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Stan's First Year

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8: YOUR BIRTH STORY | Your story begins on January 31, 2011. That night Momma decided to sleep on the couch because that was the only place I could get comfortable enough to sleep. At about 11:30, after being asleep for about two hours, Momma's water broke. That meant we were going to get to meet you soon! Momma ran upstairs and had to shake Daddy to wake him up to tell him the exciting news! We weren't sure if we should go to the hospital right away because Momma wasn't having many contractions. So Daddy "Googled" when we should go to the hospital! The computer told us that we should go soon so we calmly took showers (Momma even curled her hair!), double checked that we had everything and drove to the hospital. We called Lollie, Papa, Bebe and Ole Dad on our way! After getting settled at the hospital, we waited. Momma and Daddy both slept off and on through the early morning hours. We had a few scares here and there because your oxygen level would drop. Momma was put on oxygen and that seemed to help you a lot. At about 8:00am on February 1, Momma still wasn't making any progress so Daddy and Momma went for a walk around the hospital. We stopped and had our last meal together, just the two of us in the hospital cafeteria. When we got back to the room, Momma still had not made a lot of progress and the contractions

9: were not steady. So we decided to get pitocin to speed up the labor process and an epidural. Momma was VERY nervous before the epidural but the epidural helped calm those nerves. After the pitocin and epidural, we waited. Cherry Hoeng, a friend from church, came and sat with Momma and Daddy while we waited. At about 3:30pm the nurse checked Momma and I was 9cm! So the nurse said we could do a few practice pushes. She called in Dr. Schalk and we pushed for a few minutes. Dr. Schalk said, "Not quite yet, let's let the contractions do a little more work and we will try again in a few more minutes." So we waited about 30 more minutes and at 4:00pm the nurse said, "Let's do this!" So Momma started pushing. We were making progress but you were a little stubborn and towards the end you weren't recovering very well from the contractions so Dr. Schalk pulled out the suction machine "just in case." Well Momma wasn't going to have any of that so she pushed even harder! At 4:32pm, after 30 minutes of pushing, you were here! We did it! Momma and Daddy were both overwhelmed with how much we immediately loved you, Stanley Pierce!




14: YOUR NAME | When choosing your name, we wanted to choose names that were very significant. We chose "Stanley" after Daddy's best friend Richard Stanley Guy. Daddy met Stan when they were both raft guides on the Ocoee river. Stan passed away tragically on the river and your Daddy wanted to honor him by naming his first son after Stan. Stan was a good man and friend and I am sure you will hear a lot about his and Daddy's many adventures on the river as you grow up! The name "Pierce" is a family name on the Whittington side of the family and also the name of your uncle who, I am sure, is going to teach you a lot of funny, naughty things! | Stan & Daddy | Daddy & Uncle Pierce

15: Shortly after you were born, we received this sweet note and picture from Stan Guy's mother. We were overwhelmed with emotion!


17: AUNT MANDY | AUNT AIMEE | ROBIN BULMER | You had many people who traveled near and far to come see you after you were born. We were very surprised to see Robin and Jay Bulmer pop their heads around the corner at the hospital! Robin and Jay had moved to Florida and just happened to be in town for business when Momma went into labor. They were planning on surprising us anyway but what a surprise it turned out to be! Friends from Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church also came to visit including Cherry Hoenig, Judy Freeman and Sharon Craig. They couldn't wait to see you! Also George, Faye and Callum Samson were in the waiting room waiting for you to get here, along with Cherry. Bebe and Ole Dad flew in to town and Papa and Lollie drove all the way from Mississippi to see you in the hospital. And of course Aunt Mandy and Aunt Aimee also drove from Mississippi to meet you the week after you were born.

18: GOING HOME | On the day we took you home from the hospital, Tucson had a very unusual cold snap. So we really had to bundle you up! Judy Freeman made the jacket that you wore home. Also you had quite the entourage when leaving the hospital!

19: Thank goodness you loved your carseat and the ride home lulled you right to sleep! Your Daddy was the carseat expert and he knew exactly how to get you buckled in safe and sound. We came home to frozen pipes and no running water but Lollie and Papa had balloons and a cake to welcome you home!


22: MEETING "SISTER!" Lottie, aka "sister", wasn't sure what to think about this new little person that we brought home! The first time she heard you cry she had no idea what was making that noise! But she quickly warmed up to you! | "SISTER"

23: FIRST BATH We gave you your first sponge bath when you were only a few days old. Momma and Lollie had to discuss the plan of action before we got started. As you can see, you didn't like it very much but you sure smelled nice and clean after we were done.

