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1959 - Page Text Content

S: By : Sheyla

FC: 1959

1: This book is dedicated to my Social Studies friends Araceli, and Alicia. This mixbook is based on the song by Billy Joel: We Didn't Start The Fire, in this song this seven topics written in my book are mention. I had to investigate about the topics and see why these topics where important in history. The 7 topics are all in the year 1959 this is why that year is the cover of the book. This book is for an 8th grade Social Studies project.

2: Buddy Holly Buddy Holly was a famous rock and roll singer from America; he composed and played the electric guitar, and was one of the greatest rock n roll songwriters. Buddy Holly had a band called the Crickets, which became really famous on 1957 when they recorded the song “That’ll Be The Day”. The Crickets was an energetic style band that combined country music with rock n roll, they had seven hit singles some songs were with his band and some he as a solo performer. Holly plays the piano, fiddle and guitar at and early age. Holly began writing prolifically. By 1958 Buddy Holly had reached the top 40 with songs like “Maybe baby” “Think it over” “Early in the morning”. In October 1958 he married Maria Elena Santiago a Puerto Rican which Holly proponed to her on the first date. Sadly his fame only lasted about two years because he died on 1959 in an airplane crash at age 22. Holly death was marked by the release of the song “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” that stayed in #13 for 6 weeks. The Crickets on 1965 continued as a group.

4: Ben Hur | Ben Hur was a famous epic movie on 1959 directed by William Wyler the third film version of Lews Lawrence. Juda Ben-Hur is a Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem, together with the new governor, his old friend Messala arrives as a commandant in the Roman legions. At the beginning they are willing to meet after a long time, but their different politics points of view separated them, Messala believes in the glory of Romeo and the worldly imperial power while Judah dedicates to faith and to the Jewish people. Even though Messala knows that they are not guilty he send Judah mother to the prison and him to the galleys. But Judah swears to come back and take revenge on Messala. The film won a record of eleven Grammy Awards including best picture. The year is 1959 because this is the day in which the movie was released.

6: Space Monkey | Before Humans went to space scientist send several animals to space, animals like dogs and monkeys. In total they sent 37 monkeys. Some of this monkeys sent to space were on May, 28, 1959, two monkeys named Baker and Able who were tighten the nose into a Jupiter rock. These two monkeys flew 360 miles into the air but sadly the space ships exploded and fall in the Atlantic Ocean. Another monkey that flew to space on 1959 was Sam who they tighten him into a mercury capsule a rocket and launching him to space. But for Sam’s lucked he survived with no ill signs. Sam was a big success for scientist because like he came back safely the scientist had a prove that if monkeys could go to the space humans could also. This is why it was an important day on 1959 because a monkey actually came back safely.

8: Mafia | Don Vito Genovese was a American Mafioso who went to power in Castellammarese War and later became the leader of the Genovese crime family. Genovese lived in Italy and became a good friend of Benito Mussolini. In Naples after the Invasion in 1944, Genovese was named to be and interpreter officer in the US army. Rapidly he join the American Military Government of the Occupied territories, majority trusted workers. Less than one year before Genovese had organized the murder of Carlos Tresca, editor of antifascist Italian newspaper in New York, as a favor to Mussolini and the government. This year was important for Mafia and for Vito Genovese because in 1959 Genovese was convicted of selling a large quantity of heroin and was sentenced to 15 years of jail in Atlanta, and Genovese is a Mafioso.

10: Hula Hoops | Hula Hoops is a round circle fun toy that you swirl it around you neck waist and limps. The Hula Hoops for kids are about 28 inches of diameter and for the adults its 40 inches of diameter. The Hula Hoops was released on 1957 and cause sensation between, kids, teens, and even adults. There was always a contest between kids to see who could spin it for longer, or who could spin more Hula Hoops. This toy its still really famous in the world, even thought now they are a lot of more things more interesting in the world due to technology. When you see the Hula Hoop people wonder how something so simple got so famous, and actually the Hula Hoop its really fun if you know how to use it. The year is 1959 because even thought the Hula Hoop got released on that day the Hula Hoop became famous on 1959.

12: Castro | On January 2, 1959 Castro came into power. Fulgencio Batista was in charge of Cuba from 1933 to 1959, and then came Castro. Fidel Castro was born In Oriente Province in 1926 and went to the University of Havana to study law. Castro was a rebel and like many of them he became involved in activities of revolution since he was in college. By 1950 Castro had joined several groups that wanted to depose Batista. In 1953 he led an attack with 160 people, but most of the people were killed or captured. Even Castro that was in prison till 1959, then he flew to Mexico. Where he build a military force against Batista. He returned to Cuba in 1956 with 83 men, 71 men were killed and captured and the other 12 survived He was know as the leader of all groups that were opposing Batista. In 1959 Batista fled the country and Fidel Castro took control of the government.

14: Edsel: Corsair | Edsel is a car of 1959 that belong to ford. This car didn’t have the fame ford was expecting because people were not buying it, sales never took off. But Edsel was a well-planned competition killer car that died because by the time Edsel appeared it was a ridiculous car that will die with time. Ford was desperate and tried to sell the car as a “new kind of car that makes sense” But this didn’t help year sales were miserly 45,000. The Edsel was a model of 1959. The body style was a Four-seater coupe with a construction of steel body and chassis. The engines were 332cid, 361cid V8s and the power output was 225-303 bhp. The suspension in the front was an independent with coil springs, and the rear was leaf springs with live axle. The brakes were front and rear drums and the maximum speed of the car was 95-105 mph.

16: Quiz | 1.What was the name of the song that made the crickets famous on 1957? 2.Who was the director of the movie “Ben Hur” 3.What happen to Baker and Able? The monkeys that were sent to space on May 28 1959? 4.Why was Don Vito Genovese sent to jail? Of what crime was he accused? 5.What are the inches of diameter for the Hula Hoops for adults and children? 6.What was the name of the leader that was before Castro? 7.When ford was desperate how did it tried to sell the car as?

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