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Seaira Brielle Hernandez

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BC: Memories of our baby by: Santos and Brook

FC: Seaira Brielle Hernandez

1: This book is to keep the memories of our baby, Seaira Brielle. We will always love you!

2: We found out our lives had changed on February 9,2009. We are no longer a couple of two...we are a family of three!

3: Brook Never again will things go according to plan. That includes food, although I didn't get too much morning sickness I've switched between loving and hating beef and chicken countless times. More than anything I want fruit, and that keeps you satisfied. Now in my third trimester it seems that you can't get enough food. You kick and squirm when you are hungry and become quiet and content once I've eaten. I want any and all drinks especially ICEE's, those are your favorite. Thankfully, for your daddy's sake I haven't had many mood swings. It's honestly been an easy pregnancy. We felt you moving for the first time around 16 weeks, and now I can see your head, butt and knees sticking out and I can run my finger down your spine... I love it. I can't wait to see you for the first time. | Santos Your daddy is a mess. He won't admit it but i think he is a little scared of your coming. He didn't believe me when I told him that you were coming. And he was so excited when we found out for sure. He keeps looking at me and smiling and saying, "We are having a BABY". He is going to be an awesome daddy for you though. He has been taking very good care of us, making sure that we get plenty of sleep and rest. He gives us massages and he loves listening and feeling you move around. He loves talking to you, and you know your daddy's voice, because you seem to relax more when he is around. Just so you know now he has a lot in store for you. He has already started buying you clothes..cool clothes. And has you a fishing pole lined up and ready to go. I have a feeling that you are going to be his favorite fishing buddy. Your daddy has been the best thing for us so far, he has loved us when we weren't the best...think of all the love to come.

4: Decorating your nursery in a fish theme was your Daddy's idea.

5: Your daddy and I received a lot of goodies at your shower. In Florida we had friends and family come to Winter Haven Baptist Church to celebrate your coming. Some favorite items we received were special blankets made just for you, big paper mache fish to add to your nursery decor, your first | fishing pole, a rocking chair, and even a diaper cake! Trust me, i don't think you'll go without anything! When we loaded the truck to bring everything back to Illinois with us, your presents took up the entire back seat, and the entire bed of the truck. In Illinois friends from work threw me a surprise shower at Wild Berrie's restaurant. You received lots of | goodies from them as well. You're going to love your "under the sea" play gym, and I'm going to enjoy my spa package after you're born. We are truly blessed with wonderful family and friends. They are just as excited about your coming as we are, so don't keep us waiting too long!

6: It's a GIRL! We can't believe it! You were a sneaky one, you sat indian style in my belly refusing to show your true identity. So we are praying that the technician is correct or you're going to be a cross dresser for a few weeks until we can buy you some more clothes. Your daddy just smiled when they said we had a baby girl on the way, he is going to be smitten by you! As soon as we left the doctor's office we had to call EVERYONE to share the good news. Your grandparents cannot wait to see you and spoil you. Your daddy and I have started dreaming about what you'll look like: dark hair (I say curly like Lances), chocolate eyes, sun kissed skin, independent, and full of questions. We also dream about what you'll be interested in, will you love dance and piano, drawing and painting, will you love the outdoors or enjoy staying inside? One thing is for sure, no matter what you will be loved. Shopping for you has been a challenge. We don't like the frilly dresses and countless shades of pink that seem to adorn the little girl's section at all stores. We want you to have artsy, fun clothes that keep you energetic and vibrant. Your daddy already purchased you a shipment of CRAZY onsies that we can't wait to dress you up in. Everything we buy for your nursery has one thing in common, comfort…even the rug on your floor. Your daddy laid down on it so that he could be sure you would enjoy rolling around on the softness. A lot of the items in your nursery are handmade. I cut out and decorated your walls, mobile, pillows and blankets with fishes. Your daddy made your changing table and designed the coral base for your mobile. Different friends of ours have even made blankets to keep you warm. I don't think you'll want for anything. .

7: We are so happy to learn that we are having a baby girl. From the sonogram pictures we can see your chubby cheeks, button nose, and little chin. We can already tell that you are going to be beautiful baby girl, we just can't wait to meet you!

