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Sophia's First Year

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Sophia's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Sophia Correa Lino | The First Year

BC: Lovingly created in 2011 365 days of Sophia

FC: Sophia Correa | THE FIRST YEAR

1: Where do I even begin to explain how much you have changed us? You have brought so much good and love into our lives. You have taught me to be more patient, to love deeper, enjoy the small things, and never take anything for granted. This year has been a whirlwind and I can't believe you are a whole year old. It has gone so fast but it has been 365 days of pure bliss. You may have only been in this world a year, but I feel like I have known you my entire life. I think that's just God's way of telling me you were always meant to be a part of us. I love you more than you will ever know sweet pea and I am honored to call you mine. | My Sweet Sophia

2: 9 M O N T H S | O F S O P H I A

3: a | a

4: 7 lbs 10 oz 20 in | At 6:12 pm on 4.30.10 LOVE ARRIVES

5: It was love at first sight the second they placed you in my arms. You were the most beautiful, perfect thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. Mommy and Daddy both cried because we were so happy you were finally here.

6: We had a rough start when we first brought you home because your little tummy hurt. Daddy & I were wore out from staying up all night with you. | But after a few days and some formula, you were like a brand new baby | Your first night at home

7: After your first sponge bath | You only slept in your bassinet for 3 weeks | "Before I held you in my arms, I cradled you in my heart. My beautiful baby girl"

8: When you were four days old, we had your newborn photos taken in your room | You did so good! You slept the whole time. Except at the very end when you got upset and decided to pee on mommy.

9: My Favorite Toys | 4 Days Old

10: Four Generations

11: When Nana and Gigi came down after you were born, we decided that we wanted to get a picture of the four of us to represent the four generations. You were almost 2 weeks old.

12: Your first real bath | You didn't mind the actual bath part | It was afterwards that you hated...

13: But mommy made it all better with lots of kisses

14: Such a special day. You were there when Mommy graduated from nursing school. You were only 6 days old.

15: Weatherford College Nursing Grad 2010

16: Madly in love | You have only been in this world a short time but we are completely smitten. I just sit and watch you, even when you're sleeping, I can't get enough. All of your little sounds and coos are absolutely precious. I never imagined how amazing being your mommy could be.

17: Your daddy adores you, and you adore him. Every single second he isn't at work, he is spending time with you. I love watching you two together, your eyes light up every time you see him. You are going to be such a daddy's girl, you already have him wrapped around your tiny finger.

18: Your First Month

19: Steve & Crystal's Wedding | One Month Old

20: The many faces of you. | Such expressive eyebrows | The smirk | We call this one the baby bird

21: Sad face | Monkey face | Always sticking your tongue out

22: M O N T H 2

23: My brown eyed beauty. You are growing so fast my love. At 8 weeks old you started sleeping through the night. Mommy was more than ready for sleep. How did we get so lucky to have such an easy baby?

24: M E X I C O | W O R L D C U P 2010

25: We went to your abuelos' house to watch the Mexico-Argentina World Cup match. Daddy printed a copy of the Mexico flag, colored it in, and put it on your shirt. You wore it proudly!

26: Specially made... | Just for you

27: Before you were born I decided to have my wedding dress made into a christening gown and blanket for you. I thought it would be something special for you to have and keep forever.

28: 4th of July | We went to the Williamson Annual 4th of July party. Everyone loved you of course. You did so good too, you never cried once. You love being outside so you were in your element. I thought you might be scared of the fireworks, but you weren't scared at all. You sat and watched so intently. Even with the loud booms, you never flinched. Such a brave girl. I can only imagine how much fun you will have next year.

29: The next day we went to Aunt Gina's house to cook out and lounge by the pool. You looked super cool in your shades. We tried to take you for a dip in the pool but you weren't too thrilled about it. I bet you'll be ready by next summer! | Our little sparkler

30: 3 Months Old | We took you to Holland Lake Park in July for your 3 month pictures. It was a little hot outside, but we eventually got a smile!

