! There were five babies born with in 3 months of you in our ward and neighborhood - all girls. I thought it'd be fun to take some pictures of you and your lady friends on your first Birthday.

45: In September we went and visited your cousins Max and Anderson in DC. We went to Great Falls and just hung out and played most the weekend. You and Max seem to be good buddies already.

46: I ran my first half marathon on Sept. 10th and you and your brother came out to see me at the finish. You are always on the go. You love walking around and exploring. You're very independent, brave and coordinated. You'll step off a little ledge in the back yard, fall down and not even cry and try it again.

47: September 8th. You love swinging at the park. Overall you're still a pretty low maintenance baby but you have been starting to have mood swings lately. Sometimes you flop on the floor and cry and arch your back for no apparent reason. Sometimes you are completely inconsolable and just need to cry for a while. Your new favorite word is "no". You say it all day long in answer to every question. You also say mom, go, ball, bubble and dog. The last three are hit and miss but you say no, mom, and go very regularly very well.

48: You spend a lot of time in your high chair trying to feed yourself and coloring. Half the times you won't eat unless you can do it yourself. Even though it's messy I usually let you. Often times you'll turn your bib around and wear it like a cape. It cracks me up. | October 2012 13 Months

49: I love this picture of you pulling my lip down taken at the zoo because I feel like it demonstrates how interesting and busy you keep my days. I also love your grumpy face in the picture to the right.

51: FIrst time on a boat! You loved it and only cried when you got accidentally dunked by water that come overboard.

52: October 9, 2011 Family Pictures. | Thirteen Months

55: At the Park in Philedel-phia. You are a total dare devil and have no problem trying new slides and playgrounds all by yourself. October 15th, 2011

56: Our trip to Philadelphia was short but fun. Ryan had a work conference so me and you and Lincoln hung around the hotel a lot. You enjoyed exploring the hotel cleaning supplies as much as anything else :) We went swimming both nights too.

57: We also saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Which were both cool, but you and your brother made it difficult to listen during the tours. October 15, 2011 13.5 months old. | Philadelphia!

58: Happy Halloween! October 2011, 13 months

60: You and your cousin Max are only 2 months apart and are pretty funny together. Max loves to pull your hair. | When we went to Detroit for Halloween you finally got to meet your uncle Kevin. You liked him a lot. Maybe because he looks so much like your dad:) | Your cousins Seradon and Mya love you.

61: Your Aunt Ali and cousin Hannah came to visit you in November. We took them to the mall play area and the science center. You and Hannah played pretty well together. You are very different though. She's quite sensitive and you are tough as nails :)

62: We Love Hannah Banana. So glad she came to Pittsburgh. Also love sand and playing in it with a yellow shovel.

63: Dec. 13th, 2011 15.5 months

64: We went to DC and spent Christmas with the Kings. On Christmas eve we went to the botanical garden and saw a cool train display. You liked it a lot. Would say "choo, choo!" | December 24th, 2011 15 months

66: Christmas Eve Jammies from Grammy! "Define Naughty?"

67: Christmas 2011 You enjoyed opening the presents as much as the presents themselves. You are so much fun. You have tons of energy and love to run and jump and spin.

69: January 4th, 2012 16 months | You really liked the snow and love to wear your coat and boots and walk around in it outside. You often bring me your snow clothes in hopes I'll take you out.

70: Every day lately you dump all the blocks out of the bucket and walk around with it on your head. You make us laugh so hard. You are one funny boy! | Bucket Boy!

71: UPMC Children's Hospital Playroom

72: On January 17th Lincoln was diagnosed with Leukemia. He stayed at the hospital for 11 days straight. Grammy and Papa came to stay with you and you were so good. You are such a happy easy going baby and that has made things so much easier for us through these difficult times. You make us smile and laugh and help relieve stress. You came and visited us in the hospital several days and loved playing in the hospital playrooms with Lincoln.

73: Black Eye from the Bean | I'm still not exactly sure how your sweet little face was able to do that to my face. You are the bounciest, jumpiest baby I have ever met. One day your were jumping on the air mattress downstairs that was set up for my mom who's been staying with us, and you jumped with full force into my cheek with your head. It hurt so bad! You didn't seem to bothered and just stared at me while I cried and cried. Sometimes you have a little too much energy. | February 17th 2012

74: You are almost 18 months and if I had one word to describe you it would be "Jumpy". You love to jump on all surfaces - bouncy or firm. When grandma bought a huge bounce house for you boys to play in your were in heaven. You have jumped in it every day since. | Jumpin' Jelly Bean!

