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Zacharie Jermaine Autry-Hughes Baby Book

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Zacharie Jermaine Autry-Hughes Baby Book - Page Text Content

S: Boy Oh Boy!

BC: Thank you for reading my baby book !!!

FC: Baby Book

1: Zacharie Jermaine Autry-Hughes

2: July 31, 2011 | Table of Contents | Special keepsake First reaction All about Mom/Dad Baby's Family Tree News Flash! A 9 month pregnancy Diary Getting Ready for Baby Late Pregnancy Diary

3: Table of Contents | Labor and Delivery Diary Sequence the steps of Labor The Day Baby Arrived Parent's Message Diary Diary Diary Diary Diary Log Log Log Log Log Log Log Log Log Log

4: Table of Contents | 1-3 months development 1-3 months memories 4-6 months development 4-6 months memories 7-9 months development 7-9 months memories 10-12 months development 10-12 months memories Ex: Of Language development Ex: Of Cognitive development Ex: Of Emotional development Ex: Of Social development

5: Table of contents | First Doctor visits First-Year Expense Worksheet Cloths vs. Disposable Diapers Looking through the eyes of a child Parent's Journal

6: Special Keepsake | Reason why I keep Zacharie's footprints is because they remind me of how small his feet was, when he was very first born. And so he can also see how tiny they was when he gets older, and its on the certificate the hospital gives you.

7: My First Reaction | My very first reaction was: “OMG I AM GOINGTO BE A MOM “ I never thought I was going to be a mom at a young age. I am so not ready. Then when I became one it's the best thing you can ever be, and the reason is because you are loving someone that can never hurt you as a bad as a spouse can, and you are going to have unconditional love for that child.

8: Mommy: Tahlia Sha'von Hughes | Daddy: Dylan Jermaine Autry

9: Zacharie | Dylan | Tahlia | Cerenity | Christopher | Kenny | Tracey | Ernest | Rhonda Lynn

10: News Flash! | Name: Zacharie Jermaine Autry-Hughes DOB: July 31, 2011 Weight: 5lb 15oz Height: 21 in long

11: 9 month Pregnancy Diary | My 9 months of pregnancy went by fast. I had every sign you can think of, and it was a tassel to go through the summer time. Well during the summer time i went to the pool, and chilled. Stayed home in the cool and just relax. I had the worse false contractions when it go closer, stayed going to the doctor every week.

12: Z | Getting ready for baby | While getting ready for the baby, we had blue n green colors. We had food, and games. While we was eating the cake we was showing off presents that people brought to us for the new member that's coming into world.

13: Pictures of baby and mother

14: I did not have a late pregnancy I had an early one. Zach was actually suppose to be born on August 12, 2011 but instead he was born on July 31, 2011. So I really can't say much on a late pregnancy. | Late Pregnancy Diary

15: Labor & Delivery Diary | OMG while going through labor was the worst part ever, the contractions hit real hard at times, could not stay awake all the medicine they gave, the shots “smh”. When having the baby, I got extra medication to help calm the pain down and then before I knew it, it was time to push. That was the best feeling ever after I had him. I had the baby at the hospital because of safe labor, round the clock nurse to help with baby. But the bad thing about less privacy, and you want get much rest.

16: The Baby Arrived | Zacharie Came on July 31, 2011 at 4:49pm. I started at 11:05am so about 5 hours in labor. He weighted at lease 5 lbs, and 15 oz. He was a tiny monkey looking baby. He did not cry much while we were at the hospital. The day we got discharged he had got circumcised and he was being good. He did not cry much on that operation at all. Zacharie was the best baby there.

17: Parent's Message | My message to you is: As I see you get older and learning new things everyday it puts a smile on my face, I don't cry because I don't want to show much emotions. But when you get older I want you to be your best and get through school, college, and make a wonderful husband, and father to someone. Always remember mommy loves you no matter what goes on.

18: Log: Eating Plan | Breakfast | Day 1: Cereal & Milk Day 2: Oatmeal, wheat bread 100% apple Juice Day 3: Bacon eggs grits orange Juice | Lunch | Turkey Sand. 100% Juice Gran. Bar Sub Pink Lemon. Ice Cream Big Mac w/ water | Dinner | Snack | Bake Chic. Bake potato Water Steak Potato w/ cheese Water Bake fish mash potato tea w/o sugar | Fruit Salad 100% Juice Pretzels Candy Propel Water Salad Cookies w/milk, fruit Slice pizza Mount. Dew Ice Cream Sandwich

19: Sequencing the steps of Labor | The steps of labor are quick. You go through your contractions, you get the medication, you wait to dilate to 10 cm. And when you dilate to that much its time to push the baby out.

20: Diary #1 | When Zach was first born i was the happiest mother ever because, he was just looking at me like OMG i am in this world with you know, i want have to wait any longer lol :) !

