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How To Conduct A Coon Feed

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S: How To Conduct A Coon Feed By: Gerald Koos

FC: How To Conduct A Coon Feed | By: Gerald Koos

1: This book is dedicated to all the young coon hunters that will carry on our traditions, and to all the old coon hunters who have gone before us. | Front Cover: Gerald Koos (left) and coon-hunting legend Leo Marshall (right).

2: Step One: Invite Your Pals | You should invite around 20 to 30 people to your coon feed. One coon will feed six to eight people. Invite everyone who coon hunted with you that year, friends that like to cook, and your buddies. | Chris Read, Pete Hoff, and Corey Kettmann are happy to be invited to their first-ever coon feed!

3: Step Two: Get Some Coon | The younger the coon, the better. You are really looking for nice, young fat coon. You can do a feed with an old coon, but it's much better with a young, fat coon that's been heading out to the corn fields and feeding. Freshly taken coon should be skinned, gutted, and soaked in salt water overnight. They should then be froze. | Four young coon, skinned and gutted by legendary coon hunter John "Foot" Kettmann.

4: Step Three: Thaw The Coon | Lay the coon out the night before the feed and keep a watch on them. You'd like to have them a little froze, rather than over-thawed. | Gerald Koos and Russ Kettmann keep a watchful eye to make sure the coon don't get over-thawed.

5: Step Four: Make Meat Dressing | Now were into coon feed morning. It's time to start the meat dressing, designate someone to make mulligan stew for lunch, and this would also a good time to start testing the wine that will be used in cooking the coon. | This family recipe for meat dressing is sure to please a crowd. | Kelsey Koos' famous mulligan stew! | Meat Dressing Recipe -4 pkg stuffing mix -3 lbs pork sausage -3 lbs ground beef -4 cut-up onions -1 small stalk celery -1 1/2 cups Raisins -5 cut-up apples -3 cans chicken with rice soup -1 tsp pepper -3 tsp salt -1 tsp sage -4 slices dark toast chunked -small chunk of butter -4 cups of milk Put on low in roaster three to four hours before supper.

6: Step Five: De-Fat The Coon | Using a paring knife, cut the bigger fat chunks off the coon, as well as any glands that are visible. The fat and gland removal is crucial for a tasty turn-out. | Delicate hands are at work removing fat and glands from the thawed coon.

7: Step Six: Cut Off The Legs | Using a paring knife, cut the legs off at the shoulder joint, running the knife blade down the rib cage. | Gerald Koos cuts the legs off the coon with ease.

8: Step Seven: Butcher Em' Up | With a paring knife, cut through the meat across the middle of the legs and cut every three inches through the ribs to the spine. Lay an axe on the bone where each cut in the meat was made, hitting it with the sledge to break through. This produces the final cut of meat. | Gerald Koos ready to butcher. | Zach Schroeder running the axe and Ron Koos with the sledge. | Gerald Koos performing the difficult rib to spine cut. | Russ Kettmann and Ron, Randy, and Danny Koos take it all in.

9: Step Eight: Parboiling | Put all the butchered coon in a blue-speckled canner. Fill with hot water until all coon is covered. Put on stove at medium heat, being careful not to get the stove to hot and burn the coon on the bottom. As it comes to a boil, stir intermittently. Boil and stir intermittently for one hour. This is a good time to do a set of dishes. | Danny and Steven Koos are excited to start on round one of dishes. | Gerald and Kelsey Koos begin the parboiling process. | It's heating up!

10: Step Nine: Grease the Roaster | Cover the roaster with lard. Layer the bottom of the roaster with cut up onion, baby carrots, apples, and celery, cut up into three-inch sections. Add two glasses of water. | A crowd gathers to hear Gerald Koos tell a coon-hunting story about the legendary Leo Marshall. | Off to a good start with lard and onions. | Master coon-hunter, Pete Hoff, cutting up the celery.