75: Even though you are super active, you still give the best snuggles and hugs. That was a great gift for grammy on her Birthday. You love to give daddy long hugs everyday when he leaves for work too. | Grammy!

76: You got to know Grammy really well during the almost two months she was out here. She loves you so much. One of our favorite days was when went and feed the ducks.

77: In March you took a trip with me to a quick trip to Utah with me. You were surprisingly really good on the airplane (pictures below). But they were long travel days to and from. You got to see your engaged Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tom and their fiancées.

78: March 2012 - 18 months You weight 25 pound. You 're kind of a big tease. You love to steal things from Lincoln just to make him cry and chase you. You are such a fast runner! You are also talking like crazy! You say over 200 words. You can sing twinkle little star and ABCs. You say short sentences like "go outside" and "airplane up in the sky" and "watch more blues clues". That's your favorite movie. I can't believe how well you feed yourself. At breakfast you'll eat an entire bowl of cereal and then drink the milk out of the bowl with out making a mess at all. It's really impressive. Other times you throw your food just to be naughty. You make us laugh so much. We love you.

79: Happy Easter 2012

80: You really loved this holiday. You were ecstatic about the candy in the eggs and couldn't eat your jelly beans fast enough. Now everyday you beg for "candy in egg!". We created a monster!

83: You love wearing accessories - especially hats and sun glasses. You also love putting on shoes, wearing necklaces, and jackets. You love to carry buckets and put snacks in them. You also like hiding snacks in your firetruck and bookcase. You are so funny. You make me laugh all day long.

84: April 2012 -20 Months | I have so much I can say about you at this age. To start - you are talking like crazy! You speak in sentences. The other day we were at a park and Lincoln spotted a Birthday Party going on at a picnic table. He was crying in the car that he wanted to go to the party and you turned to him and said "Inkin, ders no more Berfday party. It's all done. Da party is over." Ryan and I couldn't believe it. You understand so much and speak so well. It's really very incredible. You've also started calling me "cheryl" occasionally which is very cute, but I don't encourage it. You also love to talk about the "ducks in da watter" after feeding ducks a few weeks ago. You are also remarkably coordinated. You can already walk down steep steps forward facing with little help. You are independent and always on the move. You love being tickled and you love to color and draw on your magnadoodle. You're very good at it. You can draw circles and hearts and moons almost perfectly. You love spotting ants and spiders outside and love to explore every rock and bug when we're outside or on walks. You are a perfect sleeper and a great eater. You have started to have tantrums daily, but even those are pretty cute. I love your little personality and can't imagine my life without you in it!

86: The Pittsburgh Zoo is so close to our house and you love going there and looking at all the funny animals. Another one of your favorite things to do is climb up on the step and play in the sink water. The other day you led me to the bathroom, said "open door mommy", stepped up on the step, started to turn the water on and then looked at me and said "Go away Mommy, go away". You knew you were about to do something naughty so wanted be to leave. Even though it was naughty it was so incredibly cute and cracked me up. You are so funny Bean!

87: June, 2012. 22 months. Jumping on the tramp at Grammy and Pop Pop's house.

88: June 2nd, 2012. Tom and Carrie's wedding.

90: I took you to Utah for Lisa and Tom's weddings in June and left you there for a week inbetween with Grammy and Pop Pop and your cousins. You had so much fun hanging out with them while Dad and I were back in Pittsburgh at the hospital with LIncoln. I missed you a lot but knew you were being taken good care of. You love your cousins so much. You were a very good boy while I was gone.

92: June 15th. Lisa & Austin's Wedding.

94: Aunt Wendy and Ali also watched you a lot that week in Utah. You have such nice Aunts who love you so much. Bean, you are such a funny little guy. You LOVE to try on adult shoes and tromp around the house. You are so active and busy and always running and on the go.

95: At the end of June Grandma Sylvia came out to help us pack to move to North Carolina and watch you while Lincoln was in the hospital. Grandpa Harris came too and we took them both up the Pittsburgh Incline.

