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WE'RE HAVING A BABY & That Baby is YOU! - Page Text Content

S: WE'RE HAVING A BABY & That Baby is YOU! A Storybook Rendition of Mommy's Pregnancy Journal

BC: This Book Belongs to MADILYNN RAE LOHFF

FC: WE'RE HAVING A | A Storybook Rendition of Mommy's Pregnancy Journal | Madilynn Rae Lohff | That | Baby | is | YOU! | &

1: WE'RE HAVING A | A Storybook Rendition of Mommy's Pregnancy Journal | & | That | Baby | is | YOU!

2: Lovingly Created For Madilynn Rae, This is the story of you and how you came to be. A Storybook rendition of your Mommy's Pregnancy Journal. Illustrated By Grandma Roxanne XOXOXOXO November 2011 | XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

3: This story is our blessing we thank God for everyday! A story about a baby-- OUR BABY MADILYNN RAE! | "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."


5: We must back up a bit for your story to be told. Introduce your parents and see it all unfold!

6: Your parents have a story, they really break the mold. You see they've known each other since they were 5 years old! | Meet your Daddy! Mathew Douglas Lohff | Daddy is a Rig WELDER & travels far for work! | Daddy Loves everything Outdoors! | Daddy WORKS so hard! | Daddy is 28 years Old! | Daddy is a STUD!!

7: Daddy is on the go all the time! | Daddy really especially LOVES to duck hunt! | Daddy loves to Hunt & Fish! | Daddy's Best FRIENDS POPs & Tugboat! | ROMANTIC!

8: We grew up in McCall, even shared Kindergarten class. We graduated High School, then 7 years would pass! | Mommy went to hers since | Mommy ONLY sees the BEAUTY in EVERYONE! | Mommy LOVES to read, fish, camp & travel ! | Africa... a dream of she was a little girl!

9: Meet your Mommy! CARISSA ANNE HILL-LOHFF | Mommy is a Special Education Teacher! | BEAUTIFUL! | Mommy is | 27 years young! | Mommy's a PROM QUEEN!

10: LOVE is in the AIR! | Mommy moved away, but came home one summer break. She ran into your daddy-- that's all it did take!

11: Your Daddy was proposing, six months later. When a BEAUTIFUL ring was served on a platter! | A beautiful story to share with you someday! | THE PERFECT PROPOSAL... | December 22, 2009

12: The very next summer we were married at the lake. A BEAUTIFUL celebration-- Dancing, laughing & cake! | August 14, 2010

14: BEAUTIFUL McCall, Idaho | Your First Home! | Daddy had a house that Mommy made a home. It was cute and cozy with a yard for "Tug" to roam!

15: "Home Sweet Home" | TUGBOAT | We knew right away and planned that someday A baby from Heaven would come our way!

16: Our dream came true, we're happy as can be! Our family of two is soon to be THREE!

17: DID YOU KNOW | Your name was chosen by the 1st Trimester! | If you were a boy your name would have been Braxton Douglas Lohff! | YOUR middle name "Rae" is your Grandma Roxanne's middle name. She cried when I told her! | We had been married 6 months when we got pregnant! | You have a | TUGBOAT | Puppy Brother

18: Mommy's Journal Notes: (1st Trimester) 2/28/11- Took two home pregnancy tests- POSITIVE!! ***Ran to hospital for test...Confirmed! ***So anxious to meet my baby! ***First 8 weeks... constant queezy throughout the day... just dry heaving ***Tired by 2pm. Take an hour nap after work & still in bed by 9p.m. ***Got car sick driving Hwy 55 McCall- Boise | 1STTrimester | Mommy kept a journal, captured pictures, too. The excitement of it all is the miracle of YOU!

