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The Goos

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S: Madeline and Emma First Year of Life

BC: Madeline & Emma \ July 2007 to July 2008

FC: The Goos

1: Madeline Sophia & Emma Jenkins | July 18, 2007

2: This book is all about our first year of life | We are Madeline and Emma. We are fraternal twins born July 18, 2007. Our mom and dad absolutely love having the two of us. It means they don't have to fight over who gets to play with a baby. We are best friends and love to play together, especially at naptime and bedtime.

3: Madeline & Emma July 18, 2007 | After a long three weeks in the hospital on bedrest, we welcomed Madeline and Emma into the world. They were born at 34weeks 3 days. Everything went very well and they came out screaming and breathing on their own. They were taken to the NICU to grow and gain strength. | Madeline Sophia Borden | Emma Jenkins Borden

4: Hanging out at Swedish July 17-August 7 | There were many days spent visiting the girls in the hospital. They were very well taken care of but it was tough. They spent 5 days in the NICU and then were moved to the special care nursery where they worked hard on eating and growing.

5: Both girls were a little jaundice and had to hang out under the tanning lights for a little while. | Thank goodness the nurses were there to help mommy and daddy give you your first bath. You were so small, it was hard to hold on to you.

6: Our First Family Photo | The girls were in separate cribs on two sides of the nursery. It was a long while before we could hold them close together.

7: Visitors | Auntie Katie came to visit a lot. Uncle Ryan came too.It is so nice to have Katie and Ryan home from California for good. Nana loved coming to see her tiny little grand babes. | Visitors

8: Going Home August 5 & August 7 | On Sunday, August 5th we were able to take Emma home. It was very hard to leave Madeline behind but nice to ease into the whole parenting thing. Then finally on Tuesday, August 7th it was Madeline's turn to come home and see her new house. We weren't expecting her to be able to come home then, we had thought it wouldn't have been until Wednesday. I went to Swedish in the morning to visit her and the nurse said I could take her home. Of course I wasn't prepared and Chad was at home with Emma. He had to pack Emma up and come bring Madeline's things for going home.

9: This is the sight I came home to. We had separate cars so instead of following Chad home with the girls, I went to get us lunch. He was a super dad and got both girls home, changed and fed. I am a horrible mom and missed Madeline's homecoming. I think I was a little bit overwhelmed with trying to get things done.

10: Finally Together | We are finally able to let the girls share a crib and get to know each other. | We won't be able to hold both of them at once for long. | Feeding two newborns at the same time is a little tricky.

11: Play Time Touch Down | Papi is very good with the girls. He likes to sneak in kisses whenever he can.

12: Photo Shoot August 27, 2007

14: Go Cougs! September 8, 2007 | The girls made it to their first Washington State Cougar football game at Qwest Field. They were quite the hit and probably the smallest fans there. | Washington State vs San Diego State

15: Busy September | Uncle Jake came to visit. | Daddy read us our first stroy, Weedle on the Needle. | Football Sunday spent in Gig Harbor with Nana, Auntie Kendra and the cousins.

16: The girls met their Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jeffie. They came to visit for an extended weekend and we loved having them around. It is really hard to be so far away. | Grampy Rick and Grammy Jeffie September 27-30, 2007

17: Palm Springs October 1-5, 2007 | At the last minute Auntie Kiersten invited us to join her, Caroline, Nicholas and Molly in Palm Springs for the week. Kendra and I packed up the girls on Monday and flew down to the desert. The girls did great and enjoyed their time in the sun. We also got to spend some time with our cousins Brent and Landon and Aunt Margi. We had a wonderful time and it was hard to come back to the rain Friday night.

18: Three Months Old October 18, 2007 | I can't believe the girls are already three months old. I have no idea where the time has gone. My guess is that they are somewhere around 10lbs now. They are getting bigger and bigger everyday. They have grown out of all of their Newborn size clothes. They have been smiling like crazy for the last 2-3 weeks. Emma smiles with her eyes and has the flirting thing down. They are starting to roll over. Madi rolled over once on Sept. 11th but hasn't done it again until today. She went both directions, tummy to back and back to tummy. Emma went tummy to back this morning. I really need to be better about giving them tummy time.

19: Two Peas in a Pod Happy Halloween October 31, 2007 | I took the girls to Gig Harbor to spend Halloween with Caroline, Nicholas, and Molly. Kiersten, Nana and I took all the kids downtown for Trick or Treating. The girls didn't do much but sure got lots of comments for being cute.

20: Thanksgiving in Massachusetts November 19-24, 2007 | We had a wonderful visit with Great Gram, Virginia (Ginny) Jenkins | Emma and Grandma BB | Madeline and Emma already have a group of wonderful friends. (from left to right) Reed Garrett, Madeline, Lucy Frazier, Emma, and Ryan Laramee | Uncle Jake is so good with the girls. They love playing with him. | On Friday, we went to Westport to see Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jeffie. We had a wonderful dinner and were able to spend time with Rick's side of the family. | Chad's cousin Ted has two beautiful little girls Meredith and Amanda. They were so good with Madeline and Emma, I think we found our perfect little babysitters.

