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2010/2011 SSP Yearbook

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1: Usually, middle school is defined by a single question: “Who are you?”. In some way, every single teenager who is apart of the “Let’s all grow up!” train strives to find out exactly who they are. Pretty much, middle school students get in a line and label one another- kind of like those cool label machines that spit out words. They live the rest of their teenage lives being the person who they have been defined as, all the while forgetting who they truly are. They lose sight of anything that makes them unique or original, and are blinded of their own identities. Luckily, middlers are different. We have it easy, we have already been categorized into our own little group- a group that forgets the harsh labels of middle school. In the Springfield Scholars Program, everyone is free to be themselves. You will find that middlers are the most accepting kids you will ever meet. In the past three years that I have been in the Springfield Scholars Program, I have achieved more as a student and as a person than I could have if I had attended another school. It has been an amazing journey, I adore all of my classmates because they are all around fantastic people. SSP is three years of your life you will never ever regret! Desiree Hansen | Springfield Scholars Program 2010-2011

2: Our Scholars Teachers | Top Row: Debbie Preston. Paula Thompson. Kelly Heugel, Julie Chapin Bottom Row: Jane Sellars, Karen Paulson, Becky Smith, Dave Giddings

4: Kady Barnes | Jaclynn is a pretty pretty princess! | Branden Barrett | Al Gore 2036 - It's gonna happen. | Maddison Dobyns | No comment | Justin Dias | MY HAND IS A DOLPHIN!!!! | Sean Casey | Hi: 1: a greeting. 2: How I feel. | Hannah Duff | "You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve" J K Rowlings Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Bellamy Duncan | This year kind of went by in a purple haze situation. But it was really fun, I liked 8th grade bunches and bunches. | Eddie Filice | I love you! | Ben Fiedler | No se Ben, mi llamo Pedro | Drew Edinger | Hellooooo ^.- It is your friend Drew, What is up? | 8th grade

5: Hannah Froncek | Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank You! | Allison Hamburg | Nikhil Havaldar | Oranges, limes, oranges, clementines and grapefruits are all citrus fruits. Yes, even grapefruits. | Becca Harper | I think Dr. Thompson looks sweet in her academic regalia! | Desiree Hansen | Lately, dogs have just been appearing out of no where, I’ve been seeing them everywhere! I think I just might be a bit crazy. Oh well, you guys are some pretty cool kids! | Ryan Hendon | So I heard you like mudkips.... | Natalie Hickerson | I wish the Michaelas were as cool as Allison. She’s a model. | Alex Kunze | poop | Shinyoung Kim | Michaela Karr | I wish I could be as cool as Michaela Scott. She’s a model.

6: Kerry Li | I don’t want to tell you what I think. | Ben Liu | I hope to one day teach your five year-old children | Eden Meyer | The best time to wear a green striped all the tiiiime! | Claire McShane | Kiss me! I'm Irish. | Dylan Lyman | Arjo Mitra | WE WE WE SO EXCITED! | Jaclynn Payne | Guess what, Natalie! The sun is out today! Oh and by the way Michaela MOON! And yes I am here 6-10! | Troy Robertson | I'll be a vampire, but I won't let go of my chip bag. | Ben Roberts | Stones are like rocks except they start with an "s". | Gavin Poe | Every so often I stick my head out of a window, look up in the sky, and smile for a satellite picture. | 8th grade

7: Allison Saiko | I dream of a world where chickens can cross roads without their motives being questioned. | Bailey Sampson | If i had one piece of advice for the future, It'd be to wear sunscreen. | Adam Somers | “Wait, you want me to be myself? I’m not sure I want that on paper!” | Daniel Slattery | Ya know what else is intense? Camping | Michaela Scott | I wish I could be as cool as Michaela Karr. She’s a model. | Jake Sweeney | Allison Tay | I wish the Michaelas were as cool as Natalie. She’s a model. | Castle Smith | You can call me Dr. Smith | Harper Vincent | "(Insert clever comment here)" | Derek Van Hise | There’s a map for that!

