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Sophia's 1st Year!!

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Sophia's 1st Year!! - Page Text Content

S: Sophia's 1st Year

FC: Sophia's 1st !! | Year | Our Baby Girl

3: Birth 7 lbs 5.6 oz and 18 3/4 inches Born 11/21/11 at 1138am Blood Type O Positive Heavy contractions began Sunday November 21 at 230am. By 4Am we made the decision to go to hospital and left Bella with good hands neighbor Sara while Oma and Opa were on there way to our house. We could not wait for them headed to hospital and admitted at 6am Irvine Kaiser Hospital at 6am. It was rainy and I was dilated to 7cm. After some medicine 715am your big sister called and said " i love you mommy. At 940am they ruptured my sac to let fluid out because I was still dilated to 7cm. By 11am we were ready to see our baby girl. Afer 8 minutes pushing with 4 big contractions and 12 pushes our beautiful Sophia arrived. Everyone in the room commented how perfectly healthy you looked so pink, perfect round head and even some rolls:)/ Your hand was by your face through the delivery our midwife told us just like your ultrasound pictures. Thankfully delivery went well. You were so quiet when you came and into the world and hardly made a noise. I even asked is everything ok. You latched on right away to drink mommy's milk we feel so blessed you are healthy and finally here. You did not like Nurse giving you a sponge bath and cried a lot and you love to be in a burrito wrap.

4: Baby Girl

5: `1 Month Milestone -1st smile Jan 10 At your 2 week Appointment your Doctor was so happy your already surpassed your birth weight and weigh 9 lbs 0.1 oz and 20.8 inches. You can drink over 3 oz milk at a time. Dr Kan is so happy she says you should see the growth curve jump Sophia is obviously eating very well. Eating -1st time drinking bottle breast milk from daddy Dec 15. You drank it all up with no problem while mommy and Bella did some Christmas Shopping. You have poop explosions and you love mama's milk so much you cough and spit it up then you want more. Drinking milk every 3 hours. Sleeping- You sleep better in the day than in the night. At fist you preferred the vibrator chair or car seat to sleep. Dec 6 You like to sleep on boppy pillow on our bed. Nov 29 your umbilical cord fell off today now we can give you baths. You are so strong already lifting your head up by yourself. You smile when you sleep we love it. You hiccup a lot and let out HUGE burps so funny. You loved to be carried and swaddled tight swaying you back and fourth. So glad you like your swinger. Your Dida and Dadu come to visit all the way from Canada. This is picture capturing the moment they saw you for the 1st time they are so proud 2nd grand daughter. Its going to be your 1st Christmas so exciting. Clothes- you fit 3 month clothes and already moved from newborn to size 1 diapers./

7: 2 Months 12 lbs 8 oz (95thPercentile) and 22.75 inches You are smiling more and more. You make baby gurgling sounds awe love to hear you nd you have such a strong neck and can almost hold your head up. Taking Pacifier and you love " Sophie the Giraffe. Started reaching for things like Dadu's glasses. Doc Appointment you had your 1st shots and only cried a little such a strong baby. You gained 3 1/2 lbs since your 2 weeks Appointment and did not cry at all on weight scale all naked. Wow you are growing so fast baby girl. !We call you hungry hippo cause you love mamas milk You have a little thrush and doctor game me some medicine for you. Personality- relaxed during the day and you start getting fussy 5-9pm we call it the witching hours. You love to be held all the time and rocked. Sleeping- You wake up 1x per night. Now you are sleeping 5 hours 10pm-3am. Clothes- still in size 1 diapers and wearing 3 month clothing. Bath time- you love it and your big sis loves to help give you a bath. Got 2 month footprints done Jan 18. 1st Christmas and New Years. Took a trip to Balboa Island your 1st boat ride your wearing your purple hat made by one of Oma's friends from line dancing:)

9: 3 Months 13 lbs 5 oz 1st Cold poor baby cough so much you throw up all your milk. You are better in a week and thankfully you never got a temperature. Trying to sit up in car seat or boppy. You smile a lot and make Ooh and Aah sounds. Sleeping you like to suck your thumb and 1st finger to help you fall asleep. You love your crib and you love your head rubbed helps you fall asleep. Favorite Toys: Sophie the Giraffe, glow worm and diamond ring rattle. Clothes -wearing stage 2 diapers and size 6 month clothing. You are generally such a happy baby and starting to grab toys. Eating- When your drinking mama's milk you like to bend your ear back with your hand its so cute. Drinking milk every 3-5 hours. 1st trip to Dana Point at Doheney Beach on your 3rd month Birthday Feb 21. Stayed at beautiful place called Laguna Cliffs. Few weeks later took you 1st time to San Diego see our friends.

