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26 Things A-Z to Know About Texas

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FC: 26 Things A-Z to Know About Texas!

1: 26 Things A-Z to know about Texas! Barrett Durbin and Ely Knaupe 6th period Coach Kee 9-7-11

2: A- University: University of Texas at Austin B-University: University of Texas at Brownsville C-Landforms- Longhorn Caverns D-Landforms: Davis Mountains State Park E- Landforms:Enchanted Rock F- Recreation:Pedernales Falls State Park G-Water:Guadalupe River H-Historical Importance:Historic Fort Stockton I-Landforms-Inner Space Caverns J-Historical Importance: San Jacinto Battleground K-City: Kermit L-Water: Lake Livingston M-Recreation: Lake Mineral Wells State Park N-Water:Nueces River O-City: Odessa P- Landform: Palo Duro Canyon Q-Historical Importance: Quanah Museum R-Water:Rio Grande S-Water:Schlitterbahn T-University: University of Texas El Paso U- University:University of Baylor V-City: Vernon W-City: Wimberly X-Historical Importance: XIT Historical Museum Y-City:Yorktown Z-Recreation:Zilker Park

3: University Of Texas At Austin Universities | The University of Texas at Austin has many students. The University of Texas is located in Capital of Texas, Austin. At the University they have a lot of education. The University was founded in 1883. The president of the University of Texas at Austin is William Powers Jr. The University has traditional colors, the colors of the school are burnt orange and white. The University has a school mascot named Bevo and he is a Longhorn that goes to all of the athletic games.

4: University of Texas at Brownsville University The University of Texas at Brownsville is located on border between Texas and Mexico in Brownsville. The mascot of the University is a scorpion. THe colors of the scorpions is orange, white and blue. Their sponsored sports are Baseball, Volleyball, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Men's Golf, and Women's Golf. The enrollment was 15,230 people in 2010.

5: Longhorn Caverns Landforms Longhorn Caverns has been created from over thousands of years by the dissolving and cutting from water on the limestone. In some areas you can see drawing on the limestone wall. The earlier records show that Comanche Indians were the first people to use the cavern. When the caverns were going to be used for people to use they found some gunpowder in it. The cavern was also known for a hide out for Sam Bass, a Texas outlaw. Longhorn Caverns is also one of the little river formed cavern.

6: Davis Mountains State Park Recreation Davis Mountains State Park is 2708.9 acres in size and is located in Jeff Davis County, four miles northwest of Fort Davis.The Davis Mountains is the most extensive mountain range in Texas. They were formed by volcanic activity during the Tertiary geologic period, which began around 65 million years ago. The average rainfall is 18.9 inches.

7: Enchanted Rock Landforms Enchanted rock is a State National Park it is 1,643.5 acres long. The state acquired it in 1984, and added facilities and resting stops. The park was reopened in March 1984. The rock is 425 feet above the countryside at the bottom of the rock. Enchanted rock is a pink granite rock.

8: Pedernales Falls Stake Park Recreation Pedernales Falls State Park is 5211.7 acres, in Blanco County east of Johnson City. It was founded by private owners in 1970 and was opened to the public in 1971. The elevation is 1197 feet. The July average high is 94, and the January average low is 32. May, August, and September are wettest months

9: Guadalupe River Water The Guadalupe river brings a lot of tourist to go tubing and swim. The current elevation of the river now is 901.02 inches the regular elevation is 909.00 inches. The rate of the river is dropping about 1 inch every day. Some history of the river is that it was acquired in 1974 and opened in 1983. The River is also a state park and is 1938.7 acres.

10: Historic Fort Stockton Historical Importance Fort Stockton is located in the Mountains and Basins Region of Texas. Fort Stockton was one of several U.S. Army outposts established on the western frontier of Texas in 1858. The fort and the buildings did great until the Civil War, when the fort was abandoned to Confederate forces. The buildings associated with the fort and early development of the community included three adobe structures, constructed between 1867 and 1868. Two of the structures were the Officer's Quarters and the Guardhouse.

11: Inner Space Caverns Landforms Inner Space Caverns was found by a Texas Highway Department in 1963. It was found when a Texas drilling team was drilling to make a highway. Once they drilled 40 feet the metal drilling rod fell into what is now the Inner Space Cavern. The crew work team lowered a man down into the Cavern as he carefully looked around and saw all of the stalactites and stalagmites he was the first man in the cavern.

12: San Jacinto Battleground Historical Importance The San Jacinto Battleground is located in east Texas, northwest of Galveston.The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site holds a great responsibility to preserve the proud history of the Texas and the United States. The famous Battle of San Jacinto that brought Texas its independence was fought on this site in 1836. The main purpose of the 1,200-acre site is to remember the Battle and to preserve the Battleground on which Texan troops under General Sam Houston achieved the independence of Texas by defeating a Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on April 21, 1836.

13: Kermit City Kermit is located in West Texas near Odessa. Kermit is the only City that is named after Theodore Roosevelt's sons. The county was named in 1910 when Kermit Roosevelt was hunting there earlier in the year. A drought started in 1916, by 1924 all of the families have left the town except for one family and they were the Seastrunk family. Mr. Seastrunk kept his son in school he was the only person in the whole school.

14: Lake Livingston Water Lake Livingston State Park is in Polk County, one mile southwest of Livingston, contains 635.5 acres along Lake Livingston, a 84,800-acre reservoir. The elevation of the lake is 194 feet. The average rainfall is 48". The average temperature in January is 37 degrees and the July average is 94 degrees.

