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2012 Period Four

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BC: Mrs.Canales 7th grade class


2: Proclamation of 1763 | www.google.com/images/1234567/0/p/-124 | www,revolutionywar101.com/pics/kinggeorge/113-http

3: The Proclamation of 1763 was an act created by King George. It prohibited colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British were already in debt from the French and Indian War and could not afford any more warfare. The Proclamation of 1763 was created to prevent settling on the Native American land, which would prevent conflicts with the Native Americans. Colonists did not like this. They grew angry because they wanted to be able to settle on whatever land they pleased. | www,google.com/images/oriclamation1763map/gt/234/194896-p-hq | www.flags.com/usflag-t4757635767spoo

4: In the years 1754-1763 the French and Indian War. In the French and Indian war that england won they fought over land.The war took place in North America and after the war there was a huge debt that the war left.and the colonists had to pay it off. the debt was caused by buying things like weapons and paying the soldiers are some of the reasons they had the debt.the colonists had to pay taxes. And the huge debt thAat the colonists did not want to pay is what really made the revolutionary war happen.

6: In the year of 1764 England passed the Sugar Act. This act increased taxes on rum, sugar, and molasses. | It was made because England was in so much debt from The Seven Year's War. The Sugar Act made smuggling much more difficult. | http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/file:assorted_united_states_coins.jpg | http.//www.thatscoffee.com/images/gourmetcoffeebeans.jpg

7: A legal document was made named the writ of assistance. This allowed British officials to inspect a ships cargo for no reason. | The Sugar Act made the colonists furious, because they had to pay taxes on rum, sugar, and molasses. | The Sugar Act | http.//americanhistory.abc-clio.com/search/display/28as46?terms=king+george | http.//theamreu-ako.blogspot.com/2010/04/new-taxes-upset-colonists-because-of.html

8: In the years between 1765 to 1775 the colonists of North America and the British government disputed about taxes.The British Parliament began to impose direct taxes on the colonists, like The Stamp Act, in order to raise funds to pay off the debt caused by the French and Indian War. These taxes and other important events caused the start of the Revolutionary War. Though, the main cause of the Revolutionary War was The Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was one of the first direct taxes ever laid on the colonists. The Stamp Act required colonists to get stamps on printed items such as | The Stamp Act | htt://americanhistory.abc_clio.com/search/Display/1167342?terms=the+stamp+act

9: liquor licenses, playing cards, almanacs, newspapers, and many other publications. The colonists were upset because they were not represented in the British Parliament, but were taxed as if they were, thus giving rise to the slogan "No taxation without representation!" This slogan was first used on November 1st, 1765 by the Sons and the Daughters of Liberty, two groups that were protesting against The Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, only a year after the British Parliament had passed it. | http://www.fotopedia.com/iteams/flickr-3555620262 | http;//hgworld.blogspot.com/2011/07/declaration-of-independence.htm/ | http://amercangoverment.abc-clio/search/display/1295907?termsthe+stramp+act

10: Passed in 1765, the Quartering Act forced colonists to provide shelter,water, cider, beer, and food to the British soldiers in North America. This was another way for the British to save money at the colonists expense which made them angry. The colonists reactions were to kick the British soldiers out of their homes and to have riots. Finally, the British repealed the act, but only to put on new ones. The quartering Act was also an Intolerable act, and was one of the acts that led to the American Revolution.

12: The night of March 5 1770 a "massacre" occuredBritish solders fired on unarmed citizens of Boston Massachusetts. They fired on the patriots because they were throwing stones and rocks at the British solders. | The Boston Massacre

13: The British solders fired into the crowd killing 3 people and wounding 8, 2 of which died later. The Boston Massacre was deadly, and one of the many causes of the American Revolution.

14: http://www.giantbomb.com/dead-cell/92-3703 | The Sons of Liberty and Daughters of LIberty

15: The Sons of LIberty and Daughters of Liberty were a group of paitriots | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sons-of-liberty | http://therevolutionus.blogspot.com/2011/02/daughters-of-liberty | http://images.google.com/imgres?q=daughters

16: Between the years 1750 and 1775 the British and colonists of North America argued about the unfair taxes. The debt created by the French and Indian war forced the colonists to pay taxes. | The Patriots were not happy about the tea tax at all. The Patriots smuggled tea from the Dutch. After the king found out he got very upset and lowered the price of tea but kept the tax. | 93oc857e6 | 090418