8: Machelle Warren | “Where is my Nintendo DS?” *hides broken DS pieces behind back* “Uhh, ninja Canadians took it.” | Adam Weddle | This year was very amazing, and stuff. | Matt Wilson | Wait. We had homework? | 8th grade

10: Nikki Anzalone | Are we in Egypt, cause someone is in denial!? Yeah, you should be getting a postcard soon, cause I went there! | Inderpal Bains | That banana is my mines!>:( | Connor Boyd | | Zach Boddy | Prepare for the worst, expect the best! | Kourtney Benion | This school isn't crap | Stephani Bradshaw | This school is RAD | Emilia Cavero | Bling ting ting! | Abby Conner | Be who you is, not who you is not.. Mr G | Sasha Cohen Ionnides | :D | Noah Clarke | I can't believe I ate the whole thing | 7th grade

11: Kyra Cook | AHH! LOOK BEHIND YOU! just kidding. | Dustin Craigmyle | I don't care! | Joseph Essman | MYSP sounds better | Erin Eisenhour | Sam, put down the orange.... | Eleanor Dickey | It's fun | Tabbi Franklin | Sink your teeth into forever!!!! | Rachel Haik | Can't wait until next year! | Kyle Haverland | Something | Bethany Harris | It all started with those candy bars.... | Kieran Hall | This weekend

12: Chris Hess | Hi! | Alec Hilton | Cut it bigger | Samantha Joint | Do your worst, I always do. | Garrison Howell | I'm on a boat! | Michael Horton | Johnny your such a meh. | Anneliese Kerr | ;) | Sharon Lee | SSP > middle school | Emily Melton | But Saaaaam, thats illegal!! | Johnny Matei | I don't have a quote | Taylor Livingston | Our lunch is still AWESOMER than yours =:) | 7th grade

13: Megan Melton | I don't know, come back tomorrow. | Amanda Morrison | FOLLOW YOUR LUNCH!!! :P | Andrew Phillips | Walrus | Lauren Parker | Girls Scouts. Get some. =) | Jessica Nguyen | Riley: Sam I love you! :D | Quinlan Pulleyking | I hate your shirt! :) | Ben Rankin | Silence is golden, duct tape is silver! | Don Seo | Cereal | Riley Segars | Gryffindor!! | Kyle Rickman | Best year ever!

14: Katie Simkins | "AAARRRRUUGGGHHH!!" - Chewbacca | Ethan Smith | Wisdom is more than rocks and numbers | Kathleen Snyder | This was a great year.I'll really miss everyone. | Savannah Stull | It went by really fast. | 7th grade | Wisdom, not just for mathmatics. | Jacob Zorehkey | Don't hate me cuz you ain't me | Noah Smith

16: Corbin Alger | The internet isn't always your friend. | Jordan Andrews | An onion a day keeps the people away | Abbey Belt | A person’s a person no matter how small. | Alex Baker | Hard work first, easy later. | Jacob Bailey | SSP is really great and fun experience. | Cameren Black | When life gives you numbers, make pi. | Kiana Boyce | You never know what adventures are yet to come. | Hannah Childs | Don’t worry, be happy. | Lane Burdette | The SSP is awesome!!! | Evan Burdette | I've had a fantastic time here making so many friends and memories | 6th grade

17: Erin Cloyd | This has been the best school year yet. | Nathan Dempsey | What’s worse than wanting something and knowing you can never have it? | Katherine English | You may think you are one little speck of dust, but you are so much more than that. | Whitney Elliott | SSP is an endless maze of education. | Jenna Dobyn | I LOVE SSP! | Daniel Guion | SSP is amazing! | Halena Hadi | Always think before you act. | Peter Holtmann | Mechanics are the next best thing to pizza. | Madison Harper | SSP stands for super spectacular people. | Jesse Hamilton | Anything is possible.