21: The girls are still a little small, but they are getting strong enough to play in the exersaucer for a little while. They LOVE it! | Miss Madeline found her thumb! At first I thought it was just by chance but she has been sticking it in her mouth and sucking on it all morning. Even when I put her down for her nap the thumb went straight in her mouth. She never has been a big fan of the binky. I know it's cute now, let's just hope the habit isn't around when she hits kindegarten. | A moment of peace. All three babies happy and content on the floor. Madi on the mat, Emma in the swing, and Papi snoozing along side his sisters. | Play Time and Thumbs Up November 28, 2007

22: On the hunt for the perfect tree. | Daddy and Madi | Mommy and Emma watching daddy cut down the tree. | The tree was perfect, we found a lucky bird's nest hidden inside. Here is Emma with the lucky nest on her head. | The perfect way to start the month of December, Christmas tree hunting and snow. Can't get better than that. We decided today was the day to go get our frst real Christmas tree. We packed up the girls, Papi and Auntie Kendra and started driving North. We weren't sure where we were going we just knew we wanted to cut it down ourselves. We ended up finding a great little tree farm in Standwood, WA about an hour North of Seattle. | The Perfect December 1st December 1, 2007 | Auntie Kendra and Madi

23: As we got closer and closer to home the snow started falling harder and harder. Here is our house in the first snow. | Still snowing | Decorating the Christmas tree | All done, Madi approves

24: More From December | Bath time | Tummy Time | Shopping downtown after seeing Santa | I love this picture of Emma. It captures her playful smile perfectly.

25: Our First Christmas December 24 & 25, 2007 | Daddy reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the girls on Christmas Eve. This has been a long time Capozzi tradition.

26: Now that 2007 has come to an end, I figured it was time to retire our Title picture and create a new one. Happy 2008 everyone! Here's to a great new year and hopefully for this Borden Family it will be a lot less eventful than 2007. Although, 2007 will go down in history as the best year of my life. I love this family that came to be. I think our Christmas card sums up the year pretty well. We were quite busy in 2007 with our wedding in February and the arrival of Madeline and Emma in July. The only other events not shown were the selling of one home and the purchase of another. Wow what a year! | Happy New Year 2008

27: Six Months Old January 18 & 19 2008 | The girls are big girls now. They had their first experience with solid foods today. A little rice cereal for lunch. Emma wasn't too sure at first but then started to get the hang of it. Madi took it right away but made the face of disgust everytime she tasted it.

28: Thursday's Adventure January 24, 2008 | We have had a wonderful day so far. We got up around 7:30 and said goodbye to daddy for the day. Then went down stairs and played until 9:00 when it was nap time. After nap time we got all bundled up and took our new stroller for a ride. We walked down to a great little park and the girls had their first experience on a playground swing. Emma loved it from the beginning. Madi was off in her own little world taking in every little detail around her. She just sat and stared at the sky and the trees. Exhaustion set in after swinging and the girls napped all the way home. Then it was lunch time and time to try solids again. Emma is the cereal queen, can't get it fast enough. Didn't like me taking a break to give her sister a spoonful; a spoonful that ended up all over the bib because Madi hates cereal! Although we found a winner today for Madi, and the winner is....avocado! She loved it!

29: We also practiced holding our own bottle/sippy cup, but we still like mommy to do it. | Tuesday night we had to bundle up in our Patagonia fleece jackets from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jeffie so we could go to dinner. They are perfect for the NW.

30: Daddy had to work late so he wasn't here to read bedtime stories. Which only meant the girls had to read them to themselves. They are already so smart :) Mommy actually read but wasn't nearly as good as daddy. | So Smart January 24, 2008

31: Look at our "SE", such a big girl. Sitting all by herself. She actually sat for quite a while and was able to hold herself up very well. We are so proud! | "LM" loves her daddy and puppy Papi. By the way, daddy is the KING of nicknames around here. Mommy is "Sleeper" and the girls are "Squeakers", "S-ers"(counts for all three of us girls around here), "SE"(which is either super Emma or squeaker Emma), and "LM"(little Madi) | Need I Say More... January 26, 2008

32: LM got to spend some quality time with daddy this morning while SE was napping. He shared his fruit with her and I think she liked it. | Mmmmm... We Like Fruit January 27, 2008 | A little taste of honeydew | And some cantaloupe... | Then a grape.

33: Morning Playtime January 28, 2008 | "Hi sister" | Look at those big blues, I don't know where she gets them they aren't from Mommy or Daddy. | Monday morning playtime... the girls wake up so happy it is great. This morning they were rolling around on the floor together and really interacting with one another. It is so fun to watch them play, talk and laugh together. | Daddy sure knows how to multi-task. He is taking the laundry up and LM is heading up for a nap.

