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1953 We Didn't Start the Fire

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BC: BIBLIOGRAPHY Stalin: . Communist Bloc: . Prokofiev: < http://elblogdetitus.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html>. Nasser: . Malenkov: . Roy Campanella: Rockefeller: < http://www.desoto58.com/peoplezone/peoplelebaronrockefeller70nz.html>

FC: 1953

1: "We Didn't Start the Fire " is a really important song, It talks about everything that happened during the 1950s. Billy Joel, the song writer, was a really good writing songs but this song was one of his most well known. So to show how important that song was I'm doing a Social Studies project, about some of the events of 1953 he mentions in the song.

3: The Dictator of Soviet Union, the general of the communist party, the prime minister of the Soviet Union. That was Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin started his political career after a revolution in his country called Bolshevik revolution, later he got appointed General of the communist party. He got so much power that he named himself dictator and prime minister of Soviet Union. Stalin was the harshest leader of the Soviet Union, he use to send poor people executed or to labor camps in Siberia. Stalin was the one that conquered the satellite countries, he started to conquer countries close to Soviet Union so he could get more power and make the whole Europe communist, he could accomplish just half of his objectives, half of Europe, before he died in 1953, Stalin died in the hospital, his guards found him in the floor with his pants urinated, they called a really good doctor but he didn't support the pain and died. I think Joseph Stalin was included in the song of Billy Joe, because he was the greatest dictator in the history of Soviet Union and because he started the Cold War. | Joseph Stalin

4: Poland, the first country that the Soviet Union invaded, and with that invasion the war known as the Cold War started. Later on Czechoslovakia was conquered by the Soviet Union, one more country was added and more power came with it. The Soviet Union didn't stop with just two countries, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Later on they though they needed more power so they started to invade neutral countries like Yugoslavia, and Albania. Soviet Union even conquered the east party of Germany. When Stalin died people though that the war would be over, and things would go back to normal, but things weren't like that. Malenkov, a close friend of Stalin became the new president of Soviet Union and he followed Stalin example, and kept with the Cold war. I think that Billy Joe included the Communist Bloc in his song “We Didn't Start the Fire”; because the Communist Bloc started another war and the USA, Soviet Union, and other communist party participated, so it was another big war that was important in history. | Communist Bloc

5: Campanella, the pride of the black people in that time, he was the symbol of black people on sports, no one in the black community didn't know him, he was known by everyone, Campanella represented that black people could also play sports and even be better than white people sometimes. To prove that he was considered the NL MVP, National League Most Valuable Player, three times during his career, 1951, 1953 and 1955. Also Campanella was considered the first great black catcher, resuming, Campanella was the first black best baseball player, and Campanella also won the World Series on 1955. He also played the All-Star Game for 8 consecutive years, 1949 to 1956, during that time he also entered the team Los Angeles Dodgers. But unfortunately everything that is good doesn't last forever, Campanella needed to stop his baseball career because of a car accident, on 1957. The accident made him paralyzed from the shoulders bellow, so he was forced to stop playing baseball. I think he was included in the song “We Didn't Start the Fire” because he was the most important black player in history of baseball. | Campanella

6: Nasser & Prokofiev

7: Prokofiev, a song writer, an opera writer, movie writer and ballet maker. One of the most famous composers of Ukraine, Prokofiev. After WWII ended Prokofiev used the topic of peace around the world and wrote lots of songs, and operas about it, and lots of people liked his songs, and operas. Out of all his works Prokofiev the most important one was his ballet about Romeo and Juliet, it was a success all around Europe. But in 1953 Prokofiev died of cerebral hemorrhage, with no work left to do. Nasser was the second president of Egypt, after Muhammad died. Nasser was the most influential Arab leader in history. Nasser and Prokofiev were put together in the song for one reason, that they were one of the influential people in history, Nasser was politically one and Prokofiev was artistically one, which is the reason they are in the song and together in the songs.

8: He was a great friend from the ex-dictator of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. Malenkov was not the vice president, or the governor but people in Soviet Union knew him as the right hand of the ex-dictator Stalin. After Stalin died in 1953 Malenkov took advantage of it and turned into the prime minister of Soviet Union. As Stalin was a really good friend of Malenkov he follow Stalin’s example and continued the Communism invasion in the European countries. So later on he turned the Communist Party Official and all that in the same year. I think that Malenkov was included in the song We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joe because he still continued the Cold War after Stalin died, because he turned the Official of the Communist Party, and because he was a close collaborator to one of the harshest dictators in the world, but the harshest in Soviet Union, Stalin. | Malenkov

9: Rockefeller was an important person in USA politics. He studied a lot in his life and on 1953 he was the undersecretary of health education and welfare. In the same year, he was named the governor of New York and he lasted in that job about 20 years. During 1953 he helped the Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower in lots of things, and because of that help he ended up turning to be the special assistant of the president Dwight, and that helped him in his political career. Rockefeller in 1953 moved to Arkansas and there he was a great influence in the governor of Arkansas and the future U.S President Bill Clinton. I think that Rockefeller was mentioned on the famous song We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joe because Rockefeller was mentioned a lot in the news paper for his help with the future of USA and to the new politicians. | Rockefeller

10: Quiz: 1. Joseph Stalin was the harshest dictator of Soviet Union. True or False? 2. Which was Prokofiev's most important work? 3. What was Nasser known for? 4. What were the Satellites countries in the Communist Bloc? 5. How many times was Campanella considered the MVP? Which year? 6. Why was so easy for Malenkov to turn the Prime Minister of Soviet Union? 7. Why was Rockefeller in the newspaper so many times?

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