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1959 - Billy Joel

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FC: Cwisty Fayad P3

1: Many things happen during the 1900s, some of them were awful events while others were as amazing as the best toy made in years. We didn’t start the fire is a song made by Billy Joel during those times. Basically what the song says are events, things or people that were pretty important. It goes all the way from the beginning of the cold war, finishing up with essentially by the time China was under martial law. What I did for this scrap book was choose about 2 lines of the song and study each event/thing/person that was in it. The lines were: Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, Space Monkey, Mafia, Hula Hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go. However I did not do Castro and Edsel is a no-go; yet I think the ones I did were more interesting and maybe even a little bit more fun to do. | 1959 | Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, Space Monkey, Mafia, Hula Hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go.

2: Charles Hardin Holley is no more than anyone but the famous singer and leader from the crickets in the 1960s, Buddy Holly. He was born in Lubbock, Texas in September 7 1936; his parents were Ella Drake Holley (mom) and Larry Holley (dad). He has 4 brothers and of all he is the youngest one of all. Being such a talented boy, at age 5 Holly had the opportunity to participate in a talented contest, being able to actually win the first prize. Some years later, when Holly turn 11 he started playing the piano; however once he saw a concert from Elvis Presley he changed directly to electric guitar, making him enjoy the rock n’ roll style. He’s life as a rock n’ roll artist started being just a soloist on a radio station, playing with Jack Neal and then with Bob Montgomery. Unfortunately being a soloist didn’t work as well, finishing up joining the Crickets as their singer and also as their leader. Their first hit was call “That’ll be the Day” becoming an international song bringing millions of dollars to the band. The main reason that Buddy Holly is a big impact in those times and also in ours times is because he combine both the country music with some rock n’ roll rhythm. The Beatles name their band as a tribute for them. The Crickets also inspired some Rolling stones songs. On 1958, Buddy Holly decided to leave the Crickets. A year later on February 3 1959 with an age of 22, Holly died on a plane crash, losing not only him but other musicians that were in the same plane as him. However on 1986, even though Buddy Holly had already pass out he still had the opportunity to be a part of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. | Buddy Holly

4: William Wyler is the director of the famous movie during the XX century: Ben Hur; using as main character, Judah Ben Hur, Charlton Heston who recently had just finished up being in The Ten Commandments. The film was about two old friends (Judah Ben Hur a Jew and Messala) getting back together after a long time no seeing each other, yet things have change. Messala is now basically the head of Rome at that time, making Judah a slave and throwing his family on to prison. After Judah escapes from his slavery he comes back to Rome planning revenge towards his so call friend. The movie is supposed to be occurring time before Christ, while the movie was actually made during the time of the Cold War in 1959. However the movie was not release until 1971. It took about 6 years to only finish up making the shooting scenes.

5: Mainly the reasons why this movie should have being a big impact during the 1960s are because of the money, awards and crew members. Motion-Picture Studios had to spend about 15 million dollars to create the whole movie, making it the most expensive once of the 50s. After being release, not only did many actors receive an Oscar but the movie itself won 11 academic awards, again making a record until 1997. Though even if it was a great movie, when it came to the crew members, they had to be very careful of what their character was. First of all, for the movie they needed about 15,000 extras since a lot people actually died or got hurt during film. This caused a lot of problems, yet people kept dying about anyone getting injure. The movie was obviously made in Hollywood, but the setting in the movie was supposed to be located in Rome, Italy; sometimes also Jerusalem. After all the hard work, I repeat, the movie was finally release on February 14, 1971 being a great success. | Ben Hur | Director: William Wyler | Charlton Heston

6: SPACE MONKEY | Ham the Chimp

7: In the 1950s humans were already sending monkeys on to space to test if humans could actually survive a journey up there. However not until 1961 did the NASA have a tremendous mission that turn out the way they wanted it. Ham the chimp was chosen out of about 40 different monkeys to be trained for an important mission. His name, Ham, was originated from the Holloman Aerospace Medical Centre. The reason why he was chosen was because the astronauts working there though that he was the most suitable for the job. Ham was trained to press the buttons in front of him every time a blue light would pop up on to the screen in front of him too. After some months of training Ham was finally assigned a mission: MR-2. The point of the mission was to see how far the ship could travel up to space without Ham getting damage; their goal was about 117 km. The space ship with Han in it was launched in January 31 1961 from The Cape Canaveral Space Center. Everything was going just fine until they realize that the capsule were Ham was in was starting to rise in temperature. The NASA had to abort the mission for the safeness of the chimp. However even if they had to abort it they actually accomplished their goal since Ham actually went up to 157 km (20 more than what they wanted it) and essentially had 6 minutes of weightlessness. Another unexpected thing that occurred was that the space ship landed in Florida and took about three hours to actually find Ham. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt thanks to his suit that was strong enough and also kept him in the right body temperature. Ham became famous right after his mission being the first chimp that arrive to space and actually came back alive. After that he had the peace to go leave in Washington D.C. in a zoo. He died some years later in January 19 1983.