34: Well, one can sit and the other can feed herself. | SE sitting and playing with her toy, LM kickin' back having a snack. | Oops...lost my balance. | "Wish I could do that" | We're Making Progress January 28, 2008

35: While daddy is in Phoenix experiencing this great day with friends, the girls and I are in Gig Harbor ready to cheer for the Pats at Nana and Papa's. We miss daddy but know that he is having an amazing time with friends at Superbowl XLII getting ready to watch his favorite football team make history. GO PATS!!!! | Well, not only are our favorite Patriots playing in the Super Bowl today, but LM got her first tooth! That's right a TOOTH! Her front lower left tooth was discovered this morning when she decided to stick my finger in her mouth to chew on. I was quite surprised. She hasn't shown many signs of teething, not fussy and not nearly a drool machine like Emma. I thought for sure SE would get the first tooth. She has been drooling and chewing on anything and everything for months. I am sure it won't be long. | The girls and I are going to a co-op preschool program put on by Bellevue Comm. College at the Kidquest Children's Museum. It is a lot of fun. We sing songs, play games, and have snack time where the girls get to try new foods.Sitting on the front steps all ready to go. | Super Bowl Sunday...What a Big Day it is February 3, 2008 | First Day of School February 4, 2008

36: So far the score is 2-0 February 5, 2008 | "Looks like LM may become a computer nerd just like her mommy. | This morning we discovered tooth number two in LM's mouth. Her bottom right broke through sometime in the middle of the night. There was nothing when she went to bed, and a tooth when she woke up. She has been pretty uncomfortable all day, constantly playing with them with her tongue. Overall, for the teething thing I would say she is doing well though. She is sleeping a lot. Poor SE still has none, zip, ZERO. But I really don't think it will be long. | "I'll show you my tongue, but you can't see my teeth" | "This teething thing isn't very fun." | "Look at me, my sister may have teeth but I'm swimming in the kitchen sink"

37: Gig Harbor February 11, 2008 | The girls and I went down to Gig Harbor to spend the night with the cousins. Kiersten went to Florida and Joe had to work, thank goodness Nana was around to help. Three infants aren't easy. | This week's new food is sweet potatoes. Emma is diggin' the solid food thing and LM is still a little hesitant but doing better. I think SE has more sweet potato on her than in her belly. LM much rather have her milk. | Orange Monster February 13, 2008

38: I tried to get creative and artsy but it is hard with a bad camera. One of these days we will have a nice one and maybe an Ultimate Light Box system to help with the horrible shadows. | Happy Valentine's Day February 14, 2008 | One Year February 17, 2008 | One year down and many more to go. Today is our one year wedding anniversary. As crazy as this first year of marriage has been, it sure has been amazing. Kendra watched the girls for us and we went up to La Conner, WA for the night. We stayed at a great place on the water and enjoyed the time away.

39: One of our carriers turns into a backpack when the girls are old enough. Looks like they are old enough. Lm taking Papi for a walk with daddy. | The girls are 7 months old today. Can't believe they are past the half way point to 1 year. What am I going to do!? At 7 months their favorite food is sweet potatoes, Madeline has 2 teeth, Emma doesn't have any. Both girls are sitting on their own, rolling in all directions and scooting themselves around. No crawling yet. Emma can't get enough of Papi. They both have incredible giggles when you get them going. The past few months have been so much fun. Can't wait to see what the next few months bring us. | Seven Months Old February 18, 2008 | Madi's New Ride February26, 2008

40: I am sure the girls have some Irish in there somewhere. | Aren't they getting so big?! | Playing with twins can wear a person out. Nicholas is staying with us for two nights while Kiersten is in Las Vegas. He rarely takes naps. He slept for an hour upstairs then woke up, came down stairs and fell asleep again. It has now been a total of 3 hours. Hope he sleeps tonight. Papi is apparently tired too. He and Nicholas have a lot of fun together. | Happy St. Patrick's Day March 17, 2008

41: That we have our first crawler. Madi has figured out how to move her legs forward, one step at a time. | The girls also got to take their first bath together tonight. Madi laughed the whole time. Nicholas jumped in with them. It was quite the party. And of course Papi had to be part of the action too. | Tomorrow could be the day... March 17, 2008

42: At 8 months.. Madi is working really hard on crawling, she gets on her knees and can move them both forward one step then goes down. She sits up very well on her own and is trying to figure out solids still. She like apples really watery. She sucks in her bottom lip and refuses to smile for the camera. She can entertain herself for hours, has incredible focus and gets frustrated when she can't figure something out. Emma is practicing balancing on all fours, she is great at going backwards. She also can sit up on her own very well. She devours solids like they are the last food on earth. She loves everything. She laughs and smiles at everyone especially her sister. She loves to be entertained by her daddy and could spend all day in mommy's arms. She is very talkative and babbles on and on. They are both great sleepers, sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 3 naps a day. Always happy and easy going. We are truly blessed! | Our Baby Blossoms are 8 Months Old March 18, 2008

43: The Easter bunny met us at Nana and Papa's with Easter baskets. We had a huge brunch with the whole family and all the cousins. The only person missing was Uncle Ryan. He was stuck in Hawaii. All the girls had matching dresses so we had to try and capture a picture. It is an impossible task to get all five to smile at the same time. If you look closely you can see Kiersten and I in the mirror trying to get everyone to look and smile at the same time. | Happy Easter March 23, 2008

44: While I spent 4 days in Las Vegas with my childhood friends Erin, Sommer and Shannon, Madeline decided it was time to make the move. She started officially crawling. She went from two little shuffles to across the room just like that. Nana and Papa were lucky enough to be the eye witnesses to this major milestone. | Emma isn't too far behind. She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth. Hopefully she will decide to make the move when both daddy and I are watching. | Motorin' March 28, 2008

