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Scrapbook Baby

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S: Mark Donovan Holland's First Year

FC: Mark Donovan Holland

1: Mommy very pregnant with baby Mark. Due & induced on August 11th.

2: Mark was 9 lbs. 7 oz. & almost 21 inches long at birth.

3: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

5: Grandmama Daly holds Mark for the first time! She came to help us those first few weeks with the newborn baby & sister Christy, who was two. | Uncle Burt Holland holds Mark for the first time in the hospital suite. He was so kind as to bring Grandmama to see Mark while Aunt Stephanie stayed to watch Christy at home.

6: Christy's visit to see Mommy and the new baby brother, Mark Donovan Holland! She decided she would take a nap with him in the hospital. Shhh...Don't wake up the baby!

7: Christy was a proud big sister! | Big sister Christy Anne Holland got a present, a baby doll and stroller, from baby Mark after arriving home.

8: Tired Daddy with baby boy, the first day home. Mark is daddy's little wingman! Mark's love for airplanes began early.

9: Mark had a touch of jaundice, so we did a little sun bathing, to get him more vitamin D.

10: Grandma Anna Holland was finishing her chemotheraphy treatments so we had to bring Mark to her house for their first meeting.

11: Aunt Stephanie Holland meets Mark for the first time. | Christy gets some special attention as the big sister. Christy and Mark are only 26 months apart.

13: Like Father, Like Son.

14: "It's The Little Things In Life That Matter Most"

16: Grandmama and Mark bond. | Mark loves his brand new bouncy chair! | Time to Eat! | Mark's such a hungry little boy!

17: Bath Time!

18: Sister Christy loved joining Mark on his play mat!

22: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?" | Mommy's friends, Maretta and Brandi.

25: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute"

26: Uncle Quinn holds baby Mark for the first time.

27: A brunch in honor of Uncle Quinn, the day before his wedding! Aunt Erin and Aunt Colleen helped us cook and eat! | We held it up the mountain, at the Holland Grandparents' house outside Golden Gate Canyon, where we stayed.

28: At Quinn & Kim's rehearsal dinner at Old Chicago. Auntie Colleen's treat. | Soon to be Aunt Kimberly holds you for the first time. | Uncle Keefe & baby Mark | Aunt Paola & Uncle Keefe | Mommy, sister Christy, and Daddy with baby Mark.

29: Uncle Quinn Daly married Kimberly Wyatt on September 26, 2007 at Evans Memorial Chapel at the University of Denver.

34: Grandpa Daly

36: A Baby Is A Bit Of Stardust Blown From Heaven | Bath Time! Mark always loved bath time from the very beginning.! | Swimming would come as an easy favorite! We would soon find our boy to be a little bit of a dare devil when it came to the pool that summer. He was like a fish in the water!

37: Water was his friend, and we'd soon learn in his toddler years how much of a water enthusiasts he is by taking baths followed by showers at the age of 2 and 1/2! | He loved having the water run down his face-- completely unlike his sister. | And he later would show no fear jumping in the pool. We were eager to get him in swim lessons!

38: Mark never took a pacifier, though we tried, and it was a mixed blessing as sister was so attached to hers that weaning her from it was a challenge!

39: Christy and Mark love hanging out on the play mat.

40: Mark and Christy with Daddy enjoying our backyard in this nice, October fall weather!

41: Mark has Daddy bright blue eyes! Such a handsome little boy. Mark was Daddy's "mini-me" while Christy was Mommy's.

43: Mark spent a lot of time in his bouncy seat when he was little. Both Christy and Mark really enjoyed it. By pulling on the rings, it would make animal noises and music. Christy helped Mark learn the ropes. It was a brand new bouncy seat, so it was a novelty to them both!

44: "Daddy's Little Pumpkin" (Mark) & "Daddy's Under My Spell" (Christy) shirts for the season.

45: We have a prince & a princess for Halloween, complete with a "carriage." | heading out to a Harvest Fun Festival at | We dropped by the grandparents before | Churchill Baptist. First Halloween for Mark to dress up and go out.

47: Baby Mark in his infant car seat. His sister Christy liked to talk and interact with her brother.

48: Our First Air Show! At Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

49: Daddy and Mark cuddle up to a good book, the Bible.

50: Thanksgiving dinner with the Holland family: Uncle Ryan & Andi, Grandparents, Uncle Burt & Aunt Stephanie at the Grandparents' house in Elm Creek.

51: Mark looks good in blue! It's such a good boy color, and it becomes his favorite color in his toddler years! Go Blue! | Baby Mark is growing so big! He is starting to get heavy to carry in his car seat. Luckily his infant seat clicks into a stroller base, making it easier to get around with baby boy!

52: Pastor R. James Shupp and his wife Cherry prayed over us. | Aunt Stephanie holds baby Mark while Momma holds Christy. | N o v e m b e r | 22nd, 2009

53: At our church, Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX. Mark wore his first suit for the occasion, complete with vest and tie! | Though Mark may have fussed a bit about having to get all dressed up, this is the age that you can make them cooperate. Forget that in his toddler years! | Momma bought two suits for the season--one for baby dedication and a blue nutcracker one for Christmas! | Mark looks so Irish in his green suit. | B A B Y | DEDICATION

54: His onsie reads: "Professional Cuddler, and Kisser Too!"

55: Look, Mom! I'm outgrowing my infant bath tub!

56: The Holiday Season is here! | Our first wedding reception. We are in our holiday finest!

57: Mark played the part of baby Jesus, along with mommy and daddy acting as Mary and Joseph in our church's living nativity, Bethlehem Nights.

59: Our First Family Holiday Photographs!

60: Christy and Mark got matching "his" and "her" pajamas.