19: 3/25/11- First Prenatal appt. (8 wks. 4 days.) Saw Dr. Swajkoski in Boise. Had my 1st Ultrasound! I got choked up seeing it and the heart flutter for the first time! Amazing... all I could say! My weight 137 lbs. Baby's Heart Rate 170. 4/12/11- It seems the nausea has eased (knock on wood) and I'm getting my energy back. I am 11 weeks today! So excited to be done with the 1st trimester. Anxious to have my next appt. Not till May 20! I am in maternity clothes now. The last few weeks only 2 pairs of pants fit me! So excited for the baby bump!! | The Good, the Bad and the Nauseous

20: You're going to love your Aunt Deanna! | 23 Weeks | 20 Weeks | 29 Weeks | 32 Weeks | Mommy looked so pretty, you gave her a special glow! She took care of herself, because she loved you so! | 36 Weeks

21: 35 Weeks | 31 Weeks | 20 Weeks | 31 Weeks | 28 weeks | 40 Weeks | Even before I met you, I LOVED YOU!

22: Mommy's Journal Notes: (2nd Trimester) 5/4/11- The past week people have began telling me that I have the "glow". I have felt so much better. I have my appetite back and my energy has some what returned. I have been showing in the belly and out of my regular jeans since wk. 8. My belly has definitely became noticeable! 5/5/11- Met with new McCall doctor. So excited with how much . we love Dr. Gustafson. As soon as she touched my uterus area- immediately said "Wow, what are you growing in there? You definitely will have a big healthy baby coming!!" No wonder I have been showing so early!! Hearing the strong, clear heart beat was amazing! It made me get choked up. Mat was amazed and yelled out "Holy Shit!" It was the best feeling. Weight 144, total gain 7 lbs. Heart Rate 152-160. 5/25/11- The past week I have had more sensations of feeling in my belly. Through the week I have had sharp pains and today they are more frequent. Left a voice mail with the Dr and will talk to her tomorrow. Sounds like I am starting to have "growing" pains as my ligaments stretch. 6/7/11- Appt. went great! Mat was gone so mom (Grandma) came to hear the heartbeat with me. Right on target for size and growth! Weight 152, total gain 15 lbs. Heart Rate 140-150... The past week the movements I feel are becoming more sudden, but not daily. I can feel them randomly or if I lay down at night & think about it. Last night I felt movements on my lower abdomen. I pushed the spot, felt a little kick, pushed and felt another!! It made me laugh out loud and was an amazing great feeling! | At 20 weeks you gave our hearts a whirl, When we found out you were a GIRL!

23: Trimester | Don't make me laugh. I may pee. | 6/10/11- Last night I felt baby "roll" or "turn" and it was amazing! The feeling of the baby getting bigger and stronger is incredible! Got the crib, rocker, and changing table put into the bedroom this weekend! 6/20/11- Ultra Sound Today! Found out IT'S A GIRL! We are having a little Madilynn Rae Lohff! Everything looked healthy as can be! Measurements indicate that my due date may be 11/9. Kidneys of mine showed a little back-up. Will monitor, if nothing increases, it will be fine! During the ultrasound we kept seeing "Madi" yawn! Heart Rate 155. 7/5/11- Dr. Appt... May need to get ultrasound to look at baby's kidneys again- only because the 1st picture wasn't clear- No worries or concerns though. Weight same 152, total gain 15 lbs. Heart Rate 150. 7/16/11- Think Madilynn had the hiccups! My whole belly kept tightening up every 10 seconds! :) ***Mat can't sleep because I am now a pretty loud snorer! ***The love & cherishing I feel for my baby already is overwhelming ***Bonding with the baby ***My body feels incredible- building a miracle | 2nd | 2nd

24: 6/20/11 | Another sneak peak at 32 weeks and Oh so thrilled to see your chubby little cheeks!

