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A Book of Poems

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A Book of Poems - Page Text Content

S: A Book of Poems

BC: Copyright 2011 ProudofU Productions | Room 230 & Miss B

FC: 2010-2011 | VOICES

1: Poets Sarah Michael Jonah John Adam Sky Nico Daphne Rose Aqsa Olivia Ingrid Daiki Morgan Meghan Margo Tiger Tee Kalista Max Nadia Miss B.

2: If I Were In Charge of the World by Sarah If I were in charge of the world I'd cancel Monday mornings Viruses And smoking If I were in charge of the world There would be more animals Marshmallows And the price of toys would be lowered If I were in charge of the world There would be no horror movies Messy rooms Or anyone saying, "Get off the computer!" And that's how everything would be If I were in charge of the world | Colors of the Rainbow by Sarah If I were red, I’d be a red balloon Reaching up to the sky to touch the clouds If I were orange, I’d be an autumn leaf Swinging playfully in the breeze If I were yellow, I’d be a cute Labrador Running around a park chasing after birds If I were green, I’d be a sour lime Dangling from a tree, waiting to be picked If I were blue, I’d be a blue bird Soaring through the cool, fresh air If I were purple, I’d be a violet Chatting with other plants and flowers If I were colorful, I’d be a rainbow Coming out after a dark storm

3: Bottle Water by Michael Plastic holder Contains gold inside Pure gold Drinkable Touchable Water | Stop Calling me, Snow! By Sky Stop calling me, snow! Come play with me, Please stop calling me! Come play with me, I’m not listening! Come play with me, My head’s about to burst! Come play with me, Stop calling me, snow!

4: Friendship by Tiger Work And I Will Work With You Play And I Will Play With You Whatever Needs Doing Can Be Done By Me And You | First Day by Aqsa Nervous It’s first day, the first day of school Chattering, in excitement As we all rush in Glancing at the time When will it end? Ringing School's just began It’s quiet Everyone’s listening

5: Fireworks by Meghan Colorful Exploding flowers Popping With rage inside Lighting Up the sky A sight To see

6: Laughter by Nadia A Giggle Starts To Erupt Inside A chuckle tickles You quickly A cackle Starts To explode. Your bellow Is rather silly You kicked and rolled Your crazy laugh band Starts The wonderful feeling everywhere

7: A Little Lost Girl by Rose A little lost girl In the middle of no where With no family around her A little lost girl No where to go No home No food No freedom Nobody wants her A little lost girl Thinking she does not belong In this world No life No education No care

8: Flying Lights by Margo Buzzing around Soaring high Reaching the sky Flickering lights Surrounding the backyard Popping From the twinkling night sky Reaching out to you And pulling away

9: Sunset by Tee Ruby red clouds Shining bright red ball Slowly S I N K I N G Into the bloody ocean Bit by bit Bit by bit Until at last The ocean Turns back into Deep blue, Which had gobbled The bright red ball

10: Slide by Olivia Wee, Wee! Down I go It's bumpy It's rough But I don't care I move, going down As fast as lightning Twist, Turn Wherever it takes me, But I don't care I'm falling down as If I'm Humpty Dumpty Who sat on a wall Falling down Splash, splash I hit the end Where the pool makes Waves

11: Nature's Lullaby by Morgan The playground alone, Ready to fall asleep, With nature's lullaby The birds start singing a Wonderful Melody The playground starts Drooping And then Silence But the song's not done yet The rustle of leaves Starts it up again The lullaby keeps going The playground keeps sleeping Magical lullaby

12: Shell by Ingrid A spike-headed dragon With legs pointier than needles Creamy white and brown Like two ice creams bleeding through each other A compartment for hidden treasure Underneath its spikes Who would expect This beauty Was just A shell?

