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The Moving Events of 1954

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S: The Moving Events of 1954- F.

FC: The Moving Events of 1954 | David F.

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3: The Moving Events of 1954

5: As a result of being in school, we are forced to do projects that we don't want to do. Well guess what? This is one of them. The students of 8th grade Social Studies had to make a scrap book about one year in the fifties and sixties. We chose topics from Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start the Fire". Every two lines of the song represents a year. I got 1954. Anyway, I think you will like my scrap book. I worked pretty hard on it!

7: Contents Roy Cohn 6 Juan Peron 8 Arturo Toscanini 10 Dacron 12 Dien Bien Phu 14 "Rock Around the Clock" 16 300SL Gullwing 18

8: Roy Cohn Most famous for his Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trial, Cohn was an American legal legend. He was in private practice until McCarthy got a hold of him. Cohn became McCarthy’s lawyer until 1954, after the army-McCarthy hearings. McCarthy chose Cohn over Robert Kennedy for the Chief Council position.

9: Cohn became incredibly well known for interrogating communists. It was said that he played with them mentally. Later on McCarthy hired the incredible lawyer David Schine. He was brilliant, but soon enough he was drafted. McCarthy and Cohn put incredible pressure on the army to release Schine. This is how the Army-McCarthy hearing’s begun. After the hearing’s Cohn resigned from McCarthy’s staff and went back to private practice. Roy Cohn died of aids. He was gay, but no one ever found out until after his death. Apparently also after Cohn’s death, the press found out that Cohn had emotions for McCarthy.

10: Juan Peron Argentina’s most powerful and corrupt dictator ever. Juan Peron was a crook, a murderer, but worst of all a Nazi supporter. Juan Peron originally over threw the Argentine government in 1943. He remained in power until 1955 when a coup d'état occurred. Juan Peron’s story was very similar to Chavez’s story in Venezuela. They weren’t elected into power, and with luck both of them will get overthrown. The reason for the beginning success of these two men is because the army backed them up. In 1945, Peron was forced to resign but later protests by the people issued his release. None of the Argentine people knew that he backed up the Nazi party. Peron allowed for all of the important officers, generals and soldiers to immigrate to Argentina. This was the beginning of the end of the end for Peron. The tipping point though was when he cut of relations with the Catholic Church. He challenged their authority and legalized divorce and prostitution. After he was forced to resign, he moved to Spain.

13: Arturo Toscanini The beautiful mind of Arturo Toscanini began falling apart on the evening of April 4, 1954. This is when he performed his last, most spectacular concert with the NBC network, and for the rest of his life. After he retired from music, he wasn’t the same again. It was only three years later when he died. From a very small age, this genius showed exceptional talent in music. Born in Parma, Italy Toscanini was sent to study music. He became a Cellist and joined the Symphonic Orchestra of Rome. He always practiced conducting in his free time, but was never qualified enough become one. While on a tour through Brazil, a mistake occurred and he ended up conducting the orchestra. This was the tipping point for his career. During the Second World War, he became a citizen of the United States and lived here until his death. Toscanini died in New York, on 16th January 1957. He lived a full life, and did what he loved.

14: Dacron In 1954, the revolutionary material was released to the world. This magical type of cloth opened many new doors in the textile world. This wonder material is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. This wonder material was called Dacron would change the world. Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers began researching the organic materials involved in making Dacron. In 1930 he synthesized the first polyester super polymer. This creative invention was nylon. Carothers patented his invention in the UK but Du Pont soon bought the rights. Du Pont researchers developed an even better material. Dacron. It was patented in 1953, but didn’t become successful until 1954. Dacron changed the fashion industry as well as the athletic industry. Kites, parachutes, sails, and jumping castles, are jump a few thing to mention that use Dacron. Initially, it was made for clothes but turned into something much greater.

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17: Dien Bien Phu Most people know Vietnam for its war against the United States many years ago. What people don’t now is that there was a war in Vietnam before the Unites States got involved. The town of Dien Bien Phu was hell in 1954. This small town, in the middle of nowhere became the center of attention for France and Vietnam. The French were fighting against the Viet Minh Communist revolutionaries. The outrageous thing about this war was the fact the France lost the war. Guerilla warfare is no match for civilized fighting. What ever happened to the idea of training our soldiers guerilla tactics instead of normal war tactics? At the beginning of the war, the French were sending thousands of soldiers to Dien Bien Phu. Its purpose was to cut off supplies into Laos, where Viet Minh were staying. The French figured that this would affect the revolutionaries and lead to the crumbling of the army. They were very wrong and it cost them too many lives. Viet Minh found out about the French and went back to Dien Bien Phu. Back in Vietnam, Viet Minh surrounded Dien Bien Phu through the mountains. Viet Minh bombed France freely, and over the course of two months, the French were fully surrounded. Only a few lucky soldiers were able to escape to Laos. In the 1954 Geneva Accords, France agreed to move out of Indochina colonies. After this war ended Vietnam split into two, which led to the United States declaring war on Vietnam.

19: Rock Around the Clock Written and performed by Bill Haley, his all time greatest song Rock Around the Clock hit it big in 1954. It became #1 in the United States and in England. His album, in which included this song, called Decca, sold more than one million copies, worldwide. Bill Haley became well known while he was only eighteen years old. He wrote hundreds of songs, but only did his career actually begin in 1954 when Rock Around the Clock became popular. He stared in the movie Blackboard Jungle about juvenile delinquents. This motion picture was a great mistake for him; it gave him the reputation of a young rebel, which he was not. Towards the end of Bill Haley’s career in the Unites States, it was springing in Germany. He was really famous in Germany, while he was already forgotten in the United States. Bill Haley’s career affected the musical world in 1954.

20: Mercedes 300SL In the New York auto show of 1954, the amazing Mercedes 300SL was released. It was the first edition of the car, as well as being the first car that Mercedes had produced since the end of the war. The 300SL was the new beginning for Mercedes, and the symbol of Germany’s economic recovery. Mercedes’ six-cylinder king was the first of its kind, being the ultimate supercar in Europe and in the United States. With a record holding title for velocity, this speed beast could reach up to 225m/h in six seconds. Very fast for the years 1954 and 2010. Unfortunately, this beauty was only produced 1,400 times from 1954-1957. The amazing thing about this car, besides being really fast, was that Mercedes took racing technology and transformed it into a fast, gorgeous and street legal car, the 300SL. The reason for the 300SL’s popularity throughout the world was due to its odd shape. The frame of the car was designed to be streamlined, like a racing car. Once the engineers finished the design of the frame, they realized that they had forgotten the placement of the doors. As a quick solution they added doors that opened upwards, instead of outwards. The car looked like it had wings, hence receiving its famous nickname: the 300SL Gullwing.

23: Quiz 1.Why was the 300SL so popular throughout the world? 2.Name two countries where Bill Haley was famous? 3.What did Viet Minh do when they found out about France sending troops to Dien Bien Phu? 4.For what purpose was Dacron invented? 5.Who did Roy Cohn work for? 6.Where did Toscanini work? 7.How did Peron get into power?

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