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The Brownies - 2011

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The Brownies - 2011 - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Auburn & Ronnie Beau Brown

FC: Auburn & Ronnie Beau Brown | A day in the life...

1: 2011 brought lots of changes to the Brown family! Auburn celebrated her 1st Birthday on January 23rd in high style, smearing cake from hither to yon! The other big news was the birth of a bouncing baby BOY! Ronnie Beau Brown was born August 23rd. He is perfect in every way! We are so blessed!

2: Auburn's first Christmas! | 2010

3: She loved playing in the paper!

4: Around Christmas, we took pictures at the park in Glenwood. It was very cold!

5: Early in the year, Auburn mastered the art of running full speed and getting into everything!

6: Toes are good!

7: Winter was really cold so Auburn stayed bundled up!

8: Happy 1st Birthday, Auburn!!

10: Playing with my cousins! | Seth & Auburn | The next generation...

14: Trojans in State Tournament!

15: The Ebenezer Road 'Bon Mack' | Pop and Dewight with granddaughters, Auburn & Ali!

16: Easter 2011

19: Relay for Life Centerpoint School Team Snoopy | May 13, 2011

22: May 14, 2011

25: The Sleep Fighting Monster

26: Annual Kirby Landing Camping Trip | It was HOT!

31: Hanging with friends... | Happy 2nd Birthday, Will! | Auburn & Andi | Auburn & Wyatt

32: And the big day was finally here! | Ronnie Beau Brown 7 lbs 4 oz 19 inches Born at 12:31 p.m. | August 23, 2011

43: In the News! | Glenwood Herald

50: In October, we found a bunch of outdoor toys for the kids! Auburn is 'Eva Knievel...'


56: Tonight as I got ready for bed, I decided to give Auburn a bath. I'm tired and I've done something to my back so I was very ready to lay down. Auburn didn't have much of a nap today so she's been screaming on and off for the past several hours and I was getting worn out. So I went in the bathroom and ran the water. I came and got her and got her undressed (screaming all the while) and told her we were going to take a bath. She thought that seemed like a good idea and calmed down. I put her in and sat beside the tub. She splashed around for a while. I showed her how to wash her back, her arms, her legs, her feet... and so forth, so she was busy doing all that. I got out a wash cloth and washed her back, behind her ears and her neck and showed her how... so she did that for a while. I wadded the cloth up and squeezed it out on her back... she said, "Ooooohhh!" So we did that a few more times. Opened up her new bath toy, which instead of being used as a floating car, became a water splashing tool. I washed her hair without much objection and started telling her it was time to get out. | Opened up her new bath toy, which instead of being used as a floating car, became a water splashing tool. I washed her hair without much objection and started telling her it was time to get out. "No, no, no, no, no!" And she pulled the shower curtain between me and her. So I settled back in the floor again and decided I'd give her a few more minutes to play. (After all, she was terrified of baths for a long time so this is a win in the big picture.) I watched her play for a while and then she grabbed something between her finger and thumb and handed it to me. I figured it was some little piece of grit floating in the tub. I took it from her and she grabbed another one and handed it to me. So I started watching her to see what she was picking up... It was bubbles. She was splashing and then picking up a bubble and giving it to me. I took the next one with her smiling really big at me. I thanked her very much, told her I loved it and she just beamed! | Bubbles | October 16, 2011

57: So she made me several more bubbles and gave them to me. Each time, she got more and more excited because I was so happy. :-) I grabbed the phone, hoping to take a video of her doing it...but her attention had turned to something else. It melted my heart. I took a few cute pictures and put the phone back down. She played for a little while longer. While she was playing, I noticed she wadded the bath cloth up and pulled it up above the bath water. She squeezed it and watched the water drip down and with the other hand, tried to catch the "string" of water that was pouring out. She tried it several more times before moving on to something else. We stayed in their a while longer and I just absolutely enjoyed the heck out of watching her. My back hurting didn't matter. My sleepy eyes opened back up. And for a few minutes, I viewed the world from the eyes of my beautiful almost 21 month old daughter. | One of my friends wrote earlier on Facebook, something to the effect of, "I look at my son and know that I love him more than anything in this world... and remember that Jesus loves us even more than that..." And I thought of the song, "I saw God today..." And I thought of this... "So now I'm slowin' it down and I'm lookin' around And I'm lovin' this town and I'm doin' alright......" Right now as I write this, Mich just picked up squeaky clean little girl and smooched all over her, making her giggle, giggle, giggle!! What a WONDERFUL SOUND! Don't know what the future holds...... but right this second, this wonderful moment in my life, IT IS GOOD TO BE ME!!!

61: Our little Cowgirl... October 2011

65: "An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest." - Judy Hand

66: Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

67: Playing with Uncle Raymond!

68: Hangin' out with Andi!

70: Woooooooooo PIG SOOIE!

72: On November 17, 2011, Ronnie Beau had to have surgery to have a hernia repaired. We stayed overnight in Little Rock and traveled to Children's Hospital early the next morning. | Seen here at the hotel, then headed to the hospital, and below wearing his little surgery pj's during pre-op.

76: Aunt B's Daycare

77: A day in the life... | Auburn & Ronnie arrive each day at Aunt B's Daycare at about 7:30 a.m. They settle in their stadium seating, at left, and watch cartoons until everyone starts to really wake up... and then the fun begins!! Aunt B and Uncle Brian sing songs, teach the alphabet and have helped teach Auburn good manners. She faithfully says, Please ("Peez,") Thank you ("Tanechu,") Bless you ("Bess yoo,") and Excuse me (Skooome!) Auburn's best friend is Maddie. They are close to the same age and are partners in crime. Every day, each of them drive Aunt B and Uncle Brian crazy until the other one arrives. Auburn's favorite toy is the laptop computer. She drags it around a large part of the day. She loves to put hats on her head. It can be a pail, a helmet, a hat, she loves them all! So far, Ronnie Beau is the only one in his age group. I suspect he is probably getting all kinds of extra lovings!

78: The mornings are filled with love and laughter at Aunt B's Daycare. As the children arrive wiping sleep from their eyes, our own Aubie-Daubie also known as Auburn Brown, walks in to a collective cheer! "Aubie Daubie" can be heard above all the rest from her best friend, Madison Sigman, who runs from afar to greet her friend as if she hasn't seen in years. In she walks with Baby Brother at her side. She has a full day ahead of her, only slowing down when Mom and Dad knock on the door to head home. The squeals of two young girls can be heard over everyone else in daycare. Auburn and Madison play hard together, building a friendship that may last a lifetime. Watching Auburn and Madison play together gives us I great pleasure knowing that they'll have each other to share their growing up years with! | Notes from Aunt B & Uncle Brian!

79: We went to the park one day with Auburn. While we were there, she ran up to a boy I had never seen who was swinging. He saw her and hollered, "Hi Awbun!" and jumped down and hugged her and she crawled up in his lap. She stayed there a few minutes, they spoke in their own language, she told him "Bye" and we left. It was as if we jumped forward 15 years and I got a glimpse into her social circle. Can't believe she is growing up so fast! ~ We'll have to watch her with those older boys! ~

84: Our Family Heroes!

85: Congratulations Aunt Mashae!

86: Auburn & Ronnie | Danielle | Mich | Sharon | Ronnie | Lanye | Paul | Brown

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