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A Click Back in Time

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S: A Click Back In Time

FC: By: Lexie Meyer, Carly Woods, Isla McGlauflin, Stephanie Carte, Jessica Quay

1: A Click Back in Time By: Lexie Meyer Stephanie Carte Jessica Quay Isla McGlauflin Carly Woods

2: We dedicate this book to Mrs. Tallon and everyone who helped us succeed.

3: Table of contents Page 48-51. Glossary Page 52-53. Work Cited Page 55. About the Authors

4: "Pay attention students," announced the teacher, "this is a very important project. You will be researching the ancient times. From the ancient River Valleys up to Greece and Rome. You will find their way of life, government, and achievements. You have partners for this project, you are sitting right next to them. I will give you some time to work in class today, so good luck!"

5: "I guess that means we're partners, Joel!" Amy said, "Let's get started."

6: Joel and Amy hopped on a computer and logged on to the schools database, ABC History. | "Hey, Amy, look at this website I found, it looks like it has everything we need to know on it!" Joel said excitedly. | ABC History

7: "Wow, Joel, you're right, it's perfect! But look, there's a link." "To really learn about the ancient world, experience it with your own eyes," Joel read. | But never in their wildest dreams would they guess what would happen after they clicked on that button...

8: In an instant it seemed as if they were being sucked into the computer, time seemed to rewind right before their eyes.

9: "Hello?" Joel shouted. "This isn't the computer lab..." Amy said with suspicion. "...where are we?" Starting to panic, Joel said, "That link we clicked, what it said was true!" | "Hello young folks, how may I help you?" Asked a man. "Who are you?" Joel said astonished. "I am the ruler of the monarchy of Mesopotamia." "Oh, so that's where we are." Amy concluded. | HELLO? HELLO? HELLO?

10: "What do you mean, how do you not know where you are? Don't you know we're in one of the famous ziggurats?" Asked the ruler, confused, "Without our technology we wouldn't have the number system based on 60." Joel and Amy then explained what had happened, both still in disbelief.

11: "What is a ziggurat?" Amy asked curiously. "Oh, you have a lot to learn, young ones. You see, here in Mesopotamia, one of four ancient river valleys, we believe in polytheism as well as every other river valley. We adapted to cuneiform. The others include Ancient Egypt, which is ruled by a pharaoh in a theocratic government. They are most popular for their pyramids, hieroglyphics and irrigation systems, like most of the other river valleys." "Oh, wow! That's really cool, tell us more!" Exclaimed Joel. | I'm glad I could be such help," said the ruler, "Ancient China, in the Yellow River Valley, rules through Shang dynasty. These people are skilled builders." "Really? What did they build?" "They create outstanding timber framed homes and invented and use bronze and jade work. They communicate and keep records through character writing."

12: The Indus Valley however, was not as well known, their symbol writing has yet to be deciphered and their government is unknown. But they are famous for their grid-cities and plumbing/sewer systems." "Speaking of which... is there a bathroom anywhere around here?"

13: On their way back from the bathroom, Joel and Amy find a mysterious button hidden on the back wall of the ziggurat. Unknowing what would happen, they clicked it. | They experienced the similar feeling of their first time travel...

14: They wound up on the ground next to a field of grain. Since the geography was diverse and there were mountains to the West, Amy concluded that they were in China... but where? "Hello, who are you?" said a distant voice from behind.

15: "Hello, we are travelers from afar, looking to find information about the Chinese dynasties. Do you think you can help us?" asked Amy. | "Oh, well I am just a women farmer living in the Zhou dynasty, I am treated much different than the male part of society. Like you my dear, probably don't experience these judgments at such a young age, but just wait," she said directed toward Amy. | "You mean boys are actually better than girls?" questioned Amy. "I didn't say that my dear," The old woman said with a wink and chuckle. The women went on to tell the kids about the dynasty's.

16: She told them about the feudalism type government and the constant warfare. And how this civilization relied on the Mandate of Heaven. In this dynasty, although no philosophy, there are many cultural achievements. | "Poetry and literature are big in the Zhou, along with the use of bronze, jade and iron." "Thank you so much, you are full of a lot of useful information," exclaimed Joel. "Do you know anything about the two other ancient Chinese dynasties?" "Although, I am not apart of the other dynasties, I am aware of most of their beliefs and achievements," answered the wise old women.