11: Our little sweetie pie | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 Months Milestone: Started to roll over from back to your tummy. Lots of smiles and you squeal like a cat:) You can keep your head up on boppy pillow and practically sitting up on boppy. March 23 you slept through the night from 9pm-6am mommy and daddy are happy. You love to sleep curled up on your front. Took 1st trip to the OC Zoo at Irvine Park. Sleeping through the night 730pm-530am yay. You put yourself to sleep sucking your thumb and 1s finger. Your sister call you Sophia-ay and greets your every morning with hug and kiss. Cold - had a cold and stuffy nose week 4/11/11 but got better quickly. ! Mom went back to work this month 3/28 11 and you are adjusting well going to Oma and Opa's Mon/Wed and Friday and usually in a good mood or sleeping when we get there around 8am. When you breastfeed your little hand likes to stay flexed on my boob so sweet. You have a little thrush on your tongue from mommy have to squirt medicine in your mouth you do not like it.

13: Baby Girl | 5 Months 1st Easter at your Oom Rik &Auntie Tina's place:) Celebrated your dad's 38th birthday at our house with BBq. Went to the Santa Ana Zoo 1st time for friend's Lennon's birthday. You started biting a little when drinking milk you clamp down then look at me and smile its cute but ouch for mommy. You can sit up on the boppy pillow for support but not by yourself yet. Funny story April 19 today you had 1st food auntie Lainy's cook friend at work gave you short bread cookie to chew on while they were taking care of you cause mommy had doctor appointment. You devoured it and there were crumbs everywhere. CLothes -fits 6-9 months clothes and stage 2 diapers Went to music class miss lynn you likes swinging in a blanket and playing peekaboo with handkerchief. You started to laugh when i smooch your tummy and smiling and recognizing us more. Sleeping- waking up middle night for feeding all of a sudden maybe growth spurt before 6 months and sucking fingers and drooling. You had a photo shoot with family at Heritage park in Cerritos and had a visit from Auntie Athena and Auntie Diane.

15: 6 Months 16 lbs 0.2 oz & 25.98 inches Wow Major Milestone May22, 2011 you ate solid food first time you loved rice cereal mixed with mommy's milk. Your sis helped me feed you first time and you kept opening your mouth for more. Your Dadu and Dida watched on videocam from Canada. You like to grab your toes and eat them its sooo cute. I love it when your breastfeeding you bend your ear back with your hand. You liked to be propped sitting up and you started reaching for you toys from your car seat. You love to squeal and grab anything you see us eat or drink. 6 Months shots you cried even less than 4 month shots and even smiling by the time I put you in car seat after little breast milk, you amaze us Your too big for your rain forest swinger, you leaned forward and fell out upside down thank god you were ok. 1st trip to beautiful Santa Barbara for Memorial Weekend and 1st trip to California Adventureland June 7. 2011/with free pass. While we were celebrating your Oma and coursin's birthday at Peking Wok your Oom Ray and Aunty Gina gave you crupuk fried chip you LOVED it.

17: 7 Months 16 lbs 11 Ounces This month my little Sophi-ai when I put you to sleep on your back you turn yourself and like to sleep on your belly just like your daddy! You like to suck your thumb to fall asleep. You go to everyone with smiles. You went to San Diego for the very 1st time celebrate to July 4th weekend with our friends and with BBq at at our house:) You had a little rash/exema on your back last couple weeks using special cream to clear it up. You are still such a happy baby and smile every morning when you see your sister and dad. Right now you love your jumper and the toy pink egg that spins with the lights that your Aunty Tina gave your for Easter

19: 8 Months This month my"boo boo drinker you took your 1st flight. You did so well on flights you were little fussy heading to Seattle. It helped to feed you while we were taking off and landing. You met your Mamu and Mima and cousins in Seattle for the 1st time and they loved holding you. Also spent time in Vancouver went to Stanley park and had 1st swing ride with little help from Bella:) Then we celebrated your Annaprhashan at your Dad's and Dida's home and your Oma and Opa were there too. You chose a book and pen from silver plate and you were blessed by family and friends. You were so good through whole ceremony and loved Dida's rice dessert Opa and Dadu fed you. You have such an easy going nature and you let everyone hold you:) You bring us such joy. You can sit up without support but sometimes still fall back and hit your head. Started eating fruit in your mesh eater, you love it. You started sticking out your tongue and making sounds spraying us with food when your done eating:)) You want to eat everything we eat now. You discovered fruit through mesh you LOVE it and bought smiles to everyone. 1st sleep over at Oma and Opa's you did so good an only woke up 1x and went back to bed such an angel.

