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Stella's First Year

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Stella's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Stella Grace Griffith Year 1

BC: of 2011

1: Stella Grace Griffith Born February 25th 2012 6 pounds 2 ounces 19 Inches You were born on a Friday evening at 9:35pm. Your doctor was Darren Parham and your nurse was Sam Gomez. I went into labor about 11:30 the night before after starting induction. You had a waiting room full of people anticipating your arrival. When I saw you I thought you were the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. We loved you instantly. You had so much hair and that was definitely your most talked about feature. You made us a family. Your dad and I love you more than we will ever be able to express. You did change our world in more ways then one. The first few weeks were definitely an adjustment. You cried a lot!

2: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

4: Our beautiful baby girl!

7: Everyone came to meet you!

8: Welcome Home Princess! We were so glad to be home but also terrified of what lied ahead, and you were still crying...

9: To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world.

10: Your first bath! Luckily you learned to love bath-time and we learned not to be so scared.

12: Newborn Pictures

14: Look how tiny and precious you are... | Every day got easier, you got food so you finally stopped crying. Sorry I starved you for 2 days. We never knew how much we could love someone until you.

15: Nap time with daddy

16: Your first wedding shower and wedding! Sarah and Michael Snodgrass March 2011

18: 3 weeks, I can't believe how fast you are growing!

20: Month 1 8 pounds 6 oz So this baby book is not going to be all full of mushy lovey dovey stuff, I am going to be honest. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It is so tiring. You sleep for about 1 1/2 hours at a time and that isn't cutting it for me! I do love you more then life itself, but I sure hope you sleep better soon... You still cry a lot and in case you get cancer when you are older it is likely my fault. I called the doctor so many times thinking there was something wrong with you that you got a swallow evaluation. There was nothing wrong with you except a little acid reflux. While I was glad you were okay, I also cried because that meant they couldn't make you stop crying. You slept in a bassinet in our room and dad and I would wake up and feed you and watch TV throughout the night. It was nice family time. Google Charlie Sheen when you are older, he was having a bit of a mental breakdown during this time and we spent quite a bit of time watching him on TV!

21: You are the most beautiful girl in the world... | 4 Weeks old!

22: Your first camping trip. We didn't stay the night we just went to visit for the day. It was always daddy's dream to play bocce ball with you in a baby carrier!

23: Grandpa got you to sleep with the choke hold technique.

24: You liked sleeping on people. You slept on my chest at night sometimes. You napped on daddy's chest daily. | You were so warm and cuddly

26: Month 2 11 pounds 6 ounces 21.5 inches We got on a schedule and life is much more peaceful. You eat every two hours then we play and you take a nap. My favorite time of day is in the morning because you are so happy. Bath time is also very enjoyable. You love to take a bath. You kick your feet and we play in the water. You are only waking up once a night between 2 and 4 then you start your day at 6am. This was your first holiday, happy easter!

27: This shirt was the first piece of clothing that daddy picked out for you. You look so cute!

28: Stella and aunt Pam | Stella and Grandma Connie

29: Stella and Grandma Tammy | Stella loves daddy

30: I just wanted to take your picture in the pretty dress... | Your first trip to the horse races!

31: You loved sitting outside,..

32: Your first steps in the pool!

34: Your first trip to the zoo! I think we had more fun than you but you were happy just being out and about.

36: Month 3 I had to go back to work this month. I hated daycare and hated having to leave you. I got to come visit you on my lunch hour and that was wonderful. I didn't care for daycare at all. It is hard to hand your baby over to strangers. Nan keeps you on Monday and Friday and that is a huge blessing. She loves you so much and spoils you rotten. You are sleeping through the night and that makes going back to work so much better and more bearable. It is getting warm outside and you love the pool. We spend a lot of time there. My first mothers day was this month and you got me a Kitchen Aid mixer so that we could make cookies together for years to come. I had always wanted a mixer.