17: "The earliest dynasty, is the Han. They are governed by an emperor who has total power, and used a bureaucracy and were famous for their universities and how they promoted education. They also, strongly believed in Confucianism." "What is Confucianism?" Joel asked anxiously. "Oh my... haha, Confucianism is a philosophy that teaches respect for parents and the 5 key relationships, they supported the golden rule. They also stressed proper behavior and leaders rule by example," she told.

18: "What, why?" asked Amy concerned. "Well, The Qin utilize the philosophy of Legalism, founded by Hanfeizi." | "Sounds like a great philosophy to live by," Joel said. "One would think, but the Qin dynasty disagrees," answered the woman. "They too, have a centralized government that used bureaucracy, but they hate Confucians."

19: "What does Legalism teach?," questioned Joel. "Good question... Legalism focuses mostly on a well-built government, and they have strong laws that bring order," explained the woman. "But like I said, they rejected Confucianism. The Qin have burnt Confucian books and killed Confucian scholars." "Oh my goodness! That's terrible," shouted Amy. "Yes, I agree," assured the wise old woman, "but that is how society is run." "Well, thank you for all this great information, Mame, but I think it is time for us to go," Joel said with a smile. "I'm glad I could help," the woman said in a whisper as they waked away.

20: As the two students wandered around the lands of China, admiring the beautiful mountains, they found the next button to continue them on in their adventure. This button was hidden in a tree. Excited, Amy hit the button without hesitation.

21: They found themselves in a strange palace. Soon they heard a voice that didn't sound very inviting...

22: "What are you doing in my kingdom?" said Samudra. "Who are you?" Joel asked. "I am Samudra, King of the Gupta Empire, son of the great king Magadha. Again, I ask, what are you doing in my kingdom?" "We're here to learn about your empire." Amy announced. "My empire is a strong army state, we believe in being the strongest but also the smartest. We have invented many things here, but we do not enjoy new visitors." stated Samudra.

23: "Were sorry we are intruding in your palace, I hope you will forgive us." said Amy. "I believe it is fine this time," Samudra said. | "In our kingdom we strive for mastery in all different subjects. We have invented many things like plays, math, literature, and how many hours there are in a day." said Samudra

24: "With all those inventions you must have a strong government?" Joel said. "Of coarse we do, We use a ridge caste system." Samudra said. | "What religion does that follow?" asked Amy. "Our religion here is Hinduism. We believe in many gods." Samudra said, proudly, "is there anything else?"

25: "I think that's all. Thank you," Amy said gratefully. Again, a button was found but this time it appeared in a pillar that helped hold up the enormous castle. "Here we go!" Amy said enthusiastically.

26: "I'm catholic," Joel noted "I'm wonder what other religions were practiced... "You know Joel, thats a really good point!" Amy concluded "Hey, look at that man, he looks like he's seeking for something," Joel said curiously. "What river is that, Joel? And what is he doing in it?" Amy asked interested.

27: "Lets go ask, everyone else has been so nice to us on this journey, it can't hurt," Joel said. Amy scared, but excited, said, "I suppose that it can not hurt..." "Excuse me sir, where are we? And what are you doing in that river?" the kids asked gently. "What do you mean? We are in India, at the sacred Ganges river! I'm respecting my brother by cremating his dead body, and putting it into the river," the wise man said, baffled. "Is this a religious practice?" Joel asked, confused.

28: "It's Hinduism, you young ones don't know anything about this, do you?" said the wise man. "No, neither of us do," Joel noted. "Well you need to know this information! Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, the three main gods of our polytheistic religion, anything? No? Alright, I will inform you about everything, we strongly believe in the Caste system, everyone is striving to achieve Moksha, by being reincarnated into a higher level of the Caste system, you do that by living your life basted on dharma and karma," the wise man stated. | Vishnu

29: "Wow, thats different, I have never herd of that before! Thank you!" Joel announced "It's my pleasure!" assured the wise man. "Have a great day," Amy added. "You folks be careful," The wise man said, continuing the ceremony for his brother. | "That was very interesting," Joel said. "I wonder if that is the only religion people practice in India..." "I wonder that also..." Amy mentioned.