11: Step Ten: Drain, Rinse, and Layer | Drain the water from the blue-speckled canner and remove the crud from the boiled coon. Rinse each piece with tap water, removing fat with a spoon as you go. Layer the coon in a roaster along with more onions, celery, apples, carrots, salt, and pepper. Cook for one hour at 150 degrees. | The drained water leaves some coon "crud" for hungry birds. | The coon are parboiled, drained, and on to the next step. | Gerald Koos and Zach Schroeder removing more fat. | The layers start to pile up in the roaster.

12: Step Eleven: Do Dishes Again | Stan and Larry "Buck" Koos lend a helping hand. | Steve Schroeder and Larry "Buck" Koos getting dishes done so they can dig into the coon! | The Koos boys doing work!

13: Step Twelve: Pork and Beans | Cut up and fry some fresh bacon and add to canned beans. A little diced celery and onion can be added too. | In goes the celery and onions. | The only thing better than beans is fresh bacon and beans. | Chef-in-training Zach Schroeder.

14: Step Thirteen: Play Some Cards | Now is a good time to play some or euchre will do, but you've gotta get a game of cinch in if you have LaMotte roots. | Clockwise: Russ, John, and Mike Kettmann, and Ron Koos. | Clockwise: Jarred Koos, Corey Kettmann, Gerald and Buck Koos, Steve Schroeder, Chris Read, and Stan Koos. | John and Tim Kieffer. | Alex Higgins, Steven Koos, Pete Hoff, Jarred Koos, Colin Jackson, Ryan Kettmann, and Zach Schroeder await the feast!

15: Step Fourteen: Give the coon a drink | An hour into roasting the coon, it's time to give them a half-bottle of Mogen David Concord Grape Wine. | Colin Jackson, Ryan Kettmann, Jordan and Jon Koos, Reese Kettmann-Frohling, and Zach Schroeder await the feast! | You can almost taste it. | Mogen David is needed for a successful coon-feed.

16: Step Fifteen: Final Touches | Three hours into roasting and it's time for the other half-bottle of Mogen David wine. If you're lucky enough to have someone with frozen sweet corn from the summer, you can add that to the buffet line. | Stan Koos brings in some frozen sweet corn he cooked up in a crock-pot.

17: Step Sixteen: Time To Eat | The hard work is done; it's time to feast on this most-delicious mammal. When finished eating, clean up, play some more cards, and soak roasters over-night so they are easy to clean in the morning. | Ryan Kettmann takes a break from all his hard work. | Young Caden Kettmann learning a lot and waiting to dig in to some coon. | Gerald and Buck Koos ready to unveil the coon feast for all to enjoy!

18: From this... | To this!

19: How to Play Cinch Determine teams by having partners sit across from one another at the table. Deal out the deck until all players have a total of 9 cards in his hand. For the game of Cinch, you will normally deal out the cards in increments of 3. Bidding your hand, starting with the person to the left of the dealer. You are bidding the total number of points you believe you and your partner will take if you win the call of trump. The bid is based not on actual trucks won, but on the points taken within the tricks. The ace, jack, 10, and 2 of trump are each worth 1 point, the 5 of trump is worth 5 points and the 5 of the corresponding color (also trump) is worth 5 points. This makes a total of 14 points available per round. Bids start at 7 and move up from there. Choose trump if you've won the bid. The winning bid goes to the player (and team) calling the highest bid. If the first player bids 7, the next player may outbid him by calling 8 (or more). No suit is called while bidding and is only declared once someone wins the bid. Discard all the non-trump cards from your hand after trump is settled. Remember that when discarding non-trump suits that the 5 of the corresponding color of trump is considered trump and should be left in your hand. The dealer will then deal each player a number of cards to bring all hands up to 6. Since you start out with a 9-card hand, you may end up not being dealt additional cards after the discard. Play a card from your hand, starting with the person left of the dealer. You must follow suit when possible. Highest suited card takes the trick. If you are unable to follow suit, you may either throw off or play trump. Highest trump card takes the trick. In both cases, the winner of the trick will lead the next. Tally up the team's point cards after all tricks have been played. If you won bid and called trump, you must get at least the number of points bid to have them count toward your overall score. If you were unable to take at least the points bid, you will need to subtract your bid from your team's score. The other team will always earn the total points won for the hand. Win the game of Cinch by being the first team to reach 52 points.

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