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A Book of the Seasons (Copy)

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S: A Book of the Seasons


FC: A Book of the Seasons A collection of short stories to last the whole year | by The Children of Room 9

1: This book is dedicated to our families. We love you all year long!

2: I get so excited to go on my bike again in the spring. My first ride I go with my sister and we go wherever we want. We go to the park and go to my friend's place. I go home and write about it and tell my Dad and Mom about it. What I see on my bike ride is slush and snow. When we go in puddles I splash my sister with water by swerving my bike. When we go to the park, we go on the play structure and stuff. We go on the swings and the giant hill and ride down it on our bikes. I did flips on my bike going down the hill. | Riding My Bike By Brandon

3: Easter Day By Rhianna | On Easter day we wake up early and get our Easter baskets out and go on a scavenger hunt. We always look for candy and Easter eggs. This year we get to have Easter dinner at my house. We get to eat Easter candy after dinner and Mom also gives us some Easter hats. We get to sometimes go down in our basement. We put up Easter decorations. We also put Easter stickers on our windows. We have special people over for supper. We are always going to celebrate a new year at my Grandma's house. We will not celebrate Easter at my house any more because my Grandma has a bigger house than my house.

4: In Spring I go to the cabin with my cousin. We jump in puddles and we go down and up the train together. My Grandpa made the train to bring stuff up to the cabin and down to the dock. We have bonfires and roast marshmallows.We sit by the fire. We take walks together. We play board games like Candyland and Snakes and Ladders. We play card games like Go Fish, War, and Memory. | Going to the Cabin By Ella

5: In the spring I finally get to ride my bike! But I need to learn how to ride a two wheel bike. I hope I have fun. I'm pretty sure it will be fun if my Dad gets my bike out. If I can ride a two wheel bike, I will be happy. I like to go super fast! | Riding My Bike By Jonathan

6: When I go to the zoo it is a long drive and I don't like waiting so long to get there. When we get there we see red pandas. They look soft and fuzzy. Zebras look soft too. We see monkeys hanging and jumping sideways. We see peacocks running loose at the zoo. Peacocks have many colours like blue and green. I have seen them spread their feathers. It is cool. I like seeing the animals at the zoo. | Going to the Zoo By Karys

7: Going to the Beach By Cameron | I like the beach because you can go boogie boarding and you get to play in the sand. Boogie boarding and playing in the sand are awesome and I always have to get sunscreen before I do anything in the sun. The sun is always shining when I am at the beach. We have lots of snacks at the beach like pretzels and Cheetos and chips. I always throw pretzels to the birds. We pick some shells. At the end of the beach on the right side, there are holes with water inside them and there are fish in the holes. The fish go really, really fast and there's sand that kind of looks like quick sand, but it is not. I like to swim in the water without my boogie board. The beach is called Hapuna Beach and it is my favourite beach.

8: In the summer I help Carter pick vegetables. He lets me take some home. They taste yummy. I play with my sister and we play tag. I always catch my sister but she never gets me. It is so much fun. When I go to swimming lessons I have a new class. My class is all boys but my teacher is a girl and I'm a girl. In the summer I also play outside on the swings. I can swing very high. My sister and I swing together. | Summer By Sofia

9: When I go to the park at school in summer, I like to go really high on the swings. I like to jump off the swings. My brother is scared to jump off the swings. I like to go swing on the swings because it makes me feel good. Sometimes there is no one else there at the park. I don't like it when there is no one there. | Swinging in the Summer By Kayla

10: My Favourite Things in Summer By Sam | I play outside during the summer. I swim and shoot water guns. I play soccer with my friends in the summer. My brother and I like street hockey too. My brother and I play hide and seek in the house. I like to watch movies. I like scary movies. My brother and I catch frogs.