32: My little monkey

33: You want to be close to me at all times so I put you in the Moby wrap and we do everything together. You just sit there quietly and watch me clean, do laundry, cook dinner and everything! When I can't get you to stop crying and nothing else works, I put you in the Moby and you stop instantly. It's like magic.

34: Baptism | August 21st 2010 | You were baptized at St. Steven's Catholic Church. You fell asleep during mass and woke up in the middle of the baptism ceremony. You looked around and wondered where you were and started crying. I gave you my finger and you were just fine. Afterwards we went to your abuelos' house for your party. Lots of people came to celebrate with us. You stayed up the latest you've ever had before, until 10:30! I thought for sure you would sleep in for us in the morning, but nope you were up bright and early at 6 am.

35: Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James 1:17

36: 4 M o n t h s o l d | m m m m m m g o o d

37: We got the go ahead at your 4 month appointment to try rice cereal. You loved it. | You knew exactly what to do with a spoon. It's like you've been eating it forever.

38: The many names we call you | Little bug | Sweet pea | Sugar plum | Punkin' head | Little butt | Love bug | Mama | Mija | Darling girl | Sugar butt | Crabby Crabkins

39: You poor girl... | How will you ever know your name?

40: Your first taste of real food

41: Your first food was peas, they were a hit. You loved them. I make all of your food for you. I buy fresh fruits and vegetables, cook them, put them in a blender and freeze the cubes until you are ready to eat. I love making your food, it is so healthy and so much fun.

43: Your first trip to the the park was a memorable one. When daddy got off of work one Friday, we loaded you up in the car and went to Holland Lake Park. We wanted to take you so you could see the ducks. I knew you would love them, and you did. You wouldn't take your eyes off them. Watching you see new things for the first time is something that is hard to explain,it's just amazing. I love the way your eyes light up and how excited you get. You take it all in. It's almost like I'm experiencing it for the first time too, but better.

44: T I M E W I T H N A N A | L O V E

45: At the end of September, Nana flew down for a long weekend to spend time with us. We only had 5 short days together but we made the most of them. We had a blast! | Nana took this picture while she was riding in the back with you. You loved having the company.

46: 5 Months | You are changing everyday, you are no longer my tiny newborn. You are able to sit up on your own now, we still put pillows all around you because you are a little wobbly. Your giggles are infectious, we tickle your little neck and can't help but laugh right along with you. You are still sleeping like a champ at night but I can't same the same for the day. I think you just like keeping me on my toes. You've tried a few new foods now but your favorites are peas and sweet potato.

48: Pumpkin Patch | 2 0 1 0

49: We took you down to the local pumpkin patch and picked out a few pumpkins.. This was my first time to a pumpkin patch as well, we are going to take you every year. We had so much fun.

50: Your Very First Halloween | We took you over to your Abuelos' house to meet up with your cousin Ryland.. Then we all headed to a local church to do Trunk -or-Treat. You didn't last that long seeing it was way past your bedtime, but you still did great! You made such a beautiful ballerina.

51: Trick or Treat

52: 6 Months Old

53: We went down the farmer's market to take your 6 month pictures. Strangers kept coming up to us telling us how cute you are. They're right. | The photos turned out great and you had a blast playing with all the pumpkins and hay.

55: half a year. | I can't believe it's been a half a year already. Time has really flown by. It's been an amazing 6 months and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Te queremos mas y mas cada dia.

56: Me and my | Pop

57: Pop comes over to see you a couple of times a week in the afternoons. You smile so big every time he walks through the door. You like to play and read books, you're his little bug.


60: G O B B L E | G O B B L E

61: 7 Months

62: F A M I L Y | P H O T O S

64: Your first visit to see Santa. The people that worked there were so surprised that you weren't scared of Santa. You just sat there and smiled like a big girl. | Tis the Season

65: The day of you first Christmas parade, you even got to ride on the MKS float! | I was so excited for you to see your first Christmas tree so we put it up the day before Thanksgiving

66: Christmas Eve

67: We spent Christmas eve at your Padrino's house eating tamales and hanging out with family. | You sat on the floor and had a blast playing dolls with your cousins. We had to leave before the gift exchange because you were sleepy, but maybe you'll make it next year.