37: Your smiles made our hearts sing | Beautiful angel

38: Sammy and Randy came to visit!

39: Stella and Sammy

40: Your first summer at the pool!

44: Month 4 The sleeping through the night didn't last long and now you are waking again 1-2 times a night. What are we going to do with you :) You are a gorgeous growing baby girl. You love to swim in the pool. Your daddy's first fathers day was this month. We went to the pottery place and made him a plate. Your art skills are way better then mine so your section of the plate was much better then mine. You were a trooper and didn't mind having paint on your feet and hands. You started eating solids this month, kind of. I didn't try much other then rice cereal. You weren't very interested so we didn't try much until you were about 6 months. You never did like the rice cereal.

45: Look at that pretty smile

46: 4 month family pictures

47: Our first family pictures. It was pretty darn hot on this day but Dawn was a wonderful photographer. You were a great sport as well.

48: Your first fathers day! We went and made daddy a plate. You are a great artist.

50: You and daddy on fathers day!

52: Look at the big girl eating!

53: Your first attempt at rice cereal. It wasn't your favorite.

54: Month 5 | You are learning to sit up, you still need help but you are doing pretty good. You play really well by yourself. You are getting to be much happier now that you can entertain yourself some. You try and eat everything you find on the floor. In our house that means you are eating dog hair. You are starting to eat solids. You don't like rice cereal or baby oatmeal. Daddy and I are making your food, mainly daddy... Your first food was avocado and you like it pretty good. Your first fruit was pears and they will become your favorite food. For now you don't eat much of any of it.

57: You look really cute in your monster towel

58: Month 6 | This was a big month! You started sitting up by yourself, not that you can tell from the picture to your right! You started scooting on the floor and two weeks later you started crawling! That means we only got two weeks of bliss where we could put you on the floor and you could sit up and play without worrying where you went! You also started getting your first tooth and then the second week the second tooth came. Your top teeth were the first to come. You started crawling September 22nd. It was a big day. Every night daddy gets you ready for bath time. He tickles you and does a "pit check", it is really cute and you giggle and laugh. You really like bath time. You still aren't sleeping and I thought I might die. We tried cry it out and it was awful. You cried for an hour! I am sorry if I scarred you for life. That was the advice everyone gave me but I don't think their kids had your will power.

61: It's your first game day! Boomer Sooner!!! | 2011

62: 7 months | Your first work was dada and it came this month. You also started clapping your hands. You are crawling all over the place. We barricade you into the living room so that you stay safe and we stay sane. We are getting creative with road blocks. The dining room chairs work great. I still get to come see you every day at lunch and I really enjoy spending that time with you.

63: You're such a big girl, sitting up all by yourself!

64: Yummy Peas!

65: You like peas but your favorite food is pears. You are a pretty good little eater. We make all of your food from scratch. That really means dad makes all of your food :)

68: So cute yet so mad!

69: A little heaven on earth...

70: 8 Months | This was your first Halloween and Thanksgiving. You were Minnie Mouse. Daddy took you to Boohaha which is the Halloween parade, I had to work so you guys were on your own. This was also the month that we had a pretty good sized earthquake 5.6! It woke you up. You started pulling up on things to stand up. You also started using a big girl cup. This was your first holiday season and I was really excited about that. We went to the Philbrook and looked at all the Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. We were really excited to get to experience the season with you. You got your picture taken with Santa at the Philbrook. You didn't cry you just wanted to stare at him. You are a very inquisitive child.

71: You love playing with toys. Your favorite was the one in the picture above that made farm sounds. | You can pull yourself up on things! What an achievement!

72: STELLA'S FIRST HALLOWEEN Daddy took you to Boohaha while mommy was at work. You two had lots of fun!

73: You were the cutest Minnie Mouse ever!

76: Cherish The Ones You Love | Thanksgiving 2011

78: The Holiday Season at the Philbrook

80: Santa!!!

82: Christmas Time!

83: Your first time with the Christmas tree. You wanted to taste all of the ornaments.