15: Lake Mineral Wells State Park Recreation In Lake Mineral Wells State Park there are many activity's that you can do like swimming, fishing, rock climbing, and etc. At Lake Mineral there are over 100 picnic cites to pick from. At some points you can see the 646-acre lake. In Mineral State Park there is a 20 mile multi-use trail. The trail is from abandoned railroad right-of-way runs from just northwest of Weatherford to downtown Mineral Wells.

16: Nueces River Water The Nueces River is north of Brownsville. The length of the river is 45 miles. The water quality is very good because it flows from the crystal clear springs at the headwaters and creeks along the river. It has been turning slightly murky after recent local rainfall. The headwaters of the Nueces River rise from springs in northwestern Real County and flow about 345 miles or more into the Gulf of Mexico.

17: Odessa City People call Odessa "the right place in Texas." Odessa ,Texas was established in 1881 as a stop on the Texas and Pacific Railroads. The climate is warm and is a paradise city. Odessa is also well known for its kind people. Odessa caries a lot of oil in the city. Odessa is a city that can be described as "A city of contrast."

18: Palo Duro Canyon Landform The Palo Duro Canyon is in the panhandle of Texas. The canyon is about 120 miles long, 20 miles wide, and 800 feet deep. It was mainly formed by water erosion from the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River. The average rainfall is 20.6 inches. The canyon was inhabited by man about 12,000 years ago.

19: Quanah Museum Historical Importance Quanah was named after an Indian named Quanah Parker. Quanah Parkers dad had died in the peace battle and his mom was captured in the battle. Quanah was on the run and had made it all the way up to Oklahoma. Quana had hopped railways to get away from the cowboys. People don't know when Quanah Parker died they think he died around 1911-1912.

20: Rio Grande River The Rio Grande River is the border between Texas and Mexico. The Rio Grande flows from its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado for 1,865 miles to the Gulf of Mexico near Brownsville, Texas. For 1,250 miles, the Rio Grande is the boundary between the United States and Mexico. Because of dams water does not flow as seasonally as it once did.

21: Schlitterbahn Water Schlitterbahn is located southwest of Austin, the capital of Texas, in New Braunfels. Schlitterbahn first opened in 1979. It opened with four water slides built around a 60-foot tall replica of the Bergfried Tower, the guard tower of the Solms Castle in Braunfels, Germany. In 1980 the 50,000-square-foot Lagoon swimming pool was added, along with the park's first inner tube ride called the Hillside Tube Chute. Schlitterbahn celebrated its 20th anniversary with the addition of Han's Hideout, a five-story water fun house, at Blastenhoff. In 2001 the Downhill Racer replaced the Schlittercoaster at the New Braunfels flagship park.

22: University of Texas El Paso University The University of Texas El Paso is located in the most western point of Texas in El Paso. UTEP is the second-oldest component of the University of Texas System. UTEP's student population is 71 percent Hispanic. Nearly 82 percent of its students are from the El Paso region and 10.6 percent from Mexico. The University started as the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy in 1914.

23: University of Baylor University The University of Baylor is in Waco, Texas. The Fall 2010 freshman class was one of the most academically qualified classes in university history, with a SAT score of 1218. In fact Baylor students annually volunteer more than 150,000 hours of local community service. Baylor has more than 14,000 students. In athletics Baylor is in the Big 12 athletics.

24: Vernon City Vernon is located in Northern Texas just south of the Red River. The community consists of about 11, 660 people. It was 17 years after 1860 battle of the Pease River before a White settlement came to the Red River Valley. The Pease battle, 16 miles northwest of Vernon, ended the life of Chief Peta Nocona and captured his wife, Cynthia Ann Parker, mother of Quanah Parker, the greatest chief of the Comanches. Vernon's first town name was Eagle Flat.

25: Wimberley City In Texas, Wimberley is located in the northeastern part near Dallas. Wimberley was named after a man, Pleasant Wimberley.The area prospered and Pleasant Wimberley was responsible for building a school and a church. A Post Office was established in 1880 for Wimberley. Many Wimberley descendants stayed in Wimberley.

26: XIT Ranch Historical Importance The XIT Ranch in the 1880s was the largest range in the world under fence and it all laid in the Texas Panhandle. The three million acres went from the old Yellow House headquarters, near what is now Lubbock, Texas, northward to the Oklahoma Panhandle, in an irregular strip that was roughly 30 miles wide. The XIT Ranch covered 10 counties in Texas.

27: Yorktown City In 1989 Yorktown had a little population of 850 people.The town is named after Captain John York. John York died defending Yorktown against Indians in the autumn of 1848. York was a business man and worked for Charles Eckhardt. Yorktown offers hunting, fishing, and camping.

28: Zilker Park Recreation Zilker Park is located in the center of Texas in the city of Austin. Zilker park is considered Austin's most loved park. The 351 acre park is home to a great variety of recreation opportunities and special events for a single person or the whole family. In 1918, A.J. Zilker deeded the 35 acres surrounding Barton Springs to the City of Austin. The park officials constantly are working to keep fire building and smoking away from the park for public safety.

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30: Color KEY: Blue = Universities Red = Historical Importance Green = Water Purple = Landforms Aqua = Cities Orange = Recreation

31: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | O | N | P | S | Q | R | T | U | V | X | W | Z | Y

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