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A Cells Journey

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BC: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! I am going to do such a good job on this project and I have learned lots of new things about my family and how cells work! :)

FC: Learning about Cells(:

1: Chlara: Grandma, Grandpa. I have a School Cell project over the family tree, can you help me? | Grandma: Of course, we can tell you about the WHOLE family.

2: Your Dad is the Nucleus which is the brain of the Cell. He makes sure everyone is doing their job so the cell works correctly, and holds important papers in his office called the DNA. | Cytoplasm is your mother. She may look like jelly, but she is sure to hold all of the family and friends together.

3: This is your Grandpa Cell Membrane, he is hard to get through to sometimes, because he will only let certain things in. He's a bodyguard and surrounds our Cell to make sure everyone is safe. | I am your protective and loving grandmother, Cell wall. I provide structure to your everyday life and make sure you are well taken care of and healthy.

4: This is your Aunt, Mitochondria. Her job is to make energy, you'll find her near two membranes. She acts pretty crazy because of all the energy surrounding her, but tries to keep it hidden. | This is your Uncle Ribosome, he may look short and chubby, but he is full of protein and muscle. He loves to hang round his best friend the rough E.R.

5: Your sister the Vacuole, we have to admit she is pretty self conceited and full of herself. She always likes to sit in the middle of our Cell, and she does take up a lot of space. She holds water and nutrients for us though. | Your older brother, Lysosome, works for the recycling company. He takes old parts of cells, and recycles them, and makes them new. He doesn't just have a green thumb, his whole body is green.

6: CELL THEORY 1. All living things are made of one or more cells 2.Cells are the basic units of structure & function in organisms #3. All cells arise from existing cells | Homeostasis In order for the cell to function properly and keep balance it needs to maintain homeostasis.This means that in homeostasis, the waste is being transported away from the cell while it receives the nutrients it needs to continue to function.

7: THE HUMANS WHO DISCOVERED US | Matthias Schleiden | Robert Hooke | Theodore Schwann | Virchow | Rudolf

8: Hooke- made many discoveries in microanatomy, discovered the porous structure of cork, viewed cells as containers, not as the basic unit of life. | Schlidan- studied cells and plants. He observed that all plants were made up of cells. Co-founder of the cell theory for plants. | Schwann- Co-founder of the cell theory for animal. Discovered digestive enzymes. Showed yeast were tiny organisms, examined animal tissue, which leads to cell theory for animals. | Virchow- set out methods and objects of pathology and demonstrated that cell theory applies to diseased tissue as well as healthy tissue, summarized the cell theory that all cells arise from other cells.

9: Plant Cell | Cell Wall Rectangular shape Chloroplasts Large central Vacuole | VS. | Animal Cell | Cilia Round irregular shape One or more small Vacuoles Centrioles Lysosomes | Prokaryotic VS. Eukaryotic Eukaryotic cells have a true nucleus, Prokaryotic cells have no nucleus.Both cell types have many, ribosomes, but the ribosomes of the eukaryotic cells are larger than those of the prokaryotic cell.Eukaryotic cells are much larger and more complex.Eukaryotic DNA is linear while prokaryotic DNA is circular.

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  • Title: A Cells Journey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cell explain to their youngcells children, about their whole family tree, and how they were finally discovered! They also tell what they can do!
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