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25% Project

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S: Michelle Madigan

BC: El Fine

FC: English IV AP Final Project | Michelle Madigan's | Section 04

1: Table of Contents | I. | II. | III. | IV. | V. | VI. | VII. | VIII. | IX. | X. | Table of Contents | Exit Letter | Portfolio Introduction | Poetry Reflection | Fiction Reflection | Drama Reflection | Creative Assignment | Timed Essay Reflection | Letter to Future Students | Bootcamp Group Review Wiki | Pages 2-3 | Pages 4-7 | Page 1 | Pages 8-11 | Pages 12-15 | Pages 16-17 | Pages 18-19 | Pages 20-21 | Pages 22-23 | Pages 24-27

2: Exit | NC Virtual Public School 1017 Main Campus Drive Partners 1 Bldg. Room 1610 Raleigh NC 27606 | Mrs. Amy Cloer, Going into this class was a very interesting time for me. I had previously been scheduled for a face to face English IV AP class and only switched into this one due to a scheduling conflict. I had previously taken online classes and had not done too well on them and was apprehensive about taking another. Plus my previous English AP class was like marine boot camp with around three hours of homework a night. I was worried about the stricter schedule of an online class versus a real teacher you can talk to. As the class wore on my initial worries faded even as I began to fall into previous bad habits for online classes. Procrastination has always been my worst enemy. For all my initial worries though I did not set any initial goals. I am not one for really making concrete goals for classes or anything really. I just work, or not, and go with it; much to my parents dismay. I guess if I had any goal it would be to pass the AP test at the end and to do better on this online class than my previous. Although I believe I have accomplished the first I do not feel as if I have accomplished the second. That blame lies solely on my feet. As much as we joke about it, senioritis is merely a bad joke about laziness; one which I fell into.

3: Letter | I feel slightly disappointed in myself leaving this class. Once again I have failed to follow through with an online class and my grades have aptly reflected that. Once again I have let procrastination get the best of me and have dug myself a deep hole. It is easy to look back and say what I did wrong and the emptily promise to do better but the bare truth of the matter is that I realized this as it was happening and just failed to act. It is my own fault and my own consequences; disappointment has no bearing on the matter. You were an excellent teacher, the best online teacher I have had. You actually contacted your students and even with the distance included with an online setting you remained approachable to your students. All brownnosing aside I am glad, even if at times it appeared I wasn’t, that you were my teacher. | Sincerely, Michelle Madigan | Michelle's Residence 406 Robin Lane Upstairs Green Bedroom Edenton NC 27932

4: Strength | I believe that I showed many different strengths over the course of this class. From the beginning writing was one of the assignments I felt the most comfortable with. Some of these strengths were...... | Good Anecdotes | Good Conclusions | Use of Textual Evidence | Length | Good Vocabulary

5: Weakness | As much as I showed strength in my writing did I show weakness. Although the structure was there; there were many flaws within my writing. These flaws were..... | Repetitive use of Vocab | Redundant or Tangental Points | Misuse of the semi-colon | Ending sentences in prepositions | Using the same literary devices for almost every essay

