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2012 HCMS Literary Magazine - ILLUSIONS

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2012 HCMS Literary Magazine - ILLUSIONS - Page Text Content

S: Illuminations Vol. 6 2011

BC: art by Anderson B. | art by Bobby M.

FC: Illuminations Volume 6 2011 | art by Becca R.

1: Illuminations 2011 | Editor Cat S. Assistant Editor Sabrina A. Staff Helen N., Gaby T., Remy D. & Taylor S. Adviser Yasemin F. | Editorial Note: Welcome to the sixth volume of Illuminations, Hill Country Middle School's literary magazine. This is the first online edition of Illuminations. Editors designed the pages and chose the selected entries, while staff helped edit the pages. We thank Principal Kathleen Sullivan for supporting the project and our English, photography and art teachers for encouraging students to submit stories, poems, photographs and art.

2: Table Of Contents | Poems | Title Author Page | 4 5 7 8 13 | The Goods & The Bads Ben N. I Am James C. Eighth Grade Sabrina A. Love is Pain Remy D. My Morning Campbell E. The Ones Jackson I. Sweet Dreams Sara P. The Final Race Cat S. Mountains/Beach Caroline T. A Spectacular Place Marguerite H. Life Natalie H. The Blur Racic F. Seasons Matthew O. Green Steven Z. Black Nicholas G. Homework Jenae F. Frog Jefferson H. Day to Night Nicholas G. Can't Bring Me Down Rebecca R. Birds & Angels Izzy O. Death Peyton B. Day & Night Cassie R. | 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

3: Photographer | Photos | Art | Becca R. Brenda C. Gaby T. Caroline O. Laurel M. Tom M. Haily R. Kayla M. Anderson B. Bobby M. | Page | Cover 6 10 11 12 15 23 24 Back Cover Back Cover | Grace M. Sawyer H. Remy D. Bella H. Evan J. Isabel A. Taylor S. Harry H. Andrew T. Yii Ting C. Alise K. Grayson J. Madi M. Alan W. | 4 5 7 8 13 14 14 14 17 18 19 21 22 26 | Artist

4: There is good and there is bad There is new and there is dull There is pretty and there is ugly There is special and there is normal There is awesome and there is terrible There is right and wrong There are friends and there are enemies There is soft and there is rugged Whatever the word it's just a word | photo by Grace M. | The Goods and The Bads | by Ben N. | 4

5: I am the sun warm and happy helping others through the dark. I am a bird flying graceful through the air.. I am orange, bright, and wise. I am trees drifting in the wind, but not leaving my post. I am the trustworthy, and will never let you down. I am James. | I am by James C. | photo by Sawyer H. | 5

6: art by Brenda C. | 8th grade year was a fun And hard year There were twists and turns With relationship burns With tests and quizzes galore You begged no more, no more There were dances and parties And boring assemblies With long boring nights In which you had to fight There were trends and fashion Which you wore with compassion. It was a jungle full of strife So we held on for a long and bumpy ride | by Sabrina A. | Eighth Grade | 6

7: Leaving hate in its place... Hearts will shatter. Tears stream down my face. I never know if they are friend or foe, And this is why, love is like a rose. | Love is Pain by Remy D. | Love is like a rose. Prick your finger blood will flow. Slowly draining life away, Clouding every thought with dismay. Destroying happiness, | photo by Remy D. | 77 | 7

8: My Morning by Campbell E. I woke up looking out at the glassy lake. We start the boat as I am just finishing my bleak tasting breakfast. Next thing I know I’m behind the boat, the birds are chirping as we move by a few angry looking ducks. The trees slowly move by like they are just waking up. I go for a huge air; my board slaps the water hard; I fall. I’m engulfed by the warm wetness of the water as I rise up from underneath the fowl tasting liquid; my nose catches a couple scents of pollen and fish. The boat's motor roars again like a lion. I swim through the smooth water creating ripples as I move. The boat is now near and it is time to ride again!!!!! | 8 | photo by Bella H.

9: If and when you step through the raging storm of life, which beats your clothes against a hard chest, then you shall step toward the ones. If and when you wobble out of the pool of hate that consumes the love and the people of this broken planet, then you shall be closer to the ones If and when you break from the evil grip of passion and love that tightly holds all of humanity, then you shall be one of the ones. If and when you are one of the ones, who have left their hearts behind and are empty souls trapped in the clock of time, then your journey is just set to begin. If and when your journey is to begin, the journey that everyone shall be in, the one that is a trip to the ends of Tartarus and sucks the living but swallows the dead. The one that is the night sky empty and dark until lighted by the stars of life Then you, you the one of The Ones, shall leap to the light of dark, the bright of night, the halo of demons, the hope of the ends. | 9 | The Ones by Jackson I.