96: Movin' to Greenville. June, 28th 2012.

97: Goodbye 1641 Jancey Street! You were born in Pittsburgh and lived there almost two years. We lived in Morningside in what we called "the spikey house". We had a lot of good memories there and it was sad to say goodbye. But you were excited to pack up the "Big White Truck".

98: In July you spent a week with your Aunt Shannon and cousins in Detroit. You loved jumping on their trampoline and playing with all Kade, Kysa, Mya and Shannon. Weeks later you were still talking about and asking to jump on the trampoline with them. We also went to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game which you really enjoyed. You seem to really like sports even at one year old.

99: Lincoln's third Birthday was spent in the hospital in North Carolina. We had a party for him and you and Pop Pop came. You really like going to the hospital and riding on LIncoln's IV pole and playing in the playrooms. You like to do everything like LIncoln. When he gets his numbing cream and band aid on his port you like to get it on your pretend port too.

100: This was your first time to the beach and you loved it! Your favorite was playing in the sand with a bucket of water. The ocean scared you a little. | Atlantic Beach, NC. August 18th 2012

103: Two Years Old! | Birthday Boy!

105: Your favorite Birthday Gift was a pack of orange gum :)

106: Happy 2nd Birthday! You are such a fun little boy and we love you so, so much. You make us laugh all day long and we love having you around. You are very, very active and very, very coordinated. You love to dance and jump and spin and run. Recently you've discovered you can jump from the third step all the way to the floor all by yourself. It scares me, but you love to do it. You also love to stand on the arm of the couch and flip onto the cushions or you fall forward with a completely straight body onto the cushions. You are quite fearless. You love balls and are working on dribbling. You're also working hard on throwing a ball up and catching it. You're getting close with both skills. You usually run from one point to another rather than walk and finish with a jump landing with both feet at the same time at the end. You have so much personality. You make the funniest faces and have the cutest excited face. You open your mouth and eyes very wide and put your hands out with all five fingers spread (we call them your jazz hands) and shake and jump with excitement. It's adorable. You are good at making friends and other kids really like you. You are so funny with your food preferences. Lately you like everything cold or frozen. You want to eat hot dogs, pizza, corn dogs, waffles and even chicken nuggets straight out of the refrigerator or freezer. It really grosses me out, but it's very low maintenance and easy. Your favorite things to eat are Popsicles and gum. It's amazing how well you do with them. You're surprisingly clean with Popsicles and you know that you're not supposed to swallow gum and you just chew it for sometimes hours and then put it in the garbage. It's kind of remarkable. You also love Ranch dip. You want it with everything. You like to do everything by yourself. You shout “Bean do it!”. You want to pour your milk in your cereal and twist the lid on your Sippy and brush your teeth all by yourself. You're getting pretty good at it. You have a HUGE vocabulary. You speak in sentences and understand and communicate like a 4 year old. You are so nice to Lincoln. You share with him and are often the peacemaker when there is a fight. You have been so wonderful since Lincoln has been diagnosed with cancer. You are such a mature toddler in some ways. When Lincoln needs extra attention because he doesn't feel well, I often ask you to go play by yourself and give him some space and you usually always do. You seem to understand that he's going through something hard and you make things so much easier by being so cooperative. You love to be tickled and snuggled and wrestled with and I love to do it! You can recognize and identify all the letters of the alphabet and know their sounds.

107: You often want me to watch you when you're doing tricks. For example right now you are throwing a piece of cardboard down the stairs Frisbee style and every time you say “Watch mommy! Watch!” Your nick names are Bean, Beannie, Bean bag of Beans, Beanie Bopper, Beanner and Soy bean. When we ask you, “are you a Bean?” you answer, “no, I Sawyer”. You are scared of thunder and lightning and wake up crying when you hear it. It rains and storms a lot here in North Carolina, so this happens often. However the other day you went out in the rain and played and had a great time. Pictured below. In general though you are an awesome sleeper and napper. You go to bed so easily. You sleep from 8 to 7 and nap from 1-3. You have a step stool that you are very resourceful with. You carry it all over the house to help you reach things and get into trouble with it sometimes. Sawyer words can't express how much I love you and how much joy you bring into my life. You are such a good little monkey and I’m so glad you are mine. Love, Mom.

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