11: In summer I like to go in my friend's pool. It is very deep. Their names are Larry, Mary, Natasha, and Tyler. I like going in my friend's pool. Cole and Grayson like the pool too. I swim under water and touch the ground and touch my Dad's feet. I had two freezies. They were very, very yummy. I ate them fast! My friend's have a dog named Max. It licks my brother Cole and me too. We went home. It was an awesome day. | Swimming with My Friends By Elly

12: I go in my backyard with my family. I get the biggest pumpkin. I go in the house and I clean it. Then my Dad helps me carve it. I have to pull the seeds out. It does not feel good to pull them out. Me and my Dad have to pull the seeds out by ourselves. It is funny when I have to pull them out because they smell and stink bad. When we pick pumpkins my Dad decides which is ready to pick off it's stem. | Picking out a Pumpkin By Cali

13: In the fall, I built a leaf fort with my cousin. First we got a box. Then we filled it with leaves. We put it upside down into a square. Then we took the corners off. Me and my cousin got in the leaf ball and we stayed in it for one hour. We played on our iPads. We got bored after one hour. My cousin fell asleep after. We sat and played. The leaves were fuzzy and warm. We stayed in there until lunch. My Mom called us to come in. Then I told my cousin to come in. It was a fun day. | Building a Leaf Fort By Cayden

14: The Leaf Pile By Sydney | One Sunday in the fall we went to my Grandma's and Grandpa's house. We had supper and dessert there. Then in a little while my cousins Maya, Lexi, and Tori came with their Mom and Dad which is my Auntie Debby and Uncle Mark. After we all ate dinner all the kids got dressed in their fall clothes and went outside. Outside we raked leaves and made a ginormous pile! After we made the leaf pile we JUMPED in it with just our socks and Auntie Debby got pictures of us! Then we got buried in the leaves and then when we came out I lost my shoe! So, we went into the leaf pile and looked for my shoe. Thankfully we found it. It was an AWESOME Sunday!

15: Playing in the Leaves By Nicholas | In the fall, I play with my sister Mackenzie. We play in the leaves then throw them up in the air. They go in my hair.Then we rake them up and jump in them and I have lots of fun in the leaves with my sister. I have fun raking with my sister because I love the fall. My sister is awesome at building leaf forts. It is awesome because I throw the leaves up and she laughs hard and I laugh hard and we fall on the ground. We like spending time together. Fall is my favourite season because it is really fun.

16: When I go snowboarding I have to wear special equipment. Sometimes I hit the jumps and I get air born. In the air I make snow shoot up. My cousin taught me how to snowboard. Sometimes we go into the shack to warm up. Then we go up the hill on a snowmobile. Then we go back down the hill on our snowboards. We go to the restaurant to eat lunch. After lunch we go back home. My cousin is a very good snowboarder. It is a lot of fun. | Snowboarding By Kaspir

17: Riding Bareback By Rylee | In bareback we ride inside. The horse's fur is nice and warm so the fur keeps me warm. I don't like to do up all of the buckles on my saddle pad. My favourite horse to ride is Chooey. Her name is actually Choo. She is a horse. We don't need a saddle when you ride bareback. If you're not riding bareback, then you need a saddle. The saddle or saddle pad keeps you on your horse or pony. I wear special skipants for riding lessons. I also wear a special jacket too. Riding lessons is exciting!

18: In hockey I have a team called Ice Caps. My team number is 10. I have to wear equipment. I skate fast and good. We sometimes lose and sometimes we win. I have friends on my team. Their names are Matthew and Reiss. I can't raise the puck. Sometimes we have practice at 7:00. My Dad comes and skates with me and when my mom comes with me she watches. Practices are fun. I love to play hockey. | Hockey By Carter

19: I love ringette games because we mostly score. Once Cloe scored one second before the game was over. Then we shook hands and we had to count down from 59 to 0 until we switched. One day the score was 3 and 8. Our team scored eight goals and the other team scored three goals. Our team name is Stinkerbells. We were going to make it Tinkerbells but we were stinky at the end of the game so we changed it to Stinkerbells. Our jerseys are black, white, and orange. | Ringette Games By Reegan

20: During the winter I play hockey in a winter league. My favourite position is centre. I play centre most times. Usually I score a few goals a game. My team's name is Falcons. My Dad is the head coach. I know a lot of people on my team. I have twelve people on my team and six are from school. Some of the people on my team are from other schools. We mostly play at East St. Paul Arena. East St. Paul Arena is very close to my house. It takes long for me to get undressed. I lost a few games and won a few games. Hockey is so awesome!!!!! | Hockey By Andy

21: About the Authors | We are writers! We are in Grade 1 and Grade 2 at Dr. FWL Hamilton School in East St. Paul, Manitoba. There are 10 boys and 10 girls in our class. 11 of us are in Grade 2 and 9 of us are in Grade 1. We are all unique, but one thing we have in common is we like to write! For some of us, this is our first published book, and for some of us it is our second published book. Our first book is called "Children Just Like Me".

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