68: We had so much fun watching you open all of your presents, even though I think you had more fun with the boxes, bows and wrapping paper. This was the most memorable, special Christmas I've ever had. | 8 months

69: MerryChristmas

70: Pigtails | and Smiles | 8 months

72: Your buddy....Uncle Buck

73: Uncle Gregg comes over all the time to hang out and see you. You sure do love him, you smile so big every single time he walks through the door. He helps watch you so I can do things around the house. The three of us are out and about together all the time, we're always doing something!

74: Ft Worth Stock Show 2011

75: When Nana was in town visiting, we took you for your first trip to the stock show | Daddy put you on the tractor and looked like such a big girl | While we were there, we even got you your own cowgirl hat | Everyone had a great time

76: SNOW DAY!!!!

77: February 2011 | Your very first snow day. It snowed two times in one week. I think that is a record here in TX! I brought you outside both days so you could play for a few minutes. You loved it! | You wanted to stay outside longer but it was so cold and windy. We couldn't leave the house for almost 5 days, both of us were more than ready to get out of the house by the end of the week!

78: 9 Months Old

79: My big girl, you aren't crawling quite yet but almost. You'll do it on your own time. | You like to give kisses now. Big, sloppy, wet ones. I love it. Your kisses are liquid gold to me! | You hair is outrageous and out of control most days, but it's so cute. Gives you character. | You are such a happy happy girl. We love you more than you know.

80: Valentine's Day

81: Daddy sent us both flowers on Valentine's day. You got your very own pink roses. What a sweet daddy. | LOVE

82: We went over to your cousin Melissa's house for her birthday. While we were there, we brought you to see the goats. You loved them of course. We let of the babies, Marshmallow, inside the fence so you could get a better look. You loved him.

83: Hanging out with family

84: A Day At The Zoo

85: We went to the zoo with Uncle Greggory and our friends Lisa & Nolan. Both of you babies were very excited to see all the animals. I carried you around in the carrier almost the whole time. you did great. I can't wait to take you back this summer

86: Little Bookworm

87: You love books. You are just like your momma. You would be perfectly content to sit in our laps and let us read to you all day. A few of your favorites right now are Ten Little Ladybugs, Animal Alphabet book, and your lift the flap animal books.

88: 10 Months Old | You are getting to be such a big girl. You are crawling now, which keeps me very busy between chasing you around everywhere and trying to keep the floors clean. You've also learned how to clap recently, you do it all the time. Your new thing now is, every time you see yourself in a mirror you smile so big and wave to yourself. I've never seen anything more cute in my life. You are so much fun.

90: The reason I love mornings...

91: Who wouldn't love waking up to this smiling face every day?

92: We met Aunt Jenni at the Botanic Gardens during spring break. The flowers were so pretty, you wanted to touch them all. It was fun but we didn't stay too long because there were so many people there and it was getting hot.

93: Ft Worth Botanic Gardens | So we decided to go eat lunch and do a little shopping. It was a fun day!

94: 11 months | Here comes Peter Cottontail...

95: Sophia, mi amor | You are the light of my life. I wake up everyday excited to start our day together. Everyday is a new adventure. We always have a blast no matter what we are doing. Even if it's doing something as simple as picking wildflowers in the front yard. Those little moments turn into some of our greatest memories.You always know how to brighten my day. I see that beautiful smile of yours and life gets a little sweeter. Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without you. You have stolen our hearts and we are better for having you in our lives. I am forever grateful to call you mine, I love you sweet baby girl.

96: Happy Birthday | Sweet Sophia

97: Happy Birthday Sophia Correa. This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you have in store for the future and for our family. Thank you for such an amazing year. We love you dearly.

98: Mama's favorites

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