25: Favorite Toys | 1. Teddy Bear 2. Jack in the Box 3. Slinky 4. Building Blocks 5. Legos | 9/7/11 | 9/7/11 | 9/7/11 | 6/20/11

26: Mommy's Journal Notes: (3rd Trimester) 7/26/11- Dr. appt. with Dr. Gustafson. Belly measures 26". Weight 157, Total gain 20 lbs. Heart Rate 150. 8/17/11- Dr. appt. with new Dr. Curtain (Dr. Gustafson replacement while out of country). Love my new Dr.! Weight 161, Total gain 24 lbs. 9/7/11- Had ultra-sound today. Following up on better kidney pictures. Mom (grandma) came with me! 9/8/11- Doctor appt. with Dr. Curtain. Healthy baby & mama! Kidney ultra-sound looks Great!! Iron & Glucose blood work all looks good!!! Weight 169, Total gain 32 lbs. Heart Rate 140's. Tonight was the first Childbirth Education class. First of 6 weekly classes. Mom (grandma came with me!) 9/10/11- BABY SHOWER!!! At Grandma Roxanne's House! 1 p.m. Hosted by Grandma & Aunt Robyn! 10/1/11- BABY SHOWER!!! At Sara Brodhecker house. Hosted by Sara! | We watched with joy as you grew and grew In a special place God created just for you!

27: 3rd | Where'd my feet go? | Trimester | 10/5/11- Ultra-sound today! Double checked that baby is down. Head is down!! 10/6/11- Doctor appt. with Dr. Curtain. Everything is great!Just Wait!! Scheduled Mat's flights (10/27- 11/15)! Doing weekly appts. now! Weight 172. Total gain 35 lbs. Heart Rate 140. 10/12/11- Dr. appt. with Dr. Curtain. Doctor made fun of how high her butt is always sticking straight up in my belly! Weight 175. Total gain 38 lbs. Heart Rate 140's. 10/20/11- Doctor appt. with Dr. Curtain. Just hoping to wait till Mat gets home in 1 week. Dilated 1 cm- slowly getting ready. Weight 176. Total gain 39 lbs. Heart Rate 140's. 10/28/11- Doctor appt. with Dr. Curtain. Still at 1 cm- cervix is softer and she has dropped more. Told to walk all weekend & rotate on exercise ball. Weight still 176 lbs. Heart Rate 140's. 11/4/11- Did not need appt. scheduled! :))

28: 25 weeks | 17 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 weeks | 28 weeks | 27 weeks | 26 weeks | 20 weeks | 19 weeks | 18 weeks | 12 weeks | 10 weeks | Mommy could not hold you, or give you a hug goodnight-- | 33 weeks | 34 weeks | 35 weeks | 36 weeks

29: 32 weeks | 31 weeks | 30 weeks | 24 weeks | 23 weeks | 22 weeks | 16 weeks | 15 weeks | 14 weeks | 38 weeks | 29 weeks | 21 weeks | 13 weeks | 39 weeks | But she could feel you move-- and knew you were alright! | 37 weeks | On Your Due Date Exactly 40 weeks You Arrived!!

30: Your nursery is ready and cozy as can be. Everything a baby needs-- with pretty things to see! | Sweet Dreams

31: Mommy cut out 100 butterflies to make your mobile! Also Painted your letter "M"! | & Butterfly Kisses | Daddy sanded out cousin "Luke's" teeth bites from the crib!

32: Let's have a party-- it's time to CELEBRATE! In honor of Madilynn-- Oh, we just can't wait! | Host Aunt Robyn

33: The decorations so many, Oh-- JUST RIGHT! Serving Grandma's goodies, for the guests DELIGHT!

34: The guests are coming from far and near. Friends and family-- so many, so dear!

35: Great Granny, Grandma Roxanne, (Mommy), Great Grandma Marvel, Great Grandma Zona & Grandma Jan | Your 5 Grandmas! | Surprise Guests: Little Miss Payton & her mother, Laura! | A LOT OF LOVE ON ONE SOFA!

36: To get the party rolling, we had to play a joke. We asked Mommy to pretend her water just broke!

37: CELEBRATE! | This was just a game-- Your Auntie Amy won! We also passed the present-- Who will be the lucky one?

39: The food-- So yummy! The Grandma's made plenty! The presents-- So pretty! So new-- So many! | Made With Love By Great Granny & GG Marvel!

40: Time to say Good-Bye, But it will not be the last! A shower Hosted by Sara-- Was also a BLAST! | Thank You EVERYONE!

