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Spica Smurf

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BC: Ale Acosta && Devin Wells 8th period- Science

FC: Starlight, Starbright. | Spica...

1: "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." -

2: "Don't count the years...count the memories." | Dust particles flew everywhere in sight. The beaming lights showered overhead as the clouds spun everywhere. Dust and gas collided by the force of gravity and it started to condense. The two stars were planning something very special, and at this point it will heat up so much that there is then a huge atomic explosion. The nebula turns into a fireball and the first atomic fusion starts, and "BOOM," Spica, and Spicette are born. The universe has now a new set of twins.

3: Color- Blue Surface temperature- 22,400 Kelvin Absolute magnitude-apparent- +0.9 absolue- -3.6 to -3.7 Luminosity- 1900 times more luminous than the sun Type- O Average Radius- 7.4+5.7 Star spectrum- Main sequence, Spica has a classification of B1 III-IV. The luminosity class matches the spectrum of a star that is midway between a sub giant and a giant star. Hydrogen. Main Characteristics- Spica is a close binary star whose components orbit about each other every four days. | Birth Certificate | Spica

5: "Being a parent means never having a minute... yet always making a moment." | I was born in clouds of dust and gases, mainly hydrogen. More and more gas is pulled together by gravity to form a cloud. After a while the cloud begins to spin. This makes the gas atoms bump into each other at high speeds, creating a great deal of heat. As the cloud becomes hotter a nuclear reaction takes place inside, and the cloud begins to glow. I have been in Mother Smurfs belly for over thousands of years this glowing cloud is called a protostar. I continued to contract until I became a star. I am the boy, and Spicette is the girl, the universe will have trouble coming

6: "Don't count the years...count the memories."

7: A little heaven on earth... | Spica loved being a living Smurf. I mean who wouldn't? At this young age Mother Smurf was constantly getting on to me because I have had many explosive cases of Hydrohea Fartsion. But I’m a guy, cmon. I loved doing that. While Spicette, the “good” sibling is getting all the attention she ever wanted. Sometimes I just hated her for that, she never has any fun. For my 11th Smurfday I overheard Spicette talking to mother universe about growing into a bigger star. I heard her saying something about Smurferty, but I wasn’t sure what that meant. I quickly searched it up on the Sminternet, and when it came up it talked about the star, “Nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join together, or "fuse", to form a single heavier nucleus. At this stage Helium Fusion will start” Will this happen to me? I asked myself. Well it must happen to everyone. But when will it happen to me? I guess I will have to wait...

8: BOOM. I released energy into the deep universe, beginning to change hydrogen to form into helium. My mind was racing as this was happening to me; it was my 13th smurfday too. Everything suddenly started to get smaller and smaller. It seemed as if I was growing into a bigger star.

10: I was a teen, and I had so many more privileges in the universe. I could have a girlfriend, go to PG-Smurfteen movies, and I could hang out with my smurfriends at any time. I only had a few years left of being a teen, and these were the best years ever, I love being a Smurf.

11: I invited my girlfriend to dinner at Smurfonald’s and as we were talking another Star walked by and started flirting with my girlfriend. That got me mad, and as soon as that got me mad my hydrogen had exploded out and wasted it all turning myself into a helium monster. I couldn’t take this another second so I left the restaurant booming with anger. I was now a Blue Giant.

12: It's been ten years and I haven't seen my girlfriend since that day, and I have lost so much energy, and I’ve been radiating my heat of since I’ve been so mad. I’ve been at my older Smurf for a little bit of time but I’ve missed my toddler years. As an adult my helium core has been running out, and my outer wrinkles have drifted away from the core as a gaseous shell, and that gas now surrounds my core. I knew I was coming close to the end, but I always lived my life to the fullest. I was a handsome Planetary Nebula.

13: Depending on the mass of the star, the star dies. If the star is big then it will die faster, the smaller the star is then the longer it will live.

14: My remaining core is now in its final stages. All that is left of me is a degenerate Smurf or white dwarf. Carbon fusion has happend.nAlthough I was very hot at the beginning, I have no more means of producing energy, so I am a white dwarf until I finish radiating my heat off into space until I have no more to radiate; Now I will be a black dwarf.

16: Live as if you will die tomorrow.

17: Since I am now a Black Dwarf I drift through the Smurfiverse. I might lose one atom in me every few billion years; this is very slow but after enough time I will just evaporate altogether.

18: When I died, I simply winked out of existence as a Black Dwarf, since I do not have enough pressure to fuse helium. So I simply grew dimmer and cooler as I floated through the void of the Smurfiverse. | "Live your life the fullest it an be.

19: Spica... | Spica...

20: You will be missed... You were an amazing smurf, and you will always stay in our hearts. Your soul will live on forever. | R.I.P Spica

22: Extra- Spica has a stellar classification of B1 III-IV. The subgiant and a giant star, and it is no longer a B-type main sequence star. This is a massive star with more than 10 times the mass of the Sun and seven times the Sun's radius.

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