17: The way of the Patriots showing they were not to pay their unfair taxes, they dumped pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. Which is now known as "The Boston Tea Party." The tea act is one of the most significant cause to the Revolutionary War. | Tea Act | 288001 | 090418 | 2310061

18: gh | b | The Boston Tea Party

19: The Boston Tea Party was an event by the colonist who rebelled because of the tea being taxed by king George the III. King George started taxing the tea because of dept from the French and Indian War. finally when the Colonist had gotten fed up with the taxes they dumped all the Kings tea into the Boston Harbor with help of the patriots. After the Tea Party the King had laws put on the colonist until they payed for the tea. some laws were that they could go out after dark. and the Boston Harbor was closed off. The Boston Tea Party was an important event. | Hppt://www.freefoto.com/ preview/09-4-12/cup-of-tea | Hppt://www. freefoto.com/ preview/09-4-12/cup-of-tea | Hppt://www.free foto.com/ preview/09-4-12/cup-of-tea

20: The First Continental Congress was the first colonial congress set up to talk about the taxes that New England put upon them from the French and Indian War the First Continental Congress was made up of colonist who were upset with the king. Fifty-six delegates from twelve colonies attended. There were no delegates from Georgia. | FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS | www.flickr.com/photos/stem/122593992

21: The colonist met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 5th 1774. They were known as being the boldest act of congress because The Boston Tea party was arranged by The First Continental Congress | www.davidrumsey.com/maps592.html | www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-22274223560 | www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/493113200/sizes/m/in/photostream

22: In the 1770s, the colonists inNorth America wanted to be free from England. In the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. This was a meeting between Patriots to gain independence from England and to discuss how upset they were about the king unfairly taxing them to pay off his debt and him setting unfair laws for them. | http://suttonhoo.blogspot.com/2008/07/postdated.html | The Second Continental Congress

23: From this meeting the Declaration of Independence was born. the men who made up the Second Continental Congress were elected men from twelve of the thirteen original colonies. (the only colony that was not represented was Georgia.) This event pushed the war forward because it mad the British angry because the colonists turned against them. | http://www.cynic.org/.uk/photos/USA2004/philidelphia/independence/ | http://decktheholidays.blogspot.com/2011/07/fourth-of-july-and-signingofahtml | http://www.sunsetparcc.org/main_wordpress/?p=281

24: Paul Revere rode through Concord and Lexington warning the colonists of the British. The British were marching towards the arsenal at Concord but news leaked and colonists swept out the arsenal before the British. | Paul Revere's Ride | 5874974807 d96e22bf55.jpg | 3293417764 d8385.jpg

25: They started marching towards Concord and one person fired a shot and and a volley of shots followed. | This was the start of the American Revolution. | 5717316139 0044dc39e.jpg | 2421353216 1c53t84997.jpg

26: Samuel Adams was born in the year 1722 and lived to the year 1803. Adams Grew up very poor but ended up being huge in politics and graduated from Harvard. He lived in boson, Massachusetts and played a big part to the road to the American Revolution. | The-state-house-Boston Massachusetts-web | USA-Massachusetts-Boston-Samuel Adams | I'm not gay just happy

27: Adams was an important patriot and started many riots in reaction to all of the acts the British government passed. He was part of the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence. Most importantly Adams helped organize the Boston Tea Party. Because of all of those things Sam Adams played a crucial part in the road to the American Revolution. | USA-Massachusetts-web | quincymarket-Boston-web

28: Patrick Henry was a very famous lawyer and patriot. He grew up in Virginia and stayed there to support his career. He supported the Tea Act and Sugar Act. His most famous quote "Give me Liberty or give me Death" because it stated he was willing to die if he couldn't be free. | The speech that first made him famous was "Parsons's Cause" because he was supporting local farmers. His greatest speech was about the "Sugar Act" which he made in 1765. Patrick Henry was a governor for many years and was the first to refer to voters as "fellow citizens". While being governor he recruited 6,000 men for the Continental Army and 5,000 for the state militia. He was the Commander in Chief of Virgina Military force, in 1775. He resigned in February of 1776 because he heard rumors that he was too tough for an opportunity of engagement. Patrick Henry was a famous lawyer and patriot because he did what he thought was right. | http://americanhistory.abc-clio.com/search/display/1414325?271726?terms=Patrick+Henry

29: http://americanhistory.abc-clio.com/search/display/271726?termsPatrick=Henry | http:/www.flickr.com/photos/goononal/625537540/sizes/m/in/photostrea,. | http:.//www.flickr.com/photos/jflauer/5376447896/srss.com | Patrick Henry

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