30: "Look at that man! Why is he sitting in the middle of nature, completely silent...?" Joel questioned. "Shhh..." The man sounded. "Who was that?" Joel shouted. "Can you not see me, meditating?" The man asked. "Meditating?" Amy questioned. | "Yes meditating..." The man said confused. "What is meditating?" Joel asked. "It's a religious practice, I'm Buddhist...it's Hana Mastsuri, the Buddhas birthday today," the man noted, "okay, I see you guys know nothing about this," he said, noticing the expressions on the kids faces, "I will teach you. We dislike the Caste system, I just finished my daily reading of part of the Three Baskets of Wisdom, or, the Tripitaka. You also have the 4 Nobel truths, and the Eightfold Path...." Joel, excited, said "Wow, thats very interesting" "Now if you could leave me to my meditating, please," the man asked. "Of course," Amy assured.

31: "Amy, I'm getting very tired..." Joel mentioned. "Yeah, we should go to bed..." Amy answered. "Lets pray for our safety first," Joel added. "Good idea," Amy Agreed.

32: "Excuse me young lads, you In the middle of Israel, praying... why?" A man questioned. "We are praying for safety, we are catholic" Joel replied. "I'm Jewish" The man added "Jewish? Please explain..." "Young lads, i don't have much time to explain my religion, but my dad gave me a letter telling everything you need to know about Judaism, would you like it?" "That would be great!" Joel said excitedly

33: My young boy, You are reading this to learn about your religion, You are now in Israel when in 2,000 BCE Judaism first started. The founder of this great religion is Abraham, we read things such as the bible, containing the Torah, and the Talmud. Some holidays you will celebrate will be Passover, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashanah. If you ever get the chance i hope you go to the Wailing Wall. Some practices we have is we go to Synagogue, we have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah depending on if you are a boy or a girl. There are Rabi and we pray. Most people wear a Yalmulka and a Prayer Shawl. This wonderful religion is monotheistic, you always fallow the golden rule, you also must believe the 10 commandments. With all love, your father

34: "Wow thats a lot of good information, we should take that to do our project!" Joel mentioned. "That's a great idea!" Amy replied. At that time they found an "I love Greece" button and of course, knowing them they decided to push it.

35: Spinning in a vortex they landed in Greece next to a group of people traveling. "Where are you headed?"asked Amy "The great Athens, my friends. I have heard much of it." exclaimed the wandering man. "What have you heard thats so great?" asked Joel. "The great Athens is kind to its people letting them vote through direct democracy, unlike the oligarchy military city-state Sparta. Athens is the best city-state for me! I plan on being a sea trader. Since Greece is a very mountainous and rocky country, you can really only trade be sea.

36: The only real down side is me being Jewish and moving to a city that is mostly polytheistic. But I must be boring you my friends, my apologies." | "No of course not! We are, um, are writing a book. We would like to know more about Greece if you don't mind telling us." Amy explained. "Oh, I would love to, what else would you like to know?"

37: Oh, and their arch, it's amazing, based on balance order and proportion like their temple for Athena, the Parthenon. Their literature is amazing with their humorous comedies to their sad tragedies but that's all that come to mind my friends and with that I bid you goodbye." | "Well you already covered some of it. Do you know what Greece has accomplished?" asked Joel. "Accomplishments, hmm, let me see... Sacrates, Plato, and and Aristotle - all very famous philosophers that study the Earth, sky and government.

38: "Wow, Greece was amazing Joel, but I here Rome is even better!" said Amy excitedly. "Well that's why we're going to learn more about it and then hopefully find a way back to our time." Joel said with apprehension. "Let's not worry about that right now Joel we're nearly there!"

39: They sailed for three days until they reached land and traveled another day to the city of Rome. "Wow, this place really is amazing! We need to find someone who knows a lot about it though," Amy pointed out. | As Joel and Amy were discussing where to go first, they were confronted by a woman. "Hello there," she greeted them. "I know everyone in this city but do you recognize you're young faces, you must be travelers." "I guess you could call us that," Joel said with a smile, "but could you tell us more about this city?" "Of course, of course. This city is famous from its fertile soil, to the grand Coliseum." "Coliseum?" Amy asked curiously. "Yes, yes, the Coliseum, a stadium built with a series of arches, which is one of Rome's great achievements. It would crumble under its immense weight.

40: "We also have concrete and domes that we use on buildings. This city is protected to the North thanks to the Alps that act as defense. Even though we're in a Pax Romana, we still have little attacks by tribes to the north but our government takes care of that." "What kind of government do you have here?" asked Joel. "We have a republic here, yes, we rule through representatives with three branches of government and a senate, the main legislative body, mostly all patricians. And most importantly, our government supports the 12 tables, which gives a voice to plebeians like me. | It protected citizens here in Rome from government." "Wow thats impressive, what do you do for a living?" Amy inquired. "I'm a farmer, and the location we're in, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and numerous roads make trading easy around here.