6: My Best Essay | When I was about eight my father decided that it was time we went white water rafting. So that summer we piled into the car and headed for the mountains ready for a grand adventure. At first the river was smooth and my family made friends with the other people that were on the raft with us. Soon though that period of relief ended and from there on out it was white water for us. Once we got to the end there were two choices, stop here or go over the waterfall. Since I was the youngest the guide made it my choice. My choice to go over the edge of the world or stop before it was too late was much the same choice Marlow had to make on his journey in the Congo. In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Marlow’s metaphysical, moral view, and self-image changed due to the choices he made . Heart of Darkness starts off at the end of the story that is the main focus of the work. Marlow has already undergone the voyage he is retelling and has already made the choices he is reflecting upon. Before he starts his tale Marlow brings up an, at first glance, rather unrelated aside: the Romans. This analization of the way the Romans felt about ancient Britain is a good analogue for how Europeans viewed the Congo. This mature analysis shows that Marlow has grown and that idea is only further reinforced when Marlow juxtaposes this view point with that of his younger self. Younger Marlow viewed the world as a map. A place where most of the ‘blanks’ had already been filled in; and mysteries were few and far between. This juvenile impression slowly matures and changes throughout Marlow’s progression down the river. And it finally culminates in Marlow’s meeting with Kurtz and his realization of the various shades of grey and various kinds of evil. Although this lightning flash revelation has a sharp effect of Marlow it was all the smaller choices he made throughout the story that truly allowed this transformation of his opinion of the world around him such as his regret over the loss of his negro help and his reflection upon the starving pilgrims. Besides his world view being changed Marlow’s moral code also emerged from the Congo different than it was upon entering. Although not stated empirically, it can be inferred that precious to his job on the river Marlow rarely thought about the fate of Negroes or of the righteousness of colonization. As shown by his Roman example though, by the end of the experience Marlow is abjectly against the practice. By the time Marlow emerges from the Congo he does not have the same sense of right and wrong, or rather now he knows what he deems evil when before he never had to contemplate it. He now separates act of savagery from acts of evil and acts of evil from actions without thought. Throughout his journey down the river this sense of distance from moral issues was challenged and Marlow had to look into his inner nature and strength to find what fit his moral code, and what did not. He had to truly come to understand what he could allow himself to do and what would irrevocably break his conscience. Through this whole process it was Marlow’s moral code, as undefined as it was, that guided him through his actions and as it changed so too did he causing many of his contradictory thoughts and actions. More than anything though it was Marlow’s view of him-self that changed the most. His journey was like those soul quest myths that all the great heroes were supposed to have taken. In the beginning Marlow is man who feels that it is below him to ask a woman for help when by the end he is willing to break his personal honor and tell a lie just to ease a woman’s heart. T his process is slow and not as readily apparent as the other changes that Marlow undergoes but it is perhaps the most striking due to this vivid juxtaposition of his treatment of the two women. But despite Marlow’s relatively clean hands, he comes out of the Congo viewing himself as tainted. When he entered the Congo Marlow was for all of his experience nave. By the time he left he was slightly cynical and viewed himself as stained by the darkness he waked though. For the rest of his life Marlow will remember the Congo and remember all that it changed with in him. All of these changes within Marlow are symbolized by the very thing that necessitates the change; the river. Water has long been a symbol of change and dichotomy. It stands for cleanliness and rebirth but also for death and destruction. It has stood for good and been a sign of evil -above all though water has stood for change. Many ceremonies both ancient and modern have participants wash or be anointed by water to mark the change that they are undergoing. Marlow’s whole journey is marked by water, by flowing water. Standing on that little out crop of rock I looked down as the falling sheet of water that, depending on my choice, might carry me with it. Was I brave enough to say yes? Smart enough to say no? Standing on the edge of a choice that would define how I approached the rest of the choices I would make. Just as Marlow stood on the edge of his personal cliff between irrevocable evil and made a choice that would affect all the other choices. I went over the fall that day. Marlow chose to stay true to himself. I wonder what that says about us . | Heart of Darkness Essay

7: Why? | My Style and Voice | I feel that the Heart of Darkness Essay is my best because it is one of my most fluid and engaging essays. True there are grammar mistakes and punctuation errors in some places but overall this essays captures what I like best about my writing. The ideas flow easily from one to the next and I like my introduction and conclusion the best out of all of the essays I have written. | This piece reflects a lot about my style and voice, both good things and elements i need to work on. I feel as if this essays shows off my tendency to use personal anecdotes to catch the reader's attention. It also highlights my sometimes metaphorical and wordy use of language, something that can at times get too excessive. This essay also shows my ability to draw unique conclusion although it highlights my tendency to over-describe those ideas in a way that can make them confusing.

8: My Favorite Poem | I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed: And on the pedestal these words appear: 'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!' Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away." | Ozymandias By Percy Bysshe Shelly | From Section 3.5 Sonnets

9: Reflection | This is one of my favorite poems of all time. I had read it, multiple times, before I took this course and continued to read it occasionally after we read it in class. Always something of a weird child on of my favorite return-to books is one of my moms old college text books for literature. I have read the whole poetry section at least three times and certain poems in that section many more times than that. Ozymandias was one of the poems in this book. I love the irony of this poem; how the grand crumbled statue of a fearsome and glorious ruler lies shattered amidst the ashes and dust and carrion of his former kingdom.

