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1957 - Page Text Content

S: 1957 Memories

FC: 1957 | By Matias Molina

1: The year 1957 was a memorable chapter in the pages of history. This one in a kind year featured many amazing events, including the publishing of | Doctor Zhivago and On the Road. Also, Sputnik 1 and 2 were launched into Space in 1957, catapulting the world into the era of space exploration. Bridge on the River Kwai won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best actor on this year. Even the baseball fans witnessed Mickey Mantle be crowned A.L MVP! All in all, the year 1957 was one many people will never forget.

2: In 1957, a high school in Arkansas called Little Rock High School came to the attention of the whole world. Nine African Americans, after finally being accepted in a white high | however the racist governor of the time sent 270 national troops to stop them from entering the campus. Also, the national guards verbally abused them. Because of | school, were denied the rights of education simply because they were black. On the first day of school, these teens could not show up. The following day, they tried to go, | Little Rock Incident

3: Soon after, 1100 paratroopers were sent to stop any more rampaging mobs. This serious incident brought the Civil Rights Cause to the spotlight in 1957. | national pressure, president Eisenhower started to negotiate with the governor. For that period of time, these adolescents did not receive education. Finally, after about a month of negotiation, they tried to attend school again on Monday the 23rd of September. But, an angry white mob erupted in the town of Little Rock and went to get the African American teens. Only 150 officers, who supported the mob, were sent to the scene. Luckily, the children were unharmed.

4: Boris Pasternak, a Russian poet and fiction writer, skyrocketed his career and impacted modern literature in 1957. After being rejected by Russian censors, | Pasternak published his most famous novel Doctor Zhivago by an Italian publishing | company in 1957. This book narrates the story of a man who is in love with two women during revolutionary Russia in 1917. It also expresses the dilemma of a man, as his life changes because of an influence beyond his control. As a reward for this great book, Pasternak received the Nobel | Boris Pasternak

5: Prize for Literature in 1918. But, Russian officialdom made him refuse the prize. Pasternak also published When the Weather Clears in 1957, however this book did not reach the level of fame Doctor Zhivago did. This Russian writer, with out a doubt, left his mark on the pages of history with his books. Today, he is celebrated as the most influential writer Russia ever had.

6: Mickey Mantle, the leading homerun hitter in the history of baseball, earned his name in the year 1957. This Yankee player, whose position was center field plus switch hitter, scored 536 homeruns in 1 season. | Because of this enormous achievement, Mantle was that year AL MVP, a prize awarded to the most valuable, and fairest player of the whole National Baseball Association. In addition, Mantle earned AL Runs Scored Leader in 1957. This is another prestigious award given to the player who scores most runs. Mickey Mantle has been one of the few players to win both of these awards in the same year.This great achievement made him a | Mickey Mantle

7: candidate to enter the World BasebalOl Hall of Fame, in which he was added in 1974. Other marvelous attainments by this one of a kind player are hitting 18 World | Series homeruns, a world record, and leading the American League a record breaking 4 times. Mickey Mantle is, with out a doubt, an idol in the game of baseball whose accomplishments and skills will never be forgotten.

8: An American novelist, poet and leader printed his greatest achievement in the year 1957. John Kerouac, leader of the world famous beat movement, published | his most prominent and widely read book, On the Road. This book took almost 20 years to plan and write; therefore it is considered the final culmination of the beat movement. This great novel is mostly an autobiographical tale of the road trips Kerouac and his friends took across America. It is a book, which is mostly inspired on Jazz, poetry and drug experiences. As soon as it was released, it captured the | John Kerouac

9: heart of readers like no other book of the century did. The New York Times called it “"the most beautifully executed, the clearest and most important utterance [of this generation].” Although this book had an immediate influence on the population, it was not recognized for it’s literary merit until a while after its publishing. Since John Kerouac published On the Road in 1957, American Literature has never been the same.

10: On October 4th 1957, space science and technology had its first mayor break through. The Soviet Union launched the first earth-orbiting artificial satellite, | Sputnik 1. It was sent into an elliptical low Earth orbit and, because of this achievement, it started what is known as the “Space Race” in the cold war. This beach ball size object spread panic across | the US, since they believed that know the USSR could launch ballistic missiles from space and to the USA. Soon after, on November 3rd 1957, the Soviet Union struck again. This time, however, they launched Sputnik 2, who had a dog passenger named Laika. | Sputnik

11: Since the USSR and the US were now “racing” in the area of space exploration, the US responded by approving funds to create NASA (National Aeronautics | and Space Administration). Without the Sputnik program, the topic of space exploration would not be at the level it is today. It leaded to new political, military, technological and scientific development and truly was the dawn of the space age.

12: Chou En-Lai, the Chinese communist leader and premier of the Peoples Republic of China, demonstrated his political abilities in the year 1957. This one of a | kind communist leader was mainly responsible for the guidance of the new Chinese Government. He worked hand in hand with Mau and was | one of the main founders of Red China. However, because he was in charge of marinating relations with non- | Chou En-Lai

13: communist groups, he played a big role in the negotiation of settlements between Poland, Hungary and the USSR. Since, at the time, USSR wanted to take control over | these countries in order to enforce communism across Europe. In addition, Chou En Lai proposed the plan that would transform China into the power it is today. He suggested that China should take a socialist stand when it came to industry and technology, since this would help his beloved country be one step a head. This is exactly what China did and, thanks to this brilliant politician, the Peoples Republic of China became the technological power it is today.

14: The bridge on The River Kwai is a memorable, one of a kind motion picture directed by David Leans. Since its release in 1957, it was that year's number one box | office success. Shot on location in the jungles of Sri Lanka, it is based on Pierre Boulle’s novel of 1954. It tells the story of some British war prisoners in WWII, who are ordered to construct a bridge over a river by their captors, the Japanese. However, as time goes on, the prisoners are convinced that the bridge is a monument to the British, so they all collaborate | The Bridge on the River Kwai

15: with the enemy. But, they did not know that the allies were planning to destroy their beloved bridge. This marvelous | movie won 7 Academy Awards, including best picture, best actor and best director. This movie was so popular, that when ABC broadcasted | it on TV, nobody went to the cinema! Bridge On the River Kwai is a movie that will remain a classic for years to come.

16: 1. Explain why the Arkansas Government did not want the 9 black teens to go to the Little Rock High School? 2. What is Doctor Zhivago about? 3. What did Mickey Mantle achieve in 1957? | 4. On the Road was the culmination of what movement? 5.Because of the Sputnik program, what famous US administration was created? | Quiz Time!!

17: 6.Who was Chou En-Lai? 7.What Academy Awards did Bridge on the River Kwai win?

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22: "We didn't Start the Fire" | Billy Joel, 1989

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