41: Baby Monroe

42: November 2, 2011 9:45 p.m. | It's TIME! | The car is all loaded and we're on the way! So glad the hospital is only 2 minutes away! | Ready to meet my baby girl! | I'm so excited!! | St. Luke's McCall

43: HERE WE GO! | LABOR NOTES: * As soon as we arrived at the hospital, my water broke... I was dilated to 3 cm! *To get the labor going Daddy & I walked the hallways, took 2 baths (Daddy took 1 with me) and I used the exercise ball. * At 3 1/2 cm. I was given a drug in my IV to take the edge off. I laid down to rest. *In one hour I was dilated to 8!! I requested & was given a Epidural. *One hour passed and I was then given more pain med in IV. Now dilated to 10!! *Pushing lasted 1 1/2 hours! OUR BABY GIRL ARRIVED SAFELY and HEALTHY! *Daddy cut the cord! *Daddy waited on me all through labor! * Daddy stayed the entire time with us at the hospital! * Even spent the night in our room! *Madilynn instantly "latched on" to nurse! * LOVED our Doctor Curtain!

44: Thursday November 3, 2011 | 6:06 a.m. | 7 lbs. 20" long | It's a GIRL!!

45: Madilynn Rae Lohff | You came in this world with your feet in the air. Blue eyes wide open and soft brown hair!

46: Ten long fingers-- Ten tiny toes! You look like daddy with Mommy's cute nose! | You were Born at: St. Luke's McCall Hospital McCall, Idaho Delivery Doctor: Dr. Curtain Delivery Nurse: Cathy | Baby Book Prints | Sponge Bath

47: Daddy's exhausted, too!

48: Family and friends visit the hospital today. Anxious to meet Madilynn on her "Birth" Day! | Welcome to this World... | Grandma Roxanne | Grandpa Bryan | Daddy

49: Madilynn Rae Lohff | Your Visitors Daddy Grandma Roxanne Grandpa Bryan Grandma Jan Grandpa Doug Great Grandma Marvel Aunt Kate Sara Brodhecker Riley Brodhecker Ellen McKinney Mike McKinney Susie Foote Marquia Gene Gans Carlene Gans Monte Bollar | Ellen McKinney | Grandma Jan | Sara Brodhecker | BFF Riley | YOU

50: Time to go HOME! | November 4 | We loaded the car, put you in your seat. Then headed for home-- home feels so complete!

51: The first man a little girl falls in love with is her daddy!

52: Auntie Amy | Great Grandma Marvel | So much Excitement-- the Arrival of YOU! Gifts, Phone Calls, and Visitors, too! | Look who came to visit!

53: Grandpa Bryan | Grandma Roxanne | Grandpa Doug | Grandma Jan | W E L C O M E

54: GG Zona | GG Don | GG Zona was the 3rd Generation from McCall! | W E L C O M E

55: Your Grandparents drove far, they needed a baby fix! Great Grandma counted, "You're generation SIX!' | Aunt ZoAnne | Uncle Toby | W E L C O M E | Aunt Kate

56: Mommy likes to dress you in all kinds of pretty clothes. You even had a "photo shoot" when you were 6 days old! | Madilynn | Madilynn | Madilynn | Madilynn | Madilynn

57: Madilynn | Madilynn | Madilynn | Madilynn

58: It's so exciting-- It's all brand new! So many Firsts-- So much to do! | 1 | 1 | ST | ST | Bath | THANKSGIVING | 1 Week Old | 3 Weeks Old

59: 1ST Outing | ONE Week Old! | Through the woods and up the hill | to Grandma's house we go!

60: Although your book is almost done, Your journey in life has just begun! | Life is good!

61: I could get used to this!

63: So cleaning and cooking can wait till tomorrow. For babies grow up, as we've learned to our sorrow. | Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

64: All because two people fell in Love!

65: Sweet | Dreams | Butterfly Kisses | Forever Love, Grandma Roxanne | A New Life Begins! A Dream Comes True! A BABY to Love! THAT BABY IS YOU! | XOXOXO

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