45: Grandma BB came out for a visit this weekend. It is always fun to see her and we wish we could spend more time with her. The girls love her and had lots of new tricks to show her, crawling, sitting up, talking, teeth, etc.... Before BB left I made her read the girls a bedtime story and put them to bed one last time before she left. It's hard to say goodbye. | Visit with BB March 28-30, 2008

46: Daddy's Girls

47: A Few of my Favorite Things | A few weeks ago I had a gal come over and take pictures of the girls. I was hoping to get the disc by Easter so I could give Chad and all the G-parents pictures for Easter, but I didn't get it in time so I am posting some of the pics here now. Nana was here for the day, so we were able to get a few shots with her. Emma was the happy little ham she always is for the camera. Madi refused to smile the ENTIRE time. In every picture except one or two she has her bottom lip sucked in. I tried everything to get her to smile. I was singing, making silly faces, using props, nothing worked. It was too funny.

48: How do you teach 8 month olds to share and take turns? Over the last two days I have watched the girls go after the one toy that the other one has. Now that Madi can crawl and Emma is great at scooting, they attack each other and steal toys. It is pretty funny, but I am predicting it won't be so funny in a few months. | I managed to capture the sequence of events... Here Madi had crawled over to Emma to try and get the picture book. | Then we have a moment of sharing, but that didn't last long. | Emma managed to get a hold of the book and put it on the other side of her body, so Madi crawled after it. | Emma got smart and rolled on top of it, so Madi attacked her. | Finally, Emma was distracted by the camera and Madi had a moment of victory. | But that didn't last long, and Emma was after the book again. | Help, It's Already Started! April 2, 2008

49: Mommy Does My Hair April 3, 2008 | And even during bath time, Madeline goes after the toy Emma has. This time a small duckie tucked perfectly in her mouth | And of course after bath time we have to do our hair. Emma's hair is just about long enough for a little clip right on top. Madi's isn't quite there, but a little clip makes her look girly.

50: Madi figured out that she could crawl for a while then stop and sit up all on her own, then back to crawling and back to sitting. She was very proud of herself. She also figured out how to pull herself up on her knees on the side of her crib. I am sure it will only be a day or two and she will be standing. I had to pull the rail of her crib up, just to be safe. We lowered the mattresses on Monday but kept the rails down, but now they are up and will stay up. They are growing up so fast. | Well, the score is now 2-1. Emma has her first tooth. It started breaking through yesterday and by today if she let you in her mouth you could actually see it peeking up. I thought she would also start crawling this weekend as well. She can go forward a step or two then falls to her face. | A mother's little slice of heaven... Emma snuggled up and fell asleep in my lap tonight. I could have sat there for years just holding her and smelling her freshly washed baby hair. I wish I could bottle it up. | A Weekend of Firsts April 6, 2008

51: I Think I Can April 12, 2008 | Emma wants to crawl so badly. She is trying so hard. She lunges her self forward and is able to get to the things she wants, but it isn't quite a nice graceful crawl. | On Thursday night Emma was running a fever and wasn't feeling very well so she got to have some snuggle time with Daddy before going off to bed.

52: Let the fun begin...Emma is crawling. One day shy of 9 months old and she did it! She had been doing two steps at a time then falling, but today she started moving all the way across the floor to go after what she wanted (usually her sister). | This is how I found Madeline when she got up from her nap today. She loves her new found freedom of movement. | Jail Bird April 12, 2008 | Baby Proofing Here We Come April 17, 2008 | And this is... Emma being Emma, now just imagine a raspy voice yelling "AAAHHH!" to go with the picture.

53: Mommy is 31 years old. Not sure how that happened or where the last year of my life went. I don't remember turning 30. Chad and I are going to dinner and the girls are going to Auntie Katie and Uncle Ryan's new pad for a sleep over. A whole night of peace and quite at our house! That could be my favorite gift. The girls are also 9 months today. At 9 months... Their favorite thing in the world is bath time. They could stay in there for hours splashing around and sucking on rubber duckies. They are out of the baby bathtub and both just sit on a non-slip pad in the big bathtub. It is quite entertaining. (Madi has her tongue out just like her daddy-got to concentrate on splashing) And they love to play together in their cribs. It is a great place to put them if I need to put away their laundry. And there is always playtime downstairs. They are both crawling, Madi started March 26th and Emma April 17th. It is funny to watch them crawl around on the floor and explore. Papi loves it! Still only have 3 teeth total (LM=2, SE=1). I think there is another one soon to arrive in SE's mouth. Emma still loves any solids I give her, we are working on finger foods. Madi only likes fruits. She hates veggies which is a trait she gets from her Papa. We started doing baby sign language with them. They can't sign anything back yet, but hopefully it will help with communication down the road. I keep working on the sign for mommy. "Kickin' back and enjoying our milk." We go in for our 9 month well baby check up on the 23rd, I can't wait to see what they weigh and how long/tall they are. It is unbelievable how far they have come since weighing in at 4 lbs. | A Big Day at the Borden House April 18, 2008

54: The girls had their 9 month check up today. Here are the stats... Madeline-14lbs 12oz, 26 1/4in. Emma- 16lbs 7oz, 26 1/2in. Before we headed to the doctor we tried some yogurt with our bananas. | Nine Month Check-Up April 23, 2008

55: Our Own Mastercard Commercial April 24, 2008 | Foam flooring...$60 SuperXT play yard gates...$80 Having an unfurnished living room turned into an XL playpen for two crawling munchkins...PRICELESS | They are still aloud to explore the rest of the house, but this is my little slice of security when I need to get things done and can't keep and eye on them.

