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FC: 1958 | Marco Morrill

1: Introduction | In this scrap book you will see what happened in the year 1958 from Billy Joel's Song "We Didn't Start the Fire". In the scrap book, I talk about Lebanon, Charles De Gaulle, California Baseball, Stark Weather Homicide and Children of Thalidomide. This Scrap book was made for an 8th grade social studies project.

2: The people in Lebanon, mostly Muslim, rebelled against the government because of their plan for political and military alliances with the west. Then, a war was started between the Maronite Christians and the Muslims. When the pro-western people of Lebanon did not break diplomatic relations with the western powers that attacked Egypt in 1956, which angered Egypt, Egypt and Syria joined the United Arab Republic. The Muslim Prime Minister Rashid Kanami supported the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser as well. The Lebanese Muslims pushed the government to join the United Arab Republic while the Christians wanted to keep Lebanon with the western powers. Things started to get out of control and the president of Lebanon called for US assistance. In July, the US soldiers got to Lebanon to help restore peace in their country. I think Billy Joel put Lebanon in his song because of the problem that was going on in the country and the war that they had between the Christians and the Muslims. | Lebanon

3: Charles De Gaulle | Charles De Gaulle guided the formation of Frances fifth republic. He also returned to the government and was elected president of France during the Algerian Crisis. The Algerian Crisis was about Muslim rebels entering France to gain independence. Algeria got independence in 1962 after about 350,000-1.5 million deaths. He then granted independence to all thirteen French colonies in Africa. After several years, his popularity declined as well as his government. After several years a big student riot accrued and de Gaulle resigned as being the president of France. I think Billy Joel put Charles De Gaulle in his song because he did very good things and the Algerian Crisis happened and that probably was something that was very important to Muslims and to French people.

4: The Dodgers team moved to Los Angeles, California. The New York Giants also moved to California but to San Francisco. The two teams were very famous in Brooklyn and in New York. They both were the best two teams in the National League. They made the two teams move to California so that they can continue their rivalry. Because the Dodgers and the New York Giants moved, the Yankees moved to New York and started to get all the fame. When the New York Giants moved, all the citizens in New York were upset and started to hate the team. The hatred also happened in Brooklyn. The citizens started to hate the Dodgers because they left to California just like the New York Giants. Only Baseball fans who lived in the time of the Dodgers and the New York Giants will remember the time they played against each other for victory. I think Billy Joel used California Baseball in his song because it was something new for the fans of baseball in that time and it made a lot of people mad because they had moved. | California Baseball

5: Charles Stark weather made the most horrible murders of the year. He went with his girlfriend on a killing spree of 11 to 15 people. In 1957, he executed Lincoln and gas station assistant Robert Colvert in Nebraska. He killed him by putting several shots in his head. He then killed the mother and stepfather of his 14 year old girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate. He then strangled his girlfriend’s younger sister of 2 years old to death. 2 days later, a couple stopped to help Stark weather to start his car again. He shot the boy friend and tried to rape the girl friend. He failed to rape her and decided to shoot her instead. After a while, Stark weather needed more ammunition for his weapons so he killed his friend to get more. He then went to a town and got C Laur Ward and her house keeper. He took them upstairs and tied them and knifed them to death. Stark weather was finally caught and died by an electric chair in 1959. I think Billy Joel used Stark weather homicide in his song because he did the most horrible murders in that year. | Stark Weather Homicide

6: Women would take the drug Thalidomide while they were pregnant. Thalidomide was a drug invented in western Germany in 1957. It was discovered accidentally in 1954 by chemists in Germany trying to produce a anti-histamine. Once they sold the anti-histamine it did not work as one. Instead, it proved to be an effective tranquilizer with no harmful side effects. It was to treat conditions like morning sickness and insomnia in pregnant women. What wasn't known about this drug was that after a women, who is pregnant that has taken the drug after 3 months, would have defected children when they gave birth. This is still happening now in modern days around the world with children. I think Billy Joel used Children of Thalidomide in his song because it was something that impacted other people and he wanted to show that this is not how a child should be when they are born. | Children of Thalidomide

7: Lebanon Flag of Lebanon: http://www.lebanonembassyus.org/country_lebanon/overview.html Lebanon Map: http://www.worldstatesmen.org/Lebanon.htm Charles De Gaulle Charles De Gaulle face: http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/chronicles_1958.htm Charles De Gaulle Saluting: http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=819 Stark Weather Homicide Charles Stark Weather: http://geography2007.blogspot.com/2007/05/starkweather-homicide-1958.html Charles Stark weather with girlfriend: http://www.crimerant.com/?p=622 California Baseball Dodgers: http://geography2007.blogspot.com/ Baseball player: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/1958-baseball-season.htm Children of Thalidomide Child of Thalidomide: http://geography2007.blogspot.com/ Child of Thalidomide writing: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/motm/thalidomide/effects.html | Photo Bibliography

8: Bibliography | 1. World Book Encyclopedia, V.L 12, World Book, Chicago, 2005 2. World Book Encyclopedia, V.D 5, World Book, Chicago, 2006 3. "We Didn't Start the Fire". We Didn't Start the Fire: Starkweather Homicide, Deving and Fabian, n.d. 4. "The Years of Billy Joel's We Didnt Start The Fire", Edited guide entry, BBC, August 20 2009.

9: Quiz Time | 1. Between what groups of people was the war in Lebanon? 2. Who rioted against Charles De Gaulle? 3. Who would remember when the Dodgers and The New York Giants would play for victory? 4. What did Charles Starkweather do to his girlfriends family? 5. Why did mothers take the pill Thalidomide? 6. Who were the two baseball teams who would play against each other and where would they play? 7. Where was the drug Thalidomide made and in what year?

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