41: But all that stuff is boring. What I like best about this city, is the inventions, arts and accomplishments. From aqueducts to the realistic arts, like sculptures of everyday people and things. I love the mosaic art, oh it's beautiful." "You sure do know a lot!" Joel piped in. "Well, yes, I've lived here my whole life, one of the last polytheistic believers." "Why one of the last?" Amy couldn't figure that out, everyone seemed to be polytheistic around here!

42: "Most everyone adapted Christianity when this guy, named Jesus, spread it all around. It's got its own book called the Bible with the New and Old Testaments as parts of it. They even have their holidays like Easter and Christmas which are the most popular ones." "Oh! Yeah I know what that is, my family is Christian!" Amy said feeling like she should have made the connection sooner.

43: "Where are you two from, then?" asked the old woman. "Uh, its a place far away from here... no one recognizes the name." Amy said quickly, not wanting to let their real story be known. | "Oh okay, well I best be on my way, do you have any other questions about Rome?" the lady kindly asked. "No, thank you so much, goodbye!" Amy said, relieved that the lady didn't continue with where her and Joel lived. "Wow, that was close, good cover up," Joel said, also relieved about not revealing the truth.

44: With all of their research complete, Amy and Joel wondered if a button was to appear and warp them back to their time, and indeed there was. But it was unlike the others, it was golden and they knew it would bring them back. | The warp was different in a way, it almost seemed comforting, as if to assure them they were headed home. In no time at all, Joel and Amy were sitting right where they were before they had clicked that very link that brought them through this amazing adventure. Everything seemed just as they had left it, even the time had not changed, not a second past in this time while it felt like a week in the ancient world. "Students wrap up your research class is about to end!" announced the teacher.

45: "Amy, Joel, did you think you planned your time well?" asked the teacher. Joel and Amy looked at each other and laughed. "You have no idea, Mrs. Tallon!"

46: Glossary AQUEDUCTS- Small canal containing fluid BAR MITZVAH- Jewish coming of age, 12 years old BAT MITZVAH- Jewish coming of age, 13 years old BEAUCRACY- A system of government in which decisions are made by state officials rather than elected representatives CASTE SYSTEM- Social structure in which classes are determined by heredity CREMATION- Burning of a dead body to ashes CUNEIFORM- One of the earliest forms of writing DHARMA- Moral balance in life; your duties DIRECT DEMOCRACY- A form of government in which citizens rule directly

47: DIASPORA- When people evacuated a certain place (Jewish diaspora) DIVERSE- Different EIGHT FOLD PATH- How you over come suffering FEUDALISM- The specific economic, political and social relationships between lords and vassals during the constant warfare era FIVE KEY RELATIONSHIPS- Each person has a specific place in society. ( ruler over subject, father over son, elder brother over younger brother, husband over wife, and friend = friend) FOUR NOBEL TRUTHS- Explains suffering HIEROGLYPHICS- Picture or symbol writing by the ancient Egyptians IRRIGATION SYSTEM- To supply dry land with water by ditches, pipes or streams

48: KARMA- The belief that a person experiences the affects his/her actions MANDATE OF HEAVEN- A philosophy that stated the heaven gave an authority to rule to a worthy ruler MOKSHA- Understanding of all things MONOTHEISTIC- Belief in one god OLIGARCHY- A government ruled by a small group of people PASSOVER- Jewish festival PATRICIANS- Wealthy landowners who inherited wealth and power POLYTHEISTIC- Belief in many gods PAX ROMANA- Time of peace and prosperity in the Roman emperor RABBI- Jewish priest RASH HASHANAH- Jewish New Year SYNAGOGUE- Jewish temple TEN COMMANDMENTS- Rules Jews and Christians live by THEOCRATIC GOVERNMENT- Government operated under divine rule

49: TWELVE TABLES- Law Code WAILING WALL- One of the most sacred sites in Judaism YALMAKA- Jewish holy hat YOM KIPPUR- Most solemn day for Jews. ( 25 hour period of fasting and praying ) ZIGGURAT- Massive structures built in Mesopotamia river valley.

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53: About the Authors The authors are Lexie Meyer age 15, Stephanie Carte age 15, Jessica Quay age 14, Isla McGlauflin age 14, and Carly Woods age 15. We have loved working together on this book, and using each of our strengths to make the book the best it can be.

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