8: Mafia is a secret criminal society that started developing in Sicily, Italy since the 1600s. At this time in history, Sicily was being ruled by Spain. Each mafia group was essentially made out of families. In other words, if your parents, uncles, etc. were part of the Mafia there was a big possibility you were part of it too. A person involve in this group was named Mafiosi. The point of this society was mostly to gain power and respect of anyone; unfortunately they did this by violence. After World War II, Benito Mussolini took out all Mafiosi out of Italy. However instead of disappearing they started developing in the U.S.A.

9: They were about 24 families throughout United States, 5 of them being located in New York (Gambino, Lucchese, Bonanno, Colombo and Genovese). Each family has their own boss (aka. Don), followed by their underboss (counselor for the boss), and then the caporegime (lieutenants that supervise what the soldiers do. The soldiers are the ones that deal with all the drugs, the alcoholic beverages and they also do the gambling. Fortunately in the 20th century the Mafia weakened since they all got caught by the police finishing in court. | Mafia | Gambino (Boss)

11: Toys have evolved during time, yet the hula hoops are a toy that literally changed peoples life. The history of hoops has come all the way from the Greek time in which people used them as a way to do exercise. The hoops were finally “discovered” in Europe, also using them as a toy; just for fun. The name Hula Hoop comes from the original shape of it (hoop) plus the name hula from the Hawaiian dance that it is basically the same movement; Hula Hoop. Before arriving into the U.S.A. the hula hoop was starting to get popular in Europe 1958. The people loved it so much that even one day traffic in Paris stopped everything since there were women blocking the way dancing with a hoop and come country music. Some weeks later the news of the amazing toy the hula hoop arrives in California, United States. Richard Knerr and Arthur spud Melin were basically the bosses of “Wharm-O Manufacturing Company”. These two men were the first one to sell the first hula hoop in the U.S.A. Just as in Europe, the hoop became the most popular toy sell in the United States. Countries without sells of hula hoops, were the cause that made the exchange student program actually increase (coming to U.S.A); all because they wanted a hoop. Different Toys Company actually started competing to see which one sell more hula hoops; the goal was between 60 – 100 million. However, just like any other toy, the hula hoops period was over a couple of months later in September 30 1958. | Hula Hoops

12: Test your knowledge: http://bellavistapego.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/quiz.gif?w=350&h=300 | Happy Face: http://api.ning.com/files/1erJ25wlAQm1HVZdIpgDdlspDLGct2KWVYxxPWi460Co*tZ2s-lx2W6A7iXk6YUzlpwXMBe80FoR-qcrjfrProUd1Q7qqJa6/CaritaFeliz.jpg

13: 1.What is Buddy Holly’s complete name? 2.True or False: The Ben Hur Movie was given 5 academic awards. 3.The name HAM was originally from: - Highly A Monkey - Hamster Airspace Museum - Holloman Aerospace Medical 4.What were the 5 families of Mafia in New York? 5.What was the first company which used to sell hula hoops in the United States? | QUIZ!

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16: Bibliography - Photos | We didn’t start the fire: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WyAdZWZmd4w/TYzmhN0pPxI/AAAAAAAABfs/WPvW1GxqM1o/s1600/Billy%2BJoel%2BWe%2BDidnt%2BStart%2Bthe%2BFire.jpg Billy Joel on fire: http://thelayzmen.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/billy-joel-we-didnt-start-the-7023-1233002619-0.jpg Buddy Holly: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MxCt2x6NBAc/S-BdKFN8O2I/AAAAAAAAAZk/Af1pYU6Sv44/s1600/2.jpg Buddy Holly and The Crickets black and white: http://1957timecapsule.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/buddy-holly-the-crickets.jpg Charnel Heston: http://mmimageslarge.moviemail-online.co.uk/Ben-Hur-1.jpg Ben Hur: http://cache2.allpostersimages.com/p/LRG/40/4023/KOTWF00Z/posters/ben-hur-1959.jpg

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