10: Why it is my Fav | This poem is my absolute favorite for many different reasons. It contains subtle irony and a dichotomy of ideals. It comments on social ideals without outright stating anything. It is straightforward enough for a child to understand but contains depths that make is an entertaining read for a child as well. It is an all-around amazing poem that I have loved for years

11: My Style | I wish that this poem was a reflection of my style. I wish that I could write as well as Shelly could. Sadly though it is not; not really. His style is much more layered than mine is. Instead of using metaphors his poems are metaphors in and of themselves comprised of metaphors and similes analogies and twisting and twining into a complex story that is only a cover for the real meaning.

12: The Best Story Ever!!! | The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge By: Ambrose Bierce Unit # 2.9 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge | A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The man's hands were behind his back, the wrists bound with a cord. A rope closely encircled his neck. It was attached to a stout cross-timber above his head and the slack fell to the level of his knees. Some loose boards laid upon the sleepers supporting the metals of the railway supplied a footing for him and his executioners--two private soldiers of the Federal army, directed by a sergeant who in civil life may have been a deputy sheriff. At a short remove upon the same temporary platform was an officer in the uniform of his rank, armed. He was a captain. A sentinel at each end of the bridge stood with his rifle in the position known as "support," that is to say, vertical in front of the left shoulder, the hammer resting on the forearm thrown straight across the chest--a formal and unnatural position, enforcing an erect carriage of the body. It did not appear to be the duty of these two men to know what was occurring at the center of the bridge; they merely blockaded the two ends of the foot planking that traversed it. | The Rest of this story can be found at: http://fiction.eserver.org/short/occurrence_at_owl_creek.html

13: Why......? | My Style | Reflection | This story is one of my favorites for a couple reasons but the main one is the total head fake that it throws at you. For most of hte story you feel as if the man has escaped but then all of a sudden you realize no he hasn't. This story is like the matrix but better. | Much like Ozymandias I wish that this story was a good reflection of the way that I write. The complete and utter left twist that hat reader experiences when they realize that the man never escaped at all is utterly amazing. it completely changes the way the reader views the whole story. I love the way that author uses the readers own assumptions against them. I try to do this occasionally in my writing and it never really works out. Maybe one day I will be able to write like this.

14: V | The Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge | To be Honest I am completely biased towards Owl Creek Bridge. It tells a completely moving story very concisely without wasting any word. it gives the reader a complete head trip, in all sense of the term, and it instigates a reaction. This story is a prime example that more isn't always better.

15: V | S | The Awakening | The Awakening on the other hand is something of a let down. I adore Chopin's short stories and was horrified by her novel. There is very little plot or movement of action. Most of the time the main character is reiterating points that have already been made. Awakening drags on and takes over a hundred pages to tell a story that could have been written in five.

16: You can't beat this!!! | The Importance of Being Ernest By: Oscar Wilde Unit # 9 | Reflection | This play was very interesting to read. It was full of ironies and political statements on the time that are strangely a-pra-po to today as well. I found the play amusing, and unlike most plays written more than twenty years ago, readily approachable and understandable.

17: My Style | Why | This play showed off an element of my style at a level so far beyond one that I am currently able to produce it is not even funny. I like to put sarcasm add irony into my writing although nothing I can do compared to the work of Mr. Wilde. | This drama was my absolute favorite because of the wit it showed. This was not merely a comedy this was a statement. Wilde may have not been a politician but few politicians could have commented so candidly on the travesties of a social network as Wilde did in just one play. He created a situation where people were content and happy to watch the effects and consequences of their own faults presented before them.

