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1990-2011 - Page Text Content

S: 1990-20111

FC: 1990-2011

1: The Clean Air Act Is Signed 1990 The passing of the clean air act helped to reduce pollution by setting limits on air emissions. It also lowered ultraviolet radiation by making it illegal to damage the ozone layer.

2: Hubble Space Telescope Is Launched Into Orbit 1990 Gave us a break-through link to the outer cosmos. Also, it allowed us to conduct experiments on space travel.

3: AT&T Security Glitch 1990 It caused thousands of calls to drop all over America. At the same time it released many peoples personal information to strangers.

4: Signing Of The ADA 1990 It gave more protection to the rights of disabled people. It also made it necessary to have ramp access and special education.

5: George H.W. Bush Vetoes The Civil Rights Bill 1990 The bill was meant to end discrimination in all of America. Bush vetoed it because he thought that there was no discrimination any more, even with the senate and most of the people in America in favor of the bill.

6: The Soviet Union Ends 1991 The Union falls apart due to infighting and bad tactics. It dissolves into fifteen separate countries.

7: Rodney King Is Beaten By Police 1991 He is beaten by four, white Los Angeles police who say they were attempting an arrest for speeding. The beating was being videotaped by a bystander and made the news.

8: Mt. Pinatubo Erupts 1991 The eruption causes massive damage in the surrounding area due to pyroclastic flows. The death toll of the city at the volcano's base was in the high hundreds.

9: The World Wide Web Becomes Public 1991 Its new usability for the general public allows a new media of entertainment and education. It also becomes the base of a new era or sociality.

10: U.S. Forces Leave The Philippines 1992 In the absence of military forces, the people of the Philippines rejoice in their independence once again. However, they also had to rebuild their society.

11: Bush And Yeltsin Proclaim An End To The Cold War 1992 The end of the Cold War brings in a new time of peace and cooperation between nations. Plus, the new technology from the space and arms races can be applied to daily use now that the fear of spies is gone.

12: U.S. Lifts Trade Sanctions Against China 1992 This lift on the trading ban allows both nations to negotiate better relations with each other. With the lift in affect, both nations can resume trade with one another.

13: Supreme Court Reaffirms The Right To Abort 1992 The topic of abortion was debated many times before, and how abortion was related to woman's rights. However, many people were against abortion all together, thinking it was infanticide.

14: China Breaks Nuclear Testing Moratorium 1993 China sets off a nuclear device in the Zinjiang province after agreeing to the ban on nuclear testing. The U.S. was not very surprised at this, suspecting that China would do it.

15: NAFTA Approved 1993 It was designed to help America's economy by destroying importation taxes. Many other nations did not like NAFTA as it helped America only.

16: Clinton Compromises Military Ban On Homosexuals 1993 This results in the policy "don't ask, don't tell". Many people thought that the new policy was just as bad as the old one as it still discriminates.

17: Rwanda Massacre 1994 Resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. It was a large group of Hutu extremists to blame.

18: Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa 1994 He became the first black president of South Africa, a monumental achievement for the people of Africa. He becomes a symbol of racial equality and freedom.

19: U.S. Sends Forces to Persian Gulf 1994 This particular military mission was called "Desert Saber". It had much less importance than other missions, but was still a part of that war.

20: France Explodes Nuclear Device 1995 The French government began to gather data for more accurate simulations of nuclear blasts. So despite much protest of the people of France, the government set off a nuclear device in the Pacific.

21: Earthquake Strikes Japan 1995 Japan was hit by a 6.9 earthquake, a rather large one. The quake is called the "Great Hanshin" for the collapse of the Hanshin expressway.

22: Central Africa Ravaged By Ebola Virus 1995 In Kikwit, Zaire, an epidemic of the Ebola virus killed over 400 people. The virus was spread by contact with contaminated food and water.

23: First Planet Outside Solar System Found 1995 The discovery was made by two European astronomers: Michel Mayor and Didie Queloz. They named the planet 51 Pegasi B.

24: Cloned Sheep Named Dolly 1996 Dolly's original name was 6LL3, but was changed in honor of Dolly Parton. Though the sheep became the face of the cloning, the real star was the method: Somatic nuclear cell transfer.

25: Nintendo 64 Released 1996 Was a long awaited release for Nintendo fans. It was also a fantastic new, much more powerful system.

26: Ancient Life Found On Mars 1996 NASA uncovers a specimen of possible life on the inside of a Martian rock. This finding jump starts many more conspiracy theories.