20: 9 Months

21: Your growing so fast baby girl and bring our family such joy. Milestone You are crawling baby girl and you firgured out how to go from sitting to crawling. You started by crawling and dragging your legs and your so strong you can lift your whole body with your arms like a pushup. NO teeth yet. Another milestone you waved "Bye Bye and sounds like your saying "hi and ba ba . You graduated to the bigger tub and you love it you can lie back and relax. You had a high temp this month up to 105 we were so worried but you got better after couple days it was roseola. Your radiant smile greets us in the morning again making us so thankful to god for you and Bella. You had 1st blood drawn to check for anemia thankfully everything looks normal. You tried cottge cheese last week, egg yolk, chicken, carots, and saltine crackers and rice crakes, bits chicken, carrots, risotto and cod you want to eat everything we eat. When your done you try and grab spoon now. Today you were munching on a peeled nectarine you LOVED it. You do not like Yogurt. Your still wearing stage 3 diapers and size 12 clothes. 9 Months 17 lbs 15 ounces & 27.95 inches

23: 10 Months Milestone - stood up by yourself holding on to THomas the train table October 2. Your getting up on your knees to reach into DVD/Movie shelves. and kitchen cupboards, You grab the spoon now or stick your tongue out to let us know you are done eating. You are so ticklish especially under the arms and neck. You understand the word clap and love to clap when you hear music or your sisters singing to you. The picture of you being hugged by your sister is a classic you just go with the flow until mom or dad come to rescue you:) You love to swing your upper body and head back and fourth on your high chair. When your told not for Sophia you complain by screaming back. You love your baths and starting sitting up to splash. Your so curious about the world love seeing it through your eyes. Often you taking lot of breaks from breastfeeding to check out your surroundings or look up to smile at me. You took your 1st hot air balloon ride at the OC Great Park and you went on first carousel ride.

25: Baby Girl | 11 Months Major Milestone-1st tooth bottom front left popped out in Hawaii October 14 on your 1st trip to Waikiki. You loved the pineapple and Opah Fish and of course the ocean and sand!. You also climbed the stairs 1st time Oct 19 after we came back from Hawaii and you were so proud when you made it to the top. You are pulling yourself up more and trying to figure out how to get down the steps in the living room. Just got back from Hawaii and now its time for Sophia's 1st Halloween:) My little lamb experienced Disney Land for 2nd and 3rd time this month celebrating Bella's 3rd birthday. Favorite ride was its a small world you were in awe taking it all in with your big beautiful eyes. Pumpkin Patch at Irvine Park and Yorba Linda and helping to clean out a pumpkin gotta start them young.lol We even went trick or treating you were such a trooper...watching your sister run down street house after house ahead of everyone yelling tick or treat:) 2nd tooth bottom middle popped out November 11 did not seem to cause you too much pain this time. You are still loving to use anything to pull up and stand.

29: Baby Girl | 12 Months 19 lbs and 29.33 inches Milestone: Got your 2nd tooth bottom middle front: mid November. You love to climb stairs like a pro and when we catch you you giggle and squeal with delight and climb even faster and look at us if too say catch me if you can. Cannot come down stairs yet. Mastered using front arms like a soldier for the 1 steps downstairs. 1st Poop in the crib mommy forgot and put you to bed without pants on :(( You had it everywhere and think you ate a little cause you were sick and threw up a few times but recovered quickly. Even after several washes you smelled like poop my Sophia chai:) You were all better by the time your birthday party few days later. You are saying "mama, dada and baba and trying to say Bella. You love and understand the work clap and you wave bye bye to everyone its so adorable. Its impossible to change your diaper you turn and you are determined to get whatever is at your reach. Always have to give you shaker or cream to keep you occupied. Eating- lately when drinking mama's milk you grab your toe so cute,. Sleep 8pm -6am and nap 930-12pm not much of an afternoon napper. You love to sleep on your front just all curled up with bum up in the air. sucking your thumb. Clothes fit 12-18 months and size 3 diapers getting pretty tight. lol You love to take all the CD/DVD out of the shelves and same with kitchen started with your bib draw but moved on to pantry. | ll';

30: 1 year's old

31: Sophia can't believe you are turning 1 already. Where has this year gone, can't believe it been a joy every month to watch you grow. So excited for your 1st Birthday Party doing a Hawaiian/luau in your honor. You loved the green hula girl cake all over your face and you dances to Hula dancer so cute. You even swung at your 1st Pinata :) All our family and close friends were there to celebrate with you. You liked the teriyaki chicken, Oma nasi goreng, lumpia and auntie Tina's macaroni salad. Nov 29th- had 1 year shots today poor baby 6 shots including flu shot and of course you cried and 30 minutes later you were smiling on a swing. You can walk while we hold your hands now we all take turns doing it and watch your proud smile. You love for us to read to you often i find you thumbing threw a book on your own. You also discovered how to take files out of daddy's side office table oh oh or anything out of a draw. So much to look forward to in this upcoming new year..Hope you enjoy this book someday we have been planning it since you were born. You are so loved by your mommy, daddy and big sister Bella. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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