18: Post | Ass | ess | men | t | My Style | Why? | I really enjoyed making this video. It was a chance to explore a venue of expression that i had not had the chance to before. I was able to find amazing pictures, interesting and heartbreaking quotes, and combine them all together with a theme and music that would make it the most poignant as possible. | I feel like this Animoto video from unit six was one of my best attempts at getting across a message. I juxtaposed the bright butterflies the dry earth and the dark morbid pictures with their quotes. Together, I feel as if all these things came together as a great example of what I can do at my best. | http://animoto.com/play/PvVTF0m3urH1Ad6XX7NzsA

19: Post | Ass | ess | men | t | My Style | Why? | I truly adore the way that this powerpoint turned out. It is dark, but so is the play and the way that the theme colors tie together is a good example of my eye for detail. I is a little over-dramatic though, which is also a good indication of my style. I put a lot of work into this powerpoint and I truly like the way that it turned out. I consider ti a good example of what I can do. | This post assessment was one of my favorites for all that it was one of those that took the most work, excluding this one of course. I spent a lot of time choosing the pictures the placement and the partitions. I agonized over the transitions and I worked really hard at the timing. This is one of me favorites because of all the work I put into it. | MacBeth PowerPoint Unit 3

20: My Best Attempt | Why | Why? | Almost every summer that I can remember, my family and I have gone to the beach. There are many things about these trips that I hold dear but of them all it has to be the ocean itself which gains precedence in my heart. I can remember spending hours upon hours making up stories about the ocean and how it was my mother, or capturer or savior. It was these stories these relationships with the ocean which shaped and molded my reaction and relationship with the beach itself. Similarly Petry’s opening to her 1946 novel The Street explains a character, Lutie Johnson’s, relationship to her environment; only instead of using the ocean as her bridge Petry uses figurative language, imagery and personification to illustrate and build this relationship. Petry’s first sentence is rather devoid of any figurative language, but rather than acting as a precedent this line is itself used as a figurative device and is juxtaposed with the very artful sentence that follows. It’s this initial juxtaposition rather than the first line which is used to set the syntactical style for the rest of the opening. This syntactical style, that or varying short or abrupt sentences with long lyrical ones is itself a way of highlighting Lutie’s relationship with her environment. The phrases describing the wind are the flowing ones; they mimic the noun they are describing. Similarly the phrases describing the city are more brusque in comparison, “It was three rooms,” as a compared to “It rattled the topssucked window shadesset them flapping,” Into this understated war is placed Lutie Johnson who “felt suddenly naked” as she walked amid the silent battleground of the city and the wind. Besides juxtaposition Petry also uses similes to allow the reader to more readily connect to Lutie’s feelings toward the urban settings. These similies venture into the morbid “dark red stain like blood”, and add to the sense of disquiet the reader feels towards the setting. A sense of disquiet that is only heightened by the way the wind is described from the very second line, the wind is refereed to as “it”, as an entity. This personification continues by Petry’s use of verbs such as, “fingering.grabbedpried explored.” By casting the wind in a human light Petry has almost established a second man character for the story -the wind itself. It is not Lutie who interacts the most with the urban setting but the wind. It is not the city which interacts with Lutie but the wind. It is the wind who moderates between the setting and the character. The, “cold November wind” who links intrinsically Lutie Johnson and the anonymous city. It is the wind which creates the bleak images, “ a few hurried pedestrians bent double in an effort to offer the least possible exposed surface to the wind.” The wind which invokes the desolate scenes, ”it fond all the dirt and dust and grime on the sidewalk and lifted it up so the dirt got into their noses.” These vivid depictions of a grey city on the advent of a chilly storm invoke many connotations to the reader. Most of our apocalyptic movies, “I am Legend” and “2012” have a scene (at least one) with an abandoned city. In the minds of culture today an empty city is a sign of disaster coming. Petry carefully uses this feeling of fear and isolation to drag into even more prominence Lutie’s conflict with the every present city. We don’t go to the beaches as often now as we used to, I guess when the kids are all grown up there isn’t as much reason. Even though that once yearly tradition has begun to fade though my memories of those ocean stories remains clear. Sometimes I was a pirate. Other times I was a princess. Still others I was a mermaid. These stories have forever shaped the way that I view the ocean. Now when it is stormy I swear that I can see a pirate ship out on the ocean. When the ocean is a pearlescent green with depths of murky blue-brown I can see eyes staring up at me calling me to go swim. These stories, much as Petry’s careful use of imagery, figurative language and personification, changed the tone on which I see the world around me. My summer ocean may be as far removed from a “cold November wind” as possible but just as Lutie’s view of that misty sign was obscured by its vivid description, so too is my view of the ocean.

