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Hull's Class Cookbook

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S: Cooking With Mrs. Hull's Class

BC: Scottie Press

FC: CookingWith Mrs. Hull's Class | 2012

1: The Scottie Chefs at Play...

3: Scrambled Eggs ingredients: eggs, water, milk, butter, cheese & pepper How to Make It 1st- take the egg & put it in hot water 2nd - take it out & add milk 3rd - when its all done put some butter, pepper & cheese on it 4th - we sit & we eat! | Nima

5: HOT DOGS Ingredients: burritos & ketchup How to make it 1st - get the hot dogs out of the fridge 2nd - put them in the oven on real hot 3rd -get a burrito & put the hot dog inside the burrito 4th - add ketchup 5th - set the table & eat it all up! | Matthew

7: Corn on The Cob ingredients: corn, butter, salt & pepper How To Make it 1st - buy corn at the store 2nd - take it home & clean real good 3rd - turn on the the temperature to 6 & put it in the stove for 13 minutes 4th - take it out & put lots of salt & pepper & butter 5th - At the end you need to put the corn holders in it | Charlie

9: Donuts Ingredients: flour, frosting & sprinkles How To Make it 1st - get out the flour 2nd - mix all the frosting & sprinkles together 3rd - take it to the bakery 4th - they can cook in the oven on warm for 6 minutes Then eat it! | Natalie

11: Spaghetti (plain, no sauce) ingredients: spaghetti & water How To Make it 1st - you get a pot ready with boiling water 2nd - you put the spaghetti in it for 45 or 60 minutes 3rd - pour it in a bowl with holes to make the water get out 4th - you put it on a plate & eat it | Max

13: Matar Paneer ingredients: milk, cheese, tomatoes & peas How To Make it 1st - get warm milk & make the cheese 2nd-make the tomato gravy -(add warm water with mashed up tomatoes) 3rd - buy a pack of peas 4th - add the cheese & peas together & cook in a pan on the stove at 50 degrees for 2 or 3 minutes 5th - Then we eat it! | Chander

15: Strawberry Cake Ingredients: strawberries, flour, milk, sugar How To Make it 1st: Put all the stuff in a big bowl and mix it with an electric thing 2nd: Next you put it on a plate 3rd: Decorate it with the strawberries and then EAT with a fork 4th: MMMMM! | Lidia

17: Chocolate Chip Pancakes ingredients: bowl, pancake mix, flour & chocolate chippies How To Make it 1st - you get a big mixing bowl 2nd - mix in all the pancake mix, flour & chocolate chippies 3rd - put them on the flat thing that cooks the pancakes 4th - poor the pancake mix on it & cook at medium hottish 5th - after they cooled, add butter & cut them up so you don't get your hands dirty | Hannah

19: Cheese Pizza ingredients: dough,sauce,cheese,plate How To Make it 1st-you get a circle pizza thing 2nd- you flip it up in the air until it gets flat 3rd- you put on the sauce 4th- you put on the cheese 5th- you cook it 6th- you eat it! | Hank

21: Pepperoni Pizza ingredients: hot sauce, dough, cheese & pepperoni How To Make it 1st - you roll the dough out 2nd - put the hot sauce on 3rd - put the cheese & about 10 pepperonis 4th- bake it for 20 seconds 5th - cut it up & eat it | Ella

23: Ham & Cheese Sandwich (with pickles) Ingredients: bread, ham, cheese & pickles How To Make it 1st - go to the store & buy bread 2nd - put the ham on first 3rd -add cheese & pickles 4th - eat your sandwich | Cade

25: Gingerbread Cookies Ingredients: plenty of sugar, 2 eggs, milk, ginger, flour, and oil How To Make it 1st: mix all the stuff with a spoon and electric mixer 2nd: put the dough on the counter and roll it with a rolling pin 3rd: then you get the cookie cutters and press down down down on the the dough 4th: next put them on the cookie sheet and place them in the oven for 60 minutes 5th: You take them out, decorate them and then you EAT! | Molly

27: Waffles Ingredients: butter, syrup & powdered sugar How To Make it 1st - find some butter 2nd - mix it in a bowl with the syrup & powered sugar 3rd - cook in the oven at 5 degrees for 6 minutes. 4th - let it cool & eat | Travis

29: Crispy Tacos ingredients: tacos, meat, salad, cheese & some sauce How To Make it 1st - get the crunchy tacos & cook them 2nd- put in the oven at 20 degrees 3rd - Cook the meat in a different oven (don't do it in the same oven because this needs to be 30 degrees) 4th- Add salad, meat, cheese & some sauce 5th - Makes lots & eat | Lucas

31: Pesto Pizza ingredients: pesto, dough, olives & cheese How To Make it 1st - get the pesto 2nd - get the dough ready to make the tortilla 3rd - add some olives & cheese on top 4th - put in the oven at 24 degrees for 13 minutes 5th - add some jalapeños if you like, then eat | Morgan

33: Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients: chocolate chips, bowl, flour, eggs, sugar How To Make it 1st: Go to the store to get chocolate chips. Then put them in the bowl. 2nd: Flour goes into the bowl. Crack the eggs into the bowl too. 3rd: Add sugar and mix with an electric thing. 4th: Take a spoon and get a spoonful of dough on a cookie sheet and bake it for 20 minutes. 5th: Take them out and EAT them! YUMMY! | John

35: Cheese Pizza Ingredients: sauce, cheese & dough How To Make it 1st - get some sauce 2nd - put it on the dough 3rd - add some cheese 4th - cook in the microwave at 9 degrees for 18 minutes 5th - take it out & eat it | Claire

37: Strawberry Valentine Cake Ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda, teaspoon of salt, lots of strawberries, pink icing How To Make it 1st: put all the stuff in the bowl but icing. 2nd: mix everything together 3rd: pour in a heart shaped pan and put it in the oven. 4th: take it out and put the icing on and decorate with candy hearts. 5th: It should have a big shaped candy heart on the top! You can also add candy roses to it if you want | Adele

39: Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Ingredients: eggs, icing, cookie for cone, strawberries, and milk How To Make it 1st: we put milk, eggs, strawberries in a bag and shake it. 2nd: Pour all the stuff into ice cream machine and mix it for 10 minutes. 3rd: Take some frozen strawberries and put icing on them. 4th: Bake cookie dough and fold into a cone. 5th: Scoop ice cream into the cookie cone and put the icing on top | Leo

41: White Crunch Ingredients: 2 cups cashews, white icing, 2 cups Rice Krispies, 2 cups pretzels, 2 cups Peanut butter Captain Crunch, and then some chocolate How To Make it 1st: Melt chocolate in the oven 2nd: take it out of the oven and mix the chocolate 3rd: Pour chocolate over all the stuff and mix, mix, mix 4th: Pour everything into a pan and let it dry 5th: Then we eat it!! | Samantha

43: A "Thundercloud" Sandwich Ingredients: bun, turkey, mayo, and cheddar cheese How to Make it 1st: slice the bun 2nd: Turkey is next with just a little Mayo 3rd: 1Big slice of cheese 4th: put the top bun on the sandwich and your ready to eat | Campbell

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