56: Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jeffie are visiting for the weekend. Today we drove up to Skagit Valley to the tulip festival and over to LaConner for lunch. | Fun with Grammy & Grampy April 27, 2008

57: We final had a nice warm spring day and the girls got to spend some time outside. Daddy was working in the yard, so we set up a play pen and let them get some fresh air. | A Beautiful Spring Evening May 4, 2008

58: The girls' personalities are really starting to shine. Madi is a feisty little thing. I always knew she would be like this, but it is really starting to become apparent. She can be happy exploring the house, or laughing and kicking her legs on minute then screaming and inconsolable the next. Emma is a little mellow mama's girl. I am sure a lot of it is from the double ear infections this week, but she loves to be close to me. She is fun and happy. She can be wild and jump all over the place on second and be quiet and happy with her thumb in her mouth the next. It is so fun to see their individual qualities come out. I am a little nervous about what the future holds especially with Madi. I have a feeling I will be chasing her down every where we go. And Emma will be right next to me holding my hand with her thumb in her mouth. I love these girls so much! I can't put into words how fun they are, the good, the bad and the ugly are just amazing. | Yesterday the girls were playing in the play pen when all of a sudden Madi started screaming. Not sure why she just started screaming, then she would stop for a second and start again. | I don't think she knew why she was screaming so she decided to attack Emma. I don't think Emma was able to help her figure it out either. | After Madi's melt down it was bath time. Always a favorite time and Madi was a happy girl again. Daddy helped Emma dry her hair. Look at that tired face, thumb in and ready for bed. | Personality Shines May 9, 2008

59: This is 45 minutes after I put them "down" for an afternoon nap. | confession- this was partially staged. I wasn't able to quite catch them in the act. By the time I ran to get the camera, they were on their bottoms. | Having A Twin Sister Means... May 9, 2008 | Nap Time is Play Time

60: Have you ever played the game where you have to figure out what is wrong with a picture? Here's our version... Can you guess which baby daddy was in charge of? | That's right, Madi is wearing her clothes in the bath. Oh yes, we have fun in this house. | That's better! | I'm sorry but this girl has some beautiful eyes. Emma Wearing Daddy's hat in the bath | And this Miss Blue Eyes knows how to make a mess out of her dinner. | What's wrong with this picture? May 12, 2008

61: First, I let Madeline fall flat on her face. | Second, I made Emma pose for a picture that she was clearly not thrilled about. | We went to Cougar Mountain Zoo with a few friends and they had some great animal statues that we thought would make for good pictures. | Madi decided it was a good time to show off her balancing skills and stand all by herself without any support for the first time, | which then led her to fall flat on her face | and shed some tears. | I am nominating myself for mother of the year for two reasons... | Mother of the Year May 16, 2008

62: We finally had some great weather in the NW. We hit the high 80's Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday we went to Gig Harbor to spend some time with Nana, Papa, and the cousins. Caroline was very excited for the twins to wake up from their nap so they could join her for a tea party out on Nana's deck. Saturday we went over to Sammamish for a BBQ with some friends. I loved it. | Our fist hot weekend of the year May 16 & 17, 2008

63: At 10 months.... Favorite food is definitely Cheerios! They could eat them all day if I let them, and they love to find leftovers on the floor. The dog however does not like them. He isn't very good at helping me clean up the mess the girls make at meal time. They still love bath time. Madi is perfecting her skills of standing. She has balanced on her own a few more times. She loves to pull herself up on anything including the side of the bath tub. She is also learning the word no, especially when she stands in the bath. She is very good at communicating when she doesn't like something with various grunts and screams. Emma is working on standing also. She loves to kneel and stand in her crib where she can bounce and bounce on her mattress. I have a feeling she will be a bed jumping fool. She is always smiling and is still the happiest baby I have ever seen. | Ten Months Old May 18, 2008

64: The score is 4-2. Madeline has two new teeth, her two uppers have cut through. Emma still has a while I think. Emma has perfected the skill of pulling herself up to standing in her crib and can now jump and bounce even more. You can hear her jumping through the monitor. She is so proud of herself. The girls also discovered how much fun it is to play with Papi's water bowl. Madi found it and started splashing around so I put it up. But then it was dinner time for Papi and the girls dove right in with him. Thank goodness he is such an easy going dog and loves the girls. | Another Eventful Weekend May 25, 2008

65: Here are the four Brody, Jackson, Emma and Madi checking out the giraffes. Madi is very good at making the giraffe noise. | Jackson was showing the girls how to bang the drum. Look at the girls look at him with such adoration. | Emma playing with the boys in the tunnel. | The giraffes were very close. | Look at this guy just hanging out in his tree. | After walking around the zoo for a bit we went into the kid play zone and let the kids run (crawl) around. | Emma's very first carousel ride. | Madeline's first carousel ride. | The first of Many trips to Woodland Park Zoo May 30, 2008 | I finally got the girls to Woodland Park Zoo. We live ten minutes from this fabulous place and I finally made it. We met our friend Amy with her 16 month old boys Brody and Jackson. We had a great time and I have a feeling this will be a weekly occurrence for many years to come.