18: Sasi Karuparti | Look for the light in the dark. | Elizabeth Kenning | When life gives you numbers, make pi! | Andrew Lee | The more you do, the more you can do | Skye Lawson | Just because we are smart doesn't mean we have nothing left to learn. | Jenna Kohls | No pressure no diamonds. | Terra Maslak-Hopper | Anything is possible at SSP | Chloe McWhirt | I love the people here. | Sabrina Ollis | Oh, the things you can think if you are willing to try! | Quinn Mortimore | Video games help hand eye coordination. | Ben Moore | It’s not over till it’s over. | 6th grade

19: Tori Reaves | Anything is possible if you give it a shot! | Penny Roemer | You’ll always be who you want to be. | Anna Skalicky | I’m so glad I decided to come to SSP. | Ronnie Sivils | Go big or go home. | Jamie Sampson | SSP is a great academic opportunity. | Landon Summers | SSP= awesome. | Gabe Ting | What is real? What can be real? | Julius Walker | SSP is about having fun. | Jake Vollmar | The elephant bird has hatched. | Brennyn Small | SSP is awesome.

20: Emily Watts | There are so many great memories made here. | Rafael Xu | You’ve got to live with life. | Ashlan Zay | Bling Ting Ting! | 6th grade | True friends will never leave you. | Kimber Ward

22: In Class

23: Around School

24: Extracurricular

25: 8th Grade Promotion

26: Bowling | Nikki A I'd say that I won twice, but that would be a lie. I don't lie....normally Sabrina O It was fun to hangout with my new friends and bowl, which was AWESOME! Emily M OMG! I DIDN"T GET A STRIKE! Ashlan Z It was awesome getting to go bowling with all of my friends and just hang out.

27: Funniest Costume Winners: Alex Kunze as Waldo, Don Seo as his Dad, Julius Walker as Obama and Sasidhar Karuparti and Ben Moore as Secret Service. Most Creative Costume Winners: Hannah Duff as Ginny Weasley, Nikki Anzalone as Stick Figure, Ashlan Zay as Pebbles. | Monster Mash | Kieran H The DJ was awesome! The decorations were pretty cool too! *wink, wink* Inderpal B The costumes contest was cool. They had better categories this year. Lauren P It was a graveyard smash! *wink, wink* Megan M The lights were prettiful! Emilia C The costume contest was fun!

28: Laser Tag | Food Drive | Tori R I was very moved by how many people donated food for those who needed it. Hannah C It felt good to know we would be helping out kids who really needed food.

29: 1984 | Cloe W I like Ms. Pac-man. Jenna K I like the little orange puff ball w/the nose thingy sticking out! Rafael X I like Tron and Star Wars. Noah S It was pretty cool, pretty fun. Katie S 1984 was a lot of fun. I got the high score on 3 games and had a good time with friends. | Castle S So many pigtails... Natalie H Lazer tag was really fun! It was fun to see peoples secret talents. Adam W It was fun, new idea that hasn't been done before. It wasn't an event that has been done for years in a row, so it was a new experience! Kiana B Lazer tag is the funnest thing I've done all year! Elizabeth K Lazer tag was absolutely crazy! Desiree H It was totally awesome to see everyone get really into lazer tag! the girls had warpaint and pigtails. We were ready to win!

30: Midnight Masquerade | Evan B It was really fun! I couldn't tell who half the people were! Ashlan Z The chocolate fountain was yummy! Connor B My bells were ringing. Taylor L I loved all the different colored masks. Nikki A There was a mask on their faces! What What!!!

31: Roller Skating | Skinny Improv | Sabrina O Some people have the weirdest laughs Ben R It was as awesome as a boat. Stephanie B It was rad. Tabbi F It was fun and I enjoyed it. | Anna S It was fun to watch people fall. Chloe M My feet hurt from all the blisters Chris H Joseph can't skate Joseph E I can't skate Jacob Z It was painful

32: New York New York Dance | Jessica N It was the highlight of the year. Sharon L I liked the bright lights Noah S It's a good way to go out.

33: Winners | Top Row: The Animal Lover - Evan Burdette, Erin Eisenhour, Allison Hamburg; The Walking Encyclopedia - Gabe Ting, Sharon Lee, Derek Van Hise; The Technology Expert - Eddie Filice, Inderpal Bains, Sasi Karuparti. Bottom Row: The Random One - Peter Holtmann, Don Seo, Matt Wilson; The Pun-ny One - Arjo Mitra, Nikki Anzalone, Julius Walker; The Gamer - Cameren Black, Connor Boyd, Justin Dias

34: It's been a great year!!

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