84: 9 months Sleep is still an issue... You are now sleeping in our bed. This wouldn't be a problem if you were sleeping well but you still wake several times during the night. When we try to lay you down in your crib you wake up and start crying instantly. When you are laid down in our bed you stay asleep. This is your first Thanksgiving! You are crawling well so you are all over the place. You play very well by yourself which is fun to watch. You can't walk yet but you can stand up assisted and can pull up on furniture. You make the holiday season extra special. I am looking forward to all of the fun seasonal activities. We went with Sarah and Michael to the Philbrook's Christmas light special. I enjoyed it and you liked all the trees. You had your picture taken with Santa there.

86: Henry! First he was Daddy's now he's yours!

89: Daddy's Birthday, Mommy's Birthday, and Christmas #1!

90: # You got so many presents! Aunt Dawn brought you your favorite book of the season, "That's not my snowman".

92: 10 Months This was a big month, your first Christmas and you started sleeping through the night!!! Merry Christmas to us all :) On the topic of sleeping, month 9 was rough and dad and I decided that we were going to put you back in your crib because no one was sleeping. We were very stressed the night we were going to put you back in your room because we were anticipating lots of tears on everyones part. I put you in the crib and waited for the crying to start... It didn't, you slept all night! Christmas was wonderful, we got to see a few relatives that we don't get to see often enough. Of course they thought you were adorable. You got way to many gifts from all the people that love you. Dawn got you a book called thats not my snowman and we read it frequently. It is a sensory book so there were lots of things to touch. Grandma Tammy got us zoo friends and aquarium memberships for Christmas and they have been a wonderful family activity.

94: Christmas at the Barnes'

98: You like peoples mouths, maybe you are going to be a dentist.

99: You liked to ride the pony!

100: Christmas morning!!! You got up bright and early at 5am! | Santa brought you a house with a working doorbell and porch light. You must have been a good girl this year!

104: Christmas at the Grace's | 2011

108: Using our aquarium membership on a cool winter day!

110: Zoo Fun!!! It was a little chilly but not to bad. It was your first ride on the carousel.

112: Your first hair cut! January 18 2012

114: Play time!

118: This was your face during this stage. So cute!

120: 11 Months As you can tell from the pictures to your right you are starting to walk pretty good. Sorry there are not a lot of pictures this month. We took 700 last month so I guess we took a break in January. Actually I think I was busy planning your first birthday party! Turn the pages and see all my hard work :) You get more and more funny. We are enjoying being your mom and dad so much. You are still sleeping so that is wonderful! Seriously the sleep was the hardest part of becoming a new parent. Now that you are sleeping I feel like we can survive anything! This month we enjoyed our aquarium and zoo passes some more. The winter was pretty mild so we got to spend time outside. I actually think some of the previous months pictures are actually for month 11 but I didn't know for sure so I just left them in month 10.

122: Month 12 You are 1!!! I can't believe the first year is over. You have grown so much and we have all learned sooo much. The love that your entire family feels for you is amazing. You are such an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful little girl. We love you more then we could have ever imagined loving someone. Thank you for allowing us to be your parents. Your birthday party theme was "you are my sunshine". My mom used to sing the song to me and I put it on your nursery wall. There were tons of people who love you at your party. You are walking well at this age. You are still saying dada. You are saying dog too but we hadn't yet given you credit for it. Dog was your first word besides dada. We are looking forward to the future watching you grow. You can slow down though. This first year went so fast. We had our ups and downs but there isn't anything I would change, except for the sleeping ;) We LOVE you!

140: It's Your BIRTHDAY!!!!

141: Birthday Donuts!

144: Fun times with lots of family and friends | You got a tricycle for your birthday!

147: Birthday Hats!

151: It was an amazing year and you are an amazing gift to your dad and I. We have all grown and learned so much. Your are so much fun and such a joy to be around. We are looking forward to the future and watching you grow and learn. Love you, Mom and Dad

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