24: CHECKUPS | 7 DAY CHECKUP WEIGHT: 7 LBS. 10 OZ. Momma and Daddy didn't get a picture of you going to your first checkup with Dr. Moussa because we were a little overwhelmed with it being our first outing as a family of three! Also, when the nurse took us back to the room, we had to take your clothes and your diaper off so they could measure and weigh you. When we did, you peed EVERYWHERE....several times! It was VERY funny! So we were busy cleaning up after you!

25: 2 WEEK CHECKUP WEIGHT: 7LBS. 11 OZ. -- 25% HEIGHT: 21 IN. -- 50% HEAD: 35 CM. -- 10-25% Your Aunt Mandy and Aunt Aimee were in town for your two week checkup and Momma was very thankful to have them there! You hadn't gained enough weight so Dr. Moussa had a lot of instructions for Momma to help you gain weight. Also, you had to get your heel pricked which made Momma cry! You cried just a little but you were very brave!




29: NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT Your newborn pictures were taken by Brent Jackman. Your session was a gift from Michelle Brower and Robin Bulmer. As you can see, you were a great little "model" slept almost the whole time! Except for when you pooped in Momma's hands!

30: 1 MONTH | You loved to take naps in your swing and you also loved to be swaddled in the SwaddleMe blankets. (top) Just one of the many funny faces you would make. (bottom) | A FEW FIRSTS - First smile - First Sunday at church You went to church on March 27th, two weeks after your surgery. The whole church had prayed for you and they were so happy to see you there!

31: Your first little photo shoot with Momma and Daddy with your "worried" look. (top left) Just riding in the car with your hands on your knees. (bottom left) You first smiled when you were one month old and that smile still melts our hearts! (below)

32: PYLORIC STENOSIS On March 12, 2011. when you were five weeks old, you had to have surgery for a condition called pyloric stenosis. That is when the muscle between the stomach and small intestine is enlarged, therefore not allowing food to be digested. It all started on Friday, March 4 when you threw-up an alarming amount while Daddy was giving you a bottle. Over the course of that week you probably had about five more episodes of projectile vomiting. The morning of Friday, March 11, Momma came to get you when you woke up and you were covered in vomit. | SURGERY | There was also a small pink dot in your diaper, which we later found out from the doctor was a crystallization that happens when a baby is dehydrated. Momma knew something wasn't right so she called the doctor's office and took you to your appointment at 11:30 but not before you having another vomiting spell as you were getting buckled in your car seat. At the doctor's office, we weren't able to see Dr. Moussa because of the short notice so we saw Dr. Foster instead. When she weighed you and you still hadn't gained any weight, plus the vomiting, plus the spot in your diaper, she immediately set up an appointment at the hospital for you to have an ultrasound to determine if you had pyloric stenosis. Daddy met us at the hospital and we all met with an ultrasound technician. She did some measurements and then you had to drink some Pedialyte

33: so she could see if there was any blockage. Sure enough, you threw all of the Pedialyte back up on the table and got it everywhere. The technician immediately got the radiologist who confirmed that you did, in fact, have pyloric stenosis. At this point it was after 5:00 on Friday so we had to wait to hear back from the pediatrician on-call as to what we needed to do. Should we take you to the emergency room? Should we wait until Monday? We had no clue what to do and all we could do was wait! We finally heard back from the pediatrician and they had admitted you to the hospital and you were scheduled to have surgery the next day! It was all very fast and overwhelming but we were grateful for all of the doctors' quick responses. After you getting an IV, we settled in for the night. We were also grateful for the nurses who found a way for both Momma and Daddy to spend the night with you in the hospital. That night was a hard night. We had to get use to changing your diaper without messing up any of the monitors or your IV. Plus you were still vomiting every now and then so we would have to change your shirt and blankets every time that happened. The next morning your surgery was at 11:00 and it lasted about an hour. They made a small incision above your belly button and went in an opened the muscle. Leaving you with the surgeons was one of the hardest things Mommy and Daddy had to do! We BOTH cried! You did amazing during the surgery and Mommy and Daddy were thankful that Sheri Hicks and Mark Conrad came to sit with us during the surgery. We all prayed together right there in the waiting room that the Lord would watch over you and the doctors and He certainly did! You healed perfectly and made up for lost time in regards to gaining weight! At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Moussa was shocked at how fast and how much you had gained weight! Momma and Daddy were so proud and glad to have you finally growing like you should! And you never looked back!