21: Diary #2 | When he came home I was so happy because I was ready to hold him, play with him. A lot of people came by to see him, and they was like "He is so handsome". When he was little it was easy to take care of him, and as he got older it gets harder, because he want be still as much, always into something, but I still love his silly self.

22: Diary #3 | Seeing him grow up is so wonderful, because seeing the different stages of a infant is cool. He went from sleeping all day, not talking, or moving much, to crawling, getting into everything, talking, and being playful. He makes me proud when he learn something new as the days goes by.

23: Z | Diary #4 | Zacharie is a friendly baby, every time he sees someone he laughs, and smile at them, he want go too many people because he think he is going to miss mommy, when i want go anywhere without him. He puts a smile on my face every time i feeling down, only thing he do is look at me and start smiling and when he smile i smile. I love my little man with all my heart.

24: Diary #5 | Now that he is able to crawl, talk, and a lot more he is get more and more harder to care for. He knows no, and pop pop, he knows mommy from granny. He knows a lot and he ignores a lot of people when he want to. One thing i can say is that he is so smart for his age.

25: Log #1 | When he first went to the doctor i was scared for him because he had to get three shots and i know they can hurt. He cried a lot when they got his height, he cried when they took his weight, he did cry when he got the first shot, he cried a little on the second shot, and he cried a lot on the third shot. But after all that he put a smile on his face and made everything funny, and cute.

26: Log #2 | When he got his 1st two teeth i was so happy, but at the same i was not happy because he will start learning how to bite people. And just before i knew it, he was biting me on my leg, arm.

27: Log #3 | When he first lean how to sit up i was happy, because i was like yes no more have to hold you up so you can see everybody, and everything. Now that he can sit up he is someone that wants to see everything and everyone.

28: Log #4 | When Zach learned how to baby talk, i was happy because that was a closer step to him actually talking to me in words i can understand from. But i am not ready to hear him say mommy over and over and over again.

29: Log#5 | When Zach learned how to crawl I was happy because he is closer to walking and i will be so happy. And when he learn how to walk he will getting into everything even worse.

30: 1-3 month development | Ages 1 to 3 months will be learning how to coo, have better head support , be able to react to nose and things he see.

31: 1-3 month memories | My memories will him learning how to sit up, get his head support and learn how to baby talk. I remember those days and i want forget those days because those was the most wonderful days other than him being born to a wonderful mother which is me.

32: 4-6 month development | The baby will be able to bounce up and down crawl, sit up, play and even more stuff.

33: 4-6 memories | The memories i will hold about my child when he was 4-6 months old, is that he learned how to crawl, pull up on his own. And the reason is because he is growing up, and he is showing me that, he is getting older, and learning new things as the days go by.

34: 7-9 month development | Your baby will interest in everything, meaning you will have to keep them out of harm every type of way you can.

35: 7-9 month memories | I will always remember when Zach got the chance to get into everything, the first thing he got in was messing with cords, meaning pulling them out of the socket and trying to put it his mouth, and i have to chase him to stop putting it his mouth and everything.

36: 10-12 month development | Babies will improve motor skills, better eye coordination, new cognitive skills, and evolving language.

37: 10-12 month memories | Zach has not reached that age yet, but the memories will be he will take his first step, and then he will have his first birthday party also. So he will be turning one and he will be able to do more and be able to learn more.

38: Z | Language development | It took Zacharie a few months to understand the word no, and when he finally understood it he starts to cry because he want his way of everything.

39: Cognitive development | Last night I hide my son toys under a blanket, and he took the blanket off the toys, and then i hide the toy behind me and he was looking for it, and could not find it so he gave up, and found something else to play with,

40: Emotional development | When Zach was little he did not cry as much, but as he gets older, he is starting to cry a lot because he is not getting his way, or getting into something and gets in trouble for what he does wrong.

41: Social development | Zach talks to everyone, and anybody. He is a friendly baby, and he is easy to socialize with, because when you talk to him he smiles, and he might talk back if something comes out. He is able to scream out loud.

42: First Doctor Visit | Zacharie first doctor visit was wonderful, and sad. The reason why it was sad, is because he cried through it all until he got his first shot, and the second and third shot he did cry much on.

43: Cloth vs. Diapers | Disposable diapers are undeniably convenient, but they're costly. Cloth diapers can be much less expensive, especially if you wash them yourself. Disposable diapers are not reusable as cloth diapers are. Disposable diapers are not much more convenient that cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are convenient.

44: Bottle vs. Breast feeding | Your breast milk perfectly provides for your baby's nutritional needs. Your breast milk offers health benefits to your baby. Bottle Both parents can participate equally in feeding and take advantage of this opportunity to bond with their child. The mother has more freedom in terms of scheduling, dieting, and sexuality.

45: Parent's Journal | Being a mother is the best. Because you are teaching someone else the rights and wrongs and you have someone that you can love, and do for, for the longest in life. Being a teen mother is hard cause you have to balance school, with a child and it gets hard at times, when you want to give up but if you think about it giving up is not the right thing, because you will want to finish school and get a good job.

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