10: I lay awake Limbs fatigued, yet mind racing Quiet darkness wraps around my shoulders A silky blanket of serenity Still, I cannot grasp the soft billows of a dream Deep, sudden sighs escape me The night outside my window illuminates my face Slants of moon glow descend from inky sky Cascading like a waterfall across my pillow I close my eyes Thoughts romp through my head They bounce against my skull Causing a hectic thrum to fill my mind The strange notions dancing behind my lids morph I’ve floated into the mysterious beginnings of a dream The cool relief of night soothes me My muscles uncoil from their tight springs My lungs take in deep, even gulps of air The faint fluttering of my lids ceases Finally, sleep settles over me for the night | art by Gaby T. | Sweet Dreams | by Sara P. | 10

11: I sit on my four wheeler ready and pumped I’ve taken on the spins and practiced my jumps Sweat drips from my forehead onto my knee I have memorized the track and am positive the winner will be me I look down the line of boys I am against I am so nervous that my stomach feels like a wrench I hear the announcer boom telling us to start our engines And the gun shot signaling we shall begin I race and race with all my might Do jumps and spins so fast I am almost out of sight When I cross the finish line, my stomach is curled I take off my helmet to hear “Ugh, we lost to a girl?” | The Final Race | by Cat S. | 11 | art by Caroline O.

12: Mountains/Beach The Mountains Cold, Icy Skiing, Snowing, Playing Snowboards, Snow, Waves, Surfboards Swimming, Building, Surfing Sandy, Wet The Ocean. | art by Laurel M. | by Caroline T. | 12

13: As the bubbles rose from the water I found myself in a cave, an underwater cave. I tasted the smooth salty water. I was scared as an octopus came out from hiding. I could feel the sweat leaking out of my wet suit that was mysteriously put | on me. There was something on me that was like a piece of clothing I felt a starfish. A shark swam slow as a snail. i hid a rock to hide my fear. I found out it was not so bad it was amazing. I saw little crabs playing down below. I could hear the amazing sound of a blue whale. The water started to steam like a kettle. I woke up happy and cozy in my pajamas. It was a wonderful dream. I smelled the Kit Kats behind my dresser. I saw my door. I was back in room, happy and alone. | A Spectacular Place | Haiti by Evan J. | 13 | by Marguerite H.

14: Life is like a flower, It starts as a seed. Then grows a stem, It blossoms into something beautiful In the end it withers and dies. | photo by Isabel A. | Life | by Natalie H. | photo by Taylor S | 14 | photo by Harry H.

15: 15 | art by Tom M.

16: The blur is a strange thought that goes through your mind. When your mind is blank with confusion and thoughts are surrounding your questions. There are different types of blurs in the world. Most of them are changing through people by their actions and emotions. | 16 | photo by Megan R. | The Blur | by Racic F.

17: Seasons Summer Warm, fun Vacation, play, swim Hawaii, beaches, ice, snow Skiing, snow fights, parties Freezing, season Winter | by Matthew O. | 17 | photo by Andrew T.

18: Green by Steven Z. Green is the color of grass Green is the color of the trees Green is the color of an alien's face Green is the color of what your face looks like when you want to throw up Green smells like peas Green tastes like salad Green sounds like a guitar Green looks like leaves Green feels like chalk boards Green makes me happy Green is my favorite color | 18 | photo by Yi-Ting C.

19: Black by Nicholas G. Black is the color that goes bump in the night. Black is the color that is misunderstood. Black is the color that covers you at night with little stars to give you light. Black is the one that is the color left out of the crowd. Black smells like puppy breath. Black tastes like licorice. Black sounds like a wolf howling. Black feels like soft velvet. Black makes me think. Black is sad. | 19 | photo by Elise K.

20: Homework by Jenae F. Piles and piles that goes up for miles when I look I hope I don’t fall down and down into a robotic state finishing work starting new how do I get out Saturday, the answer the lovely Saturday full of wind and fun listening to music smiling at friends looking into the world of freedom finally feeling free now it’s Monday piles and plies that goes up for miles when I look I hope I don’t fall down and down into a robotic state. | 20

21: A frog as green as the grass A croaking frog is a booming bass A yellow frog just like the sun Frogs only hop they do not run A polka-dot frog blends into trees A striped little frog hides from bees A black-blue frog jumps for a fly A turquoise frog is very shy All these frogs they live together On rainy days they hide from weather A frog or two will lay some eggs Another frog with big long legs They jump and swim and play today But tomorrow is another day | 21 | Frog | by Jefferson H. | by Grayson J.

22: Day light, lively happy, bright, people crowded, working, lonely, sleeping dark, lifeless, blackness stars, moon Night | 22 | photo by Madi M. | Day to Night | by Nicholas G.

23: When my heart is filled with sorrow, Worries that come tomorrow, And sadness from within, My anger wants to win, My heart is nearly broken, From the words that they have spoken, It's hard to face the pain, From them I have gained, I simply must be strong, Though their actions may seem wrong, A Lesson I have found, They can't bring me down. | 23 | art by Haley R. | Can't Bring Me Down | by Rebecca R

24: Birds and Angels By Izzy O. Birds Graceful, colorful Gliding, chirping, singing Flying with the wind Angel . | 24 | art by Kayla M.

25: I am dark and mysterious. I wonder if killing should not be a crime. I hear your bloodcurdling screams, I see your deepest nightmares. I want your pain to stop, I am dark and mysterious. I pretend not to care about killing, I feel your life's end when it's near. I touch your life in the end, I worry it wasn't time. I cry for myself, I am dark and mysterious. I understand everything must come to an end. I say "I don't care," I dream about your final end. I try to delay my actions, I hope I will resign soon too, I am dark and mysterious. | 25 | Death | by Peyton B.

26: Day Sunny, happy Playing, eating, dancing Flowers, sun, bed, moon Sleeping, dreaming, resting Dark, scary Night | photo by Alan W. | 26 | Day & Night | by Cassie R.

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