66: Hanging out with Daddy May 31, 2008 | Today we took the girls to lunch at Ray's Boat House. On the way home we made a quick pit stop at the Ballard Lockes. Chad went out to run errands and I got to witness the girls' new skill. Now I have to figure out how to block the stairs before this becomes a favorite activity.

67: Today's Lateest June 3, 2008 | Emma has discovered she can open and play in the kitchen drawers. Thankfully we only have 2 drawers the girls can reach. One is full of cutting boards and the other baby bottles. Madi has finally figured out how to clap on her own and she doesn't stop. I still haven't captured it on camera.

68: Papi and the girls ran their first 5K today. Daddy signed us all up for the Furry 5K at Seward Park here in Seattle. It's a 5K race for dogs. Daddy and Papi ran it for time, the girls and I took our time and jogged slowly. Pushing that big stroller is a workout in it's self. As we crossed the finish line, we were told the girls were the first twins to finish. | Mama and her babies. After daddy and Papi finished running, they came back and found us. | Papi getting ready for the race. After the race and all tuckered out. | The whole family before the race. | First twins to cross the finish line June 8, 2008

69: Well, Madeline is up to 7.5 teeth. I say .5 because I am sure #8 will pop through tonight or tomorrow. Emma has taught herself how to clap, or maybe Madeline taught her. Last Thursday she just started clapping without any prompting. Emma has about 6 bruises on her face/head. She loves to stand up on things then she just lets go and balances for a second then it's down she goes. In her crib she just plops down on her bum and bounces but that doesn't always work in the rest of the house. She often falls forward and can't catch herself. Poor girl, I have been calling her "my little thumps, bumps and bruises". I may have to talk to the Dr. about the bruising, hope she is getting enough iron. Here are some pics of our morning playtime. | What's New? June 10, 2008

70: After 6 days away we are all home at least for a little while. Daddy is off to Spokane and Idaho until Friday, then Chicago next week, then we are all off to Duxbury, Martha's Vineyard, Westport and Boston. Dadddy and I just got back from spending 5 nights in San Diego watching the US Open and hanging out with friends. Daddy had a great first father's day, he didn't get to spend it with his babies but did get to spend it with other dads like Ryan Bartlett, Chad Tassel, and Tiger Woods. We had a great time watching the most incredible US Open. We even changed our flight so we could watch what ended up being a 19 hole playoff on Monday. Wow, that was some good golf. Of course we have no pictures cause you can't bring in cameras but I will never forget what Tiger Woods looks like from 5 feet away. The girls spent Father's day with their Papa in Gig Harbor. Nana and Papa were kind enough to watch the girls for us for six full days and five nights. | Home Sweet Home June 17, 2008

71: Well, most of it has been. The 3 am feedings weren't all that joyful, but they are long gone and I was so out of it I barely even remember the pain. We are having so much fun watching the girls grow. They have become such little people, it is incredible to witness all they have learned. | At 11 months: Their favorite foods are Baby Mum Mum rice crackers, minestrone soup, veggie burgers, strawberry yogurt, apple sauce and waffles. Madeline has 8 teeth and Emma still only has two. They both love to stand and pull themselves up. Emma loves the kitchen drawers and Papi's water bowl. She is doing quite well with standing on her own, I actually think she may walk before Madeline. Madeline is little miss independent. She loves to play by herself. She could spend hours upstairs in the hallway crawling back and forth and laughing the whole time. | Eleven Months of Pure Joy | June 18, 2008

72: A Day in the Life June 19, 2008 | Good Morning, I am ready to play! | My sister woke me up! | Papi is cleaning up breakfast | Papi puts up with so much, a fist full of fur and a thumb in the nose. | Who needs toys when you have a kitchen drawer. More playing in the kitchen drawer. | Snack time, Emma grabbing crackers off Madi's tray.

73: Modeling Auntie's craftiness at dinner. | Eagerly waiting to get in the tub. | You can never have enough bath time photos. | And 1 1/2 hours after the girls were put down for bed, they are still playing. Actually I am typing this 2 hours after I put them down and I can still hear them. It is 8:50.

74: This afternoon we went to the girls' friends Isabella and Fiona's first birthday. We met Iz and Fi back in September in our twin PEPS group. I can't believe all the babes are hitting the one year mark. It was fun to see the gang even though we were missing a few. Here are all the kids from yesterday. | All of the little twin Peppers in December at one of our last meetings. | The Old Gang Back Together June 21, 2008

75: We love to play! June 23, 2008 | Especially with daddy. Chad has been traveling a lot lately, but Saturday night he spent some time playing with the "goos". | I have 8, how many do you have? | Madeline IS her father's daughter. | Rockin' out to Pearl Jam, a favorite activity with daddy. | Friday's play date at the park, we made a new friend Mia. | Today we had a play date with our friend Ellis. Ellis was in school with us in Bellevue this spring and will be in our class again in the fall.

