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1954 - We Didn't Start the Fire Isaac

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1954 - We Didn't Start the Fire Isaac - Page Text Content

BC: Thanks For Reading! | Copyright (c) Isaac Grade 8 Social Studies ECA

FC: We Didn't Start the Fire Year 1954 | By: Isaac

1: In this book, the year 1954 and it's important aspects chosen by Billy Joel in his hit "We Didn't Start the Fire" are discussed. People, events, and even an invention are all discussed in the is book. Each one of them were important which was one of the reasons the Billy Joel wrote them in his song. Each of them had an affect on the world and thus changed it slightly. The theme of "We Didn't Start the Fire" is change and how the world is undergoing a great deal of change. Either the change was the people's perspective or a new way of doing something. Even changes that would create independence began to come about in 1954. So read on, and learn about the major events in 1954! | Introduction

2: Roy Cohn | Roy Cohn was quite infamous during the ‘50s, particularly in 1954 for his own prosecution in the McCarthy hearings. Cohn was probably the most important member of the McCarthy staff because of his role as a brain-truster and counsel to McCarthy himself. McCarthy was searching for communists within the United States and his accusations of the military had gone too far. The United States Army counter-accused McCarthy and Cohn for attempting to procure special treatment which trying to give an army private an officer's commission.

3: Soon, the issue was brought to court and they were found guilty of just that. These famous hearings began April 22, 1954 and ended with Cohn embarrassed and finding himself another job. In fact, it wasn't much of a choice because he had to give up his job so that the investigation could begin. He soon became a private attorney for numerous famous criminals. This trial began to show the public who Joe McCarthy really was. These communism supporter punishments were of importance to the American people because they brought fear, and Roy Cohn was heavily involved, which was probably why Billy Joel wrote about him. Roy Cohn was another example of how the world was changing.

4: Juan Peron | Juan Peron was an Army Colonel in Argentina and later became the president of Argentina from 1952 to 1955. However, Juan Peron was overthrown on September 19, 1955 when a significant amount of his support was lost and the military decided that something needed to be done. Juan Peron began to be increasingly disliked in 1954 when the Catholic Church in Argentina began to disagree with his policies and stopped supporting the President. The military coup included the Argentine Navy and Army. Peron was quite unpopular because of the numerous problems that he caused especially inflation and corruption.

5: However, even with these issues he had helped some poor citizens and working class citizens as well. When he was overthrown in 1955, he wanted to escape torture and prosecution, so he fled to Paraguay that very same year. Billy Joel may have mentioned Juan Peron because he showed that the world was changing and his ousting was an example of just that and the overthrow of an anti-America leader.

6: Arturo Toscanini | Arturo Toscanini was an Italian conductor who did most of his conducting in the United States. Toscanini was very famous within the United States because of his job as a conductor for the NBC orchestra broadcast. Toscanini lived in New York City, where he conducted the famous orchestra performances. This broadcast was listened to by numerous Americans across the United States of America and was well known by avid NBC broadcast listeners. Arturo Toscanini was famous for his last performance which was in 1954 in New York City.

7: Toscanini was 87 years old when he retired and the NBC orchestra broadcast listeners lost the famous conductor that they had listened to for almost 15 years. Billy Joel probably chose to mention Arturo Toscanini in his song because Toscanini was a very well known name from his NBC broadcasts who gave his last concert in 1954. This last concert was important news for a lot of Americans and showed the change that America and the world, was undergoing.

8: Dacron | In 1954, not only were people making news, but inventions as well, such as the textile Dacron. Polymer fiber, specifically polyethylene terephthalare, is another name for the new textile that was created in 1954. The name Dacron was given by the Du Pont Company, which first created this artificial fiber. This polyester was created to be a textile because of a low melting temperature that would be necessary for numerous products. Dacron revolutionized the entire textile industry because of how it could be used in so many new and different products.

9: Dacron was and is still used today in wool blends, recording materials such as film, and glass filled composites. As you can see, this material is used in a lot of different products, not solely as a textile fiber. However, Dacron’s largest use is in soda pop bottles. Millions of tons of Dacron are still produced today because of the consistent need, even in this day and age. Billy Joel probably chose to mention this material because it was another way that the world was changing, and this is a perfect example because it revolutionized the textile industry.

10: Dien Bien Phu Falls | In 1954, the country in Southeast Asia known as Vietnam today was in the middle of a war not only between itself and France. However, this country was called French Indochina instead of Vietnam. Dien Bien Phu was the name of a French controlled fortress in the country and it was strategic to both the French and the communist Viet Minh rebels. A fierce battle would ensue, lasting 55 long days. The rebel forces consisting of 20,000 men surrounded the fortress and attacked with absolutely everything they had. | In 1954, the country in Southeast Asia known as Vietnam today was in the middle of a war not only between itself and France. However, this country was called French Indochina instead of Vietnam. Dien Bien Phu was the name of a French controlled fortress in the country and it was strategic to both the French and the communist Viet Minh rebels. A fierce battle would ensue, lasting 55 long days. The rebel forces consisting of 20,000 men surrounded the fortress and attacked with absolutely everything they had.

11: 19,000 French soldiers within the fortress fought hard, but had no choice except surrender they had nowhere to retreat to. The Viet Minh rebels were one step closer to regaining their country from foreign control with the capture of the fortress. This made the French military forces seriously consider pulling out Indochina, which was quite surprising to much of the world at that time. It was unthinkable that a group full of rebels could accomplish this, one of the reasons Billy Joel wrote about it, because this was another example of how the world was changing, with land changing hands in this case.

12: Rock Around the Clock | Rock around the clock” was a very famous rock song released in 1954 both in the United States and the United Kingdom. On April 12, 1952, the song known as “We are going to rock around the clock tonight” was first recorded by Bill Haley. This song was released in the United Kingdom in 1954 and soon became a top ten song. The song was becoming increasingly famous in the United States as well.

13: “In 1955, the song had gained new publicity from being in the movie, Blackboard Jungle. After this, on June 9, 1955, the song was rated number one in the United States and under a new name, “Rock around the clock.” Millions of copies of the song were sold in the United States, but more importantly, this song had sparked the start of a new era. The Rock and Roll era had begun and Bill Haley had become the father of a genre of music. Billy Joel probably wrote about this because it changed music which was another example that the world was changing.

14: What was and is the most common user of Dacron? a.)Soda Bottles b.)Carpet c.)Tape d.)Markers How many Days did the fall of the fortress at Dien Bien Phu take? a.)10 b.)40 c.)55 d.)100 Roy Cohn helped Joe McCarthy find what kind of political system supporters. ___________________ Juan Peron stepped down from presidency gracefully upon learning of his unpopularity. True or False? What movie helped give Rock Around the Clock more publicity? a.)Blackboard Jungle b.)Jungle on the Blackboard c.)Board on the Black Jungle d.)Jungle Blackboard How old was Arturo Toscanini when he retired? a.)87 b.)97 c.)90 d.)84 | Quiz!

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