34: 2 MONTHS | A FEW FIRSTS: - First Easter - First time to roll over from tummy to back Look how those cheeks are filling out! And no more "worried" look (top)! "Sister" really liked it when you did tummy time on your play mat! She loved being on the floor with her new buddy (bottom left)! Tuckered out after a busy Easter weekend (bottom right)!

35: EASTER 2011 We were so happy to celebrate Easter with Bebe & Ole Dad! The Easter Bunny came to see you and brought you lots of goodies! After church we went to the Star Pass Resort with the Zak, Lisa & Lilly King for brunch. | 2 MONTH CHECKUP WEIGHT: 10 LBS. 2 OZ. -- 25% HEIGHT: 23 IN. -- 50% HEAD: 39.5 CM -- 25-50% This was your first checkup after your surgery and Dr. Moussa was shocked and very pleased at how much weight you had gained! She said she hardly recognized you and that you didn't even look like the same baby!

36: 3 MONTHS | 3 MONTH PHOTO SHOOT Your 3 month pictures were taken by Amy Henry, a friend of Aunt Mandy's. We took them on your first visit to Mississippi.

37: A FEW FIRSTS - You found your hands and your feet - You and Momma stopped nursing because Momma couldn't keep up with you! So you started taking a bottle

38: A FEW MORE FIRST: - First time in your bumbo (top left) - First time watching a Baby Einstein DVD (top left) - First time in your bouncer (top right) - First picnic with Momma & Daddy at the Sahuarita Lake (middle left) - First trip to the library for story time with Lilly King (middle right) - You started outgrowing your SwaddleMe blankets (bottom left) - You liked to hold your thumbs when you took you bottles (bottom right)

39: FIRST TRIP TO MISSISSIPPI - First plane ride (top left) - First time to meet your cousins, Drew & Laura Claire (top right) - First time to meet your great grandmothers, Mimi & Nana (middle left, Mimi pictured) - First time to meet "Unk" (middle right) - First t-ball game, you're asleep in the sling! (bottom left) - First time to stay at Lollie & Papa's house, you slept VERY well for not being in your own bed! (bottom right)

40: 4 MONTHS | A FEW FIRSTS - First laughs - Found your voice and really started "talking" more

41: 4 MONTH CHECKUP WEIGHT: 15 LBS. 13 OZ. -- 75% HEIGHT: 26 IN. -- 75-90% HEAD: 42.4 CM -- 50-75% | This was another great checkup and Dr. Moussa was, once again, VERY impressed with how much weight you had gained......almost 6 pounds in two months!

42: 5 MONTHS

43: A FEW FIRSTS - You started rolling from your back to your tummy and you soon became quite the little roly-poly - You started rice cereal and you weren't too crazy about it at first. We quickly switched to banana oatmeal which you preferred better than the rice cereal!

44: A FEW MORE FIRST: - Your first cross-country car trip, from Arizona to were a trooper! (top left) - We stopped in Abilene, TX and you got to meet Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Peggy (top right) - When we got to Mississippi we stayed in Tupelo at Bebe and Ole Dad's house. This was your first visit at their house. And we spent lots of time playing Scrabble on their deck (middle left and right) - You got to meet two of Mommy's best friends, Mary Stewart Rhea (bottom left) and Kendall Ainsworth (bottom right)

45: FIRST TRIP TO THE BEACH Your first trip to the beach was with Papa, Lollie and Momma! We went to Golfshores Plantation. On the way there we took a little "detour" so we had to take a ferry across the water to the hotel. You got to sit with Lollie while we crossed the water on the ferry in our car (top left & right). You weren't too crazy about the ocean was a little chilly! But you eventually learned how to be a good beach bum!

46: 6 MONTHS | Momma loves a clean baby (top right)! First time to swim in a swimming pool! Having a blast with Daddy (bottom right)! | SIX MONTH CHECKUP WEIGHT: 20 LBS. 13 OZ. -- 90% HEIGHT: 28 IN. -- 90% HEAD: 45.5 CM -- 75-90%

47: A FEW FIRSTS: - Started sitting up unassisted - Started eating baby food - First time in a swimming pool Sitting up all by yourself (top left)! Practicing with a sippy cup (top right). Loving the baby food, especially the sweet potatoes (bottom left)! This is how Momma would find you after you naps! You loved to prop your foot up (bottom right)! | DATE__________

48: 7 MONTHS | This is the month (September 2011) that we moved back to Mississippi! Mommy was keeping you entertained in the bathroom mirror since the packers had packed most of our things (bottom left)!