27: Blizzard Of 1996 1996 An extreme snowstorm that coated the East coast in four feet of snow. It also caused 19 deaths.

28: Pokemon Is Introduced 1997 It was a new breed of anime television shows, a standard set for many more. At the time it was made, its audience age group range was wider than that of many shows.

29: The Titanic Movie 1997 The movie was a revolution in live action filming and was comparable to "Gone With the Wind". It was directed by James Cameron.

30: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Is Released 1997 Written by the British writer J.K. Rowling, the book was phenomenal; a brand new story. It captured the minds of people young and old.

31: 1997 | "Lion King" breaks Broadway record | It had a daily income of $2,700,000. | One of the best shows in Broadway history.

32: 1997 | Simpson's air 167th Episode | It became the longest running T.V animated series in cartoon history | It runs every Sunday.

33: The then President Bill Clinton was accused for having an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. He would later admit it and have himself impeached by Congress. | Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal | 1998

34: The sitcom show, Seinfeld, first aired on NBC in 1989. It became a huge success with 76 million viewers watching the series finale. | Series Finale of Seinfeld | 1998

35: While Google technically existed before 1998, it wasn't until that year it was filed for incorporation. It stated out in a garage and would grow to become the most used search engine. | Google Inc. is Founded | 1998

36: 1998 | Two white separatists captured in Nevada | Were accused of planning a biological attack on the subway. | Their accused plan would take place in New York.

37: 1998 | Earthquake hits Afghanistan | Was at a reading of 6.1. | Killed more than 5000.

38: The Euro was created as a way to make the European economy more stable and easy to understand. It was originally in an electronic form until a note and coin form came out in 2002. | Euro Introduced | 1999

39: The box office hit, The Matrix, blew the minds of audiences with its story and action sequences. It greatly popularized the use of bullet time. | The Matrix is Released | 1999

40: 1999 | Athens hit with Earthquake | It had a 5.9 magnitude. | It left 500 homeless and over 100 dead.

41: 1999 | NATO accidentally bombs a convoy of ethinic Arabian Refugees | 75 people die in it. | It happened in Yugoslavia.

42: In order to save memory, computers only counted the first 2 digits in a year. When the year 2000 came around that would mean computers would think we went backward from 99 to 00. Many people thought all technology would go out of control and not work properly. | Y2K Problem | 2000

43: The highly anticipated PlayStation 2 would become the best selling gaming console of all time. It continues to sell even today with its successor, the PlayStation 3. | PlayStation 2 Released | 2000

44: 2000 | Supreme court releases agreement on Bush V.S Gore | Bush sued Gore for trying to have hand written recounts. | Bush wins 5 to four in the end.

45: The first crew arrived at the International Space Station. It's the largest space station ever made. | Crew in ISS | 2000

46: 2000 | Bill Clinton announces GPS no longer only for military | The accurate GPS was only used for military until now. | It stands for Global positioning system.

47: George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. He was reelected as President in 2004. | Bush is Elected | 2001

48: Wikipedia today has over 18 million articles. While it's one of the most used websites on the Internet, it's criticized for its accuracy. | Wikipedia is Founded | 2001

49: With three sequels, it's no wonder why Shrek was a hit at the box office. Many future movies tried to copy its style of pop culture references. | Shrek is Released | 2001

50: Nine eleven was when two planes crashed into the two World Trade Center buildings in NYC. It was a terrorist attack planned by al-Qaeda. | 911 | 2001

51: The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in response to nine eleven. The goal was to capture Osama bin Laden and disrupt al-Qaeda activities. | Afghanistan Invasion | 2001

52: 2001 | El Salvador hit by Earthquake | It had a 7.6 magnitude. | It killed more than 840 people.