21: Time is Running Out... | Unit # 13.5 | Strengths | Why? | This essay was my favorite timed essay because of its air or sense. This essay sounds sophisticated. It uses elegant language and eloquent phrases. I liked my writing on this essay, that doesn't happen too often. | I feel that my strengths for this essay were my word word choice, syntax, and points. I did not have as many bumbling errors and un-concise terms as I usually do. THis phrase was a model of efficiency. I liked that about it.

22: DearFuture Students, | I bring to you a tale of warning; a cautionary fable to guard you against the dangers and follies of an online student. I warning, a guide, a path, consider this what you will but heed it’s message and listen close; the end draws near sooner than it appears. Once upon a time not so long ago or so very far away, a young girl just like you or me began to start her day. She got up and brushed her teeth; put on her clothes and folded up the sheet. She stepped out the door and into the car to keep her attendance without mar. It was the first day of a brand new year at school. It was the first day of her senior year; the year without rules. So she made the way through the hustle and bustle of corridors and hallways. Picked up the syllabuses and nodded to all the by-the-ways. She was nervous and excited, big girl on campus. But oh no a sudden change: a clash a collision an inescapable fate a class conflict. So head high and confusion calmed she made her way to where the councilors hide and switched her English for one online. | NC Virtual Public School 1017 Main Campus Drive Partners 1 Bldg. Room 1610 Raleigh NC 27606 | Michelle's Residence 406 Robin Lane Upstairs Green Bedroom Edenton NC 27932

23: She was smart a good student and a bit full of herself. She knew she could handle the class by herself. But this girl this child-adult didn’t realize the mess she had garnered, the armor she had put up would never molt. So she started the class and everything was fine. She worked on unit one and was done before time. But then she took a break and things piled up the assignments kept coming they wouldn’t let up. SO she worked and she slaved and finally made up all the things she had let go left in the dust. Then she decided that she was on an even keel, no need to worry the wound was healed. But this girl didn’t the lesson learn she kept loosing track of what she had done. And the work, it kept piling up; higher and higher -almost reaching the sun. Unit ten was upon her and now Unit twelve and now The Test. Well she had put off the work and taken her rest, time to face the music, time to pay the price, time to face the mess. This girl she never did quite catch up. She was always running a little behind a little to the side just a little way out of the clearly marked lines. So with her lost chances and lost make-up days went the chance of an A. With her ‘I’ll do it laters,’ and ‘it can wait,’ went her fate. So now she is rushing and working like a dog while her friends have fun and party school off. So listen to me now this voice scribbling words I can never to you say. Listen to me now and hear what these words are screaming at you. Listen to me now and keep your way. Keep to the schedule and keep with the class. Even work ahead if you get the chance. But never, not ever, not never ever fall behind; or you will be running with that little adult-child girl of mine.

24: Boot Camp | Reflection | The boot-camp was a lot of help the review of the literature was a lot of help for the titles essay and I like the fact that it contained extra-credit. I didn't like that it was a group project. Group Projects are really hard to do online and I had a lot of trouble contacting my partner. I would have preferred that the work was individual. Other than that though I truly like the idea and enjoyed the work. It was an interesting way to review.

25: Good Things | The Grade I Deserve | I liked the creative element of this project the way you could choose how you presented the information. I also enjoyed the novel my partner and I got.. | 75

26: if only you could turn back time | If I could push the hands of the clock counter to their spinning then I could start with a new beginning. If I could move the hands of fate at will and choose when to sip and when to swill and where the thread should be cut then I would say this and do this and change little in the making of meaningless words. But oh to look back and wonder to see the mist of -if- swirling around the time at your feet. Oh I speak grand words but little would change. I know myself and I like to speak and do but not make waves. And changing time as little or as big a matter that might be; is like the shaking of the ground underneath the sea.

27: What I Learned | I learned a lot from this course but more, I feel, about myself than about the course material. I thought that I was focused enough for this sort of education, I guess not. I learned that I need a real teacher there beside me to keep me on task, it was a bitter lesson; one I will hopefully remember. I did learn about more than that though. I learned a lot about poetry that I did not know before and read a lot of stories ad books that I hadn't heard of. I got the dip my toes in a wider pool of literary experience and that always leads to education. I saw the world through different lights and enjoyed the reflection on my mind. I hope that my dismal response to this newfound mirror did not dampen the effect you had in showing it to us.

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