49: A FEW FIRSTS - You started feeding yourself your bottles - Your first babysitter, Mrs. Judy Freeman! Momma and Daddy played in a church golf tournament and Mrs. Judy kept you ALL day! Saying goodbye to Dr. Moussa - she was the best doctor (top right)!

50: BAPTISM | You were baptized on September 11, 2011 by Pastor Mark Conrad at Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church in Sahuarita, Arizona, our home church at the time. We had already decided to move back to Mississippi but it was important to Mommy & Daddy for you to be baptized in the church that had become like family and who had supported and prayed us through pregnancy, birth and surgery with you. We were also blessed that both sets of grandparents could be there to share in this special moment! We know that God has already started His work in your little heart and we have prayed, since the day you were born, that you will come to know Him as your personal Lord & Savior at an early age!


52: 8 MONTHS | TOP RIGHT: Visiting the pumpkin patch at the Episcopal church in Oxford BOTTOM RIGHT: You were a lion for your first Halloween! We only went trick or treating to Mitchell Rhea's house because Momma & Daddy were worn out from moving and sick!

53: A FEW FIRSTS - First Halloween TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, BOTTOM RIGHT: We lived with Bebe and Ole Dad for the first weeks after we moved back to Tupelo and we spent a lot of time hanging out on Momma & Daddy's bed! BOTTOM RIGHT: You loved playing in the paper as we unpacked boxes and settled in to our new house!

54: 9 MONTHS | 9 MONTH CHECKUP WEIGHT: 23 LBS. 0 OZ. -- 90-95% HEIGHT: 29 IN. -- 75-90% HEAD: 47.5 CM -- 90-95% | A FEW FIRSTS -First time sitting up in the shopping cart (with your cute cart cover. -First Thanksgiving -First hotel stay | We spent your first Thanksgiving with the Givens (Bebe's side of the family) at Kyle and Tracey LaRues house. Bottom right is you enjoying some sweet potatoes in your make-shift high chair, aka your stroller

55: 10 MONTHS | A FEW FIRST -First Christmas -First tooth - bottom left tooth -Started crawling - You started doing a funny, half army crawl. You would roll just your right arm and pull the rest of your body! It sure looked funny but you got where you needed to go!

56: 9 MONTHS | FIRST CHRISTMAS | You had a great first Christmas! We kicked of all the festivities by going to the Tupelo Christmas parade (top left). We also did a little Christmas craft with Thomas McAlilly. We made handprint ornaments that we gave to grandparents (bottom row). You LOVED the Christmas tree (top middle).Momma took a little break from Christmas shopping to dress you up like a reindeer (top right). Also, Momma got a new camera for Christmas and you were a great little model for our Christmas card picture (middle)!

57: We also were blessed to spend a lot of time with family. We had Christmas with Ole Dad and Bebe a few days early (top left & middle). Unk couldn't be there because he was living in Colorado. We went down to Brandon and spent Christmas Eve and Day with Lollie and Papa. Santa Claus came to to see you at their house and you must've been good! We also went to Nana's house to have Chrismtas with the Bingham side of the family. It was definitely at Merry Christmas!

58: As you can tell, you weren't too sure about Santa Claus! We got you to warm up to him though by giving him "knucks" first. You were ok to sit on his lap....but not for very long!


60: 11 MONTHS

61: A FEW FIRSTS -You started pushing up into a seated position (top right).

62: 12 MONTHS | You turned ONE on February 1, 2012! So much happened in your first year of life and it flew by! On the morning of your first birthday Momma tried to make it as special as possible by filling your crib with balloons when you woke up (which you loved), having homemade muffins for breakfast along with a candle for you blow out.


64: PARTY TIME! | Your first birthday party was a huge success, despite the yucky weather. It rained steadily all day long but we had lots of family and friends show up anyway, just to celebrate you! You didn't know what to think about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to you (top right) but you LOVED digging into the homemade red velvet, chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese icing that Momma made (top left)!

65: DATE__________ | Pulling off your party was quite the group effort! Aunt Aimee made the wreath that hung on the front door (top left), Lollie made your sock monkey shirt, Momma did all of the decorations and made homemade banana pudding and cupcakes (bottom right), Lollie and Papa brought sock monkey party favors all the way from Brandon (top right), Daddy bought pizza for everyone, Bebe bought cookies from Rose's Bakery (bottom left) and Ole Dad even brought a baby goat for everyone to pet!

66: What an amazing and eventful first year you had! You are such a blessing and it is truly an honor and a gift to watch you grow!

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