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Family Recipes

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S: Family Cookbook 2010

FC: Favorite Foods from friends & family 2010

1: Chinese Chicken Salad by Aunti Di Cut up a bunch of cabbage. I like to cut it in long strips. You can chop up or cut how ever you like. Then make the dressing below and drizzle all over it. Toss it up with chicken,scallions,wontons and noodles. Add nuts. If you dont have chow mien noodles, we use the noodles in the Top Romin packs. ____________________________________ Dressing: | Make it once, and it will become your favorite summer time dinner. Great for barbque get togethers too.

2: you need yams, oranges, brown sugar,marshmellows and that's it. | Make as much or little as you want | 350 degrees | about 30 min | however many you make | (You can use butter as needed to thin or to taste) | my mom | my mom | my mom's actual handwriting... | grandma lilla

3: Natiel loves to make Sweet Potates for holiday dinners. My mom made them for the same occassions, but I didn't bring it to the family unitl Natiel started making them. | Be aware....these are not yams. these are crook neck squash. I just did not have a picture of sweet potatoes being grown in our garden. | FAMILY

4: This one is from Heather. It doesn't work to double it up. Just make separate batches. | Gotta use instant "Espresso" powder. Regular powdered coffee doesn't work. Heather and I found that the Mexican Espresso Instant is the best. Don't try it with any other or you will be wasting your ingredients! | My mom makes the best cookies

5: we all know how much nate loves sweet things. this recipe is his all time favorite. | this is when nate and i made the world's most giant rice krispie treat. it was as hard as a rock, but he was determined to eat it. i don't remember if he ate the whole thing, but i do remember he had a pretty big tummy ache.

6: Love | You | Kalai

7: our favorite soup from kalai's kitchen. | Can never get enough of this simple but fantastic soup. so easy but so so so good. | The first time Kalai brought this soup down to our house it was on a Christmas Eve. I still have the tupperware she brought it in. I do need to return that some day. Everytime I see it in the cubbard or use it for leftovers, I feel a little guilty. Then I make a batch of this soup and I feel much much better. This will become on of your regulars, I just know it.

8: This was my staple during college days. So easy.

9: No laughing now....this pictures was taken when I was a Junior in college. I always made this recipe after my best friend, Aunti Di, let me borrow her cookbook. This was a popular (and cheap) dish at the time. I liked it because of the freshness . Also, because I ran so many miles after school, it was easy to digest.

10: Everybody loves a good sandwich but the secret is in the order you stack it. Make a giant one, and the beach will be that much better. Take some chips along and enjoy the ocean on a summer day just a little longer.

11: "When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste." ~Laiko Bahrs | Mom Worlds Greatest Sandwich.....THE FATTY SANDWICH Stack as follows: One one slice of multi grain bread spread with mayo the other mayo and mustard On the bread with only mayo place sliced red onion on the other leave it alone Place several slices of turkey meat on both sides. This will keep the onion from falling off Place avocado on top of the meat side with the onion Sliced tomatoe on the side with mustard Lettuce then is placed in the middle of the sandwich so you can put it either on one side or the other before closing. Close the sandwich up and eat with chips and friends. | Add cheese if you like but put it on top of the side with mustard. Some people don't like cheese but this picture shows some.

12: My Mom's very favorite appetizer to serve at any party she had....and yes, she had a lot of parties.

13: So sorry you will never know just how good these taste, Jerry. You are deathly allergic to mushrooms. I think it is the broiling that makes them so good. Oh well, we can broil some cheese on bread instead. | My Mom and Dad at Dad's graduation from UCLA | 1946 | Me and Jerry 2010 | Grandpa Tom and Grandma Lilla

14: Nate has always loved this soup. He puts tons of avocados in it.