53: The first iPod device could only play songs. Today's iPod devices are much more advanced, being able to play videos, call friends, or use many apps. | iPod Released | 2001

54: The No Child Left Behind Act was created to reform school education. It was meant to improve reading and math test scores. | NCLB Signed into Law | 2002

55: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother died at the age of 101. She was the wife to King George VI. | Queen Dies | 2002

56: The Mars Odyssey detected water on Mars. It wasn't confirmed though until 2008 by the Phoenix. | Water on Mars | 2002

57: The U.S. DHS was also created in response to nine eleven. Its job is to defend U.S. territory and help out in natural disasters. | DHS is Created | 2002

58: Former President Carter visits Cuba | First president, in or out of office, to visit Cuba after Fidel's revolution. | Visits for five days to see Fidel Castro. | 2002

59: A remote-controlled bomb blows up in Kaspiysk, Russia | It hit during a holiday Parade. | It killed 43 and injured 130 people. | 2002

60: During reentry the Space Shuttle Colombia disintegrated. The cause was the left wing being damaged during the launch by a chunk of foam. | Colombia Disintegrates | 2003

61: The iTunes Store greatly expanded upon the library of the iPod. In seven years it would sell its ten billionth song. | iTunes Store Released | 2003

62: Finding Nemo was simple yet well executed story of a dad trying to find his son. It made pet clown fish very popular. | Finding Nemo is Released | 2003

63: Bush declares Major combat operations over in Iraq | On USS Abraham Lincoln is where he said that. | It's called the mission accomplice speech. | 2003

64: Saddam Hussein was captured after being accused of being a threat to the U.S. He was trialled and sentenced to an execution. | Hussein Captured | 2003

65: LOTR 3 is the only fantasy film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It ended the trilogy often seen as one of the greatest movies of all time. | LORT 3 is Released | 2003

66: Myspace was a social networking site that was once the most visited website on the Internet. Today it lies in the shadow of it's main competitor, Facebook. | Myspace Released | 2003

67: With about 40% of all Americans having a Facebook, who hasn't heard of it? It can be used to socialize with friends, advertise a business, or just play games. | Facebook Created | 2004

68: A sperm whale in Taiwan exploded after too much gas built up from its decomposing body. The whale's bones were later put on a display. | Whale Explodes | 2004

69: WoW Released | 2004 | WoW is the largest MMORPG in the world. Many MMORPG's after it would copy its style.

70: A large 9.1-9.3 magnitude earthquake struck in Southeast Asia. It sparked an even larger tsunami that killed 230,000 people. | S.E. Asia Tsunami | 2004

71: Bush Re-elected | It was a very tight voting race with John Kerry. | Nader was his other competitor. | 2004

72: No WMD's found in Iraq | Our reason to invade was found false. | Saddam Hussein still found of crimes. | 2004

73: North Korea announced that it had nuclear weapons. Later that year N.K. says they'll stop if given aid and cooperation. | N.K. with Nukes | 2005

74: Katrina Disaster | Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. | Major damage was caused in Louisiana and Mississippi. | 2005

75: BTK Serial Killer caught | First killed at the Otero's home. | Named after his method, bind, torture, and kill. | 2005

76: Pope John Paul II died when he was 84. Four million people mourned him at the Vatican. | Pope Dies | 2005

77: The Great American Boycott | Demanded better immigration rights in America. | Happened after the grassroots coalition passed in Los Angeles. | 2006

78: Last M.A.S.H decommissioned | The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital was finally decommissioned. | The show was used to advertise the real thing. | 2006

79: Wii is released | 2006 | It is the best selling console of its generation. | Brought motion controls into gaming.

80: Coal miners trapped in shaft. | Lift broke and they were stuck 1500 feet below ground. | The owner said finding survivors was totally impossible. | 2007

81: Russia pulls out of arms treaty | President Vladmir Putin suspends Russia's participation. | The treaty was from the Cold-War that limited the amount of heavy weaponry. | 2007

82: New Orleans hit with hurricane Gustav | A category five storm hits them on category two. | At least 7 die in Gustav. | 2008

83: Obama elected | He's the first African American president. | He represented the democrats. | 2008

84: Miracle on the Hudson | The worst injury was a broken leg. | All 155 passengers lived. | 2009

85: d | Deep Water Horizon Explodes | 2010 | Exploded from gases that ignited. | Would cause the biggest oil spill in history.

86: 2009 | Haiti hit by Earthquake | It had a 6.1 magnitude. | The capital was shattered so a lot of help and money was received. | 2010

87: Tunisian Revolution | 2010 | Protests started after people got tired of lack of freedom and poor conditions. | Sparked many other revolutions in Arab countries.

88: Avatar comes out | Movie had 1.86 billion in sales. | It even topped the movie titanic. | 2010

89: Japanese Earthquake and tsunami | The earthquake was 8.1. | Damaged a nuclear plant and caused the tsunami. | 2011

90: Bin Laden killed in u.s. raid | Found in a north Palestine town. | The Taliban are more active now. | 2011

91: The End | At least for now.....

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