76: Our First Family Vacation June 26-July 8 Duxbury, Martha's Vinyard, Westport and Boston | We left Seattle on the red eye flight heading for Boston on June 26th. The flight went very well, and the girls slept the whole time. Grampy Rick picked us up at the airport Friday morning and took us to Gramdma BB's in Duxbury. After a nap we recovered from the flight and hung out at the Snowy Owl. Then BB took us to Duxbury Beach for our first real beach experience. On Saturday morning the Fraziers came over and loaded their car with our belongings. We jumped in BB's car and followed the Fraziers to the ferry that would take us to Martha's Vineyard. We arrived and headed for our home for the week, where the Bartletts and Hitchens were already waiting for us. Andy and Jill also joined us for the week. We had an incredible time going to the beaches and walking around the island. The Fourth of July was our last full day so we celebrated with a lobster bake and watched the fireworks from our deck. Saturday morning we packed everything up and walked down to the ferry dock. We took the ferry to meet Grampy Rick who picked us up and took us to Westport to spend time with him and Grammy Jeffie. On Sunday we spent the afternoon with the entire Borden Clan at the boathouse and enjoyed another lobster bake. The girls had fun hanging out with their second cousins Meredith, Amanda, Andrew and Peter. It is always fun to see that side of the family. Monday morning we packed up once again and headed back to Duxbury to spend one more night with grammy BB. We also got to spend some time with Susie Romanski and her daughter Kate, Susie is BB's cousin and greatest friend. That evening we took the girls up to Fenway to see their first Boston Red Sox game (thank you Fraizers for the tickets). The heat and humidity were ridiculous so we only lasted 4 innings, but the girls did great considering and the sox won. Tuesday evening it was time to head home. The girls did amazingly well with all the traveling and sleeping in new places. They saw many new faces and adjusted right away to their new surroundings. Twelve days away from home is a long time. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Also while on vacation the girls made some new developments. Emma came out of her little shell and is now little miss talkative and social. She talks all day long and has a crazy loud voice. Both girls started saying "mama". They also both started practicing balancing more on their own, it won't be long before the first steps are taken and my world changes once again. Playing with Lucy Frazier encouraged the girls to move a lot more and a lot faster. Lucy is a few months older and is on the move. It was so much fun watching the three girls interact all week. Baby Lucas is still a little young to join the crazy fun, Madi would have clobbered him.

77: Duxbury June 27, 2008

78: Many hours were spent on this wonderful deck. | The girls' first ferry boat ride. | Waiting for our ferry. | Watching the ships sail by. | Martha's Vineyard June 28-July 5, 2008

79: Playing with Lucy on the deck. | BB came over on Wednesday and stayed the night. | At lunch in Oak Bluffs. | South Beach, with great big fun waves.

80: A day at State Beach

82: Fourth of July

84: The Boathouse in Westport July 6, 2008

86: Duxbury and the Red Sox Game July 7, 2008

87: Auntie Kiersten pregnant with Molly born July 29th, and me with the girls in my hospital room on July 7th, 2007. Auntie Kiersten was 4 weeks more pregnant than me and clearly had a smaller belly. Wow, amazing that I can't remember what it felt like to be that big. I still imagine it being a wonderful thing, but know in my head it was impossible to get comfortable. | On the morning of July 17, 2007 I was working on my 21st day of hospital bedrest. After my 14th ultrasound Dr. Faulkner was ready to see if the girls were healthy enough to join us in this world. I got up early and was wheeled down for one last ultrasound and amnio to check the girls' lungs. That was not fun, I had a 9 inch needle poked into my belly twice! Then rushed back up stairs for one last meal, or what I thought was going to be my last meal. The lungs checked out and Dr. Faulkner called the OR to see if she could squeeze me in that afternoon. Well, the OR was booked so she put me on the books for 8am Wednesday morning the 18th of July. I remember calling Daddy and telling him we were having our babies, and also to hurry up with my lunch thinking it would be the last thing I ate for 24 hours. Luckily because I ended up being scheduled for the following morning, I was allowed to eat dinner as well. Daddy and I both took a few deep breaths and tried to wrap our minds around what the near future held for us. I don't think either of us were prepared for what it has become. I sent Daddy home that night to get a good night sleep and I too snuggled in my oh so comfortable hospital bed for one last night of rest. | My Oh My, Time Flys By July 17, 2008

88: Happy Birthday Girls! Daddy decorated their room so when they woke up they had a surprise. He is such a good daddy. | I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I still look at Madeline and Emma and can't believe I am their mother. And then look again and can't believe what little people they are turning into everyday. They are no longer my tiny little infants, they are children with their very own strong personalities. We are having so much fun with them, I can't begin to put into words the sheer joy they bring us. Everyday I think to myself how lucky we are to have twins, and such beautiful little girls at that. The minute the girls were born, Chad turned into more of a father and husband than I ever could have imagined or hoped for. He is so good with the girls. They absolutely adore their daddy. They light up when he comes in the room or gets home from work. It melts my heart every time I see him playing with the girls. Thank you Chad for being the most amazing father this past year. I couldn't have done any of it without your love and support. Here's to many more amazing years with our beautiful daughters. | Our Babies Turned One, Wow, What a Year! July 18, 2008

89: The girls each got a pretty pink tutu to strut around in on their birthday. They even wore them to Costco.

