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FC: 1949 | By: Shaikha Al- Muzaini

1: I have these particular events from the "We Didn't Start the Fire" because Billy Joel put the people and events because they were important to the world and had important role in their country.

2: Harry Truman

3: Harry Truman was a president of the United States. He was the 33rd president of the United States. He became president at one of the most critical moments in America History. Truman in his speech to the congress advised them to help around the world to fight for their freedom and the human rights, to help them with the times of despair. Truman had been the vice president for only 83 days when Franklin D. Roosevelt died in April 12, 1945. Harry Truman was the one who ordered the bomb against Japan to end the World II Truman started the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe after the war happened .He did the “Fair Deal” on January 5th. One of the things that he did was to be part of the NATO pact (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This pact was the alliance to defend Europe from a possible invasion from Soviet Union.

4: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

5: Doris Day was an actress, singer and animal activist. Doris Day started singing with the Les Brown and the Bob Crosby swing band at the age sixteen. Doris Day made a movie in 1949 that called “IT a Great Feeling” and her name in the movie was Judy Adams. Also she had a movie that called “My Dream is yours” and her name in the movie was Martha Gibson. Doris made her first movie in 1948 which was “Romance on the High Seas, and soon became a popular movie star/ singer. Doris made three duets with Johnnie Ray as singers. Doris Day made thirty-nine films and recorded six-hundred-fifty songs | and received an academy award nomination. The audience took toward her attractiveness, wonderful singing lively personality. Doris Day turned in well performance in the films that she made. Also Doris made three movies for Warner Bros. | Doris Day

6: Red China

7: In 1949 the Chinese Communist defeated the Nationalists and established the peoples Republic of China. On October 1, 1949, Mao Tse-Tung, from a platform above the archway at the entrance to Beijing's Forbidden City, declared the inauguration of the People's Republic of China. Mao Tse-Tung's revolution was complete, and Red China was born. Communists took control of China after a struggle starting before World War II. Nationalists fled to Taiwan, and the Communists proclaimed the People's Republic of China. The communists undertook extensive reforms, but pragmatic policies alternated with periods of revolutionary upheaval, most notably in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Also the Chinese and Taiwan are not in a war with each other but they have many disputes toward each other and you could see that there are not many people live in China who from Taiwan basically is the same thing from the Chinese there are not many people who lived in Taiwan are from China.

8: Johnnie Ray was American singer, songwriters and pianist who was deaf when he was young. His most grateful song was “Cry” and he topped the American charts in 1949. Johnnie Ray was a white man who had a black man voice. Johnnie Ray actually cried during his performance when he sang “Cry”. His music was used of pre-rock, R&B and a more conventional classic pop approach. Johnnie Ray was really popular in U.K | Johnie Ray

9: and made it to the twenty- nine charts appearance in the top forty. Johnnie made record three duets with Doris Day which was successful. There were many artists that influenced Jonnie Ray as an artist such as Kay Starr, Lavern Baker, and Ivory Joe Hunter.

11: There was a play premiering on Broadway in New York City, called South Pacific. During April 7, 1949 they did 1,925 performances each week that set on a small island early days of the World War II. They were musical theaters, they sang, danced etc The South Pacific was a highly popular music Broadway and hit movies. This Broadway was about some of the main character who fell in love with the enemy and soon they received some threats between both of the family. During the play that contain musical, dance etc The play had created a lot of meaning that describes how the WW II worked. The play had a hit on and had a lot of fans out there who loved the idea of the musical and soon they became a famous as a team work to create the musical theater. In the beginning of the story it begins with happy things while in the middle it stars to get sadder but at the end everyone are happy. | South Pacific

12: The way to become famous fast is to throw a brick at someone who is famous. - Walter Winchell He entered vaudeville at age 13 and eventually began contributing tidbits to the Vaudeville News. Then he went to The New York Mirror where he wrote about Broadway actors and other celebrities. He breached journalistic taboo by exposing their personal lives, essentially inventing the gossip column. Walter Winchell was a writer in the American newspaper and reporter. He became important for making gossip column a regular newspaper feature. Also Walter had a radio show which was famous. By his famous gossip he could break a celebrity if he wants.

13: Walter Winchell

14: Joe DiMaggio

15: Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest outfielders in baseball history. He had been playing baseball his entire career from 1936 to 1951 with the New York “Yankees”. In his life he had several nicknames which were “The Yankee Clipper” because of his graceful fielding and “Jolting Joe” because of his powerful bating skills. Joe DiMaggio safely hit 56 as the top feat of all times. He played in 13 All- Star Games. In 1949 he became the American league first $100,000 player. Even though he was the first | baseball player to break $100,000 in earning, he was still regarded as the games best and hardest working players. Nevertheless, injuries plagued him so much that he could no longer take a step without pain. He had many accidents playing baseball. However, I n 1949 he sat out for the first two months of that season because of a bone spur in his heel, but as always his return was memorable in that season.

16: 1.What did Harry Truman approved? 2.How many movies did Doris day made in 1949? 3.Who did the Chinese Communist defeated? 4. Who was Johnnie Ray? 5.What was "South Pacific" the Broadway show about? 6.What was Walter Winchell's job? 7.In which team did Joe DiMaggio played?

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