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1955 "We Din't Start The Fire" (CM)

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1955 "We Din't Start The Fire" (CM) - Page Text Content

BC: We Didn't Start The Fire

FC: 1955 | Clarisa Maggi

1: “ We Didn’t Start The Fire” was a song by Billy Joel. He made it after World War II. It became a huge success when it came out. This song is different than other songs because it’s about history. Its lyrics have all different type of events, people, things, and more. All of these are in the lyrics because they were important. The people, events, and things all did something that changed the world. For example Einstein was incredibly intelligent man that helped create the Atomic Bomb, or Elvis the most important and Best rock and roll singer in the world. That is why this song is important. | Billy Joel

2: Albert Einstein

3: Einstein was the world’s best scientist. In his lifetime he creates a lot of interesting scientific things. One of the important things he created was the Atomic Bomb, and his equation for the development of nuclear energy. This equation was E=Mc2. During World War II Einstein sent President Franklin Roosevelt a letter saying that they needed to create a bomb, and that he would help. The Manhattan Project was later started. The Manhattan Project was the name they gave to the bomb creation. There were a lot of different scientist and people evolved in the Manhattan Project. This is Albert Einstein Created the Atomic Bomb. He also changed the way most scientists thought about time and space. Over all he created a lot of helpful things. Einstein became popular figure in the later years of his life. In 1955 he passed away in Princeton, New Jersey at the age of 76.

4: James Dean is a very important United States actor. He became one of Hollywood's hottest stars because of his good looks. He stared in many movies. One of the most important was “East of Eden”. He played the role of Cal Trask. He later received an academy award nominee for the best actor in a leading role. He also stared in two more movies. These movies were “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant”. In 1956 he got another nomination for the best leading actor in the movie “Giant”. Sadly he didn’t lived to see his success. In 1955 he was riding in his Porsche 550 Spyder and got hit by another car. That car accident ended with his death. He died on the last day of September at the age of 24. Billy Joel had him in his song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” because it was the year he died.

5: James Dean

6: Brooklyn Dodgers

7: For many years New York City had three teams. The teams were: The Brooklyn Dodgers, The Bronx Yankees, and The Manhattan Giants. These teams were some of the best teams Baseball team. Some times two of the New York City teams had to play against each other. When this would happen it was always the Yankees against the Dodgers or the Giants. The Yankees would always win. The dodgers had faces the Yankees many times but they always lost. People were starting to think that the Yankees were unbeatable. In 1955 the dodgers had to face the Yankees again. They had lost two games. It was almost impossible to win the championship after they lost two games. However the Dodgers won the World Series and proved that the Yankees are not unbeatable. After the game was done Dodger fans would dance on the streets because their team had finally won.

8: Davy Crockett was a television show for children. Walt Disney created it. Billy Joel used it in his song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” because this year there was movie created for the show. The movie was called “Davy Crockett, King of the wild Frontier”. Fess Parker was the man that acted as Davy Crockett in this movie. This movie is based on Davy Crockett’s real life story. It’s about Davy Crockett and his friend Gorge Russell fighting the Creek Indian War. He then gets elected to the Congress. He later dies in the Alamo. Davy Crockett is a hero because he saved a lot of people. This movie became very successful. Davy Crockett was born 17 of August 1886 in Tennessee. In his lifetime he did amazing things. After he died Disney decided to create a TV show and then a movie about him for the entertainment of the children.

9: Davy Crockett

10: Peter Pan was a play that was created for the entertainment of children. In the year 1904 the first performance of Peter pan had taken place. It took place in Duke of York’s theatre in London. It was opened in December 27 and it became an instant success. In 1905 Peter Pan debuted in New York. Gladys Cooper, Hayley Mills, Elsa Lanchester and Jean Arthur all played the role of Peter and Charles Laughton, Allastair Sim, Ron Moody, Boris Karloff, Danny Kaye and Joss Ackland played the role of hook. The plays were in the theater for 50 years and people enjoyed going to see the play. The play became so successful that some phrases were known everywhere. For example the phrase “ Oh no I didn’t - oh yes you did” and “He’s behind you”. In 1955 Disney produced a animated film. The outcome was very successful and people knew about it all around the world. This was in the song “We didn’t start the fire” because of how successful it was.

12: Elvis Presley

13: Elvis Presley was an extremely important rock singer in this time period. He was the man that popularized rock and roll. He was so good that he got nicknamed “The King of Rock”. Before Elvis was known he was an electrician. He decided to record himself to see how he sang. There he meets Sam Phillips. Sam Phillips later helped him become famous. He helped Elvis speed up some songs like “That’s All Rite” and it worked. It took a very long time for Elvis’ song to be played on the radio. It finally did and later became famous and started singing lots of songs. His number one hits are “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Hound Dog”, and “Heartbreak Hotel”. “Heartbreak Hotel” was Elvis’ first hit record. Billy Joel used him in his song “ We Didn’t Start the Fire” because Elvis is the best Rock and Roll singer there has ever been.

15: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | Disneyland | Disney land was an attraction park created for family entertainment. Walt Disney developed this theme park. It was located in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney wanted to create an amazing park. He wanted it to be huge. In that case he bought a 160 acre terrain to build it on. The construction started in July 21, 1954. The design of Disneyland was something incredible. He decided to create five different lands. These lands were Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland. Main Street would be at the entrance of the park. It resembled a corridor with something magical at the end. Adventureland was supposed to be the “exotic tropical place” in the jungles of Asia and Arica. Fronteriland was created for people to relive the days of American Frontiers. Tomorrowland was to be the like future. Fantasyland was based on the song ‘When You Wish Upon a Star”, it was the place where dreams would come true. Overall Disneyland is a fun place to be. It was finally opened in 1955.

16: Quiz | What was the name of the project Einstein worked on to create the Atomic Bomb? Who was James Dean, and how did he die? What did the Brooklyn Dodgers win in 1955? Who was Davy Crockett? Peter Pan the play was first viewed in what city? What did Elvis do as a job? Where was Disneyland built?

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