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September 2009 MAJ

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S: September 2009 MAJ

FC: September 2009

1: September 1, 2009 Happy Tuesday! | She loves sitting on the bed instead of the floor. She also likes scaring us and getting VERY close to the edge. | Where's your left foot? | Where's your right foot? | Don't get too close to the edge! | Act like a lion! | ROAR!!! | What does Daddy look like in the morning? | How sad is Mommy when she has to take you to school? | Time to go to school... | Morning visit with the pups. (Daddy hiding his work work.)

2: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 Meow When I went to pick her up from school today she was in the Infant 2 class playing with the big babies! She was crawling around and playing with a friend! Her teacher said she loved it over there! AND she said she is advanced ;) | This morning playing when she woke up. | Notice the kitty pacifier. | We named the pacifier "Patsy". She thought we were crazy. | MEOOOWWW!! | Flower Child Thursday morning, sitting on the kitchen counter while Daddy ironed | ROLL TIDE! Spirit Day at school.

3: First SEC Football Game! Last night, we celebrated the first football game of the season at Buffalo Wild Wings with the girls! Big girl in her highchair. She had carrots and applesauce. She finished with a few french fries for dessert!

4: Friday, September 4, 2009 Infant Room I | Her teachers said she looks at books like she is reading them...and then chews on them. | The toy box is usually her prop. This was the first thing she pulled up on! | Looking at her teachers, she was grinning while they told me all her stories! | Her bed at school decorated with her family board. | Since it was Friday afternoon there weren't many kids still in class. (Her bed is the first one on the left.) | We love her school AND her teachers! (They are both Alabama fans! ROLL TIDE!) | Sept 6 123's Alabama Style Anyone can learn to read right-side up, she is learning upside down

5: Monday, September 7, 2009 Happy Labor Day! We took a quick trip Sunday night to Dega to visit Gigi and Papaw. | Bath time is always a crowd favorite. | We can't keep her on the pallet anymore. | She LOVES to stand up. Even at 5:30am (which was when she started this morning!) | Wow, what a look. | You notice that the two backup patsies that are usually on the bed rail are missing ;) She played for 30 minutes before I walked up there to see what she was up to. | Pulling up on EVERYTHING! | Well, she has finally outgrown the bumbo. Now that she can crawl out of it, we think it is time for the highchair. We had to sit her on a folded beach towel because she is still a little too short to reach the tray, but she LOVES it. Last night we gave her a Mumm Mumm...AKA a soppy mess.

6: Thursday, September 10, 2009 Daycare Update As if we needed another reason to be proud! There are two primary teachers in MAJ's class at school. This morning when I took MAJ to school, Mrs. Emily said Mrs. Suzzette (Madelyn's absolute FAVORITE) was out this week with her own sick child. Madelyn hasn't had the best week because she misses Mrs. Suzzette, but is beginning to trust/love Mrs. Emily which shows a high emotional development. I am going to read up on this and see if there is any validation to it... Also, when we walked in the door this morning, she waved hello to Mrs. Emily! I laughed and was impressed since it was the first time she waved at the appropriate time (she always waves to herself when playing). ***Correction, this was not the first time. She waved at Janet on Monday.*** But Mrs. Emily was REALLY impressed and said Madelyn is more developmentally advanced than all the other children in her class! I was ecstatic! Many of the children in her class are older by a few months! She is the only one pulling up, crawling so well, holding her own bottle (to the point of getting MAD when a teacher tries to help her), trying to walk (she pulled up on the toy box and moved over to the walker and started playing with the toys!), the way she looks at books and a list of other things she named. What are we going to do with our baby genius? :) | Wave caught on camera! | What? Is the rattle too loud? | Why does she keep flashing that thing right before bedtime? | Don't make me tell you again, woman! | She was trying to get IN the swing instead of usually trying to get out. | Now, how does this thing open? | Her favorite place in the den...the table.

7: Friday, September 11, 2009 Friday Morning...still waving. While she ate dinner last night AND during the bath AND even while she was being rocked to sleep...she waved. She's addicted. | Play Those Bongos Friday I bought Madelyn a surprise. Saturday morning when she woke up she had a new toy | New books! And her first bump. | She was excited to hear that Gigi and Papaw were stopping by on the way to Tuscaloosa AND we got to go see where Aunt Amanda works! She helped me clean a little before company came over until she found out how fun it was to make a mess.

8: Sunday, September 13, 2009 Miss Independence She can feed herself...or so she thinks. | New Hot Cycle! | Why won't this thing go? | Not sure what it does... | It plays music when you push his nose. | I will leave you in the DUST! | Mid Day Visit! I had to run to the bank this morning, so I stopped by to see what MAJ was up to at school. | She was teaching Austin how to play with those toys. | She didn't expect to see me that early ;) (And clearly her hairbow fell out.) | She loves pulling all the toys out of the toy box. | She was as excited as I was! | Her teachers, Mrs. Suzzette and Mrs. Emily. | Queen Madelyn! | Bye, Mommy! See you this afternoon! | Tuesday she took a little nap on the way home...she didn't wake up for almost an hour! | It plays music when you push his nose.

