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10 Reasons Why I'm a Genius

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10 Reasons Why I'm a Genius - Page Text Content

S: 10 Reasons I Love You

FC: Let me count the ways... | 10 Reasons I'm a Genius ...... and not you | And Why I am the one who Discovered the Truth! | ARCHIMEDES of SYRACUSE

1: To: the World- You're Welcome Love: Archimedes | It was my facts and calculations that have been told as truth and are truth that the circumference of a circle is pi, 3.14 etc. everyone had used it from kings to school children.

2: ARCHIMEDES PRINCIPLE | An object is immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. | The Human race could have never gotten where it is now without my principle! they sailed ships to new lands and have oil stations in the ocean!

3: ARCHIMEDES SCREW | Archimedes screw is used to move water from a low lying body of water to irrigation ditches. It driven by manual labor and an amount of water travels up on the spiral until it reaches the end. This helped civilizations and helped people thrive.

4: ARCHIMEDES HEAT RAY | I attacked enemy ships by burning them from the shore. But how you may ask? | I used mirrors and the sun to direct heat onto ships and a fire would start. This made way to more inventions and could have possibly "inspired" solar power.

5: "GOLDEN CROWN" | Finding the volume of irregular objects | EUREKA! | How did one know whether a crown was made of real gold or it wasn't? One time I was taking a bath when i realized the water level went up when i sat in! | To find the volume of an irregular object you simply count the different, or disposition of the water level before and after! With this we know longer have to be confined on buildings or knowing what type of element something is..

6: CLAW OF ARCHIMEDES | The claw of Archimedes was a weapon for defending Syracuse along its walls. It was a claw like hook that would grab ships partially out of the water and they could possibly sink.

7: Method of exhaustion | I used the method of exhaustion to find pi. I drew a polygon on the inside and the outside of a circle, each time increasing the amount of ides until i got to 96. Then I calculated the length and got the circumference of the circle, 3.1416.....

8: The 3 laws of the Lever | Assumption 1. Equal weights at equal distances from the fulcrum balance. Equal weights at unequal distance from the fulcrum do not balance, but the weight at the greater distance will tilt its end of the lever down. Assumption 2. If, when two weights balance, we add something to one of the weights, they no longer balance. The side holding the weight we increased goes down. Assumption 3. If, when two weights balance, we take something away from one, they no longer balance. The side holding the weight we did not change does down. | I proved the 3 laws of the lever.

9: Principle of the Lever | I discovered exactly how a lever works and the formula. This helped others invent machines to lift.

10: NINE SURVIVING TREATISIES | On the Sphere and Cylinder Measurement of the Circle On Conoids and Spheroids On Spirals Centers of Gravity of Planes Quadrature of the Parabola The Sand Reckoner Method Concerning Mechanical Theorems On Floating Bodies

11: http://www.windows2universe.org/people/ancient_epoch/archimedes.html http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-10/21/ten-trillion-digits-of-pi http://physics.weber.edu/carroll/archimedes/principle.htm http://physics.weber.edu/carroll/archimedes/principle.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Archimedes_screw.JPG http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Archimedes_Heat_Ray_conceptual_diagram.svg http://math.nyu.edu/~crorres/Archimedes/Crown/Vitruvius.html http://realitypod.com/2011/10/top-ten-weirdest-military-tech/the-claw-of-archimedes/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Archimedes_pi.svg http://www.computus.org/journal/?p=1079 http://www.gap-system.org/~history/PictDisplay/Archimedes.html http://marketsurfer.blogspot.com/2011/01/leveraged-etfs-3x-pleasure-or-3x-pain.html | PICTURES

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