61: Christmas Eve 2009

62: Grandma Anna called this her "Christy hair do". While Grandma's hair was growing back from her chemo, she had a couple different wigs/looks.

64: CHRISTMAS 2009: Mark's First Christy and Mark got tents! So much fun for years to come.

66: Aunt Erin and Aunt Colleen got to spend the holidays with us!

67: A day out with the Aunties at Artisans Alley in San Antonio, TX! | We ate at Apple Annie's and got our picture taken in one of the little shops with this San Antonio Riverwalk afghan. We got treated to free champagne to celebrate the restaurant's next day relocation to NW Military!

68: Mark and Christy love to laugh. Here daddy and Mark team up to tickle Christy! Daddy loves having another boy in the house.

69: Auntie Colleen with Mark and Daddy, checking out our big mirror in our bathroom! We like taking photos by the fireplace, and Aunt Erin likes avoiding the camera by taking the photos.

70: "For health and strength and daily food, we give thee thanks | O Lord. Amen."

71: Mark started eating baby food a little earlier than Christy had--before five months. He was very interested in food & was a very hungry boy! The pediatrician recommended starting off with oatmeal baby cereal. Tastier! Mark gobbled it up! Christy, always the big sister, wanted to help feed the baby.

73: Mark and Christy loved their winter p.j.s. The first time they wore them mommy did a major photo shoot with them in Christy's little pink rocking chair that, thereafter, Christy thought every time they wore them, we must take pictures. Christy greatly entertained Mark as a baby--always gave him something to watch.

74: Happy Valentine's Day! We ordered a heart pizza. The kids made "carpet angels."

76: Baby Mark is named after his daddy and grandfather. His middle name, Donovan, is a variation of his grandpa Donald Daly. | Such a easy-going, happy little boy you are! | We were tempted to nickname Mark "Happy" like his Grandpa Holland. Young Mark definitely is happy!

77: Grandmama Daly makes a visit! So we had to wear our "Handsome Irish Boy" shirt!

78: It's a jungle out there! Mark is wild about Daddy! | Mark and Christy think it's great fun being on their parents' bed! | Mark enjoyed the jumperoo! It made noises and he could stand or jump in it.

79: Pajama Time! Bed Time! | Guide me safely through the night. Wake me with the morning light." | "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray thee Lord my soul to keep.

80: H A P P Y St. P A T R I C K' S | Mark and Christy and momma wore their green to celebrate. After all, we are Irish!

81: A,B,C...1,2,3 Thank You, God, for feeding me! | Time to Eat! | Mark enjoys his food!

82: Christy and Mark in their Easter best!

83: Spring time in Texas! The bluebonnets are in bloom--our Texas state flower.

84: Mark started scooting around 8 months! He could get around!

85: Easter is Here! Christ is Risen!

86: Daddy's Little Wingman! | We got Mark blue ear muffs for airplane flights in our small airplane.

87: Our cute little scooter! Mark started crawling before nine months!

88: Our first trip in a small airplane with daddy as the pilot! California here we come! | We got to visit our friends, the Thompsons, in Tehachapi, CA.

89: We visited with cousins and Aunt Boni outside of LA and then headed to the coast to stay a night in a fancy hotel off Hermosa Beach with Grandparents before going to cousin Bret's Coast Guard wedding!

90: A fisherman caught a stingray! Yikes!

92: Uncle Bret's Wedding! | A coast guard helicopter fly by! | Great Grandpa Nichols | Great Aunt Helen May Nichols. | Cousins Doug and Annaliese with Grandma Holland.

93: The plane we took our trip in! A small four-seater Cirrus!

94: Our first boating trip! Paxton Lines and Troy and Amy Everling went with us. It was a hot day, maybe too hot!

95: Mark discovered drawers! He loves opening and closing.

96: We celebrated Christy's third birthday that June. Grandma Holland made a yummy airplane cake! I think she is going to have to make Young Mark one now!

97: Grandma and "Papa" took us to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in San Francisco, CA, and we got to stay several days in the wine country! It was very fun.

99: Sunny California! | Uncle Ryan with his dog Moe. Actually it's his girlfriend Andi's dog, but it could just as well be his own! They brought him on vacation with us! Mark and Christy were excited about having a dog around! Such fun!

100: Christy and Mark interacting through the glass. | Unfortunately, Mark was too little to enjoy it here, as he still put everything in his mouth, and we didn't want him eating sand! Mark would eventually get to join his sister outside though, and he loved it. | Daddy built this custom-made sandbox right outside our kitchen window for Mark and Christy.

101: Mark loves music and playing the piano at grandma's house! He also enjoyed having friends over to play in the kiddie pool!

102: Mark was a good eater--messy, but good! Such an easy-going little guy. He loved standing and cruising. He started walking sooner than his big sister, but still after his first birthday.

105: Mark got his first hair cut just in time for his first birthday! Nadine, the barber, also cut daddy's hair when he was a baby! Mark did so well sitting in the barber chair with his momma. Such a handsome little boy.

106: Mark Turns One! | Mark had a small family birthday party. We wanted to keep him the focus of the celebration & not make it too overwhelming! | He loved all the attention, cake, and the gifts! | Happy Birthday, Dear Mark, Happy Birthday to You!

109: Happy Birthday to my baby boy! | Aunt Colleen loves your turtle that shines the stars at night.

110: Mark turns one and graduated into his big boy car seat! He loved climbing steps, hiding in the laundry hamper, and hugging his stuffed animals. Mark is such a sweet, cuddly boy, but also a bundle of energy! He's definitely all boy! | We got to meet great grandma Marian Daly, who lives with great Aunt Mary in Austin. | Mark loved trying to ride Christy's tricycle. | Mark rarely was unhappy, so I had to document the one time he was.

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