9: Well baby girl, you have definitely kept us on our toes. When we had our first ultrasound of you back in March we were told your due date was November 17, 2009. We continued through our pregnancy and were told at 33 weeks that you were actually ahead of schedule and due November 7, 2009! We were so excited to learn that we would get to meet you sooner. The nurse estimated your weight at that time to be 4lbs and 14 oz. You seemed excited to meet us, I started to have my first contractions around 35 weeks. In order to keep you safe and me healthy the doctor had me begin working from home. At 35 weeks I started dilating, you seemed ready to make your grand entrance. At 36 weeks I had dilated further and by 37 weeks I was over 2 cm’s dilated and 50% effaced. At 37 weeks your daddy had to scare us all by getting sick. He had symptoms of the flu and was put on medicine to get better as soon as he could. Since we couldn't risk getting sick, you and I had to stay 6 ft away from him at all times. We had to wear a surgical mask when we were in the same room together, and we even made your daddy sleep in the basement. It was a hard time for us both. At 38 weeks you were engaged and were waiting at a -3 station, the doctor was confident you would make your grand entrance within days. Over the next few weeks you decided to hold out on us all. Even a visit from your grandparents wouldn't budge you. Now at 41 weeks your daddy and I are more than ready to meet you. Monday November 23rd at 6:00 am in the morning the doctor will break your water and we'll be on our way into labor. You will be 42 weeks and 2 days old, there's no more hiding from us now.see you soon!

10: Your grandparents were so excited when they found out you were coming, we told them on Mother's Day.

11: Your great-grandparents can't wait for you to come and surprise them with your beauty, smarts, and talents.

12: Your mommy carrying you for 9 months.

13: This is our last official picture pre-Seaira, the morning of your big day! We were so excited to Insert Text Here | get to the hospital and get checked in. We arrived at OSF Saint Joseph at 5:30 AM. They took a | what seemed like forever to get us and all our luggage up to the delivery room. We finally made it and we're ready...

14: L A B O R | The doctor broke my water at 6:58am but you weren't fazed. They started pitocin at noon, and you started to get the point, this was your day! I began pushing around 6:00pm and you FINALLY made your grand entrance...

15: Your Birth

16: Seaira Brielle Hernandez has arrived! Birthday: November 23, 2009 at 7:20 pm Weight: 9lbs 13oz Height: 22 inches

17: Seaira's Hands Seaira's Hair | Seaira's Feet

18: Baby Seaira

20: Letter from daddy Searia, what can I say? I have always wanted a kid and now I have a beautiful one in you! Your mom and I have been waiting for you for a long 9 months and let's just say it has been a fun, and crazy time! We had a tuff time getting pregnant at first but when we found out you where on the way, oh boy! That day for me was one of the most exciting days that I have been alive for so far! We have seen you grow from something no bigger than a bean to a living, breathing human baby being that I will be able to hold in my arms. I am scared right now before you are born but I have to make sure that your mother does not notice it so she does not get scared! I have to be strong and positive for her. Who have been very stubborn on coming out, so we guess your comfortable in the womb! Our, your mom and I's time has been fun on getting everything ready for you. We got the nursery and the house all decorated just the way we wanted for you! I'm so excited just to see you, hold, kiss, and love on you for the rest of our lives together so come on and hurry and pop out already!!!

21: Letter from mommy My beautiful baby, you mean everything to me. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. I do not know what I did before you came along, because it seems that from morning to dawn...and even in my dreams, you dominate every action I take. I love you so very much. I hope that I can be the mother I need to be for you. That I provide you with the love and guidance that you need. And I desperately hope that I can be your friend, and that you will not mind sharing your every experience with me. I do not know anything about being a mom and I have questioned all along whether I would have “the mothering” skills needed to take care of you, but from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew that I would die to protect you. And that I would do whatever it took to keep you safe and happy. I cannot wait to share my life with you and see you grow up so quickly before my eyes. I know that this life has something great in store for you, and i cannot wait to see you exceed and grow into a beautiful young lady. I am already so proud of you. I don't know how I could ever love you more!

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