9: I received a call on Friday at 10:30am that she had a fever. When she got home, she took a long nap. She didn't feel good, but didn't have any other symptoms. After her nap she felt good enough to swing and read a good book and walk around a little. | Madelyn seemed to feel ok (and her fever was down) so we went out to eat with Amanda Friday night. | Bored. | Dessert napkin. | It was Kid's Day and the Chick-Fil-A cow made an appearance! | She ran a fever all weekend, but slept and ate well. We couldn't figure out what might be making her feel bad and then she started pulling on her ears. Poor baby. We finally got the fever to break Sunday morning. Hopefully she will feel better Monday morning. | We learned not to leave gifts on the floor ;) | "Aunt Amanda, may I borrow your phone?" | "Thank you." | "Hello? Hello? Gigi, can you hear me?" | Gigi and Papaw must have been at Wal-mart. | So she thought she would pass the time by chewing on the camera case. | What do you do to a shoe? | Untie it, of course!

10: Amanda dialed the phone for her... | Well, I guess she didn't really want to talk anymore... | "Hey, I like this new dress." | "Boy, if I could twirl I would be a dancing FOOL!"

11: Monday September 21, 2009 Dancin' Dress | Learning to curtsy. | Standing on her tip toes!

12: Tuesday September 22, 2009 Feelin' Better!!!!!!!! Going on three days without a fever ;) | Wednesday night MJ had to work late, so Madelyn and I played a little before bedtime. She likes to play with wipes and paper towels while she watches a little tv. My little cleaner! She used to cry when I acted like I was she laughs at me. Madelyn LOVES music. When a commercial comes on with a good song or a strong beat, it immediately gets her attention. Her two favorites are the Little Caesar's commercial where the twirl the signs to the drum beat and the cell phone commercial where Mary J Blige sings and walks towards the camera. She especially likes it when I sing it to her ;) HA!

13: Little but QUICK! She goes where she wants to!! | Future Musician? It sings six different songs... And lights up... And a microphone!!! | I had to go out of town for work last week, Wed-Fri. Not only was it a horrible migration (I was up 40 hours straight!) but I also missed Madelyn so bbbbaaaaddddd!!! Michael sent me a few pics while I was gone. Some aren't worth posting (eyes closed or blurry), but these were cute from school on Thursday.

14: September 26, 2009 Saturday we had a shrimp boil to celebrate Amanda's birthday and to watch football. | 8 months old today! | She sat like this forever looking at Jason! | Karmen wanted to see what MJ was looking at! Jason was watching two games. And Madelyn was playing with T! | And this was before the Bama game came on! Notice the socks.

15: We interrupted Madelyn's thought. | Well hey, Teresa! How are you? | It took all these peeps to plug a tire. | Chewing on that letter like Bama chewed on Arkansas! | MAJ eventually warmed up to everyone and didn't have to be attached to me. | Entertaining during halftime. | Future Cheerleader! | She wasn't too sure of Matt... | Would you if he kept putting a camera this close to your face?

16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMANDA!!! Sunday we had a family party at Amanda's apartment | Sparklers and a singing candle! | A few were a little tricky. | Madelyn wore her party dress! | Always with a paper towel in her hand.

17: Would you like a cotton round? | One of them was having more fun than the other one. | She found Amanda's headbands. | Hope you weren't planning on using that paper again.

18: Last night Amanda and I went to see Grease. It was pretty awesome and we think Taylor Hicks' song was the BEST! AND our tickets were pretty great since Taylor gave them to a few of the staff at Shoal Creek! Amanda was one of the lucky employees ;)! What a great happy birthday for ALB! | Monday when I picked Madelyn up from school, once she saw me she couldn't get there fast enough! | This morning was a little chilly, so we bundled her up before taking her to school. She didn't mind it

19: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 BEAUTIFUL DAY! When I went to pick her up today...they were outside! It was beautiful!! She did not like that I did not walk DIRECTLY to pick her up, see below. | Zoom in...the substitute teacher didn't know what to think. (Mrs. Suzette is out with the flu this week!) | Introducing Lily. 7 months old. Her facial expression NEVER changes. And this is the first time I have ever seen her sit up. 5 seconds later she laid back down. | Sam is only 2 weeks younger than Madelyn. | And right after I took this pic, they fed her another 8oz bottle. | Wednesday, September 30, 2009 First Biscuit! We bought Madelyn a new treat today. Biter Biscuits! When I first saw them I thought they said Bitter! I thought 'Gag, bitter?' and then I noticed it said 'biter'. HA!

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