90: Birth 4 pounds, 6 ounces | One Year 17 pounds, 8 ounces

91: Birth 4 pounds, 11 ounces | One Year 18 pounds, 2 ounces

92: growing fast and loads of fun, our little girls are turning one! Madeline & Emma saturday, july 19th 3:00 pm the borden house 6529 32nd avenue ne seattle, wa 98115

93: A Beautiful Day for a Celebration July 19, 2008

94: We celebrated the girls' birthday today with family and friends. It was a beautiful day to have everyone over. The girls had a great time and loved their cakes.

96: Dear Madeline Sophia, You are my first born girl, born at 8:28 am on July 18th 2007. I remember laying in the operating room with a sheet up across my chest so I couldn't watch the doctors, when all of a sudden I heard you crying. I was awe struck with the thought that I was your mother and you were my daughter. They wrapped you up and one of the nurses brought you right up to my face so I could get a quick look at you. It was love at first sight. You were a tiny little peanut weighing in at 4lbs 6oz. But that tiny little body didn't hold you back. You were a fighter from the beginning, breathing on your own and working hard at eating. At one point you were laying on my chest when all of a sudden you lifted your head, turned it and laid it back down. The nurse and I looked at each other in amazement and the nurse said “she's not supposed to be able to do that”. So small, yet so strong. When we finally brought you home after 21 days in the hospital, you grew with leaps and bounds. You surprised me with rolling over when you were only 8 weeks old, although I am not sure you meant to cause you didn't do it again for a few months. You began crawling with little effort and were on the move in no time. I can already see that you are an independent, strong willed little girl. You take time to figure things out and try, try, try again when things are tough. You are so happy playing in the living room all alone with your toys, yet you still love to rest your head on my shoulder when you need some love. You look so much like your Daddy, it is hard to tell your baby pictures apart. Although, you have the most striking, piercing blue eyes. And with those baby blues you look out into this world with such intensity and curiosity. You have the most contagious little laugh, you light up a room when you get giggling. And you entertain us all when you talk with your little gremlin voice, and say “mama”. My two favorite times of the day are when I come in to get you and Emma up in the morning and when I check on you two sleeping at night. In the morning you greet me with the worlds largest smile, showing me all 8 of your little teeth. You hold onto the crib and softly bounce. When we walk out of your room and head towards the stairs you get even more excited. I hope you greet everyday of your life with that kind of excitement. At night when it is time for bed, you hold on to your little lamby blanket so tight and snuggle up for a good nights rest. Without lamby at bedtime, you are lost. But before long you are fast asleep and I get to sneak in and watch you for a few minutes. I wish I could freeze those moments in time. You are so innocent and peaceful. I love you with all my heart. Love, Mommy

98: Dear Emma Jenkins, You are my sweet second born girl, born at 8:29am on July 18th, 2007. With the second born status you are more patient. The doctors delivered your sister and you patiently waited until it was your turn. You came out feet first and took a moment to pee on me before you did anything else. It took you a second to cry, which was a little startling but you were okay and with a little squirt of oxygen your lungs were healthy and strong. When they wrapped you up and brought your little 4lb 11oz body to me I was speechless, you looked nothing like your sister. It was quite apparent that you two are fraternal and already were two very unique individuals. From the beginning you were our strong little eater, following your schedule of eating and resting. You spent 19 days in the hospital and were able to come home all by yourself. It gave us two nights alone with just you and we were able to ease into learning how to do it on our own. From the moment we brought you home you showed us that you had the patience of a saint. So often you were the second to get fed, or to be changed and you would just sit there so peacefully waiting for your turn. You were such an easy baby. You learned how to soothe yourself with your thumb and haven't let go. As you have grown over these last 12 months your fun, wild and very active side has shown through. While I was pregnant, you were always my mover and shaker, and slowly it began to show again. You could spend hours no matter how tired you were jumping in your jumparoo and exersaucer. Before you could stand you would thump your legs over and over in your crib laughing away before you finally fell asleep. Now you stand in your crib and jump, not bouncy, but jump with both legs for hours. You jump whenever and wherever you can. We call you our little happy jack, you are always happy and ALWAYS have a smile on your face. You have the world's largest smile, you smile at everyone and make their day. Your daddy loves to make you smile even when you are upset. Your daddy tells you all the time to keep smiling like you do everyday and your life will be a happy one. You have a natural sense of serenity and peace that I have never seen, and at the same time a strong desire to explore and learn. You love to discover new treasures in drawers, cupboards, baskets, bags, and anything else you can dig in. You get so excited about what this world has to offer you, so excited you scrunch your nose in delight. You peek at it through your long curling eye lashes with such wonder and amazement. You are a little ham, and love to be social. You are also Mama's little girl. Watching me, waiting for me and when you are tired, reaching for me to comfort you. I hope you will always stay by my side. Keep smiling pretty baby. I love you with all my heart. Love, Mommy

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