15: mommy | Such Easy Soup You Won't Believe It | Use leftover turkey from holiday dinners or even chicken pieces after a big meal. I just buy chicken most of the time and make the soup and put the chicken in it . I have never met anyone who didn't like this recipe. It is so so easy too. After you make it once, you will see. Then you can plan to make it again and again, when ever it fits your schedule. Maybe even make it in a crockpot while you are at work one day. Then when you come home, there you are, soup dejour. You don't have to make the chips yourself, we just use them out of the bag and thicken up the stock. Then we add more when it is time to eat. I will warn you though, this soup is both addicting and filling. We usually don't eat anything else for dinner but this soup.....and that is after two or three bowls full. Maybe that's why.... who cares, it is so good. Another one that will become one of your staples. Serve it wisely, however, you will finish a big pot in one night if you have guests. Don't count on leftovers. Oh yeah, and you can double this, in fact I would do that if I were you. But I'm not, so, I will double it anyway even if you don't. Take my advise though. Mamma always knows best! | Remember when I made a big batch of this tortilla soup for all your roommates in college? As I recall, everyone raved about it, especially you. I hope you will make it again for friends and family and show them all how easy it is.

16: Natiel and her very creative breakfast. She taught this one to me while she was at college. I had to read it to her over the phone one time when she forgot how to make it. | This is when Dusty and I had a contest to see who could grow the biggest pumpkin by Halloween.....He won by a very large margin. This is as big as mine ever got.

17: This is a classic recipe for October Try it once and you will be hooked. I first made it when you guys were little. I dont make it enough. Try to use less baking soda so its not so puffy. | Nate carved this awesome pumpkin in 2009. I don't know how he did it, but this is probably the best pumpkin we ever had on Blazewood Way. When it was lit up, it really looked great. All right, Nate e meister

18: AUNTI DI's FAVORITES | Remember all the times Aunti DI would make these for you??? Dusty would get a package when he was away at college with the Mexicali Crunch and soon was requesting it more and more often. The Peach Cobbler was one recipe I had to ask for because Nate was at Boy Scout camp and learned to make it there. It was so good I tried to make it at home. It never was as good as Nate's made in the old Dutch oven. The Basil Tomato Tart is so simple but one of the best party plates I know of. Aunti Di has had many requests for this dish when she goes to gatherings. I was always afraid of the fat content, but actually, it is just an appetizer, so therefore, should be eaten and enjoyed accordingly.!! | Use the freshest tomatoes you can find for the Tart. | Basil Tart not a Tarty Tart

20: Either by fate, by chance or by scent, Matt has shown up for dinner almost every time I serve this LOAF of MEAT. Dusty dubbed the name, Matt declared it the best, I like the price, Everyone loves the taste.

21: Ingredients Ritz Crackers (one roll) 1 lb of Ground Turkey (one package) Worcestershire Sauce 1 egg salt pepper and garlic powder Splash of Catsup Dried onion if you like (Sometimes I substitute the Worcestershire with Terriaki Sauce and Pinapple) Crush the crackers in a bowl until fairly fine Add Turkey Mush up Add the rest of the ingredients Mush up even more, especially the egg Dump into a rectangular pan made for bread loafs Bake at 389 degrees for about 55 minutes. If it still looks not done all the way in the middle, just cut it open, pull a little of the middle piece and lay it on top of the loaf and stick it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. I love to eat this with pineapple on the side. Nate loves to eat it smothered in catsup. Jack and Doby love the leftovers if there are any.

22: Me and Aunti Di on my 50th birthday.

23: I called these "Garbage Muffins" This is the basic recipe and it is found on the back of the Flax Meal bag. A Swedish exchange student made this basic recipe by memory for me in college. The reason we called them "garbage" muffins is because we basically put in any thing that was about to be put into the garbage if we didn't use it, like old carrots, apples we did not want to eat but shredding them was fine, nuts we weren't sure if they were good anymore, stuff like that. The one thing we always added though was PRUNES. We were long distant runners and we wanted to keep our weight down. Surely prunes would help in this matter. Use this as a base and don't worry if you don't have quite enough of any one thing. It always seemed to work out. Experiment with it. Pretty soon, you will be doing it by memory too. Strawberries go really good with these muffins if you have some around. Just don't put them in the mix.....!

24: Party Favorite You will be asked for this recipe, so have copies ready to hand out

25: Aunti Di's All Time Best (I think they have this at her house about 5 nights out of 7) | Love you Aunti Di

26: Love you... BIG AS THE SKY

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