13: The Sound of Wind by Max Whistling in your Ears Like an Orchestra Playing music Like Friends Sharing Secrets | Nature by Aqsa Wind Rustling off the leaves As I walk The Sun spraying Heat on me, The Earth in its natural habitat Birds Singing, Grass not as prickly as before Instead, a cushion Kids screaming, Leaves crunching As I step on them Nature flying everywhere. My butt wet from sitting on the short, soft, cushiony grass, Millions and millions of mosquitos The wind making the paper I'm holding sway Little insects chiming everywhere "What a Wonder of a Day", I say As I stumble on a tree while my hair is Blowing in the wind

14: Bad Feelings by Nadia A feeling that’s Sticky A feeling that’s Sad Sticks around In your head It always Makes you Mad A scab you want To pick A bug you want To swat A little annoying Sibling that won’t Stop

15: Winter Wonderland by Daphne Sparks fly Causing joyful celebration Light spewing down the mountain like lava Melting the ice waiting for someone to burst through that mountain of snow, Is beautiful at twilight When all of the magic is performing, Performing just for you, You see the prize reflecting in your eyes, Can’t take the beauty out of this wonderland

16: Desert by Daiki Green Highlighters Show brightly In the Rough, yellow Paper Lifeless Wind blows Brown Eraser dust All over Rocky Words Lay spotted On the Paper | Dump by Margo clumped together not escaping chittering away longing for the day waiting to be picked up although some not wanting to go ... watching the world pass by... growing high and falling short over and over again

17: Anger by Max It seeps through Me And grips Me I am a Lion let Loose In the City Now no one Can Stop Me | One Cut by John Snip Snip Snip With one cut serious Damage Or construction Snip Snip Snip Its shiney-ness Attracts paper Snip Snip Snip The Scissors

18: Sea by Nico Deep blue Strong currents Shimmering In the sun Life Roaming In the corals In the Deep Blue Sea

19: Exhilaration by Ingrid Exhilaration Salty water pouring from my eyes like tears Loud crashes of waves I can hear nothing but them Gulls soaring in the sky The shore coming closer by Lie back down Can barely wait to do it again Exhilaration

20: Cheetah by Jonah Faster than fast Running at speeds Faster than any animal And now Just resting Spying on its next meal It could be anywhere Right now Behind me Lounging in the grasslands Finely honed claws Daring to scratch me But now Just resting A spotted cat Ready to pounce But now Just resting Ears like Upside-down cups Hearing its prey Miles away But now Just resting

21: Competitors by Adam Like hands reaching To the sky Dusted In white Soft Powder Leaping Higher and higher Reaching Past their limits Pointed Razor sharp Needle tips

22: Love by Daphne Love has a fickle mind playing with your heart, Love likes to stop right as it starts, Love likes to rip out your heart and fling it on the ground and jump on it for what seems like forever, Love is just another word for crook.

23: Lemon Meringue Pie by Kalista Bright The sun gleaming under our noses Smelling the sweet gushing lemon Hypnotized by the taste Never going to stop Never Hunting down One more step Almost there To the bakery The smell of the lemon Seemed like it filled the sky with a Big smile Have one now before it’s too late The first bite The taste stuck to my tongue Down to my stomach filling me up But now I’m wanting more By the minute More Wonderful Sweet Lemon meringue pie

24: Lightning by Nico Streaking yellow Buzzing It is a wild Static Blanket Coating The sky Zap! | Lunch by Meghan Smiling sandwich Sulking soup Surprised soda And A pleased plate | Wind by Morgan Swoosh Swoosh It whistles It blows Softly Softly It moves trees Grass Leaves It can moan or sing Like a giant blowing A wonderous thing Wind | Water by Daiki Silenced water- Time ticks Away- Peacefully calm, Silenced water | Ocean's Music by Sky It starts with the faint splashing of waves, Still going with the beat It gets louder, Then the singing of seabirds overhead, Then comes the clinking of swordfish, Bubbles of little fish Water spout of a whale, Then STOP! And ends with a silent splash.

25: Yellow Diving Board By Room 230 Mustard yellow diving board Springing Up and down With a CLICK Fast as lightning Popping, punching, munching Crocodile teeth Sharper than knives Puncturing Papery flesh | Bangkok Rain by Miss B. B lo w i n g wind Twirling leaves The Bangkok weather begs and pleads To tumble down upon its guests Serving platters of only The Best Lightning, thunder, pitter, splatter Some complain I say, What's the matter? Rain is just the gift we need When veins run dry and no more bleed

27: Autographs Please!

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